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Kite-Energy Glossary
... being built since January 7, 2009.  
Anyone is invited to help build an effective kite-energy glossary for all   Send to News@energykitesystems.net   

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  • S-rotor
  • SAB   Scientific Advisory Board
  • SACD     Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate.    NASA. Langley Research Center.
  • S.A.F.E.    Spiral Air Foil Energy, LLC is located in Hillsboro, New Hampshire. 

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MP wing-7 detail:  

  • safety wear (face shield, goggles, neck brace, helmet, gloves, knee guards, knee slide-past guards, groundings,  ...)
  • v
  • v

safety notices, safety advisories  (per product, per organization, per airspace, etc.)


  • Safety Pitch System         OneHG     
  • sag     See also catenary
  • saggy  
  • sail     sail         Parts of a sail. File:Parts of a sail.svg  
  • sail carousel
  • sail design
  • sail designing
  • sail designer    (may very well differ from the sailmaker)
  • sail handling
  • sailing 
    • water sailing    wiki
    • land sailing     wiki
    • ice sailing      wiki
    • sailing by kite systems
      • snowkiting
      • kiteboarding
      • speedkiting
      • kitesurfing   wiki
      • kiteboating
      • ice kiting
      • kite buggying     wiki
      • Buddy-boat kite-arch sailing
        Regarding kitesailing with a buddy-boat kite-arch configuration:

        The rope-loadpath and tarp kite arch method in effect creates a multi-sail
        square-rig in the sky. Its been grand fun sailing a 300m2 maxiyacht-scale rig
        that only costs 2000USD in material and assembles fast and easiy. Here is a
        video showing ease-of-handling: 


        This wing progress owes a lot to Dave Culp. It would be great to get his
        detailed technical reaction to the new megakite rigging method.

        One can easily imagine using "real" sails as is (COTS) for this sort of Sky Rig,
        but is this practical? Promising sails for the idea would be
        asymmetric-spinnakers set in opposed-pairs along the arch-lines. Rows of
        arch-lines serve as multiple "masts" to set more sail on. There is a long trend
        toward easier sailhandling by means of roller-furlers for jibs and snuffer
        sleeves for spinnakers. This means we can easily add, reduce, or douse kite sail
        by well established practices. North Sails has good online videos on the latest
        sail-handling systems.                       Dave Santos, Oct. 25, 2012
    • Annapolis Performance Sailing         Their bling?
    • http://www.apsltd.com/c-2-hardware.aspx   Some hardware.
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • sailing rules     Video     Ref1  
      keel-boat sailing    
  • sail laminate, sail-laminate, saillaminate,      Example:   EPEX Technology
    • custom load-path sail laminate
    • advanced load path sailcloth technology
  • sailmaker
  • sail making technology
  • sailmaking technology
  • sail-plane, sailplane,
  • SailRocket        Article44       Article45    Vestas SailRocket    |   VESTAS SAILROCKET  |   Malcolm Barnsley  | Team
  • sail surface
  • sail surface area
  • sail twist
  • sail-wind-driven powerplant (SWDP)     
  • SAM  surface-to-air missile
  • SAM   SkySails Arrangement Module      Use1
  • Sams      Kenneth Sams, London, England     Patent assigned to U.F.O., Inc.
  • sand anchor     
  • Sankt Peter Ording
  • salvaged thin-wall PVC
  • sap      "sap the energy"   
  • SAR       Search And Rescue  team
  • Saraceno, Tomás     HomeFlying Plaza  | AWES6637 More: Flying Plaza  |
  • SAT   in PG
  • Savonius      RefG           Savonius wind turbine      Sigurd J. Savonius, Finish engineer.   
    [[Some are respecting tight Savonius as a flip-wing with slat.]]
  • SAWES   Solar airborne wind energy systems.   SAWE  solar airborne wind energy. Put solar energy conversion devices in a working kite energy system.  Instructed in the kite patent literature are kite systems that fly solar-energy conversion devices.           AWES5647
  • scalability
  • scalable solution
    • effective scaling ceiling             AWES5816
    • v
  • scale
  • scale-model AWE
  • scale-model replica
  • scale-up   [[early, on-time, late, challenges of, ]]
  • scaling laws
  • scantling, scantlings         wiki/Scantling
  • science kite
  • Scientific American  magazine
  • scientific kite flying   , scientific kite-flying, scientific kite-flyer, scientific kiting, kites in the service of science,
  • scope of an AWES    "The scope required with height grows faster than the wind speed advantage." ~ Dave Santos  M158
  • Scott sled
  • scrapkite   , scrap kite,
  • ScrapKite      Used paragliders, used hang glider sails, used tents, used tarps, scrap textiles, etc. may be a source for widespread energy kites to solve real energy-gain KES kites.
  • Scrap kite  (see also trash kites, recycle kites)  
    • DaveSantos/lifterline.jpg   "The stock lifters in pic were on one arch (two moorings) with five unused halyard pulleys (for power wings or turbines) along it. The scrap kite was on an experimental soil kite anchor that worked perfectly. This was a training session  for some KiteLab kiters." DS

    • DaveSantos/scrapkite.jpg  

    • He reported:
       "Here's a picture of the latest "monster" scrap kite made from several old tents.
      Will be flying an equally junky flipwing under it for energy.
       "Anyone can do it!"     "                       Dave Santos


  • scrim          http://www.scrimco.com/whatisscrim.html
  • scudding
  • SD card       Secure Digital or (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices.
  • SDO  Super Density Operations (SDO)
    KiteLab, Ilwaco, WA, USA

  • SeaAWE             EKS driving marine turbines      
  • Sea Dog
  • sea drogue     M434 
  • sea glider, SeaGlider
  • sea kite, sea-kite, paravane,
    Walker, 1903


  • sea state            wiki/Sea_state
    • World Meteorological Organization sea state code
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • SeaTree or Sea Tree   Project Sea Tree introduction
  • security
  • security system
  • Sedgwick, Lee (misspelling: e Sedgewick)      Art1     Art2    Art3  Art4   Art5   Art6
  • seedAWE       Packages and programs that introduce AWECS to others.
  • seeding a KiteLab
     "I am collecting a pile of kite materials, parts, repairable kites, etc. for you to seed a kite festival & KiteLab. Partnership with a school, riggers, sewers, &/or some serious kiters is needed to get everything to fly. The fishing festival could be a great place for these materials to make a show. Shipping suggestions will be needed."    Elder KiteLabs have a tendency to see new KiteLab centers.   KiteLab Group    see.
  • Selby        Darin Selby
  • Selby See-Saw           Darin Selby    See Dave Santos' version in video mpg.

    Selby See-Saw          
    Darin Selby    See Dave Santos' version in video mpg.


