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Imagination, Google.org  (investing in related air targets), Soaren, Soaren.Com, KiteEnergy.Com,  KiteShip (tm), hertz,  KiteTug (tm), OutLeader (tm)  kite, OL kite,  rotary kite, risk assessment, Airtricity, kite control systemswind-power engineers, flying wind farm, hydroelectricity, KiteMotor, rotating kite, kite technician, wind farm, kite technologist, kite operator, kite factory, kite  kite machine, lull, lee, leeward, current, kite system,   lifter, destructive resonance,  electricity, wind range, controller, UEK, underwater electric kite (UEK), hydrokinetic turbines, cost, aquatic kites,  Laddermill, kite plane, Magenn, Magenn Power's MARS,  lightning, generator, sail, kiteline, Jalbert parafoil, Magnus effect, drag power, voltage regulator, volt,  induction, conductor, science kite, furl, furling, insulator, helium balloon, hydrogen balloon, Makani Power, Revolution, Power Blast,  stratosphere, jet stream, charge controllers, wind, winds, airspace, atmosphere, kite system, tension, spin, spinning, whirling, test, test-to-failure, waxing, waning, inflating, deflating, reciprocate, reciprocation, tube tail, retention, retensioning,  reciprocating,  wind turbine, water kites,  kite power, kitepower generator, kite applications, hydro kites, turbine, kytoons,  Savonius, Flettner, Flettner rotor, Flettner sail, Flettner wing,  Delft University of Technology, David Lang, Dave Santos, David Santos, Dave Culp, Dr. Ockels, Drachen Foundation, Hugh Piggott, sustainable power system, kite system, KITESA, lift, drag power, towing, microwave, kinetic energy, radio-control, smart programs, gust, gusts, vortex,  wings, expert programs, algorithms, atmospheric electricity, ground, electrosphere, Sky Wind Power, FEG, FEGs, Flying Electric Generator, Flying Electric Generators, KiteGen, Kite Gen, kite generators, propeller, pinwheel, rotation, spinning tail, rotor, spinners, wafting, oscillation, whirligig, whirly, propellers, axis,  electric grid, flutter, Robins, Robins effect, Robins-Magnus effect, Magnus-Robins effect, Cayley, airfoil, curved airfoil, parawing, parafoil, paraglider, parasail, KiteShip, Kite Ship (tm), KiteTug, governable parachute, Benjamin Robins, whirling arm, ballistic pendulum, pendulum, counterweight, balance, tow line, towline, mooring, kite mooring, kite anchor, line tension,  reels, compression, torsion, spring, porosity, aerodynamics, kite dynamics, coterie, kite train, sky network, vibration,  airspeed, instability, stability,  fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics, paravane, paravanes, water-kite, hydrofoil, hydrofoils, KiteChip, kite motor, kite motors, wing,  blades, propellers, water currents, rivers, ocean currents, proa, proas, hapa, hapas, foils, Bruce foil, sails, sailing, Sea Dog, kite rig, kite waterski, kiteplane, kite sailing, kite sailing airships, kite outrigger, kite tailplane, kite board, kite traction, twist, swivel, reel, reeling, kite line, cordage, cable, water gliders, kite towed submarines, trawler, fishing lures, kite fishing, trolling, kite rigging, kite rig design, inflatable, inflatables, ram-air, ram-air inflation, control, controllers, navigate, "aquaviate" , kite-Hapa, AYRS, Amateur Yacht Research Society, Thom rotor, Hagedoorn hapa, leefoil, J. H. Hagedoorn (1912-2000), sea glider, anchoring, Hydroptère, wind power,  kite yacht, kite yachts, Oceankite, fishing, hapa (sea anchor), amphi-kiting,  amphibious kiting,  wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator. airbeam, air beam, airbeams, inflatable beam, inflatable beams, tensairty, tensegrity, convex, concave, cavexity, cavexion, cavexors, pump, pumping, cavexor, cavex, Cavex (tm), cavexing, air pressure, windage, inflatable envelope, Vertigo, Inc., buoy generator, traveling wave propulsion (air or water scene), robots, robot, Motorwave, Motorwind, wind speed meter, aero turbines, dynamo, dynamos, anemometry, power pulse, anemometer, sail making technology, sailmaking technology, laminate sails, 3-DL process, line oscillation, membrane technology, windmill kites, motor, stator, volt meter, optical tachometer, tachometer, ultracapacitor, capacitor, LED, battery, alternator, wiggle, winding, magnets, coils, rectifier, terminal block, heat sink, ground, alternating current, direct current, ammeter,  electrical resistance, electrical units, power, potential energy, kinetic energy kite, stress, strain, tangle, cable, cordage, electrical safety, short, charge, series, parallel, transformer, AWEA, Beaufort Scale, windmill, wind mill, balloons, blimps, mechatronic control unit, Festo, FlyGen, Fly Gen, flying generator, buggy, sail, wind generator, wind generators, Lead-Acid, Gel-Cell, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, Li-Io, Li-Po, Li-FePo4 batteries, lithium receiver batteries , lithium transmitter batteries, charging controllers, electronic controllers, speed controllers, kite command center, kite control center, electric motors, cable, inspection, depowering  de-powering kite systems, kill line, generators from motors, Daniel Bernoulli, Sir Isaac Newton, KiWiGen, wind mapping, wind prediction, winds aloft, wind window, flying lines, splicing, knots, swivels, pulse, pulses, pulsation, cycling, lift, drag, drift, resistance, pressure, flow, boundary layer, wind driven, power generation, kite system, kite type, kite types,  nanotechnology, graphene, membrane, flaps, flapping, aileron, airfoil morphing, tip speed, rotational speed, frequency, tether, tethers, ribbon, ribbons, nanotube, nanofiber, nanofibers,  Space Elevator (beanstalks, space bridges, space lifts, space ladders, skyhooks, orbital towers, orbital elevators), kiteology, kite engineering, kite engineer, kite courses, kite curriculum, load, load curtains, twin-keel parawing, David Barish, Barish sailwing, rotating parachute, parachute, sled, sled kite, Allison sled, Scott sled, Rogallo Wing, spar, sparless, limp, bones, battens, ribs, sprogs, wands, kite for sail, kite for water pumping, kite engine, WindLift, WindLift Kite Engine Company, Harry Valentine, airborne wind energy, AWE,  airborne wind turbine, Bryan Roberts, flying windmills, wind map, wind resources, global wind