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Kite-Energy Glossary
... being built since January 7, 2009.
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  • H2020 :: Horizon 2020
  • H2  hydrogen
    • Hindenburg Syndrome
  • H2 ship
  • H&S       health and safety matters in AWE.
  • h/w    H/W     may be:   "hardware" in aerospace jargon. What does it mean in context?  Link to some other smart jargon:   Smart Jargon            "flying turbine h/w"  translates to "flying turbine hardware"      M128    
  • ha            1 hectare = 10 000 m^2       Many AWECS cost some use of land, not all.
  • Hadley cell      wiki      
  • Hadzicki, Joe           OurFolder     |      Hadzicki Brothers  |   FWHGA  |   Rev Kite  or   Revolution Kite  |
  • HAE   Hydrogen-Assisted Economy
  • Hagedoorn (1912-2000) J. H. Hagedoorn
  • Hagedoorn hapa
  • Haggard, Roy.    Roy A. Haggard.  
    • Hang gliding pioneer
    • Inventor
    • Parafoil mid-air retrieval Roy A. Haggard.    Catch a gliding kite system!  Discuss.  Perhaps a PDMC avoidance tactic?
    • RoyAHaggardPATENTSincomplete 
    • Dual-bias airbeam   patent application by Roy Haggard and Michael Quinn. This patent application was abandoned after examiner showed that the claims would have been available to one skilled in the art at the time of claiming. It is interesting to read the examiner's remark.   Exploring the prior art provides interesting airbeam matter.

  • hail           Essay1     wiki
  • HAK   HAKs     high-altitude kite
  • hand     The hand is frequently the element that is the mooring of a kite system.
  • hand sail    Several types here.           Patent2 
  • hand sailing
  • hand glider  (sometimes this phrase is used for a hang glider)
  • hang
  • hangar   holds aircraft     "see all the "a" letters in the word?  a for aircraft.
  • hanger   holds clothes        hangs from something. Person who hangs onto something. The device that lets something hang from the device.   
  • hanger        James Means wrote, "Where on the hanger is the proper point to tie on the guy line?"  Aeronautical Journal, 1896, edited by James Means.  Full free ebook online.   
  • "hanger glider"       spelling used in article: Pioneers in Gliding by John H. D. Blanke in May 1928 issue of magazine Popular Aviation.
  • hangs        Slang for hang glider.  The similar level for paragliders:  paras.
  • hang glider, hangglider, hanger glider, hanging glider, Hängegleiter,
  • hang gliding
  • Hanley Innovations
  • HALE   high altitude long-endurance aircraft         GeneralLink
  • HALT   highly accelerated life test                  or highly accelerated lifecycle test
  • halter means     (bridle for a kite system
  • halyard
  • halyard experiments  
  • halyard pulley
  • hapa  hapa           See1     
    "J.H. Hagedoorn – inventing the Hapa: A review of a geophysicist's 'other' work and how it inspired others
    Theodor Schmidt *
    TO Engineering, Ortbühl 44, 3612 Steffisburg, Switzerland
    Copyright European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
    This paper describes J.G. Hagedoorn's work on 'ultimate sailing'– the combination of a manned kite and a water kite called a Hapa, constituting a minimal sailing system – and the way others have taken up his challenge to sail while suspended from a kite. Hagedoorn's goal has not been entirely achieved, but 'near' and partial solutions have been reached. Kite-Hapa-sailing continues to pose a 'Holy Grail' type challenge to many kite-sailors."
  • HAPS, «High Altitude Platform System»    Art1

  • H-bar     See Giromill

  • HAPs high altitude platforms. See distinct LAPs for low altitude platforms.
  • HAPP    high altitude power plant        
  • hardware   H/W  or  h/w   
  • Hargrave
    • November 12, 1894, placed himself in a sling seat attached to a tandem of his wonderful box kites, and was swung sixteen feet clear of the earth.
    •    wiki
  • harmonic analysis
  • harmonic motion
  • harmonics (1st mode, 2nd, etc.), complex harmonics
  • harmonic stability
  • harmonic systems    M212
    • Kite Dynamics Vocabulary
      A crude partial list, but the flavor is evident:
      Aeroelastic, Aeroinertial
      Stability, Instability, Astable, Polystable, Unstable, Unistable, Bistable
      Harmonics- 1st mode, etc.; Complex Harmonics
      Chaos- Attractor; Hyperchaos
      Lissajous Pattern
      Phugoid & Short Period Instability Dutch Roll/Lazy Eight
      Oscillator- Dampened, Excited, Driven, Critically Dampened
      Frequency, Amplitude,
      Cycle, Limit Cycle, Stable Cycle
      Phase, 3-Phase (linear to rotary without dead band)
      Multivibrator (dynamics borrowed from electronics)
      Stocks & Flows (dynamics borrowed from economics)
      Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Heave, Surge, Sway
      Aeroelasticity- Aerodynamic, Elastic, & Inertial interaction
      Lyapunov Instability
      Kolmorgorov Spectrum
      Dynamic Systems Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics, Statistical Mechanics
  • handysize  
  • hardware
  • hardware bus, airborne hardware bus        AWES7525
  • Hargus, Al          Al Hargus 
  • Harm van Veen    Ref1      Biography      RefGroup  