    Possibly the "most simple AWE" system yet.  ds

    Mpeg clip shows Darin's see-saw linked to a looping diamond kite by a string A-frame. The handheld base is a clothes hanger on a walking cane with a spring scale as a load-cell. Wind was very light (5-8 mph), yet power was produced. The Pilot Kite is a customized Stowaway parafoil shown in detail jpg. The "bucket" drogue is on an elastic tether.

    Lifter used for the looping kite in an elemental demo of the Selby See-Saw AWE system.

  • SEKS      MainPage  or Solar-Energy Kite Systems (SEKS)
  • self-erecting windmill  
    Self-erecting windmill Peter R. Payne and Charles McCutchen                   AWECS
  • self-furling sails     Daniel Hallady    
  • self-inflating kytoon,  self-reinflating kytoon, self-reinflating LTA kytoon, self-reinflating HTA kytoon,
  • self-launching               self-relaunching
  • self-launching kytoon
  • self-launching helium pilot kite
  • self limiting power set-up          AWES5141
  • self-oscillating wings
  • self-piloting kite   
  • self-relaunching
  • self-rescue methods    | secondary kite for traction back to shore |
  • self shunting kiteplane     M3264
  • self-start
  • self-sufficient energy consciousness
  • self-tacking wings
  • self-tending mechanism
  • self-traction             UsedHere
  • sea turbine
  • self-starting
  • self-suspending      M881


  • Selsam         Doug Selsam     Selsam Innovations       http://selsam.com/
    Doug Selsam.      SkySerpent    SkySerpant SuperTurbine       See vids and NOTICE.    Torsion using set of bladed turbines driving ground generator; AWE system lifter by balloons and parachute; same could be lifted by kite or kytoon or combinations of lifters.   Patent
  • semi-captive wingmill
  • sense-and-avoid technology       Aircraft are to sense other aircraft and avoid collision with those other aircraft.
  • sensor, sensors
  • servo
  • servo-kite
  • servo mechanism
  • servosystem
  • separation from other aircraft
  • Serpentine wind turbine       by Selsam    Patent       Method uses torsion to drive generator. System may be ground-bound or formatted to an AWE system.
  • SeTAC (SEQUOIA Triaxial Acceleration Computer)
  • sequential tensioning and slacking
  • set, sets, set theory, empty set, set members.    Kite may be seen as a set of wings and coupling tethers.
  • SET  Sustainable Energy Technologies 
    Sustainable Energy Technologies
    School of Engineering and Technology
    University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Seytan Ucurtmasi      or "Devil's kite"   .   Turkish.
  • shackle
    • soft shackle       How to use.
    • Softie Soft Shackle Construction- How to.
      • Line, stopper knot, tail, leash, setting the knot to safe-working load, two fids, cut, tape measure, appropriate line, center section of the line, making the knot, keeping "V" exposed, take time to work the knot tight and close, tails to show if the knot has not been set to safe-working load, adding opening loop or leash.
  • shade generator       A kite system might be formed to be a practical shade generator.   M3213
  • shadow
  • shadow effect
  • shaft         See:  drive shaft.  See also: driven shaft
  • shaft-driven application
  • shaft power      
  • shaped lines
  • shape sensing
  • shape-shifting kite
  • shape-shifting turbine
  • Shark Nose by Ozone for PG wing, say on the Mantra R11
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • shear
  • shear, as in wind shear (vertical wind shear, horizontal wind shear)


  • sheave    wiki   [Compare and contrast with pulley, block, block and tackle]
    • v
    • v
  • SheerWind, Inc.      2013 news     INVELOX technology   
  • sheet     
  • sheetability      "Depower, also called sheetability"
  • sheeting   

  • shift
  • shifting
  • ship kites, shipkite,      kites specialized for towing ships  
  • ship sensors               Use1
  • Shiva-1      arch of tarp kites AWES      May of 2012.
    Update from Austin (Soft Rivet Technology (TM))
  • shock absorbing       Site3
  • short-haul rescue        http://www.fire.ca.gov/communications/downloads/fact_sheets/shorthaul.pdf
  • shoulder straps
  • shunting          self shunting kiteplane         M3264
  • shunting kiteplane
  • single-use kite energy
  • short
  • short-stroke versus long-stroke AWECS  
    • M4058
    • Use natural passive resonance to drive generators or pumps. Add robust controls to watch and keep the systems within operating boundaries.
    • Shuttled long strokes use cross-wind rails or cable-ways or guided paravane or soil plows, etc. may include long power-phase and short recovery phase.
    • AirborneWindEnergy/message/7935
    • v
    • v
  • SHPA  soaring human-powered aircraft        Bill Brooks   http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2010/09/human-powered_flight
  • shroud lines
  • shunt (n. or v.)  MW
  • shunting kites, kite shunting
    • Vertical Shunting Arches- A New AWES Architecture   
    • shunting kite arches
    • flip-wing kite arches also alternate leading edge to trailing edge to leading edge, etc.
    • _______________
    • shunters
    • kite shunting
    • AWE shunters are a general category of wingmill.
    • SSN   Shunting sky net
  • shunt (electrical)
  • shunt (surgical fluid value)
  • shunt (proa sailing)
  • shunter
  • shunting (electrical)  and deshunting

  • Shunting Foil (does not tack, waggle, or loop, but reverses ends).   Dave Santos. 2011, March 25.     See HERE.
    Attached is an accidental demo of a Shunting Foil (does not tack, waggle, or loop, but reverses ends).  Its made of cardboard, stick, & string & was intended to self-tack.

    It is interesting that this one is a canard aircraft in one direction & conventional the other, but normal ones will likely be symmetrical along the travel axis.

    It pulls hardest at each extreme as it stops, whereas the tacking wingmill pulls hardest flying fast at the center of its sweep.

    Please file with others, as it is the only example of this powerful mode, which may prove useful.

    I'll post a description & link after some more pondering,   ds     March 25, 2011

  • shunting (proa sailing) "shunting is how a proa (Polynesian sailboat) tacks, front (LE) becomes back (TE), as back becomes front"
    "flipping is like a flipper (or regular sailboat tacks), front is always front (LE) & back always back (TE)"
  • shunted (electrical)
  • shunted (proa sailing)
  • shuntWING    In kite energy, a shuntWING is a tethered wing that flies one way with one leading edge and then flies another way with a change of leading edge to the former trailing edge. 
    "a wing that changes front & back like a proa in sweeping sideways, some of my flipwings do this mode sometimes & it may turn out useful" +Dave Santos  ShuntWings are an "open-source design".
  • shuttle
  • side-deflecting panel           Keep two kites separated by use of side-deflecting panels.
  • side of wind window
  • side-planer   M434      side-planer paravane
  • signal generator
  • signalingText not available
  • silent ratchet
  • similarity analysis
  • simple
    • simple AWE     "is the low-hanging fruit" Dave Santos, 2009
    • simple harmonic motion
    • simple kite
    • simple machine   wiki
    • simple surface canopy gliding kite
    • simple surface canopy gliding kite paraglider  (single-layer canopy gliding-kite paraglider)
    • v
    • v
    • v