resources, wind sites, high altitude winds, wind gradient, windpower,  kite safety, kite risks, kiting risks, kite accidents, kiting accidents, thermo-acoustic engine,  resonate frequency, sound waves, vibrating cables, cable-suspended resonant wind engine, linear alternator, loadings, resonant wave motion, axial-flow wind turbines, resonant technology, resonance, resonance technology, energy waves, spring, springs, taut cable, taut cables, Marc Ricketts, energy waves, cable waves, rate-adjustable spring, standing waves, node, nodes, amplitude, wind-driven wave generator, sinusoidal waves, fluctuating tension, changing tautness, cyclically spaced pulses, to-and-fro cyclical motion, line torsion, cabled turbines, turbines on cables, dynamic imbalance of the spinning turbines, lift physics, AeroCam, BWEA, British Wind Energy Association, torque reactions, transverse-axis turbines, traverse-axis fluid turbine, traverse-axis wind turbine, traverse-axis hydro turbine, wind-cable power conversion systems, buzz, buzzing, hum, hummer, humming, aeroelasticity, harmonics (1st mode, 2nd, etc.), kite hummer, humming lines, vibrating wires, musical strings, stringed musical instruments, WKM, World Kite Museum, wind rotor, wind energy converter, musical kite, musical kites, noise making device, wind operated noise making device, depressor vane, towed noise-maker, aerial noise-maker, singing lines, noisemaker, parakites, parakite, windlass, drum, canopy lines, shroud lines, control lines, tensiometer, kite energy research, power-generating kites, power kites, tethered airfoils, electric powered hang gliders, electric hang gliders, electric kite, electric assistive launch, e-flight, e-FLPHG, Helikite, Heli-kite, kite boat, kite boats, kiteboat, OceanKite, KiteBoat, kite power generator, kite power generation, high-altitude wind energy flux, electronic rope, tail, tails, active tails, dynamic tails, Taylor cones, fluid dynamics Taylor-Couette flow, Taylor vortex, Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, wave theory, wave, waves, Taylor-Green vortex, George Green, catenary, parabola, ellipse, sphere, upwind, downwind, crosswind, flow, laminar flow, transitional flow, turbulent flow, flow regimes, Taylor flow, Domina Jalbert, surface vortex shedding, flag waving, flip-wing, flipper, flipper wing, fin, wind energy capture, wind energy capture technologies, Joe Hadzicki, waviness, instability, vortex rolls, [Faust neo-offer] :: "cavex, cavexion, cavexor, cavexors, cavexing"
tethered wind turbine, tensegrity tower, flexible shaft, anchor, anchors, traveling anchor, traveling anchors, moorings, free-flying sails, very large free-flying sails, Very Large Free Flying Sails (VLFFS), Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG), launching kite, controlling kite, recovering kite, kite generated hydrogen, sky juice, line junk, kite harmonics, lifter kite, shaft-driven application, voltage regulator, cut-in windspeed, charging current, cost-of-energy (COE), tail vane, quasi-tensegrity, x-module tensegrity structures, X kites, tendons, struts, edge, draw, sling, firm, flaccid, symmetry, asymmetry, electricity storage, smoothing, flipper-wing quiver, critically excited/dampened oscillator, oscillator, oscillators, oscillation, harmonic analysis, composite oscillators, oscillating power element, kite electricity, kite energy systems, troposphere, tropospheric wind, kite steering unit, scalability, territory occupation, yo-yo configuration, aeolian technology, turbulent entrainment, turbulence, hydrogen, hydrolysis, buzzy, cableway power transmission, continuous loop power, power piston, wind foil, static electricity, traction, self-tacking wings, ribbon wings, rotary ribbon arch kite, rotary ribbon, VAWT, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, HAWT, avian energy, wind belt, WindBelt, self-oscillating wings, transmission cableway, hum, humdinger, wing-mounted linear generator, wind-harvesting power generator, transducer, piezoelectric effect, vibration powered generator, String potentiometer, string, intermittency of wind, variability of wind, availability of wind, glider powered windmill, oscillating kite-powered tensioned loop, nonaxial wind turbine, NAWT, axial wind turbine, tethered wind energy systems, morphable wings, shape-changing wings, variable span wings, variable shape wings, virtual variable span wing, remote-controlled shaped wing, NREL, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, airborne technology, transponder, line hazard avoidance, fairing, faired cables, faired line, venturi, diagnostic system, security system, SCADA, microgeneration technologies, kite systems, Xfoil, cavitation, entrainment, ventilation, controlled ventilation, vindicator, foil stabilization, variable geometry, plane, planing, planning, Tesla, three-phase, Text not available
Wind energy production using kites and ground mounted power generators Gordon Bruce Kingsleysingle-phase, double-phase, phase, period, thermodynamics, polyphase, harmonic motion, simple harmonic motion, induction motor, outrunner, brushless DC electric motor, storing electricity, wobble, Electromagnetic transduction, vibrational electric generator, regen, regenerative braking, inverter, torque, vibration-based power generator, vibration electric generator, tethered tension field wind turbine, parasitic drag, parasitic line drag, line drag, ribbon rotor, Skybow rotating ribbon kite, ribbon kite, rotating ribbon kite, light, lightsail, lightsailing, light sailing, light sail, light sails, lightcraft, light craft, light kite, light kiting, light dynamic soaring, magsails, magsail, magnetic, magnetic sail, magnetic kite, reflect, reflection, reflective kite, electrodynamic tether, electrodynamics, plasma, plasma kite, plasma motor generator (PMG), electrodynamic tether, pendular motion instability, motion, motion instability, motion stability, kinetics, flip, buffet, flap, whip, whips, whipping, smart rope, smart tether, vortex visualization, flow meter, ribbon microphone, signal generator, oscillating ribbon generator, oscillating ribbon electric generator, wind-oscillated ribbon electric generator, smart vortex sensing, Wind Amplified Rotor Platform (WARP), WarpTM wind