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Kite-Energy Glossary
... being built since January 7, 2009.
Anyone is invited to help build an effective kite-energy glossary for all   Send to News@energykitesystems.net

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  • NABX      North American Buggy eXpo
  • Nameplate capacity        "The full-load continuous rating of a generator, prime mover or other electric power production equipment under specific conditions as designated by the manufacturer. Installed generator nameplate rating is usually indicated on a nameplate physically attached to the generator.  http://www.spectraenergy.com/investors/glossary/n/   rated maximum output
  • nanofiber
  • nanofibers
  • nanofoam
  • nanogenerator 
  • nano kite energy       nanokite,  nano-tetherball, 
  • nanotechnology
  • Nanosail-D       Art1
  • nanoteher, nano tether, nano-tether    
    Model leverages nano tethers
  • nanotube
  • Nantenna
    • How might these play in energy kite systems?

  • NAS    national airspace system  
  • NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Administration      Home
    • http://www.aeronautics.nasa.gov/about_us.htm
    • http://awtdata.webs.com
    • http://history.nasa.gov/
    • Paraglider hang gliders of NASA and her sub contractors Ryan, North American, and Goodyear and others: , partial study HERE.    NASA hang gliders came in a vast variety from  1. Fully limp Rogallo wing, parasail, gliding parachute (type of hang glider)  2. Inflated boom Rogallo paraglider hang glider   3. Metal-boomed and sailed hang gliders in the PARESEV program    4. and power-off gliders that were with power on option    Etc.  NASA paraglider hang gliders in the PARESEV program were hang glide piloted by eight test pilots including hang glider test pilot Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the Moon. The NASA did not choose the hang simplicity of the A-frame that was already evident in hang gliding in at least 1908 in Breslau .... the undercarriage control triangle control frame cable-stayed as is used much in contemporary hang gliders; instead they protected the astronaut pilots in the Paresev program while they kited and released sail loading at a high level to more fit their program aims, even while fully knowing about Francis Rogallo's late 1950s pointing for recreational use of the involved hang glider wing that was winging the Paresev variants of hang glider.   Recall: Have an unpowered system: wing with hung mass for unpowered gliding to get hang glider.       Hence, canopy paragliders of any size form a subset of hang gliders; gliding parachutes form a subset of hang gliders; various stiffening of the wing and tension hang members still brings hang glider mechanically. Hang gliders may be tiny 1 gram items or be massed at 500 tons; hang gliders may be uninhabited by live animals or humans or inhabited by animals or humans; indeed it is difficult to clean off all living microbes from materials touched by humans.
    • v
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  • NASA parawing.    Rogallo-wing based wing.  Single-surface fabric airfoil.  NPW
  • NASA PAV   Personal Air Vehicle
  • nascent airborne wind industry
  • National airspace system (NAS)
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory    NREL    wiki
  • nationAWE, nation-scale AWE, nationAWECS, national-scale AWECS,  nation-scale power, nation-scale windpower,     
    Also, consider the free-flight international-scale AWECS that have no tether to the ground (this is a far-term vision that uses dynamically-soaring dual-kite systems or bi-terminal free-flight systems).
  • nautical mile        wiki 
  • navigable flat kite,
  • naval traction          pulling water hulls by kite systems
  • navigate
  • navigation
    • navigation line
    • navigation movement
  • NCAR     National Center for Atmospheric Research      
    Consider also exploring UCAR  University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  • NCF     net capacity factor
  • NDA    non-disclosure agreement