  • simulation of kite energy systems
    • Proposed KES Simulation Team: KES Simulation Team

      Boris Houska
      Moritz Diehl
      Mario Milanese
      David Lang
      Roland Siegwart
      Gabriel Weilenmann
      David C. Remy,
      André Noth
      Frederick Tischhauser
      Felix Nyffenegger
      Allister Furey
      Wayne German
    • ______________  (want to be on the KES Simulation Team?)
  • simulation tools
    • certified input data
    • fatigue analysis
    • extreme scenarios
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • simulative kite
  • singing lines
  • SingleLineKite, single-line kite, SLK
  • single-phase
  • single-pilot operations              Different: Robot pilot.  Also: Multi-pilot crewing.
  • single surface airfoil      has over its airfoil a single thickness of material wherein the thickness of the airfoil is the thickness of the material used.  

    airfoil surfaces

    • top surface receives air flow after the separation point  on top of the airfoil
    • bottom surface receives air flow after the separation point on the bottom of the airfoil
    • The 2011 September OZONE XXLite PG offer is probably not a true single-surface wing. Air flow aft of the stream stagnation point or separation point goes to top surface of an airfoil and to the bottom surface of the airfoil. In the video there is clear partial bottom surface material aft of the air flow separation point. This offer of OZONE is using an airfoil format that has a top surface and some bottom surface material. A true single-surface wing has not thickness except for one thickness of sheet used exactly for just one of the two, pick your choice top or bottom, but not both. The Rogallo Wing parawing is single-surface; the gliding PlaySail is single surface; the Allison kite-glider is a single surface; but the offer of subject and the OutLeader™ (though of a single fabric) are not airfoils of single surface, as they have a shaping that brings on material below the stagnation point forming airfoil surface, that is, the bottom surface of the airfoil, even if the % of full chord is small, but substantial. Differently, look to some true single-surface PGs when applying the term "single-surface" SSPG.  ~JoeF     Sept. 19, 2011.  AWE4237
    • mono-skin wing        See single-skin.     Consider David Barish. And John Travell. And Francis Rogallo. And NASA wing. And Pere Casellas in Barretina HyperLite.  And OZONE experimentations.   And Dave Culp in OutLeader.
    • http://kitezone.ca/articles/contreverse-autour-de-flysurfer/
    • Armin Harich
  • sink
  • sine wave
  • sinusoidal
  • sinusoidal waves
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • site evaluation
  • siting      kite-station siting
  • site
    • site abuser
    • site builder
    • site cleaner
    • site destroyer
    • site finder
    • site killer
    • site liaison
    • site maintainer
    • site negotiator
    • site safety officer
    • site steward
    • site surveyor
    • site user
    • Substitute "site" for the concept "trail": model for site management?
  • site ranking
  • site characteristics considered favorable for R&D  for kite energy
    • Good wind, with varied conditions
    • Access to open water (for "offshore" study)
    • Low local air traffic
    • Good international travel and shipping access
    • Low cost of living
    • Skilled labor
    • Living accommodations- hotels, dorms, kitchens, baths
    • Socio-cultural assets- recreation, cafes, music, goods and services
    • Regional academic partners- Higher learning and vocational, local grade schools
    • Siting incentives, sponsors, underwriters
    • Large airfield with clear wind approaches
    • Utility vehicles, field machinery (anchoring and winching)
    • Shop infrastructure- rigging, metal, electronics, etc.
    • Good Net access, multi-media, conferencing, etc
    • Competent facility governance, governing board, pro staffing
    • c
    • c
    • c
    • c
    • c
  • sites for kite energy R&D
    • AirborneWindEnergy/message/8294
    • Partial list:
      • Kite Power Cooperative/ Isle of Lewis
      • KiteGen/ Sommariva Perno
      • KiteLab Austin/ Maxwell, TX
      • KiteLab Ilwaco/ Long Beach, WA
      • Langley/ Wallops Flight Test Range
      • Makani Power Alameda Island
      • NTS GmbH/ Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
      • TUDelft/ Valkenburg Naval Base
    • v

  • sites for large kiting
    • Long Beach, CA at the kiteboarding beach

  • siting concerns
    • noise, sound
    • sun shadow
    • shadow flicker
    • wind shadow
    • community and neighborhood communications
    • energy storage
    • grid for electricity
    • access for operations and maintenance


  • situational awareness
  • SIV          simulation d’incidents en vol          simulation of flying incidents     Clinics with flight over water are occurring.
  • ski    
    [[Also consider study of sled, sleigh, sledge.]]
    • ski versus wheel

  • ski kiting     There are styles: snow hugging, flight emphasis, uphill kiting, speed snow kiting
  • skid
  • skin, skins
    • SS  single-skin kite wing
    • DS  double-skin kite wing
    • TS  triple-sin kite wing
    • ... skin may be without sticks or with sticks
  • Skin, a type of SSSL kite by PL Kites.
  • Skinner, Scott.   Scott Skinner, founder of Drachen Foundation

  • Skiplane by Mike Burns under their former company Aerostructures: "
    Mike Burns spoke: =============================================
    "Well, we er first came across John Dickenson when he asked his solicitor 
    to send one of our customers a letter erm claiming that we had breached his provisional papers on the wing, er which we hadn't done, we had been flying a wing similar to this for some three years previously, but on a different type of machine.
    So, when that  was clarified, we talked to John at great length and had a look at what he had produced here at Grafton, and decided we could add what he called the Skiwing to our production line of Skiplanes."
  • Mike Burns stated:


  • skyhook
  • sky juice   (Dave Santos'  electricity from the sky)  SkyJuice
  • SkyMill Energy Inc.
  • Sky-liner         at Festo
  • SkyMaster Hall, Illwaco, WA.   Year 2014: kPower.   Some use by Util. Grand opening in third week of August, 2014.  Five-year lease taken.
  • Skynch                     AWEES5776
  • sky network
  • SkyPlug         "plug into the sky"       Did you skyplug today?   Did you plug into the sky today?
  • Sky Power, LLC  
  • SkySails Power
  • SkySails System
  • SkySerpent   Sky serpent         http://www.aerowindpower.com/image/15.jpg
  • SkySilk, sky silk, sky-silk
  • skyte     Donnell Hewett's term for towing hang gliders
  • sky terminal    
  • Skyting           Donnell Hewett and his Skyting Criteria.   Bridling manned kites for energy production has yet to be accomplished.
  • sky turbine
  • sky turbine launch            Container Based Renewable Energy
  •  SkyWalker  is featured:    http://www.surclaro.com/fsdownload-detail-12305.html    One-person helicopter with contra-rotating blades.