dam, aeolists, aeolian harps, flute, whistle, rotor frequency, fuel cell, hydrogen, windturbine, wind amplifier module, ribbon-piezoelectric crystal, vibrating reed, frequency of vibrating reed, modulus of elasticity, Allister Furey, computer controlled kite, computer controlled kite system, biologically inspired control, tethered airfoil, tethered airfoils, tethered airfoil systems, flexible heterogeneous arc shaped airfoils, kite modeling, kite modelling, kite design, kite designing, kite design software, asymmetry, asymmetrical kite, military kites, death kites, destructive kites, war kites, offense kites, offensive kites, figure 8, measures, measures of kite-element efficiency, efficiency, air traffic, jet stream, kite ladder, Generalized Tethered Object Simulation System, Culp, elevator, elevator ribbon, flotsam, lemniscate, truss, trusses, altitude, dynamic pressure, controllable kite, man-carrying kite, Alexander Mozhaiski, vorticity, cable mechanics, credibility, kite physics, kite line dynamics, kite aerodynamics, towing kite, tug, tug kite, SkySails System, WINTECC project, wind propulsion, auxiliary propulsion technology, hybrid propulsion system, SkyFuel, kite pump, kite water pump, KiteSailTM , kite control engineer, adaptive neural network controllers, lying-eight figures, Vestas Wind Systems, modern energy, Paul E. Garber, PAIR, USPTO, VirtualWiki, kite energy opportunities, merry-go-round generator, intermittent, phase-change technology, phase change, PID controller, proportional–integral–derivative controller, lever, leverage, kite energy conference, Nicopress, arresting gear, aircraft cable, wind energy harvesting effect on weather, windward, prevailing wind, wire rope, renewable energy, SailRocket, Charles F. Brush, Poul La Cour, gust smoothing, gustiness, energy management, flywheel, flywheel energy storage, flywheel battery, linkage, four-bar linkage, linkages, kinematics, statics, fatigue, structural fatigue, leading edge, leading edge inflated, LEI, new energy, small-scale AWE, active control, self-tending mechanism, maintenance cost, pilot, human pilot, autopilot, robot pilot, trawling, furlable, furlable beam, furlable wing, furlable rotor, wind fuse, AutoKite, autodepower, blow-outs, microcontroller, wind shear, operational constraints, Kestrel (tm) Autopilot, microavionics, altimeter, attitude gyro, attitude, LIDAR, radar, radar reflective, night vision technology, space-based LIDAR, tether sensor, tether position sensor, shape sensing, fiber-optic shape sensing, tensionmetrics, tensiometry, kinetic-energy storage, knot, kilowatt, kilowatt-hour, kilowatt-hour per day, Joule, joule, erg, energy, upwind gust detection and profiling, surfkite, KitEye, wind energy doctrine, wind helicity, wind fields, spiral, spiraling, spiral airfoil, spiralairfoil, kite assassins, dancing with turbulence, vortical handedness, jitter, veering, swerve, veering wind, backing wind, relaxed stability, onboard instruments, wind power superhighway, coefficient, coefficient of lift, acceleration, lift pressure, fluid density, density, potentiometer, pulley, block and tackle, Reynolds number, carbon nanopaper, line mass, kite mass, LTD, aspect ratio, bob, bobbing, sheet, tell-tale, tuft, reefing, aeronautics, yaw string, slip string, air motor, wind engine, wind motor, air engine, wind-driven generator, signaling, co-axial, synchronous electric generator, retrieve, retrieval mode, power mode, bridle, bridling, rudder, shaft, flexfoil, FlexFoil, aerogel, nanofoam, spinnaker, tidal lagoon, tidal barrage, two-way Wells turbine, oscillating water column, Pelamis, marine renewables, assessment project, flipper-wings, clutch, pulse, pulsing, reflex, eddy, eddy-flap, centripetal force, centrifugal force, auto-sweep, peak kick, high amplitude pulsing, peak, cravats. blowout, collapse, big ears, tuck, kytooned, kytooning, Echo, blimp, distribution of energy, transportation of energy, bladder, asymmetric collapse, unidirectional, omnidirectional, bidirectional, cable suspended turbines, hydrokinentic, hydrokinetic power, hydrokinetic water-kite power, sinusoidal, sine wave, transverse axis, flight control surfaces, towerless wind energy, kite-energy finance, kite-energy investing, kite-energy business, kite-energy commerce, Briza Technologies, hovering wind turbine, kite-energy solution, lightning safe, Airdolphin (TM), winch-and-clutch mechanisms, winch, armature, wind out, AOA, angle of attack, chord, retract the kite, evolutionary robotics, environmental perturbations, viability limits, kite-control problem, kite-control solutions, adaptive controller, generation, retraction, side of wind window, zenith of wind window, flight space, trajectory of the kite, kite's spatial domain of activity, kite behavior, generation rate, charge rate, switch, switching, enactive switching, continuous time recurrent neural network (CTRNN), kite experiment, adaptive kite control, dither, dithering, gust direction, gust intensity, gust duration, flight path, flight-path optimization, spinning tether, kite initiative, spinning kite line, kited wind turbine, KWT, kite crawler, kite field, arch kite, kite arch, valley-held kite, cloud, clouds, tree, kite tree, flying kite tree, kite festival, kitefest, kite stack, stack, kite tree train, visibility, air traffic corridors, air traffic corridors, HeliTube, sprag clutch, HeliWind, kite carousel, deployed, redeployed, deflated, deploying, redeployment, redeploying, rig, rigging, stowing, fly about, park, barge, turbine barge, barrage balloon, barrage kytoon, turntable kite, Ladder Mill (var. LadderMill),  kite plants, ladder kites, single line ladder kite, loop ladder kite, rotating aerostat, rotating kytoon, operation altitude, operating altitude, rotorkite, RotorKite, conductive kite line, conductive tether, transmission efficiency, Vectran, force sensor, downtime, AEPnet = annual energy performance, AOE = annual operating expenses, ICC = increased cost of compliance, FCR = Fixed charge rate, cost of production, array of kite energy systems, Hadley cell, polar cell, clear air turbulence (CAT), negative effects of a kite plant, flipwing, soft wing mill, soft wingmill,  flutter engine, energy production, energy transmission, energy, energy