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... being built since January 7, 2009.
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  • C-bar    At WW.    Short for control-bar system.     See related TCF.
  • cabane
  • cabane strut
  • cable
  • cable fairing in fluid dynamic currents            Ref55   
  • cable, inspection
  • cable mechanics
  • cable-suspended resonant wind engine
  • cable suspended turbines
  • cable travelers, cableway travelers
  • cabled turbines
  • cable waves
  • cableway load-motion        AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/11225
  • cableway power transmission
  • cableways
    • polygonal cableway (approximates circular cableway)

"Joby & Makani's flygen concepts require camber or rotation reversing for high turbine efficiency as they do both thrust & power extraction without reversing airflow.

Sky WindPower's concept won't have to camber or rotation reverse, merely change from generation to motoring blade pitch setting (from neg to pos pitch), as its turbines reverse airflow.     ds "  M495

Aerobatic foils are often symmetrical (zero camber) & the ~15% efficiency hit sounds about right for either side of zero AoA, but sport aerobatics is not very efficiency driven. In marginal conditions a high-lift high-camber foil (ie. flaps) can make the difference between crashing or not.

Efficiency must not be thrown away without a fight. The fish fins I study reverse camber by simple mechanisms. Hummingbird & insect wings are also good at reversing camber. AWE turbine designs have already adopted variable pitch as a necessary expedient & efficiency booster. Reversible camber can be integrated with variable pitch for even more gain. One way is to simply "tack" the foil LE across the flow & reverse rotation between motor & gen mode.

Sky WindPower, Makani Power, Joby Energy, etc. all face these turbine trade-off issues, as they intend to motor up to altitude & loiter in calm. The HAWP winners will tend to be the most efficient in every key economic, physics, & engineering dimension.      ~  daveS


  • camlock, cam lock,   
  • canard
  • canard kite       Art1       wiki
  • candlesticking        chute wrapping around spinning troubled paraglider wing and tethers. Some pilot may carry a second rescue chute for use after candlesticking of the first chute occurs.     In kite energy candlesticking of branched kites in kite trees may occur.
  • cannon, cannons in AWES ?      AWES5277
  • canopy
    • solid canopy
    • slotted canopy
    • slits in canopies
    • holes in canopies
    • porosity of canopies
    • fabric canopy
    • single-lobe canopy
    • double-lobe canopy
    • triple-lobe canopy
    • multi-lobe canopy
    • canopies are used in the wing par of these kite systems: parachutes, gliding parachutes, paragliders, powered kites, powered paragliders,
    • canopies with leading-edge enhancements (D-tube, inflated tubes, inflated station tori, triangles, circles, ram-air inflated chambers, ...)
    • canopies with controllable trailing-edge flaps
    • battens in canopies
    • canopy shaped by ribs
    • canopy shaped by sewn parts
    • Paragliding Disaster Events - Part II
    • Disaster !! Bad Collapse Handling
    • cometclones.com  
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • canopy flyer, canopy pilot, canopy rider, canopy kite, canopy hang glider, canopy paraglider,
  • canopy lines
  • canopy reefing cutters
  • canyon suck
  • canyon winds
  • caoutchouc    "I claim-- 1. The combination, with the caoutchouc torsion-spring motor f and the hook h, the shank of which forms a aft for the propeller screw and passes through the part b of the frame, of the loose perforated glass or porcelain ball or bead n and the loose washers o o, to forma friction-bearing for said shaft, substantially as for the purpose described."     
    See FLPHGmsg 29118
  • capacitor
  • capacity factor      wiki 
  • capacity factor analysis
  • capital
  • capital cost
  • capital-cost intensity  ("upfront price v. mean-energy over time" DS)
  • capstan              GeneralImages
  • captivate
  • captivating
  • captivating stay          Tether to couple with the kite's wing or anchor.
  • captive aëroplane   is a kite       http://books.google.com/books?id=1TBHAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA59&img=1&zoom=3&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U1GeOP90NoYVImARDd0jveTmAch4g&ci=117%2C307%2C724%2C99&edge=0
  • captivating stay             Kling
  • captive wings
    • captive kytoons
    • captive inflated LTA objects
  • captive autogiro     Rotor-Flyer   autogiro kite    girokite
  • capture area       swept area      Note: Distinguish between the area swept and the rate at which that area is swept (areal velocity).    
  • capture lines
  • capture rope     (rope that holds a balloon or kite; tether; ___etc.)
  • carabiner                |  wiki/Carabiner
  • Carbo-kite   http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/AirborneWindEnergy/message/5814      
  • carbonated wing          wing with carbon in it
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS), alternatively referred to as Carbon capture and sequestrationl    wiki
  • carbon fiber
  • carbon nanotube (single-walled, double-walled)
  • carbon nanopaper       GenRef
  • car                             holder of pilot and landing gear
  • cargo chute          images
  • http://carnegiescience.edu/   |      |     |  
    • ciw.edu  redirects to http://carnegiescience.edu/
    • Chris Field
    • 2011 December discussion panel. Exclusion challenge; appeal on Dec. 15, 2011.
    • understand the value of basic, boundary-free research and investigation.
    • v
    • v
    • v