  • Sky Wind Power      SkyWindPowers
  • skywires    SkyWire    Ref1       Ref2     Ref3(note by John McCarthy)      See also zip-lines
  • Skyaking           video: Skyaking: Skydiving With A Kayak!
  • slack
  • slacking
  • slackening
  • Slacklining              wiki     
  • slack loop 
  • slat, slats
  • SLE  supported leading edge
  • SLK  single-line kite.  The tether set of the kite system of a SLK consists of one main tether. Note: Differently a kite may have any positive number of lines to its wing set.
  • sled, sled kite       Variations on a theme:  Allison Sled, Scott Sled, Morse Sled, Tube Sled, Bullet, Loy Hooded, Swallowtail kite by Loy, Curved-spar sled, American Sportsman's Keel Kite, Double ParaSled, Fluted Sled, Flexible Pocket Kite, Buda Jewish Kite of 1904,             Ref23(this doc did not realize that the 1904 Buda was fact)
  • sled, sledge, or sleigh.   Also consider study of ski, snowboard, kiteboard, sliders.
  • sledges      Spelling used in 1851 version of A treatise on the æropleustic art, or navigation in the air by means of kites, or buoyant sails: with a description of the Charvolant, or Kite Carriage      
    A sled, sledge, or sleigh is a vehicle that moves by sliding. Usually runners or a smooth underside enable a sled to slide. Sleds are used for transport on surfaces with low friction, usually snow or ice. In some cases however, mud, grass, or even smooth stones make a good surface for sleds.
  • sleep-awake cycles
  • sleeping cable
  • sleet sustainability
  • slidably mounted    Ref1
  • slider-crank mechanism
  • sling
  • Sling Wing       Steve Corbin, patentee   Folding wing toy glider  Patent Drawing
    Steven K. Corbin
  • slipper clutch             slipper clutch (also known as a slider clutch or back-torque limiter)
  • slip ring
  • slip string
  • slip wing          A control method during Yo-Yo reeling-in phase ...
  • SLK    single-line kite
  • slots
    • Lemoigne slots
    • Neumark slots
  • sloughing thermal  
  • SMA       ... various:  shape memory alloy, smart material actuator,  ...
  • smallAWE
  • smallAWECS     small airborne wind energy conversion system.
  • small dynamos
  • small kite energy  (nano kite energy, micro kite energy, toy-kite scale kite energy,
  •  sport kite energy, single-use kite energy)
  • small scale AWE              airborne wind energy  schemes in small format
  • small wind
  • small wind turbines       1RefAWEA
             AWEA has such as capacities less than 100 kW.
  • small wind kite systems   Perhaps defined as having rated capacities of 100 kilowatts and less.
  • smart kite, smart kite system,
  • smart material        GenLink  |  Wiki   |  M2930  |  
  • smart programs
  • smart rope
  • smart tether  (What might a smart tether report or do?)
  • smart textiles
  • smart vortex sensing
  • Smilin' Jack     http://www.smilinjack.com/index.html     Zack Mosley        See story of James Hobson.
  • Smith-Putnam wind turbine       Book: Power from the wing.
  • smoothing  (load)       Article1 
  • snag, snags, snagging, snag prevention,
  • snapped kite            Art1
  • snare
  • snarl
  • snarled line                             <study>
  • Snelson, Kenneth        Kenneth Snelson  
  • snowkite
  • snowkiting     wiki        Site1       SnowKitingGENERAL        Move objects and human in the snow environment.
  • snubber       
  • snubbing up      
    • InSailing            
    • A comment use regarding kite-energy system: M3109
    • snubber lines
  • soar
  • soaring 
  • soaring human-powered aircraft   SHPA       Bill Brooks   http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2010/09/human-powered_flight
  • Soaren, Soaren Financial, Soaren.Com, KiteEnergy.Com   These are trade names of Wayne German, AWE visionary and consultant.   Inquire. NDA is needed for Soaren technology. 
  • social
    • social aspects of kite energy, social aspects of AWES, social aspects of AWE, social aspects of HAWP
    • social responsibility standards
  • SoDAR    Sonic Detection And Ranging (SoDAR) technology
  • soft links
    • v
    • v
  • soft kites
  • Soft Rivets (TM), Soft Rivet Technology    Publication notice.
  • Soft Shackles, also known as Shukls, U'ties, and Soft Links,        AirborneWindEnergy/message/9363
  • soft wing mill    See: flipwing , flipper-wing, flip wing,  M42
  • soil kite 
  • soil-kite anchor       kite soil anchor  
  • Solar airborne wind energy systems    SAWES,  SAWE
  • solar baseload
  • solar energy
    • solar cell
    • All-carbon solar cell harnesses infrared light       MITnews
  • solar-kite, solarKite, SolarKite   SolarKites that are robust in solar-converting surfaces; some need orientation to the sun; other SolarKites convert light from any direction while kite remains oriented to the wind. Energy from the solar conversion aloft may be used aloft for on-board electronics while tether dynamics drive ground generators. Stratospheric SolarKites obtain radiation from unclouded sun and radiation from reflection off lower cloud tops.        Art1     [Distinguish from solar sail. Also, distinguish from a kite (three parts: anchor, tether, wing) that is driven by solar rays or plasma rays in space; and again keep this distinguished from solar sails that do not have tether to an anchor.)]
  • solar flight,     electric flight where electricity is derived from converting the sun's radiation into electricity. Electricty might be stored and then used. Or real-time conversion and use.  Paul MacCready.   Eric Raymond.  Sunseeker. Solar Challenger.  Records.      AWES may use solar-sourced electricity to drive flight actions within the AWES.
  • Solar radiation management by kite systems
    • AWES that have double or triple effects, one of which shades/reflects sun. Consider trapping earth's heat, reflecting the sun's rays back to space, cooling by shading a specific area, converting the sun's energy to electricity, concentrating the sun's radiation to particular purpose, making hydrogen from atmospheric water aloft for aloft purposes, etc.
    • AWES6079

  • solar sail      (also called light sails or photon sails)          wiki/Solar_sail     [Distinguish photon sails from true photon kites (or true solar kites; photon kites would have an anchor and a tether to a wing; the anchor could be another wing in the photon stream or based in some other scene, say, a rock or planet or spacecraft.]
  • solartricity or suntricity or solar-energy derived electricity

  • solidity
    • WECS solidity
    • AWES solidity
    • ratio of wing area to working area..   The following clip is from HERE.

    • New AWES solidity studies, as some of the HAWT concepts of solidity are not working for many AWES configurations: AWES6026

  • solid WingMill
  • SOL paragliders.   