harvesting system, energy storage, electrical power conditioning, energy management, energy absorption, energy conversion, wind excitations, vortex-induced vibration, flutter onset velocity, flutter instability, coupled flutter instability, flutter analysis, kite driven energy system, kite powered system, demonstrator, angle of attack change mechanism, kite stability control mechanism, potential power, Goela kite model, Goela spring mechanism, power zone, rapid airborne development (RAD), RAD, aero-generator, thin-film technology, energy control system, mini-controller, microcontroller, IEEE, Intel 8051 processor, embedded systems, Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC), membrane wingmills, panel wingmill, high energy density fuel, headsail, trimmer, traveler, tactician, knots apparent, up wash, sail twist, tethered turbine, wingmill vehicle, wingmill hydro, water wingmill, hydro wingmill, depth of field (DoF), degrees of freedom (DOF), Aerobie®, C-wing, shuntwing, kite tech, kite technology, kite science, kite collisions, kite crashes, tethered foil, kite anemometry, kite monitoring, extended kite monitoring, videogrammetry, active flight automation (robotic UAV tech), passive flight automation (classic single-line kite stability or multiple-line kite stability as in two-line arches, etc.), shunt, shunting, shunted, shuntWING, Sputnik, Universal Power Processor or UPPity or UPP, shuttle, shift, inviscid flow, viscosity, rheology, solid WingMill vs soft WingMill or single-surface wingmill, rag wingmill, C-kite wingmill, turbulated wingmill, fluttertape, flutter tape, tip tethering, KiteMesh, KiteMesh Arrays, KiteField, autonomous kite energy control, KiteField AirSpace, groundplanes, powerwing, power wing, workcells, work, work kite, working kite, working kite system, restricted airspace, axial flux generator, Ampyx Power, PowerPlane, flexible photovoltaic material for kites and kytoons, iQuad team, SkyWindPower, exurb, trad, pattern, pattern stability, pattern instability, reel cycle, unreel cycle, reelOut, reel out, reeling out, scale, LifterKite, economy of scale, economies of scale, active control algorithm, algorithm, chaos, chaotic surge, capital, capital cost, capital-cost intensity, reeled in, reeled out, break, breakdown, breakdown cost, downtime costs, crosswind kiting, depower, depower ability, depower capabilities, automated system, automated kite system, semi-captive wingmill, dipping boom, rocking boom, rocker, tame surge, elastic lines, D lines, C lines, tethered aerodyne, A lines, B lines, PanshKite, Pansh kite (misspelling: Pansch), piezoelectric material, piezoelectricity, electric potential, NAS, national airspace system, UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle, AWE process terms, stress, tropospheric kite systems, stratospheric kite systems, ReelOutLength, ReelOutCommand, ReelOut, machine language, ReelIn, space cannon, kite-system cannon, supercapacitor, carbon nanotube, piezo-kite, solar-kite, piezo, piezoelectric kite fabric, DIY, COTS, nanogenerator, piezoelectric textile, electromagnetic transducers, microgenerator, wind tree, piezoelectric wind tree, WindTree®, kite curtain, KiteCurtain, FAA, FAA Regulations, FARs, NOTAM, proof-of-concept device, alternative energy, AWE issues, hazard, high altitude tethered surveillance balloons, Earth airspace regulations, EARs, open-source AWE, closed-source AWE, laissez-faire, kite power system, investment, interest, date, destination, field, TFR, TFRs, aviation integration issue, situational awareness, common situational awareness, awareness, EUROCONTROL, kite altitude, kiting cylinder (airspace use), AWE cylinder (airspace use), AWEcylinder, crosswind power, CrossWindPower, superkite, zipline, zipline loop, sprag, spragged ground generator, sweep, sweep actively, sweep passively, sweeping, stop, stops, foul, chaos tolerant, ratchet, Frank J. Sprague, crosswind ground tracks, ground tracks, loop, power kite repair, kite repair, ram-air kites, airspace violations, pushback, violations, push, pull, waiver, passive, passive control, passive controls, passive controllable, passively controllable, passive control sweep, Cross-Wind Power without active controls, active controls, Tyvek®, tacl. tacking, tacking speed, tack speed, crank, FlipWing video, sprag-based power collection, sprag recoil, sprag backlash, power stroke, power phase, power cycle, trim, trim inputs, trim effects, over-running clutch, shaft, drive shaft, driven shaft, power transfer, KiteZone, kite zone, zone, Open Platform KitePort, KitePort, KitePower, net-metered power generation, low altitude AWE acceptance, AWE acceptance, AWE credibility, AWE experimentation, AirborneWindEnergy, low altitude, aerostat, aerostat sties, skydiving drop zones, ballooning center, WindLease, wind leases, AWE research, AWE research center, scale-model AWE, FBO, fixed-base operator, open platform specification, SingleLineKite, single-line kite, SLK, wafting lever, WaftingLever, WEPEC, WindEnergyProducingExportingCountries, Wind Energy Producing and Exporting Courtiers, lapse rate, adiabatic lapse rate, temperature, temperature gradient, ballasted lever, tipping boom, dipping boom, kite pattern, KitePattern, PowerWing, port, starboard, tube wells, water table, water-from-air, water from air using kite systems, KiteWater, aquifer, groundwater, life-limit part, airworthiness of a kite system, weak link, WeakLink, intermittent wind energy, intermittent kite energy, small kite energy, nano kite energy, micro kite energy, toy-kite-scale kite energy, sport kite energy, single-use kite energy, grid-scale kite energy, emergency kite operation, smart kite, smart kite system, market share, freewheel clutch-\ kite generators, kite energy knowledge coordinator, kitegenerator, KiteGenerator, blimp turbine, kytoon turbine, Magnus-effect kytoon turbine, Magenn blimp turbine, Magenn Magnus-effect kytoon turbine, Geoff Goeggel, Grimshaw Aerogenerator, Clipper Windpower, vertical axis wind turbine, crankshaft, wind energy schemes, The International Energy Agency (IEA), IEA, niche AWE, tiny AWE, micro AWE, sport AWE, local AWE, small AWE, grid AWE, residential AWE, private AWE, commercial AWE, energy content of