  • carrier kite          [Cody man-lifting kite system: pilot kite, lifter kites, and carrier kite, and basket ]
  • Carrot™  by http://www.wainmanhawaii.com/ 
  • cascade         as in "line cascade"   for bridle set that has lines bifurcating to capture the wing at more more point.
  • cascade launch of an arched kite train
  • CAS   calibrated airspeed     wiki
  • cat toy      Kite systems may be configured and operated to amuse cats.   My cat likes to catch and mangle kite tails coming close to it. At times the kite is fully stopped by cat-inflicted damages. The cat killed the kite!
  • CAT  clear air turbulence
  • CATS computational analysis of technical systems
  • CAT computer-aided translation, computer-assisted translation
  • CATS Computer Assisted Testing Service
  • CATS   Cycles Analysis & Timeseries Software called CATS  

  • Catalyst    Journal of yacht research.      
    • January 2005: OutLeader™ Kites by Dave Culp of KiteShip Inc.      AAPT tries out its new kite-spinnaker
    • "spinnaker replacement kites"
  • CAT   clear air turbulence
  • CAT circling-apex tripodal
  • catenary
  • "cathedrals" made of arched string and rag vaults and domes        AWES6749

  • cavex
  • Cavex (tm)
  • cavex, cavexion, cavexor, cavexors, cavexing [Faust neo-offer]
    One of several uses of cavexity is in shape-keeping of kytoons during bladder-pressure changes.  As expandable cavexor is expanded by ram-air of bladder, a generator may be fix inline on the cavexor; this is a mechanism yet to be explored well.
  • cavexing
  • cavexion
  • cavexity  ("tensional capture of two or more points of a surface or manifold in any dimension"  Joe Faust )
  • cavexor (tension member of a cavexity arrangement; these may be simple or complex structures)
  • cavexors (In a structure, there may be any number of cavexors from the empty scene of count zero to n cavexors, countable; there are also cases of uncountable infinite cavexors)


Cerfs-volants militaires...


Jacques-Théodore Saconney (Général.)


Berger-Levrault, 1909


94 pages

    • VV
    • VV
    • V

  • CEPGI   Clean Energy Patent Growth Index       AirborneWindEnergy/message/8874
  • CFD    computational fluid dynamics       GeneralLink       wiki 
  • CFRP   Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer      wiki
  • chamber, champers      FirstNote   
  • chain
    • kite chain          See trains or kite trains
  • chandlery    Note: Be ready for use in several sectors, not just candles.
    • Boat chandlery  "Our boat chandlery section include essential marine equipment that your boat can’t go without"
    • Kite-system chandlery   ... the place where bling and things that makes kiting exciting, easier, and interesting is stored and sold.  A place where there are things that give "light" and lightness to kite systems!
    • a room or place where things are sold.  "An operation (usually, a business) which provides supplies."
    • wiki
  • changing tautness, cyclically spaced pulses charge
  • channel wing         Willard Custard patent   |   vid1  | 

  • chaos, hyperchaos
    • chaos theory             wiki  
    • chaos-tolerant energy-transmission
    • chaotic surge
    • fluttering wing WEC
    • metachrony for phased power    ~KiteLab, Ilwaco.
    • chaotic maps
    • v