  • Sonic Detection And Ranging (SoDAR) technology
  • SOTAkite
  • SOTER    SOciety for the Transition to REnewable Energy      Note.
    • Initial heavy support for one company. ""Soter s.r.l. (Society for the Transition to Renewable Energy) is the company that has been created for the sole purpose of supporting the KiteGen project both financially or with other types of involvement.""
    • Jan. 6, 2013 : "Your request to join the sotersrl group was not approved.
      Your membership was automatically rejected because the moderator didn't
      approve it within 14 days."     That was the only reply received. ~JpF   Trying again.
    • v
  • sound
  • sounding, soundings    wiki
  • sound generator        KES may generate sound aloft or at the ground.
  • sound waves
  • space-based LIDAR
  • space cannon      Art1      [See also kite-system cannon]
  • Space Elevator (beanstalks, space bridges, space lifts, space ladders, skyhooks, orbital towers, orbital elevators)
  • Space Solar Power (SSP)
  • space use of an AWECS     Airspace, land space.   Space use per watt-hour? Cost of space use? AWECS compete in part over the the space use and the costs of space. ROI for an AWECS farm will face the costs of space.

  • spar          Our folder: Spars



  • spark gap voltage            wiki    
  • sparless
  • speed  (distinguish from velocity)
  • speed controllers

  • specific energy       wiki
  • specific strength     wiki   strength-to-weight ratio    
    • Note: for some fibers, explore "self support length" (aka, breaking length)
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • speed flying   | speed gliding | speed ski gliding | speed canopy gliding |   speedflying | speed ridin |  Kite speed flying   |   PG speed flying   |   hang gliding speed flying   |   HG speed flying  |   PG speed gliding  |   base jumping with a small governable parachute    |   using small wings to fly fast   |       See also: speedkiting  |  speed riding | speed kiting | speedriding |    This activity kites on ground and then becomes free-flight kiting with relatively high wing loading; this is a form of "inhabited kiting" with the pilot or rider as the anchoring resistive set of the kite system.       Video:  SG001  |  speed flying mistakes  | 
  • speed kite, speed-kite
  • speedkiting, speed kiting      Fly tethered wings very fast.     Concern with tip speed of autorotating wings in kite systems.  Concern the movement of the entire wing of a kite system for speed records.  Concern manned kiting speeds.    Consider the speed of the entire kite system when manned or unmanned; e.g. the speed of tracted hydro-hull where the kite (wing, tether, hull as mooring) is moving. How will speed be measured?  Fixed reference points? Apparent air speed at the wing?     Distinguish systems and speeds in those systems.    Speed in kitebuggying?  Speed in water kiteboarding? Speed in hand-held sport kites? Speed in   
    • Aeroix in 2009 SPEED-KITE WORLD RECORD WITH 212 KM/H
    • Speedkiting.org 
    • On ice with wing in air
    • On water with wing in air
    • FF-AWE speed kiting (dynamic dual-kite systems traveling in free-flight; the tether and its two terminal wings are kiting free in the air and traveling)
    • Shunting kiteplanes speeding left-right-left... cycles
    • speedgliding, speed gliding    (smaller paragliders for foot-launching).   speed riding,
    • speedhanggliding, speed hang gliding  (smaller hang gliders)
    • Bat-winged pilots base jumping and terminating flight with deployment of a parachute
    • Speedsailing, speed sailing
    • http://www.sailrocket.com/stories    
    • Speed gliding with free-flight kite hang glider: Redbull Speedrun 2001
    • http://vimeo.com/36398302 Speed Riding Mont Blanc from Didier Lafond    

  • speed ratio      in the regenerative soaring context of this article:
    Flight Without Fuel
    Regenerative Soaring Theory

    Presented to the Fifth Annual AIAA Southern California Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference, Santa Ana, CA May 03, 2008, J. Philip Barnes Pelican Aero Group:
    "We are thus led to the definition of a new term, or “speed ratio” (S), which applies to both
    propeller and turbine operation, while also highlighting the pinwheeling regime which
    separates these two power-exchange modes. We define (S) as the ratio of flight velocity to
    the “pinwheeling” flight velocity where, for the stated pitch and rotational speed, windprop
    thrust in propeller mode would fall to zero."
  • speed riding        speedriding   speed-riding      Smaller paraglider, smaller gliding kites, smaller gliding parachutes          Article2       Using gliding kites to fly fast.    Skiing + Paragliding = Speed Riding
    Manned or unmanned. Any scale.
  • speed to fly    wiki/Speed_to_fly       XC soaring of gliding free-flight kite systems
  • sphere
  • SpiderAWE, spider AWE,
  • spiders
  • spider webs
  • spider that kite themselves
  • spider-silk kite line naturally and artificially
  • Spider concept per TU Delt University for AWECS. 
    kiteplanes (the Spider concept)"  |AWE conference 2010 Ockles
    • TUDelft is on a powerful track with its goal to perfect trains of sweeping kiteplanes (the Spider concept).
    • The next logical scaling step will be to more safely and reliably host many such Spider-Trains in the smallest possible airspace by cross-linking them with a control-mesh kite layer across the tops. Call this the "Spider Web" AWE concept.         coolIP     Dave Santos   2011
    • two kites combined with laddermill
    • ?
  • Spider-Mills
  • "SPIDERWIRE", a  Spectra fused micro-filament fishing line. 
  • spilling wind                   French reefing
  • spine, spine of a spar, spine of a composite spar, spine of a wood spar, spine of a fiberglass spar,
  • spinal protector, spinal protection harness,
  • spin
  • spindle
  • spindle-shaped tensairity
  • SpinKite, or Spin Kite           Crosswind SpinKite Lattice Arrays            spinkites
  • spinnaker
  • spinning
  • spinning kite line
  • spinning tail
  • spinning tether
  • spinning tower
  • SpinWing   by kPower or k-Power   Discuss:
  • spiral
  • SpiralAirfoil  and also SpiralAerofoil™       US Patent 8,251,662 
    US 8,251,662 B2


    • SandPiper data in 2013    Files is worksheet Excel at 2.3 MB size. Technical use only. Ask editor for email copy.   Thanks.
    • b
    • b
  • spiral air foil HAWT
  • spiral airfoil   spiral air turbine      Dan Parker              Proper: SpiralAirfoil.  Note: He also holds that SpiralAerofoil is in arms of the trade marking.

    LiftedSpiralAirfoilTORSION is a discussion drawing by JoeF
  • spiral in water    http://www.energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/spiraldc.mpg
  • spirals in water   Hydro turbines      See: Dave Lang 2002 and consider tethering boated turbines in river flows.
  • spiralHydrofoil   see www.SpiralAirfoil.com   www.SpiralHydrofoil.com
  • spiraling
  • spiral spring
  • splat          PG body hitting ground in terrible incident
  • splice
  • splice loop
  • splice
  • splice-free line sets
  • splicing
  • splicing tools and techniques
  • splicing
  • spline             wiki/Spline_(mechanical)
  • splined shaft

  • spoiler, spoilers
    • v
    • v

  • spontaneous launch    Spontaneous Launch Risk and "Killability"
  • spool
  • spooling
  • spool-type rotor kite
  • sportAWE, sport AWE, sportAWECS, sport AWECS
  • sport kite energy
  • sport pilot      http://sptraining.blogspot.com/     
    It is anticipated that as tethers and kite energy systems become the focus of creative mechanical sport as part of new aviation, licenses and special training systems will evolve in order to address the need for public safety and airspace order.    The FF-AWE manned or unmanned will become another way to travel through upper airs; the long tether occupies a large portion of the airspace; the systems are "very large aircraft" because of the tether.