  • Harnessing High Altitude Wind Power
  • Harry Valentine
  • HASK   High Altitude Solar Kites     MainPage  or Solar-Energy Kite Systems (SEKS)
  • HASSL check [HASSL= height, airframe, security, straps and lookout]
  • haul
  • hauling                  bringing the kite line into the reel or drum or hold.       pulling, tugging, dragging
  • HAW  High Altitude Wind
  • Hawaiian kites 
  • HAWCT high altitude wind capture technology  
  • HAWE  High altitude wind energy.      One author abbreviates in his thesis this HAWE to HE.
  • HAWG    high altitude wind generation
  • HAWEC    high altitude wind energy conversion
  • HAWEG   high altitude wind energy generation      Thesis2009LF   Note: The author uses also "HE" for short form of "HAWE".
  • HAWEM    high altitude wind energy mining
  • HAWP   High Altitude Wind Power
  • HAWPA   High altitude wind power association
  • HAWPGS High Altitude Wind Power Generation Station
  • hawser
  • hawsehole, hawsepipe      wiki/Hawsehole        |  cat hole   |     
  • HAWT  High Altitude Wind Technology
  • HAWT     Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
  • hazard
  • H-Darrieus  M390       Also,  variable pitch H-Darrieus     liftedHDarrieus 
  • HDT   Hunter Defense Technologies   acquired Vertigo, Inc.  Capabilities could affect AWECS development
  • HE   by one author in his thesis is short for HAWE, high-altitude wind energy
  • head kite
    • the leading first up and top pilot kite of a kite train
    • a figurative wing portraying a head of a person or animal
  • heading
  • headsail          VideoBasic
  • heart bolt           In hang glider:
  • heat engine                 wiki
  • heat sink
  • heavier than air   aircraft   HTA
  • heave
  • heaving
  • ha                 1 hectare = 10 000 m^2       Many AWECS cost some use of land, not all.
  • heel
  • heeling
  • helical
  • helical pitch
  • helical-wave device       M3030      
    helical wave mechanics         M3030
  • helicity                 See also rogue wind helicity, wind helicity, turbulence,
    • active air       Air that has robust helicities occurring. Thermic conditions, obstacles, industry, vehicles, machines, other aircraft, birds, trees, wind turbines, kites, ground formations,  buildings, combinations of things,  etc. are among some of the sources resulting in helicities that sum to active air. Active air is a normal characteristic of the atmosphere. Natural creatures have evolved to survive unique levels of strength of active air and to avoid the levels that exceed that strength. Humans, relatively new to flight, continue to struggle to recognize what levels of strength not to exceed with their various flying devices.
    • Helicity
      A property of a moving fluid which represents the potential for helical flow (i.e. flow which follows the pattern of a corkscrew) to evolve. Helicity is proportional to the strength of the flow, the amount of vertical wind shear, and the amount of turning in the flow (i.e. vorticity). Atmospheric helicity is computed from the vertical wind profile in the lower part of the atmosphere (usually from the surface up to 3 km), and is measured relative to storm motion. Higher values of helicity (generally, around 150 m2/s2 or more) favor the development of mid-level rotation (i.e. mesocyclones). Extreme values can exceed 600 m2/s2.
  • helicopter
    • helicopter autorotation
    • helicopter kite  (rotation is achieved by holding the rotating wing with kiting tethers so an apparent wind interacts with the blades).
    • Helicopter launch method for AWECS   M1415
    • Helicopter Overcity Banner System (HOBS)      M1415
    • helicopter principle
    • Sometimes a misapplication of the term "helicopter" onto non-helicopters as gyrokites, autogyros, or gyrocopters which do not power-drive the lifting blades.  Hence, some "helicopter kites" are not helicopters at all.
    • Helicopters are employed in some hybrid AWES and in more than one way. One major way is used by Makani Power in a hybrid kite system; they use helicoptering using powered blades for launching their hybrid AWES; then once the power-blade launch is effected into adequate upper winds, then the power may be shut off while kiting of a rigid macro wing is accomplished when in such kiting the blades that were used for helicoptering become wing-mounted autorotating blades in a HAWT attitude not giving lift to the masses lofted but giving rotation to the shafts of hub-mounted electric generators. During that electric-generation phase the kiting is not gyrokiting as the lifting is done by a macro wing permitting the turbine blades to stay oriented at neutral kiting fully dedicated to turning the electric generator shaft. In the landing procedure, the hybrid kite system  again converts to a helicopter mode using power to drive the rotating blades as propellers of the helicopter. The Makani system is very different from the Sky WindPower systems; SWP helicopters to altitude but then uses the same rotating blades in a gyrokiting fashion while mining some of the autorotation for lift of masses and some for driving hub-based electric generators. The Makani in generation is a flygen kiteplane with HAWT blades; the SWP is a flygen gyrokite in generation-of-robust electricity phase; both are helicopters in launching and landing phase (except if the system operator decides to have the wings enter free gliding mode in which case the Makani depends on macro wing gliding and SWP depends on gyrogliding using the large blades in autorotation without tension in tether ...perhaps even dropping the tether as Makani could do also.