wind, low-altitude kite energy concepts, low-altitude AWE, high-altitude kite energy concepts, high-altitude AWE, aerostat-based AWE, aerostat-based generator, simple AWE, operations, maintenance, insurance, aeolic, eolic, FanBelt, fan, LoopTether, gearhead, gear, clutch needle bearings, spool, spooling, bike ratchet hub, crosswind tipping-boom geometry, crane, crane-boom model, crane boom, airborne wind energy conversion, ground-based electrical generation gear, complexity, technology, rugged technology, failure, thermal stresses, thermal, premature failure, simple, acceptance, RFP, Request For Proposal, HAE, Hydrogen-Assisted Economy, hydrogen, hydrogen economy, hydrogen-assisted economy, Kite-Power-generation conference, National Institute for Standardization of Technology, NIST, NIST/TIP program, hydrogen generation, hydrogen-generation systems, Wind Boundary Layer Attenuation, conventional wind-power systems, Exquadrum, Inc., hydrogen ship, H2 ship, kite hydrogen, hydrogen-generating kite system, kite-based wind-power systems, conventional kite-based energy systems, wind-magnitude, wind-magnitude variability, kite-system topology, wind direction, wind-direction variability, azimuth, wind azimuth, wind-azimuth variability, operational location, ocean-based wind power, ocean-based kite-power generation, wind power generation at sea, kite-based technology, hydrogen as conveyor of energy, electrolysis of water, high-pressure electrolysis of water, wind-power harvesting system, end-to-end efficiency, request for grant proposal, land-based wind power harvesting, land-based kite wind power harvesting, WindDam, WECS, Wind Energy Conversion System, lighter than air, lighter-than-air, LTA, wind energy plant, endless power-transmission cables, Text not availablepony motor, pony generator, KiteElectricity, crash grid, crashed grid, crashing grid, grid-synchronous alternative energy, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, kite sail, kite-sail, KiteSail, Nippi Corporation, air, true airspeed, charge, supersonic kiting, hypersonic kiting, kite power nomadism, Aerostat KitePower System (AKPS), Lighter-than-air KitePower System (LTAKPS), nomadic KitePower (NKP), Burning Man, Darin Selby, Whale's Tail Generator, flapping wing, flapping wing generator, earth's atmosphere (air), Char-volant, Charvolant, kite chariot, George Pocock, Aeropleustic Art, kite-electrified chariot, tethered aviation, DOTA, Department of Tethered Aviation, tethered hang glider, kite electrified car, kite-electrified bicycle, kite-electrified powered hang glider, trash kites, recycle kites, scrap kites, string tripod, string bipod, KiteCrane, lifting kite, kite placing, mainline, tagline, tripline, payload, turret, workcell, KiteEnergySystem, KES, wind lull, h/w, H/W, hardware, large-scale electricity production, kite-energy system labor, KESL, kite jargon, kite nomenclature, kite terms, kite glossary, do tank, kite-do tank, kite-think tank, nock, staysail, stay, WindSpinner, windspinner, dual-bladed windspinner, AWEsome Austin, leading-edge inflatable kite, dual-conductor tether, lightning safety circuit, compressor, dual-balloon energy harvester, lightning arrestor, helium, leak, conductive roller bearing, deployable tensegrity tower, planetary gear, Kenneth Snelson, synergetics, GAKES, generator-aloft kite-energy system, center of effort, yo-yo knot, larks head, larks-head knot, kite launching, spring-loaded device, pumping, pumping mill, low pressure system, high-pressure system, weather, PermaKytoon, lighter-than-air solid, LTAS, KiteFence, whifferdills, boundary-layer constrained devices, power content of wind or fluid flow, cube of wind velocity, wind-earth boundary layer effects, energy extraction, Space Solar Power (SSP), GEO, Stirling engine, wind capture, wind carousel, sail carousel, carousel, KiteGen carousel, wagon motion, carousel configuration, nonrigid airfoil, kite power demonstrator, KES demonstrator, TipB, TippingBoom, rocking arm, WPI rocking arm, WPI Kite Power Team, powerkitemakers, sailmaker, KiteWinder (tm), kitewinder, kite winder, line rake, KiteTool, kite tool, air rotor system, Lyapunov instabilities, teeter totter lever, fulcrum, mast, dynamic flight maneuvers, heel, heeling, recovery procedure, power converter mechanism, angle-of-attack-change mechanism, rotating-arm structure, dual ratcheting flywheel, freewheel, lever arm, rocking-arm structure, dynamic simulation, virtual simulation, scale-model replica, Magenn Power Air Rotor System (M.A.R.S), rowing machine mechanism, electronic system, formal hyperchaos, hyperchaos, attractors, rotary switch, radio signal, radio, fatal attractor, magnetic clutch, two-directional ratchet drive, double ratchet drive, pawl, two-stage oscillating swing pump (Darin Selby), pedal, state machine, servo, servo mechanism, mechanics, mechanisms, ratchet wheel, intermittent gearing, four-link mechanism, slider-crank mechanism, crank-rocker mechanism, inversion (of mechanism), driven linkage, degree, rigid body system, rigid, rigid-body system, kinematic constraints, translational motion, translations, lower pairs, planar mechanisms, tooth, toothed wheel, internal ratchet mechanism, compression pawl, tension pawl, reversible ratchet, double-action ratchet, toothless ratchet, silent ratchet, one-way freewheel clutch, slipper clutch (also known as a slider clutch or back-torque limiter), double freewheel, free hub, freehub, splined shaft, compact ratcheting system, bicycle parts, freewheel clutch, hub dynamo, hub, kite irrigation, firefighting kite, firefighting kiting, irrigation kiting, irrigation kite, water-moving kite system, water-pumping kite system, stream, streamline, streamlining, over-speeding, compressed air, hydristor, tubercles, spiral spring, eolic energy, Twind®, kitricity, superconductor, superconducted kitricity, superconductivity, power transmission, VLFFS, large kite, large kite launching  system, two-kite solutions, TKS, one-kite solutions, OKS, sky plug, SkyPlug, flip-flop hub, chainwheel, traction kite, perpetual towing, sequential tensioning and slacking, slackening, slack, tensioning, shape-shifting turbine, shape-shifting kite, meter, metering, tripodal tethered kite system, TTKS, tripod, string