  • sport-scale AWE
    Other sectors of AWE scale: utility-scale AWE, commercial-scale AWE, residential-scale AWE, nomadic-scale AWE, sport-scale AWE, toy-scale AWE, miniature-scale AWE, or micro-scale AWE
  • spread-anchor kite systems       
  • spring
    • spring-loaded device
    • air spring
    • gas spring
    • spring return    Consider using part of an AWES' power cycle to load a spring return device; then on non-power-production phase or return phase, let the spring return reel in system tether or belt.
  • sprag    (also sprague)  
                  Merriam-Webster Online:
                  Main Entry: sprag
                  Pronunciation: \ˈsprag\
                  Function: noun
                  Etymology: origin unknown
                  Date: 1902
                  : a pointed stake or steel bar let down from a halted
                  vehicle (as a wagon) to prevent it from rolling.

Note: In developed sprag clutches, the "pointed stake" morphs to cam shapes that lock to couple torque or uncouple for a freewheeling.       Recall at a turnstile that lets a person enter but not exit; a sprag is at work there. Some basic applications for a sprag clutch: overrunning; indexing; or backstopping.

  • spread fair-lead
  • spreading and narrowing of anchors of an arched train          SeeHere
  • sprocket                    load sprocket,                    wiki
  • sprogs      in hang gliders.      E.g. see in Discus by Aeros manual   
  • Spud cannon                               http://www.spudfiles.com/
  • Sputnik (kiting device by Dave Santos)
  • squadron      A kite hobbyist collection of kites is sometimes referred to his or her squadron of kites or just squadron; other terms for a collection of kites are used.
  • square
  • square-cube law   "square-cube law, which states that the strength and power output of a turbine grow with the square of its height, whereas its mass grows cubically. As a consequence, 200 tons of steel is needed for a 100 m tower, and 18 tons of glass fibre for 60 m blades.ERC HighWind
  • square kite
  • square parachute   (rectangular planform parachute)
  • S-rotor
  • SS     Wings of single skin. Applied to both framed and pure canopy wings
  • SSF (single-skin foil)           A skin has two surfaces: top and bottom; aerodynamics on both surfaces of a single skin is important.
  • SSM      SSN is a layer element of a 3D thick shunting sky matrix (SSM).       AWES5928
  • SSN    Shunting sky net    may arrive with use of arch-kite methods combined with connected windward kite trains or with kite trains with veering tech involved.         AWES5927
  • SSPG    single-surface para-glider, single surface paraglider, single-surface PG,      The SSPG family includes AS2 and AS variants, Rogallo Wing PG, parawing PG, , Omega SSPG, OZONE Sol (to be confirmed as it may not be a true SSPG, etc.        SSPG is distinguish from DSPG, TSPG, MWPG, SSP2SPG, SWPG (stacked-wing PGs),      Distinguish true SS from Partial-2nd Surface.
    In 2011:
    BarretinaHyperLite neat steps, Pere!
    Single-skin-partial-second-surface canopy wing, an echo of Barish Sailwing P2S technology!
     ...destined for manned and unmanned explorations in kiting and free-flight!
    SSP2S PG: Single-Skin--Partial-2nd-Surface PG
    ...by Laboratori d'envol
    The OZONE XXLite is also a SSP2S PG.


  • SSSL                SSSL (SINGLE SKIN SINGLE LINE KITE)     (but branched bridling is understood)
    • No sticks
    • Sticked  (vast spectrum of wings for kites)


  • SSDSSC aka Single-Skin-Double-Surface-Single-Cell  This wing uses one continuous skin tube, has thick airfoil and thus upper surface and lower surface, but is one single-cell.  May be used in many aircraft types: kite, kite-glider PG and thus SSDSSCPG, powered aircraft, model aircraft, model gliders, model kite, model PG, etc.
    • Versions:
      • 1. Goodyear multi-string stayed surfaces with ram-air inflation.
      • 2. Goodyear multi-string stayed surfaces with pos-inflation via some means (wind turbine, solar battery-powered pump, etc.)
      • 3.. Aerogel-shaped core or other foam core.
      • 4.
  • stability
  • stabilizer
  • stabilizer lines
  • stabilo
    • stabilo lines
    • stablios
    • stabilizer lines
    • v
    • v
  • stable single line kite (SSLK) AWE.      In AWE, the use of stable single line kite (SSLK) forms a family of explorations.  One branch of  SSLK AWE uses the reel-in and reel-out method. Another branch of SSLK AWE uses controls on the SSLK that drives a cart-generator windward or a railed cart generator from wind window side to side. Controls may be RC or robotic reaction servos.  Another use in SSLK AWE is where the SSLK is the lifter kite for wingmills, kitemotors.   Another is the use of the SSLK in established highly turbulent sites where the air's turbulence is mined for actions toward generating electricity or pumping.   . Another branch of SSLK AWE regards moving goods and people in transport rather than using other fuels.  Log lifting with a SSLK is in this branch.  Also, attempts to use SSLK to tap atmospheric potential difference (Ben Franklin) is in history.   Etc. Many branches.    Notes are welcome:  Notes@EnergyKiteSystems.net
  • stack, kite stack, stack of kites      See train.                      stack 300
  • stagenkunst or stangenkunst         Book quote:  Here.
  • Stairway to Heaven    M4148
  • stall
  • STALK    STALKs      See: Free Rotor by Colin Jack.  An acronym in his patent.  Stack To Altitude LinKage        In his discourse he brings in another major acronym:  BEAN :: Bearingless End-braked Autogyro Node
  • SSLKAWE  stable single-line-kite airborne wind energy
  • standard AWE solution     M165


  • standardization
  • standardized reporting
  • standardized testing
  • standing rigging   (marine)
  • standing waves
  • standup block, standup blocks    StandupBlocksPHOTOS
  • starboard    wiki for nautical starboard     See also its opposite: port
  • Ken Starcher  WTAMU Alternative Energy Institute   LinkedIn  
  • start
  • starting
    • starting a kite system, launching a kite system
    • various methods of starting an AWES
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • state
  • state machine          wiki        |    AWES5080
    • staged state machine
    • passively-staged state machine
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • state-sensor
  • state-sensor uncertainty
  • states of flight
  • state space         wiki/State_space_(controls)
  • state space         wiki/State_space_(dynamical_system)
  • static electricity
  • statics
  • station
  • station keeping    
  • stator      wiki
  • stay
    • stay line
    • stay line controller
    • pectoral stay
    • v
  • staysail
  • sticky kites
  • steam     for LTA gas.      wiki  
  • steam kite by John H. Pennington                 steam-kite
    • Image    Steam-kite, or inclined plane, for navigating the air, invented by John H. Pennington, of Baltimore, Md
    • Paragraphs in book

  • SteveRelease, Steve Release,   http://www.skydogsports.com/release/  Discuss here.
  • steerable parachute      is a kite system focused on parachute duties wherein the wing is steerable or governable by machine or person or a combination of person and machine. This is a type of hang glider with parachute fall arrest is dominant.
  • steering lines
  • steering unit
  • Stem  (hybrid method within the larger family of wafting levers, rotating levers, rocking arms, oscillating lever, shaking handle, and TipBoom or Tipping Boom. The Stem method involves some out and in with some period of non-energy production.) .  .  KiteGen moves into stem tech       And blow starts, and 3-D onboard sensors,
  • stem         wiki/Stem_(ship)
  • stem farm       (KiteGen Stem farm; location of many stems).  This is an instance of a kite-energy farm.