  • Chapman
  • charge
  • charge rate
  • charge controllers
  • charging current
  • charging controllers
  • Charles Sotich        KitesAndCharlesSotich       Master Miniature Kite Maker
  • Charlie Brown and his hite
  • Char-volant, charvolant           See works of George Pocock   ...early AWECS
  • Chase Honaker
  • chasing kites     that have been released for any of many causes.        
    • Are the fugitive or released wings visible to the eye, to scanning instruments?
    • Do the fugitive kite wings have identification on them?
    • What are the hazards of chasing fugitive wings?
    • Are there devices on the wings to control the release of tethers or to control the glide path of the kite wings?
    • What are the hazards of fugitive kite wings to people, animals, ground traffic, property, and other aircraft?
    • kite-chasing skills?    Estimating the glide path of the fugitive kite system? Staying aware of hazards during the kite chasing.
    • [  "Lootera" chased and fetched over 2000 kite wings]
  • cheater bar  
  • check-line         In year 1869 patent
  • checkout, ground checkout        
  • check valve, one-way check valve
  • chicken loop    | StylesNotes |   Kite Safety Feature  |      |
  • circling-apex tripodal (CAT)
  • C-kite   "The flipwing is a tamed C-kite, (not a flutter-tape) semi-captive & high-sweep, with flat geometry of a bow, but single skin, less embodied structure for more LIFT."  Dave Santos
  • China wind energy industry
  • China airborne wind energy industry
    • Zhang
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • chine
  • Chladni patterns
  • chord      wiki  
    • mean aerodynamic chord
    • local chord, chord at a station
    • tip chord
    • standard mean chord
  • CHP  :   Cogeneration (also combined heat and power, CHP)           wiki/Cogeneration
  • Christopher Carlin
  • CI  Cordage Institute        http://www.ropecord.com/new/publications.php
  • circle
  • circular cableway ::  polygonal cableway (approximates circular cableway)
  • circularly arched planes           Spratt (1918)
  • circulation control wing (CCW)        Could this be a binary control method for changing the direction of a kite; use some blown air to change the aerodynamics of one side of the wing?   See also Willard Custard Channel Wing; channelwing.
  • circling radius for a kite system's wing that is flying circles
  • cinch bag
  • civilization-scale power-generation technology  (CSPGT)
    AWET is a CSPGT.
  • CKC  
  • C-kite WingMill
  • CL    coefficient of lift,   wiki/Lift_coefficient\
  • ===================
  • Claes     Our folder: http://www.energykitesystems.net/JanClaes/index.html
  • ===================
  • classic kite, classic kites,
  • clear air turbulence (CAT)      wiki
  • Clément Ader     wiki    Pioneers/ClementAderEolePatent.jpg
  • C lines       video1 
  • climate change mitigation by aviation means
  • Clipper WindPower
  • clockwork
  • cloth
  • cloth rupture
  • cloud  clouds
  • cloud flying, cloud-flying rules
  • closed-source AWE
  • Cluster
  • clutch             Types   
  • clutch needle bearings
  • CMS      content management system
  • CNC machine
  • COA    Certificate of authorization or waiver
  • coaching, kite coach, kite-coaching days,
  • Coanda effect       wiki
  • co-axial, coaxially,  zzzzz
  • cob of line
  • Cody   | Samuel Franklin Cody  |
  • Cody man-lifter         CodySite1
  • COE  cost of energy.   Also examine LCOE for levelized cost of energy.       Just what parameters are costed? Ignoring some costs occurs regularly.    Who is to decommission a project? Who is to pay for the costs of medical care and social care for the people who are reduced by the pollution of some energy  processes?
  • coefficient
  • coefficient of drag    wiki for drag coefficient
  • coefficient of lift       wiki for lift coefficient 
  • coefficient of performance
  • cogging or cogging torque           See: Generator Glossary
  • coils
  • Colditz Cock      wiki       See video of representation for a movie.
  • collapse
    • collapse of canopy wing as a safety mechanism
    • collapse recovery
    • collapse from surge
    • collapse from speed
    • collapse from windfield helicities
    • collapse from structure failure
    • collapse-resistance strategies
    • symmetric collapse
    • asymmetric collapse
    • partial collapse
    • complete collapse
  • collapse lines      These are lines that initiate various sorts of collapse of kite system. Collapse lines need not be kite-kill lines; though kite-kill lines may be a type of collapse lines.   In testing gliding-kites of the soft-canopy sort as used in paragliding, collapse lines may be in addition to regular wing-shape former, wing-shape-control lines for regular flight purposes. Collapse lines may be used in SIV work, wing-test work, etc. in order to test how the system's wing set recovers from induced collapses of various sorts.
  • collective pitch control     E.g. in a kite train: vary the pitch of all elements to form a cyclic tug variation for pumping or cranking at the ground for energy generation.  Consider also the variable pitch that occurs in flip kites that gives cyclic tension changes that can be mined at the ground. Huge metakites can use pitch variation to achieve tension changes in kite lines for generating energy on the ground.
  • collective ground generation
    • ds: from AWES units bring lines to central legacy generators. Collect the working lines of separate working units.
    • collective ground generation
    • v
  • collective R&D
  • collision avoidance (CA)
    • sensors and communications (and redundancy) for CA
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • Colossal carbon tube      wiki 