tripod,  tripodal, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), AMI, Morse Sled, Tube Sled, self-relaunching, Bullet sled, Loy Hooded kite, Swallowtail kite, Curved-spar sled, concave parabolic arch kite, American Sportsman's Keel Kite, Double ParaSled,  Fluted Sled, Flexible Pocket Kite, Todd Lind, ScrapKite, scrapkite, lifter kite, LineLifter, line lifting arch, switch grass, switchgrass, halyard pulley, halyard, soil anchor, kite soil anchor, soil-kite anchor, HotWing, circling-apex tripodal (CAT), baseload, baseload generation, wind baseload, solar baseload, AWE baseload, baseloadAWE, sea turbine, marine turbine, seaAWE, waterbatteryAWE, wbAWE, water-battery AWE, WaterBatteryAWE, bigAWE, smallAWE, localAWE, remoteAWE, distantAWE, REn, OCS, outer continental shelf, siting AWE, load center, electric industry, TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority, Empa, Tensairity Kite, spindle-shaped tensairity, kite driven string tripod, three-phase shaft power, land-use model, energy kite, energy kite system, EnergyKiteSystems.net, demand response, NASA, FOIA, performance, standardization, install, installation, political analysis, PermaLifter, loop methods, PermaLiftedUpDownLoop, LiftedTorsionFanBelt, doldrums, trough, skywires, zip-line trolley, kitey, towline conveyors, aerial logging, balloon logging, cable yarding systems, cableways, water from air for hydrogen production aloft, control pod, transmitting AWE to market, tethered tensile wings, tensile wings, kite wind generator, KWG, flexible-wing wind generators, home power generation, home AWE, Hovering Wind Turbine Technology, HWTs, Patent Cooperation Treaty, hydraulic accumulator, water battery, airborne wind solutions, RE<C, Renewable Energy less than Coal, SkySerpent, sky serpent, AWES scope, scope of an AWES, kite separation, wind-speed advantage, sweet zone, wind-speed advantage, AWE competence,  altitude sweet spot, MacCready Ring, intellectual property, IP, patent pool, fishing rigging, descent, ascent, GenFen, FenGen, fence generator, generator fence, FenceGen, GenFence, tree generator, TreeGen, TreeGenerator, economic efficiency, hot tethered foil, Tripod-Tether (kite), TT,  best practice AWE, standard AWE solution, anomaly, tendon kiting, tendon tether, Budapest kite, Buda kite, Buda Jewish kite, passive-control AWE, avionics, De Prony brake, torque transmission by string, sand anchor, earth anchor, looping wing, kinetic-energy kite, Ronstan Pulleys, working load, capacity factor, Stem, kitemare, sticky kites, tensegrity beam, tensegrity tower beam, tensairty beam, bulk electricity, lightning mitigation, drop line, drop driving line, TensionTowers, tension towers, small wind, NABX, Buggy Town, landkite, land kite, fast kiting, KSU, traction phase, passive phase,  hydrokinetic resource, avian protection plan, wind power map, wind power potential, meteorological model, studied location, topography, Isentropic Energy Converter, hydro storage, pumped hydro storage, pumped storage, PHES, pumped heat electricity storage, KLDenergy, variable area wind turbine, tri-reel, tri-reeling, electrical generating components, laddermill energy, aeolic tower, mobile demonstrator,   mobile AWE demonstrator, energy return, wind river, wind flow band, nominal power, WOW Srl, Wind Operations Worldwide S.r.l., appreciable efficiency, kitemobile, kite-mobile, Dutch-roll power cycle, Passive Dutch-roll power cycle, kitebar, fly-and-forget, blimpy, looping kite, looping kite's tethers, lifter tether, lifter's tether, lifter kite's tether, elastic tether, elastic tail tether, Selby See-Saw, wind catenary, gravity catenary, gravity, equilateral triangle, splice loop, splice, Xerces Blue, electronic speed controller, MOSFET,     metal oxide semiconducting field effect transistor, temperature monitoring, electromagnetic induction, heave, heaving, sway, swaying, rock, rocking, harmonic systems, Martin Bondestam, Harm van Veen, kiteflying, astable, polystable, windfield, windfield data, industrial windpower, industrial AWE, wind wealth, wind-created wealth, kite-station siting, aeroinertial, unistable, bistable, complex harmonics, hyperchaos, royalty, royalties, Lissajous patterns, Lissajous figures, escapes, dousings, drogue, accident, kite killer, kite killer lines, kite killer system, kite killer RC system, kite killer RC system, KK, KKs, KKS (kite kill system), Jordan Air Kites, SpragGen, 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Amick, TWT, base station, base shelter, bird kills, bat kills, lightning damage, "lighter-than-water, tethered, sea-current turbine generator" , LTW, lighter-than-water, LTW, lighter-than-water, active collection area, CNC machine, generator cooling system, collective pitch control, Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment, Rotachute, Focke-Achgelis Fa-330, pectoral fin, KLD, NeueTM, diode rectified, tree-energy application, guyline, guy, swaying tree, elastic return, aero-inertial dampener network, common shaft, freewheel ratchets, small dynamos, Autorotor, genny, helix, helical pitch, downwind travel rate, Selsam, standing rigging, running rigging, tether physics, winch physics, reel physics,  winching physics, reeling physics, salvaged thin-wall PVC, Dennis Noonan, aerialwind power generation, Serpentine wind turbine, wind shadow, downwind design, resonant vibrations, slip ring, upwind design, self-starting, spinning tower, hollow generator shaft, coaxially, buoyant lifting body, Variable Traction Kite System, dirty wind, dirty-wind AWE, reel-gen, reel-gen based AWE, variable parachute, variable drogue, Magnus-effect kytoon, Magnus-effect dirigible kytoon, HAWP, High Altitude Wind Power, dzs, drop zone, dz, AWE experimental centers, multiple kites on multiple lines, foldable kite, LongLoopLadderMill, KitVes, cyclic two-phase wings array manoeuvre, Cousteau TurboSail, TurboSail, alterno-motors, wrapping drum, Alcyone, servosystem, production phase, P area, Prohibited area, steering unit, lightning risk, airfoil-based solution, mobilegen, undercorrection, overcorrection, nonAWE WECS, wind vane, vane, lateral area distribution, lateral area distribution effect, wind vane effect, gyroscope, hydroChutes, AWT, AWE