  • step towing   steptowing  step-tow,    (one form of pumping energy into kite system)
    Varieties: == Single fixed-position winch with one line.
                      == Single line but with mobile ground towing vehicle.
                     == Closed loop with pulley afar with two lines out of wing.
                    ==  Two lines and two winches on ground
                    ==  One line self-soar with winch on ground with remote control.
                    ==  One line with winch onboard and fixed anchor with line released to ground.
                    ==  One line with winch onboard and remote control of moving ground towing vehicle.
                    ==  One line with winch onboard with pulling up line for later XC use in repeat cycle.
                     == Aerotow in tight airspace with reversals.
                     == Scale RC step towing
                     == AWES launch step towing
                     == Short-stroke
                     == Tug phasing
                     == Long-stroke
                     == Continuous circling of ground towing vehicle
                     == Ambient wind cross wind step towing with payout


  • St. Elmo's fire (also St. Elmo's light)      wiki          SeeC  
  • stepper motor              wiki
  • stereotypic trajectories           Paper1 
  • steering
  • steering carriages
  • STG [Space Task Group]     SpaceTaskGroup (generalized link)
  • STGNFFK      stringed-to-ground-non-free-flying kites (STGNFFK)    This distinguishes systems that are kiting free-flight systems (paragliders, as one sort) or towed wings.

  • stick, sticks                    |   wiki/Stick  |
    • kite stick
    • spar
    • sprung stick
    • stick kites versus non-stick kites
    • sticky kites     (wing of kite system is made by use of some sticks as opposed to sail-only wings or inflated-element-only wings; note that tensarity is a compound hybrid structure type. Also, consider the use of tensegrity for sticky wing structures in kite systems.)
    • stick types
    • stick suppliers
    • constructing sticks
    • hollow sticks
    • bamboo sticks
    • carbon-fiber sticks
    • fiberglass sticks
    • sticks for splicing sticks
    • sticks for splinting fluid beams (compression member)
    • sticks for ribs and battens
    • tapered stick
    • double-tapered sticks for compression struts
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v

  • sting jet         Art1         wiki     
  • Stirling engine        wiki  
  • STO   short take off
  • stop, stops,
  • stopper ball
  • storage
  • storing electricity
  • storing kites slows the wear clock
  • storm, storms
  • storm detection
  • storm survival
  • storm umbrella       senz° storm umbrella highlights
  • strand
  • strand jack        strandjack           airbornewindenergy/conversations/messages/10180
  • strap, straps
  • stream
  • stream tube
  • v
  • v
  • street kiting                StreetKitingGeneral  
    • NASA wing on short tethers for landboarding.
    • Urban kiting
    • Safety is to be taken to a new level. Awareness of people, traffic, things. New distractions and new interfaces occur.
    • Using roads for travel by kite propulsion ...
    • Awareness of overhead wires, traffic, people.  New skills of control. Judgment wisdom.
    • Performance art based on kiting
    • Four-line Revolution is a popular choice for street kiting.

  • string  Generally, string is a valuable tool, flexible piece of rope or twine which is used to tie, bind, or hang other objects.   See also: line, cable, rope, yarn, fiber, tether,   +
  • string
    • "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that string..."
      (doowap doowap doowap-doowap...)
    • line      String may mean any tether in a kite system.
    • A kite essentially has a tensed string set to be a kite. As a paraglider is a gliding kite, then a string set is also an essential part of the whole integrity of just what a paraglider is.
  • string A-frame    or tri-tether, triTether,  M371
  • string bipod       M126   
  • stringing
    • cable stringing,  line-wire stringing
    • rope stringing,
    • stringing equipment,
    • transmission-cable stringing,
    • Stringing Equipment

  • String potentiometer
  • string tripod      M126          Use in kite firefighting: M140       M190  
  • string tripod systems            M126       M151
  • string variloop      
    Two general considerations:
    1. loop not-working while let out or hauled in.
    2. loop works during variation of let-out skied portion.  
    See discussions:   
    M945     M1021 

    "This is a very secondary requirement with complexity & capital cost penalty-
                        2. loop powers during variation
    Hidden are differences between reel-in & reel-out states. My recommendation is focus on essential function (for now). A cool trick, however, is to use the turbine to winch itself down, which happened spontaneously one time when a wrong splice knot hung in a fairlead." ds 30jan2010

    But the challenge is very distinct for 1.   and 2.   operations.  Perhaps for 2. someone will find an efficient solution; such would allow working loop during skied-loop extending and shortening.

  • stringistor, stringistors   [deprecated variant: stringister, stringisters]  AirborneWindEnergy/message/9057 and following.
  • stroke
    • long-stroke AWES  
    • short-stroke AWES      AWES7525
    • moderate-stroke constant-altitude strategy        AWES7564
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • strop, strops
  • Strouhal number   wiki
  • Strouhal oscillation      wiki       
  • stow
    • stowing
    • v
  • Straight-Wing Vertical Axis Shipboard Wind Turbine    Article1     by Nippi Corporation
  • strain
  • strake
  • strange kite trick
  • strap
  • strapped-splint technology (ancient) ---- Splint is compression element; straps capture the splint and hug the intermediate object, beam, fluid beam, etc. for anti-buckling result or reinforcement result or enhancement result. Some people are concentrating on this ancient technology. One company has wrapped their trademark around this ancient art: Tensairity®, which company does not own the basic strapped-splint arts, but they are studying the art carefully.
  • stratosphere         wiki     Some kiting occurs above the troposphere and into the stratosphere.
  • stratospheric kite systems
  • stream
  • streamline
  • streamlining
  • Streeter, Tal          Tal Streeter 
  • stress

  • stretch
  • stress
  • stringed musical instruments
  • Strong Enterprises      parachutes, etc.
  • structure                wiki/Structure
  • strut
  • studied location