  • need      What is the need for AWECS?  What are needs for kite-energy systems?
  • negative effects of a kite plant 
  • negative work phase           ::     cost phase, retraction phase.   Opposes power phase in some methods.  Opposite of positive work phase.
  • Neodymium magnets     NdFeB  
  • Nephoscope      | wiki ||
  • net, nets, netting,         [verb, noun]
    • AWES5265
    • arresting nets
    • landing nets
    • airborne nets
    • kite-system held nets
    • net as framework for sails and turbines
    • net as laminate part for kite wings
    • deployable nets
    • mobile nets
    • drag nets
    • fishing nets
    • trash-collection nets pulled by kite systems
    • transportation grid aloft
    • cableway for moving camera
    • Shade giver (dial choice); hold aloft by kytoon system
    • Ultra Cross Netting
    • knotless netting        images
    • loadpaths, load paths
    • v
  • net capacity factor   NCF
  • net economic benefit         M2879
  • net-energy-cost reports  
  • net-metered power generation      M105
  • net metering     wiki           M3151  
  • NET Systems, Inc.
  • NeueTM    by KLD Energy Technologies
  • Neumark, Walter.      [ ] Request aviation spectrum
    • In 1954 in Flight?
    • "Author Walter Neumark wrote Operating Procedures for Ascending Parachutes, and he and a group of enthusiasts with a passion for tow-launching 'PCs' and ram-air parachutes eventually broke away from the British Parachute Association to form the British Association of Parascending Clubs (BAPC) in 1973."  [ ] Verify
    • Walter Neumark, "The Future of Soaring", Flight magazine, 14 May 1954.  [ ] Verify  Notice that G. H. Lee replied to the May article by writing a July 2, 1954, article "Thoughts on Soaring, A Second Opinion on Auxiliary Engines and Ultra-light Designs"  G. H. Lee took issue with Neumark: "THE article by Mr. Walter Neumark on "The^Future of Soaring" (Flight, May 14th) requires, in my opinion, a
      reply. The major part of his contribution is based on what I believe to be a false premise, which is then developed by reasoning not wholly sound (and, at times, by irrelevant and inapplicable analogies) to conclusions, with which I profoundly disagree, on the important subject of amateur flying.
      Mr. Neumark's attractive and persuasive style adds to the need for a rejoinder."  Lee coins term Aerial Delight.
    • Note: What might be a neat cross-referenced, Lee mentions Neumark's remarks about Tondokuro III. With regard to the Tondokuro III, I find it hard to believe that proper strength factors could be reached on a
      32|ft-span machine for 501b structure-weight. "" 
      [    ] Tondokuro III     ?  See presentation by Dean Sigler:
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • neurocontrollers
  • new energy
  • Newton, Isaac      wiki     |     
  • |
  • Newton, unit of measure:  Symbol:  N        is an SI derived unit of force.   Newtons are frequently used in reporting tension.      wiki        dimensions:  ML/T^2
  • NGA     National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency      wiki        home
  • NIMBY, NIMBYism      "not in my back yard"      Resistance by land users/owners to projects in their lands or within their views.  Challenges: traffic, noise, view, wind turbulence, animal life, quality of life,
  • Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries
  • niche AWE  (in tiny, small, sport, local, grid, rural, sea, urban, roof, recreational, advertising, competition, etc.)  tiny AWE, micro AWE, sport AWE, local AWE, small AWE, grid AWE, residential AWE, private AWE, commercial AWE,
  • Nicopress
  • night flying, night-flying rules                IFR         night kite flying        See also LED kite show
  • night vision technology
  • NIMBYISM    not in my back yard -ism
  • Nippi Corporation                   And:   history  
  • NIRI
    •  National Investor Relations Institute
  • NIST   National Institute for Standardization of Technology
  • NIST/TIP program
  • NKP   nomadic KitePower   See: KitePower Nomadism    Page1
  • NLP neuro-linguistic programming    wiki  
  • NMPC  Nonlinear Model Predictive Control    
    GenLink            SelectionIppolito       SelectionKiteGen    
  • nock
  • node, nodes,

  • noise 
    • noise AWECS      patent1   The wind energy is converted to noise or music
    • noisemaker
    • noise-impact assessment (NIA)
    • noise making devices
    • Thundersticks
    • musical kites
    • flutter wings
    • flagging
    • flapping
    • kite systems as a platform for broadcasting sounds
    • v
    • v
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  • NOKE   
  • nomadicAWE, nomadic AWE,       Solutions of AWECS suitable for nomads
  • nomadic KitePower (NKP)
  • nomadic-scale AWE
    Other sectors of AWE scale: utility-scale AWE, commercial-scale AWE, residential-scale AWE, nomadic-scale AWE, sport-scale AWE, toy-scale AWE, miniature-scale AWE, or micro-scale AWE
  • nominal power
  • nonAWE WECS 
  • nonaxial wind turbine NAWT
  • Non-relaunchability   of a kite has its merits in some scenes
  • nonrigid airfoil
  • Noonan       Dennis Noonan, maager of SpiralAirfoil LLC
  • NorNed    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NorNed
  • nose
  • nose cone
  • nose cover
  • nose down
  • nose-down spiral dive
  • nose plate
  • NOTAM  or NoTAM  Notice to Airmen
  • NOTAM shielded event
  • NOUN    National Open University of Nigeria       Investing in AWE
  • Novikov                      Engineer Eugene Novikov.      E. Novikov.     http://haswpower.spb.ru  
  • now     That which is is the content of now.
  • nowcasting

  • "no wind"      "zero wind"
    • Some practitioners say "no wind" when there is no horizontal wind while they sneak in use of vertical updrafts or thermals or vertical downdrafts. So, their "no wind" still has wind. Mining the energy of updrafts and downdrafts is using wind.
    • Full calm with no appreciable movement of air in any direction (oblique, up, down, around, horizontal) is very rare; so there are degrees of calm.
    • "no-wind kiting" is understood by Horvath as allowing thermals. But the AWEIA calm kiting climbing (CKC) contest intends for "no-wind kiting" to mean that there is not occurring updraft or downdraft winds in addition to no horizontal or oblique winds.
    • Discussion is open on this or any entry in the AWE Glossary.

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