scales, AWECS scales, utility-scale AWE, commercial-scale AWE, residential-scale AWE, nomadic-scale AWE, sport-scale AWE, toy-scale AWE, miniature-scale AWE, or micro-scale AWE, eolian power plants, Kite Gen Research, SeTAC, Triaxial Acceleration Computer, Rotokite, bonding cables,  Aviation Safety Reporting System, ASRS, Airborne Wind Energy Network, AWEN, AWErep, Harnessing High Altitude Wind Power, recreationalAWE, recreationalAWECS, recreational AWE, recreational AWECS, coordinated research. safety-critical standards, targeted investment, strake, chine, stability mechanisms, progressive stability mechanisms, bouquets of kites, high altitude wind capture industry, OrthoBunchKite, FERC, Federal Electricity Regulatory Commission, variDrogue, variDrogue driven counterweighted boom, reelgen, reelGen, warp, warp end, weft, LEDs, light-emitting diode, AWEIA, Airborne Wind Energy Industry Association, KiteLab Group,  KiteLab, sky-high turbines, kiteyness, non-kiteyness, wind as distributed power bus, controlled power lifting, ratchet engine, TDC, top dead center, tethered airfoil wind energy conversion system, airborne wind-capture devices, Hawaiian kites, Tedlar, Mylar, floating balloon wind generator, high altitude wind power industry, high altitude wind energy industry, LAAWE,  American wind energy industry, China airborne wind energy industry, China wind energy industry, empirical design approach, OTT, orbital track turbine, CAES,   compressed-air energy storage,  cooperative IP, collective R&D, FAA IFR certification, AWE as tower, AWE beating the HAWT, drumGen, windpower utilization, Global Wind Energy Council, GWEC, net-energy-cost reports, test center, AWE-lympics, AWE utility arch, utility arch, halyard experiments, kite playing, smallAWECS, self-inflating kytoon, endorsement of concept, KiteLab Group cooperative IP disclosure, TEWP, terrain enabled wind power, induction generator, ACWT, alternation current wind turbine, arrays of automatically controlled tethered airfoils (kites), aerogenerating towers, control software, control programming, actuation unit, onboard sensors, ground sensors,  KG yoyo, KG-yoyo, kite collision, aerodynamic interference, upwind kite, downwind kite, power density, lying eight, EU-AWECS, EU-TEWP, ever-up AWECS, ever-up TEWP, self-start, technical progress reports, on-landAWE, on-land AWE, on-land AWECS, off-shoreAWE, off-shore AWE, off-shore AWECS, Darrieus wind turbine, energy portfolio, micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (Mems and Nems), hydroTurbine, hydro turbine, hydro-turbines, production verification, third-party confirmation, standardized testing, standardized reporting, net metering, ESE-AWECS, energy-storage enhanced AWECS, ARPA-E, genset, airborne tensioned tethers, COTS AWE, cotsAWE, TTAWE or trashTechAWE, string A-frame, triTether, low mass & soft, UFO kite, Ultimate Flying Object, quad sticks, Hot Wing foil, arch/lattice halyards/haul line loops, spread fair-lead, twist-up, energy experiments, minimalist surf-zone energy experiments, tether hook,  AWE tech, AWE technology, loop frequency, tether frequency, hook, hooks into, demo, demoing, kite pro, kite professional, AWE technician,  AWE technologist, AWE engineer, AWE developer, 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methods, ZapKites, KITESA, KiteSA, AWE irrigation system, kite-pump, pilot site, easy market take-off,  Whale power, Whale Flipper Rotor, shaped lines, roller-furler, spilling wind, French reefing, Cody man-lifter, quiver of kites, storing kites slows the wear clock, drag profile, drag range, kite variability,  furling speed, gas springs, extraction potential, loop of kiteplanes, cam, SkyMill Energy, waterAWE, agriculturalAWE, agriAWE, hydroAWE, continuous blade, windfield turbulence, alula, alulas, forewing, turbulation, installers, trainers, dealers, scalable solution, working group, committee, renewable energy resellers, renewable energy retailers, renewable energy brokers, airborne wind energy innovation, early stage production, prospective production partner, marketing AWE, dedicated marketer, EverUpAWE, EverUP AWECS, commercial success for AWECS, vaporware, marketing promise, technical promise, AWE theory, seeding a KiteLab, cargo chute, Giromill, H-bar, saggy, seedAWE, nationAWE, nation-scale AWE, drogue train,  NPW, NASA para wing, tail lift, tail drag, tail orientation effect, drogue force, public acceptance, public acceptance of AWE, public awareness of AWE, kite crazy, tako kichi, volcano AWE, OEM, supply chain, camber reversing, rotation reversing, camber, floppy rotors, Big Wind, Renewistan, kite turbine technology, synoptic wind patterns, CyberKite, USWindLabs, SpiralAirfoil, Kite Wind Generator®, geostrophic wind, gradient wind, HAWEC, EnerKite, IPR, patentee, earthing system, THAWT, TVAWT, tethered horizontal axis turbine, tethered vertical axis wind turbine, kite-based systems, tenon, yaw drives, upwind designs, tail furling, aerostat wind turbine, AWT, airborne wind turbine, TAWT, tethered airborne wind turbine, tethered aerostat wind turbine, over-speed protection, over speed, overspeed, OSP, TWECS, EUAS-TWECS, joint venture, JV, synchronous inverter, bait-ferry, terawatt, tethered balloon system, TBS, taxi method, SLK, single-line kite, Wide-chord wing tethers (WCWT), COOIP, blowcarting, line tree, ROI, R.O.I., return on investment, force transmission point, tow point, dynamic sea-state compensation, PLC, programmable logic controller, ship sensors, SAM, SkySails Arrangement Module, self-suspending, wind turbine design, wide face energy converter device, Superturbine ®, maelstrom, manometer, PMA, permanent magnet alternator, cut-in speed, string variloop, variloop, ram pressure wing, aerofabríx®, Aeolicarus Project, ElectroTether, take-up reel, slack loop, grid-intertie version, battery-charging version, self-furling, self-erecting windmill, Andreau "depression" system, Prusik knot, Gauss rating, Neodymium magnets, ascender, drawing, drawing a cable, wind wheels, energykite, HAWG, high altitude wind generation, HAWPA, High Altitude Wind Power Association, hyperconductor, airborne electricity generator, memorandum of understanding, MOU, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, kaizen, BEAN, STALK, free rotor, Colin Jack, Colin Bruce, Colin Bruce Jack, tidemill, aerial mill, hydromill, Strouhal oscillation, Strouhal number, fluent media, Froude number, twist, untwist, otterboard, Coriolis effect, Coriolis force, UltraWing™, UltraKite, KitePilotSchool, Kite Pilot School, Ultra _™, LCOE, Jong Chul Kim, HTE, high temperature electrolysis, thermoelectrolysis, wind port, windPort, windport, airborne conveyor system, airborne kite-based technology, sheetability, HOBS, helicopter launch method, aerotow AWECS launch method, Hellman exponent, FairIP, KiteBot, kitebots, KiteBot.org,