    • Independent helicopter may be used to transport AWES gear, AWES pilots and technicians, AWES anchor materials, or even play a part by dropping the wings of AWES at altitude as part of a launch-assist sequence.
    • R-C helicopters from toy to serious-safety-issue models.
  • heli-kite         Rotary-bladed kite       Also used for bladed kite. Confusion occurs with kytoon product company using helium.
  • Helikite
  • HeliTube
  • helium        Art1     Non-renewable noble gas.
  • helium balloon
  • HeliWind     Geoff Goeggel      HeliWinds
  • helix
  • Hellman exponent       See wind gradient
  • helmet
    • radio helmet
    • helmet and face shield
  • hertz (Hz)
  • Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
  • helper or assistant in a kite operation or AWT operation
  • helper kite       Helper kites are used in special tasks to accomplish detail actions in a larger procedure.
    • A pilot kite is one kind of helper kite.
    • A kite used to help in retrieving an object plays the role of a helper kite.
    • v
  • HEMS   helicopter emergency medical evacuation service (HEMS)       See a HEMS's concern on AWES via a link to a document at HERE by Clark Kurschner
  • Henson                   aerial steam carriage
  • Herring, August Moore          | August M. Herring  | Augustus Herring
  • HG hang glider   Most HGs are free-flight kite systems using short kite tether to pilot mooring.
  • HGAT   hang glider aerotowing     Kite the HG via some kind of aircraft.
  • Hi-Flier   Hi-FlierKites
  • high-altitude AWE
  • high altitude eolian power plants, high altitude aeolian power plants
  • high altitude generator       Article44 
  • high altitude kiting        AirborneWindEnergy/message/8962
  • high-altitude kite energy concepts
  • high altitude long-endurance aircraft  (these come in a variety of manner: LTA, PV, double-kite-tether-coupled soaring, combination craft, ...).     HALE is a project on such type.
  • high altitude platform
  • high altitude tethered surveillance balloons
  • high altitude wind capture technology   HAWCT
  • high altitude wind capture industry
  • high altitude wind energy
  • high altitude wind energy industry  HAWEI
  • high altitude wind power generation stations   HAWPGSs
  • high altitude wind power industry
  • high altitude wind power plants
  • high-altitude wind energy flux
  • high altitude winds      Ken Caldeira pointed strongly to high altitude AWE.    See the cautions for low altitude AWE in M158.
    • Future: One scheme without having to have tethers to ground station: Tap the momentum of jet stream via smart-stay-in-jet-stream generator kite systems that are moored to out-of-jet-stream smart drag kites. Send energy to ground via smartly-directed rays.
    • Ken's press keeps "high" in mind of world readers:
      Will wind power tapped by high-flying kites light up New York?       ■ Bob Ewing
    • ?
  • high amplitude pulsing
  • high energy density fuels
  • Highest Wind Energy Glider system
  • HighestWind, LLC.
  • high-pressure system
  • high-pressure electrolysis of water
  • high quality experienced engineering talent        facing the AWECS challenges
  • high temperature electrolysis   HTE      M1380
  • HIGHWIND  "The ERC project “HIGHWIND – Simulation, Optimization and Control of High Altitude Wind Power Generators” at K.U. Leuven runs from 2011-2016."
  • high-wind survival of AWECS
    • M4120    ~Doug Selsam
    • Will the AWECS be able to hand strong winds, gusts, turbulence? How?
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • Hilary Costello         tether dynamics, cable dynamics, streamlined tethers,
  • history
    • Historical Kite Workshop
    • history of kites
    • history of hang glider kites
    • history of kite control systems
    • history of kite applications
    • history of kite energy
    • history of kite sports
    • history of the flexible wing
    • history of the flex-wing hang glider
    • history of sled kites
  • HMPE   High-modulus polyethylene         
    Also see Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
  • HNFs   hollow-strut nanoporous frameworks (we’re calling them “HNFs”),     HNFs  
  • HOBS   Helicopter Overcity Banner System (HOBS)
  • Hobson                 James Hobson       or   Jim Hobson       |     OpenDiscussion   }
  • Hobson Rogallo Wing  Hang Glider