  • Colver, Frank        Colver Sailwing  aka:  Colver Skysail http://tinyurl.com/inEKShghFrankColver     
    CSS member      USHPA #7         Photographed in the classic PhotoFly photograph of Low & Slow No.12, centerfold. 
  • Colver Variometer    
    ... made by Frank Colver and used some in early modern hang gliding renaissance. Frank Colver still has one; he showed the instrument at Torrey Pines Gliderport on April 2, 2011, when he also showed his 20' Eipper FlexiFloater.   "I brought the only Colver Variometer that I still own, to set on the table for historical display. The only HG I still have is my 20' Eipper FlexiFloater and I set it up for display. It got a lot of attention because it was the largest "standard" Rogallo in the Eipper product lineup and not very many were built. Even though I had flown that glider a lot, it is still in very good condition and several people took little hops down the grassy hill there. One guy, who was there, said he probably built my glider when he was at Eipper."  "it was the first aircraft instrument ever to be designed and produced exclusively for hang gliders. In watching the DVD I would spot one of them every once in awhile on a glider in the scene. Over the years about 5,000 of them were sold."

  • combined kites    "How to Make Combined Kites"

·         commercialization criteria    
What is involved to get AWECS commercialized?

  • commercial-scale AWE    
    Other sectors of AWE scale: utility-scale AWE, commercial-scale AWE, residential-scale AWE, nomadic-scale AWE, sport-scale AWE, toy-scale AWE, miniature-scale AWE, or micro-scale AWE
  • commercial success for AWECS

    Customers are satisfied. AWECS company is profitable. Earth is better for the exchange.
  • committee       AWEIA has committees dedicated to accomplishing specific industry tasks.
  • common shaft
  • common situational awareness
  • communications relay
  • Community-scale AWES, community-scale wind power projects,       
  • compact ratcheting system
  • comparative cost of energy   CCOE     CCoE
  • comparison      Compare AWECS among themselves. Compare instances of a given method.  Compare AWECS with conventional towered turbines.
  • compass
  • compass     at KiteGen   compasso
  • complex harmonics  
  • complexity
  • composite oscillators
  • compressed air
  • compressed-air energy storage    CAES
  • compression
  • compression pawl
  • compressor
  • computer controlled kite   CCK, CCKs
  • computer controlled kite system    CCKS,   CCAWE,  CCAWECS,
  • comp wing      competition wing
  • concave
  • concave parabolic arch kite    U.S. Patent 4,018,408
  • concept space
    • AWE concept space
    • Kite-energy concept space
  • conductive roller bearing      Ref1  
  • conductive tether, conductive kite line   M474 
  • conductor
  • cone
  • coned rotor, coning rotor,
  • coning      
    the thrust-bending force that acts on propellers is called coning"  | "the hinged blades bend very slightly, forming a shallow cone"  |  "The flexible blades and the principle of active coning allow the blades to deflect with the wind to such an extent that"   |  "blade coning"  |  "the swept area of the coned rotor is slightly larger than that of"  |  " "
  • coning angle   "On heavy blades the coning angle may be only 1 to 2 degrees, says British aerodynamicist Andrew Garrad"  |        preconing, precone angle, preconed hub,    |  
    "The upward flexing of a rotor blade due to lift forces acting on it is called coning" 
  • confluence point
  • Conops is a genus of fly from the family Conopidae. The larvae of Conops are parasitic on bees, especially bumblebees. Adults feed on nectar.
  • CONOPS - A Concept of Operations (abbreviated CONOPS, CONOPs, or ConOps) is a document describing the characteristics of a proposed system from the viewpoint of an individual who will use that system. It is used to communicate the quantitative and qualitative system characteristics to all stakeholders. ...