NOT YET IN GLOSSARY: , experimental vs. simulation, kite collision, KG-farm, KSU1, Politecnico di Torino , KG-yoyo configuration, , low reliability, high reliability, popular press, , turbulent shear, convection cells, fast wind, proper aircraft design, worst case, high frequency noise, high amplitude, surface layer turbulence, short-line kite control, driver, follower, self-sufficient energy consciousness, bicycle parts: cogset, cassette, block, cluster, cogs, chain-gear cogs, contemporaneous sidewalls, bottle dynamo, sidewalk dynamo, bottom bracket dynamo, kite-irrigation pumps, kite rescue, rescue kite, rescue kiting, transport kite, transport kiting, kite craning, kite crane, craning kite system, high-temperature kite line, floating kite line, piano-wire kite line, carbon nanotube kite line, FFkite, LoopWing Turbine, loop wing, loop wing turbine, kite noise, line vibration, start speed, landyachting, land yachting, kite buggying, FFKS, firefighting kite system, autonomous robot kite towing, green ship propulsion, rope end, flake, stow, stowing, generator manufacturing, BioSquat, wind-up-motors, technical kiting, two-way BMX mount hub, multi freewheels, common shaft, double freewheel solution, flying windfarm, AWE windfarm, KES windfarm, EKS windfarm, kite windfarm, dual-ratcheting leverage device, involute, nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, copper cable, power industry, transmission lines, backup, wind power backup, erratic wind, swag, tautness, install, proof-of-concept, demo, butt kite, kite sail power, co-venture, kite capital, kite-assisted photograph, kite aerial photography, KAP, spinnaker replacement traction kites, tethered flight innovation,  kite talk, veer, haul out, program, veering procedure, tensile force variations, braking phase, tensile cart, steering command, alternation frequency, rotary decoupling mechanism, swivel, rotary bearing, untwisting device, wind-engaging member, constant energy, load balancing, temporary storage, reservoir, flywheel, capacitor, battery, raised mass, pumping water, hoisting, hoisted mass, veering out and hauling in, load cable, specific application, form of energy, investment volume, upright figure of eight, offshore wind-energy plant, offshore AWE plant (OSAWEP), energy network, stationary energy network, skyhook, aerial support body, support body, lifter kite, lifter kytoon, wind-driven elements, angular orientation, serpentine wind turbine, buoyant wing, turbined battened flipper wing, stable self-sustaining battened-membrane wing-mill  M148 , kite-generator evolution, spring motor, ballasted boom, ballasted tipping boom, battened wing-mill, power plants (natural), power plants (artificial), artificial tree, leaves as kites, hung wafting generator, fence generator, open-close sail, reciprocating natural forces, yaw drive, pitch drive, brake, braking, converting HAWT generator industry's focus to AWE gear, ballistic kite, ballistic launch, ballistically launched kite, heli-bucket, bow-launched kite, popping kites, packing ballistic kites, stand-off (distance of mooring from kite projection point), airborne freed-mooring free-flight UAV kite system, kite-delivered goods, turbulent wind field, kite safety gear, AWE safety gear, kite-energy safety gear, KES safety gear, EKS safety gear, hangar, kite hangar, KES hangar, EKS hangar, AWE hangar, gen, standard two-way freewheel solution, double-sided hub, circular tracks, oval tracks, segment tracks, tracks orthogonal to wind, 'round-and-'round motion, bicycle wheel, Flip-Flop crank gear, constant-velocity transmission, transmission, smart kites, smart wind turbines, intelligent kite systems, intelligent AWE, accelerometers, actuators, monitoring forces, monitoring position, cogwheels, noise pollution, damping system, gearboxes, noise abatement, active damping system, noise canceling, long wave propagation, demand response (DR), smart grid, toyAWE, sportAWE, residentialAWE, commercialAWE, avionics, failure analysis, mechatronic engineer, failure mode analysis, communication redundancy, brownout protection, safety protocols, flight testing, composites, composite fabrication, site selection, feasibility analysis, policy impacts, data analysis and interpretation, project design, airspace clearance, airspace permits, kited zip line, zip line kite lifter, tethered unmanned aerial vehicle, TUAV, TUAVAWE, tethered unmanned aerial vehicle airborne wind energy, manned aerial vehicle, MAV, TMAVE, tethered manned aerial vehicle, TMAVEAWE, tethered manned aerial vehicle airborne wind energy, servo drive, servo actuator, sensors
triaxial acceleration computer, two wire steering, tandem assembly, CNC computerized numerical control, PID,  FUZZY ...new method modeling kite in airspace, DoF degrees of freedom, RES power plant Renewable energy source power plant, EHV grid extra high voltage grid, kite-based power harvesting, farm of kites, kite farm, waterChute, waterDrogue, turrets
AWE turrets
viscous damping
cros-wind see-saw
lossey damping
viscous bearing
viscous vane
viscous pool
viscous damper
floating AWE turret
sea-based turret
land-based turret
AWE-ready tricks
windbook@gmail.com Wind energy: fundamentals, resource analysis and economics, Volume 1 By Sathyajith Mathew

Self-erecting windmill Peter R. Payne et al

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A qualitative aeroelastic frequency spectrum:
Representative events along the spectrum: a fly-over, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, high-tension power-line, bird, butterfly,
bumble-bee, mosquito

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