  • StyroFoamKites    styrene kites   Styrofoam Kites    EPS kites    Kites that are made predominantly of Styrofoam or EPS foam.  
  • StyroWing     Ed W. lost his companion and has converted his kite site to lament and expose his deep concerns about how her end came.   The kite is taking a back seat to his loss of friend.
  • sUAS      small unmanned aerial systems
  • sUAV      small unmanned aerial vehicles  
  • subassembly
  • submission addendum     Once a submission has been made about an AWE matter to an agent, then further information admitted to the agent adds onto the base submission.
  • subscale prototype
  • subsea power cable          These could carry generated kitricity to shore points.
  • sucker wind             Use1    Use2      Winds that tempt kite pilots to gear up for a certain level of activity, but end up making a sucker or fool out of the pilot, as the winds do not meet the wished-for quality.
  • sun flashers       These items on kite systems flash the sun to viewers.  These may be abused and in some cases illegal and even extremely hazardous. Much caution should be used in the design of any sun-reflecting surface in a kite system.  We do not want aircraft pilots to be blinded. And we do not want to start fires.
  • Sunseeker     by Eric Raymond
  • suntricity or solartricity or solar-energy-derived electricity      
  • SUP  stand up paddleboard         Consider for SUP: kite energy for charging batteries for rescue lights, fishing lights, body-warming devices, communications batteries. Consider kites tucked in the SUP to be used for traction, signaling, rescue marking, or play.
  • supercapacitor     See ultracapacitor
  • superconductive tethers ?   Any hope? [ ]     Consider the research on "room-temperature superconductivity" that is an ongoing effort. 
  • superconductivity  wiki           
    • Consider wiki on "high-temperature superconductivity"
    • room-temperature superconductivity   Theoretical work by Neil Ashcroft predicted that solid metallic hydrogen at extremely high pressure should become superconducting at approximately room-temperature because of its extremely high speed of sound and expected strong coupling between the conduction electrons and the lattice vibrations. This prediction is yet to be experimentally verified.
      • [Fantasy thought: high tension of a kite's tether pressurizes solid metallic hydrogen at the tether's core tp win superconductivity; this is a fantasy thought. JpF 2011.]     
  • superconducted kitricity
  • superconductor
  • Super Density Operations (SDO)         M3192
    KiteLab, Ilwaco, WA, USA
  • superkite
  • superposed planes  
  • supersonic kiting   (kiting where the fluid past the kite is moving faster than the speed of sound in that same fluid, yet beyond the transonic realm)    See also hypersonic kiting
  • Super Wall    SDO type.   Latticework kite system. Exampled by art by Dave Santos extrapolating extant walls:


  • supine harness
  • supplier     AWE suppliers :: those who supply parts to AWE systems
  • Superturbine ® 
    • Word  Mark         SUPERTURBINE
      Goods and Services IC 007. US 013 019 021 023 031 034 035.
      G & S: Co-Axial Multi-Rotor Wind Turbines.
      FIRST USE: 20060318.
      FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20060318

      Standard Characters Claimed
      Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK
      Serial Number 78461117
      Filing Date August 3, 2004
      Current Filing Basis 1A
      Original Filing Basis 1B
      Published for Opposition December 27, 2005
      Registration Number 3118147
      Registration Date July 18, 2006
      Owner (REGISTRANT) Selsam, Douglas Spriggs INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 2600 Porter Ave., Unit B Fullerton CALIFORNIA 92833
      Type of Mark TRADEMARK
      Register PRINCIPAL
      Live/Dead Indicator LIVE
    • SuperTwin ™ Turbine      also by Doug Selsam

  • supplier ecosystem
  • supply chain       AWECS have parts that will be made by other than the parent company.  Opinion: As AWE grows, professional management of supply chain matters will be needed; supply-chain issues will arrive and need resolution. Most extant professionals working in the ground-hugging wind power sector will be able transfer their attention to AWECS. Because AWECS promises more site options, there is the possibility of AWE finally producing much more total energy than the ground huggers.
  • support body                    lifter      Explore:  Lifter kite, lifter aircraft, blimp, kytoon
  • supported leading edge  (SLE)
  • surfacegen      The AWECS that have a generator at the earth's surface (ground or sea or ship body) is a surfacegen AWECS.   surface-gen, surfaceGen,        Explore: groundGen, groundgen.   The skygen is different with the generator aloft.
  • surface sprawl     in AWECS scenarios:   How much land surface is used and affected by a particular AWECS or kite-energy device or ktiefarm? The spread or sprawl of the system is a core parameter in costing a system.  M3306
  • surface vortex shedding
  • surfkite

Surf Zone Power

  • SurfPlan™        Products    |
  • surge
  • survivability   Taking into consideration all operational matters, just how well with a particular AWECS survive?  What causes downtime?
  • suspended actuator     (in human paragliding, the human pilot is the suspended actuator; in human-piloted hang gliding, the suspended actuator is the hang glider pilot; in kite energy one might have a kite control unit suspended at the bridle point(s))         Thesis
  • suspension
    • suspension in the air
      suspension of payload in gliding-kite systems      The resistive set of a gliding-kite system is suspended by kite lines or suspension lines.
    • suspension syndrome    
    • suspension system
    • suspension trauma      Harnesses cutting off proper circulation ...    SuspensionTraumaGENERAL
  • suspension-tension kites
  • suspentes       [French? for suspending tethers or tethers]        AWES6909
  • sustainable power system


  • swivel
    • swivels
    • Distinguish slip rings from swivels. Distinguish electrical slip rings.
    • Elkins Swivel, an underwater connector, a swivel.  | Image1  | http://www.elkinsswivels.co.uk/
    • mooring swivels
    • twin needle roller bearings
    • Swivels with low rotation use rates
    • Swivels for high-rotation rate use
    • types of swivels
    • use examples
    • http://swivelssupply.com/     {Disclaimer: we do not know the site well yet. Notice their caution: The shown swivels "Swivels are not intended to rotate under load."   So, are you wanting swivel action under load or not?
    • crossline swivel      CrosslineSwivels
    • David T. Barish    US3104855    Filed in 1960    Swivel

  • swooping  or canopy piloting   [In personal governable parachutes, swooping uses an entry altitude gate after which the pilot aims to get distance before touching ground.] [ Swooping in wingsuit flying] [In hang gliding, one bleeds off energy in ground effect flying or at altitude bleeds energy to fly a section of even altitude without zooming.] [ In fixed-anchor kiting: ________]       Extreme Hanggliding Swooping
  • SWP  Sky Windpower
  • SWPC
  • SWPG  stacked-wing para-glider, stacked wing paraglider, stacked wing paragliding
  • SWPP Sailing high-altitude wind power plant      www.haswpower.spb.ru
  • SwRI  http://www.swri.org        Southwest Research Institute           [ kPower working with SwRI ]   
    Acronym will sometimes be seen as SWRI      
  • synchronized pseudolites or synchrolites   
  • synchronous electric generator
  • synchronous inverter
  • synergetics   
  • synoptic meteorology introduction
  • synoptic wind patterns
  • Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate  (NASA entity) studying AWECS in 2010.  SACD     NASA at Langley Research Center.

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