    Concept Of Operation


    Continuous Operation


    Contingency Operations Plan


  • conspicuity    Conspicuity issues?   How will other aircraft see AWES?
  • continuous blade   
  • continuous loop power
  • continuous time recurrent neural network (CTRNN)

  • controlled ventilation
  • control line
    • integrating multiple kite control lines                        Pocock
    • AWES6016        Sleeves holding two or more control or tether lines
  • controlling kite
  • controller
  • controllers
  • control pod      SkySails
  • control programming
  • control programs
  • control rate
  • control rope
  • control science
  • control software

  • conventional kite-based energy systems
  • conventional wind-power systems  CWS    or     CWT   conventional wind turbines      These are ground-or building or towered devices.   Differently are airborne and free-flight systems. Kite-based systems are non-conventional.  AWES  or KES  respectively for airborne wind energy systems or kite energy systems.
  • conversion schemes, conversion methods.    AWECS methods.  Ways to convert wind into useful works.          AWE4757     |      Methods
  • conveyor methods    M434 
  • convex
  • COOLIP, CoopIP,    cooperative intellectual property.  CC BY-NC-SA (same as coolIP)
    Legal Note: coolIP is hereby defined as a Creative-Commons Unported NonCommercial Share-Alike License, so now we are integrated with the latest standard cooperative IP model, but "coolIP" remains a nice shorthand.

The IP has been placed into IP pool or public domain for all to use freely in their own specific engineering efforts in AWECS. Some inventors are immediately placing their inventions into COOLIP. Lawrence Hargrave was a COOLIP kite leader.   



Disambiguation Note- CoopIP is being renamed FairIP, where any AWE conceptual creator working outside the broken patent system can claim a moral right to compensation on an "honor system" basis. It is anticipated that socially responsible companies will honor & even create FairIP, if costs are kept low overall & lower than competitive patented IP.


CoopIP is henceforth defined as pooled FairIP & patents, copyrights, etc. along cooperative principles.     
 DS, April 16, 2010

  • cooperative IP    CC BY-NC-SA (same as coolIP)   coopIP
  • coordinated research [AWE researchers coordinating research] is an aspect of KiteLab Group.
  • COP  cost of product, cost of production, cost of power, .      See somewhat related ROI parameter for a project.
  • cord          cord varieties
  • cord   is sometimes the spelling used for chord of a wing.  The amount of use of "cord" for an airfoil's "chord" is not known by this author. http://www.google.com/patents?id=d-JvAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA3&img=1&zoom=4&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U1bQXEDTdrSXLbkx-tM2vwQuMefrg&ci=78%2C939%2C395%2C83&edge=0
  • cordage
  • cordage
  • core
  • core strength member
  • Coriolis effect    wiki  
  • Coriolis force           Art1     Art2
  • corner-block       Art1      Art2             AWE4656
  • corkscrews of air
  • cost
    • cost competitive          For commercial AWECS, it will be key to become cost competitive relative to natural gas, coal, oil, hydro, geo-thermal, conventional wind, and solar.   Niche application have their own cost competitive portfolio.
    • cost-of-energy (COE)        See also: comparative cost of energy (CCOE)
    • cost of power 
    • cost of production
  • Costello, Hilary   Hilary Costello         tether dynamics, cable dynamics, streamlined tethers,

·         coterie
      |   kite-system coterie   |   coterie of kite elements  |   See also gangline      | kite clustering  |  kite bundles  | kite clusters |  kite trees, kite coteries, kite arches, kite clusters, kite trains and kite stacks | roots  | branching  | gangline |
coterie, train, stack, series, net, lattice, dragon, chain, tree, branching, root system, matrix, dense operations,

See related:  

o    Staged/Cascaded Launch Methods

  • COTS   commercial off-the-shelf
  • COTS AWE, cotsAWE   AWE that is put together using commercial off-the-shelf items. This is a step away from  TTAWE or trashTechAWE
  • Coulomb's Law        wiki
  • coupled flutter instability
  • coupled synchrony         See Dr. Hare.     See Dave Santos.
  • counterweight
  • Cour, Poul La   Wind to hydrogen and oxygen.   Gust smoothing.
  • courses  
    • "master-level courses “Kite Power & Propulsion” (AE4T40) and “Wind Power” (AE4W20), both part of the curriculum of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology, and both
      addressing the theoretical background and working principles of Airborne Wind Energy conversion concepts."    2012 source
  • Cousteau TurboSail
  • cover, coverage        
    • Such is sometimes the sail material of a kite, as the material covers the frame of the wing.
    • using the volume of airspace
    • AWES7565
    • v
  • CPS      Certification Process Study      FAR part 23 Certification Process Study (CPS)   
    AWES6074  and  AWES6090
  • CPV    concentrated photovoltaics        wiki     [[Consider specialized uses of CPV on AWECS]]
  • CRADA or CRDA    wiki: Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
  • crane
  • crane boom
  • crane boom model
  • crank    (n. mechanism:  wiki)
  • crank   (v. )
  • crank-rocker mechanism
  • crankshaft   wiki
  • crash-free operation
  • crashed grid
  • crash grid
  • crashing grid
  • crash zone
  • cravat, cravats , cravatte,   
  • Creative Commons  http://wiki.creativecommons.org/FAQ
  • credibility
  • critically excited/dampened oscillator
  • Creighton, Robert  of WindLift   Bart Bartlett
    Shae Ranalli
  • crew     (team of more than one person is usually implied).    Compare "crew" with single-pilot operation or crew-of-one pilot.   groundcrew and aircrew
  • crinkled-paper covering
  • cross controlling
  • crosslinking multiple arches into a MacroKite        SeeHere 
  • cross spar    Sometimes found as cross-spar.
  • crosswind       wiki
  • crosswind airspeed
  • crosswind anchor systems in AWES   
  • crosswind kite power system (CWKPS)      wiki
  • crosswind-arch laddermill   (DaveS)
  • crosswind shuttling, cross-country crosswind shuttling,    M4041
  • crosswind surface track      AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/11225
  • crosswind tipping-boom geometry
  • crosswind dipping boom. crosswind tipping boom, crosswind ballasted tipping boom, crosswind wafting lever, TipB, ballasted tipping boom,      M107
  • crosswind ground tracks
  • crosswind kiting
  • crosswind kite power
     http://www.google.com/patents?id=njstAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA5&img=1&zoom=4&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U0MmPwtK-9XAz0q8ZEc14LAxZdNUQ&ci=70%2C750%2C405%2C143&edge=0 Peter R. Payne, filed Jan 28, 1975 http://www.google.com/patents?id=njstAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA5&img=1&zoom=4&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U0MmPwtK-9XAz0q8ZEc14LAxZdNUQ&ci=70%2C1054%2C406%2C279&edge=0http://www.google.com/patents?id=njstAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA2&img=1&zoom=4&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U2dRpA7IrPiLtYAc2CuNzachDUYUg&ci=429%2C411%2C398%2C286&edge=0
  • Crosswind Kite Power       
    Loyd, M.L., 1980, “Crosswind Kite Power”, Journal of Energy, vol. 4, No. 3, pp 106-
  • crosswind power, CrossWindPower,
  • CROSSWIND POWER SYSTEMS INC.   A priority date on a patent: August 2010 (05.08.2010)
  • crosswind speed
  • crosswind tipping boom    or wafting lever, often ballasted for groundgen AWECS using sweeping kites in crosswind power to tap tangential forces. See tipping boom.
  • crosswind trolley, crosswing cable trolley, crosswind cableway       AirborneWindEnergy/message/9803
  • crowsfoot attachment        Bridle line splits to rib line with several attachment points in mimic of bird's foot.
  • crumble zone 
  • CSBF   Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF) in Palestine, Texas, USA.  Mission.

  • CSIKES  (cannot stop inventing kite-energy systems, invented by JpF, following Doug's lead.)
  • C.S.I.S., or CSIS  an invention by Doug Selsam?       "Can't Stop Inventing Stuff" or something. In AWE there is also: CSIKES (cannot stop inventing kite-energy systems, invented by JpF, following lead of Doug.)


  • CSP       CSP power plants provide solar power using mirrors to concentrate sunlight to create heat which is used to produce steam to drive steam turbines and electricity generators. ...       A solar energy conversion system characterized by the optical concentration of solar rays through an arrangement of mirrors to heat working fluid to a high temperature. ...       [[AWECS stayed above clouds might used onboard CSP for onboard power production, and perhaps more. ]]      wiki
  • CTA  controlled tethered airfoils :: kites
  • CTO    Chief technical officer. E.G. of KiteLab Group, first CTO: Dave Santos
  • CTR        A control zone (CTR) in aviation is a volume of controlled airspace,
  • cube of wind velocity
  • cube kite      cube-stackingdiagram1.gif    |     foreverflying.com/cube.html

  • Cuben fiber            
    Cuben Fiber Corp. has been acquired by North Sails, LLC. 
    Click  http://na.northsails.com/   for the company that now provides high performance rip-stop Cuben Fiber fabric for sailmakers. Cubic Tech Corp. develops non-sailing applications of Cuben Fiber style flexible laminates for other industries that manufacture parachutes, kites, balloons, airships, tension structures, tubes and tube reinforcements, flexible pressure vessels, tarps, backpacking, medical devices, protective clothing, aerospace equipment etc.    http://www.cubictechnology.com
    The name 'Cuben Fiber' was made up by the press in 1992 as a short for the 'America Cube Fiber' that contained a mix of carbon and polymer filaments.

  • Culp, David       RefSet     OutLeader     Patent    KiteTug   KiteShip
  • Cult of Lowest Mass-Aloft        AWES5825
  • current
  • current generator
  • current motor  (often meaning current generator)
  • curve, curves
    • cissoid
    • airfoil curves
  • curved airfoil
  • curved-spar sled    US Patent 3,767,145  Raymond Prunty Holland, Jr.
  • cursor kite  
  • Custer lift          Willard Custer focused on channel wing for speeding boundary layer on the top surface of a wing to enable increased lift for wings.    Custer ducts.  Custer channel wings.
  • customers        Categories of customers of AWECS?     
    • M3374   Yacht power
    • Sport traction users
    • Demonstrators. People who want to demonstrate and educate the world about kite energy
    • RV owners
    • Campers
    • Hikers
    • Rural home
  • cut-in speed  
  • cut-in windspeed
  • cutter
  • CWE 
    • clean wind energy
    • conventional wind energy
    • Contrast CWE with the emerging AWE  airborne wind energy
    • v
    • v
  • CVT (continuously variable transmission)          wiki   
  • C-wing   "The flipwing is a tamed C-kite, (not a flutter-tape) semi-captive & high-sweep, with flat geometry of a bow, but single skin, less embodied structure for more LIFT."  Dave Santos
  • CWT   conventional wind turbines
  • CyberKite          Reference: Aeroix    
    CyberKite - an automated Hybrid Ram Air Wing Kite System"  Google meter on October 30, 2009: about 460 for cyberkite. The word     seems to have many non-AWE uses on Internet.  Only one instance on Oct. 30, 2009, at the bio of Ivo Boblan  where he declares being a developer of things for Aeroix.  http://www.festo.com/rep/en-us_us/assets/pdf/CyberKite_en_260309.pdf

  • cyclicAWE        versus    linearAWE
  • “cyclic pitch”, in which the blades are forced to change pitch back and forth by “swash plates” during every rotation.   Source: Article.
  • cyclic power production
  • cyclic two-phase wings array manoeuvre
  • cyclic trim drag
  • cycling

Text not available
KITES Holland et al      Curved spar sled kite

Text not available
Concave parabolic arch kite Peter J. Pearce et al

  • cyclosail     Type of carousel   http://www.google.com/patents?id=Q6aNAAAAEBAJ  May 27, 2005
  • Cymatics     wiki      This direction will affect analysis of complex kite coteries (ganglined KES elements, lattices, nets, trains, clusters, matrices, chains, roots, trees, branchings, ...)
  • cylinder


  • cylindroid, cylindroids    http://www.google.com/patents?id=1qw6AAAAEBAJ&pg=PA1&img=1&zoom=4&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U1EENPyT1PpDAbhbdnDvpseUees-Q&ci=283%2C930%2C439%2C249&edge=0