  • holder
    • holders
    • holders up         Team of people holder a kite-systems' wing set up off the ground during launch
  • holding line
  • hollow generator shaft
  • holey kites   |  have many holes in the kite wings: | Example2 | |
  • holy kites     | holykites  |
    • As an expression ...
    • As a type of kite or kite system that is "holy" in someone perspective
    • Distinguish from "holey kites" that have many holes in the kite wings: | Example2 |
    • v
    • v
  • home AWE, domestic AWES, AWES for homes, residential AWES
  • home power generation
  • homologated weight range    
    This is a range of values of weights (sea-level standard conditions on earth) that have been approved by some authority for use in loading some certain product during the operation of such product. Care for what is or is not included in the specified weighing is determined by each authority. Users of products where a weight range of loading is homologated may do well to adhere to the homologation.
  • Honeywell International
  • Honeywell wind turbine
  • hook
  • hooks into
  • Hornbeam ro
  • horizon
  • horizontal
  • horizontal wind shear      See also its cousin: vertical wind shear
  • Hornbeam rotor kite      Art1       LIFE Magazine 8 December, 1947, on pp. 57-8      Art1Sleds
  • Hornbeam sled kite  
  • Hornbeam Thatch      ??? mentioned in Piney Mountain Air Force data-letter

  • Hot-air balloons
    • Small wish lanterns with active flame
      •   sky lanterns, Chinese lanterns,   safety matters,
        • 100% biodegradable – no pollution to the environment
          Easy light non-drop fuel cell, made with the wax of discarded Buddhist temple candles
          No metal parts – no threat to wildlife or farm animals
          Recyclable packaging
        • Sky Orb Chinese Lanterns burn for up to 12 minutes and can travel up to 2 miles and over 1,500 ft high, this is further than the eye can see! Once the flame has gone out, they float gently back to earth.
        • Our fuel cells are non-drip and easier to light unlike other brands.
        • fire proofing process     [ ???]
      • FAA on sky lanterns
      • Safety. Fire safety
      • Solar-heated hot-air balloons  (does not have the fire hazards)
      • Inhabited hot-air balloons
      • Home-Made Aerials Target of New Law  Maui:   If signed into law the bill would take effect immediately in banning sky lanterns and aerial luminaries. Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 10:30 a.m.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PROPOSED LAW?
      • small candle that heats the air inside the lantern causing the lantern to rise for several hundred feet and remain airborne until heat expires.
      •   aerial luminaries.  " (c) As used in this section, "aerial luminary" means an airborne paper lantern containing a small candle, or other device for fuel, that heats air from inside the lantern causing the lantern to rise into the air and remain airborne until the candle or other device extinguishes." ... "Bans the ignition, possession, selling, offering for sale, and use of aerial luminaries. (SD1)"
        HI HB2113 
      • Fire dept. wants to ban airborne lanterns and other ‘floating fireworks’
      • "These lanterns are a part of Loy Krathong in Thailand and during the celebration more than a million fire balloons are set aloft."
      • " a celebration in China called Yee Ping"
      • Khoom Fay in China
      • fuell cell
      • biodegradable wool
      • Seven-minute limit recommendation
      • "Sky Lanterns are currently banned in Austria, Finland and Malta "
      • Cylinder are a traditional Thai shape and are called Khoom Loy or Khoom Fay
      • v
      • v
      • v
      • v
      • v
      • v
      • v
    • Non-flame hot-air balloon:   Here: supper-heated air is loaded in an envelope without the balloon carrying any fuel or flame aboard.   LED lights might be used; consider battery on board.

  • HotWing        (from Dave Santos), hot wing foil,
  • hot tethered foil
  • hovering wind turbine   HWT     HWTs     Briza Technologies
  • Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
  • horizontal stabilizer     tail plane   The tail plane serves three purposes: equilibrium, stability and control.
  • HPA   human-powered aircraft    wiki    When pilot relaxes, the aircraft is a glider.
  • HPH  human-powered helicopter         Sept. 25, 2013, record: 97 seconds. Pilot: Justin Mauch.
  • H-shaped flying platform.     Mill rotor at the tips of the H.  One use is in windmill AWES.
  • HTA heavier-than-air   aircraft that are heavier than air. Kites may be HTA or neutrally buoyant or
  • H-rotor     is a Darrieus type of turbine with the sides of the H as the blades which are held out from shaft by supports.     Wiki        |   Sample   |         H-rotors may be part of an AWES.
  •  LTA
  • HTE    high temperature electrolysis       M1380         See distinctly: thermoelectrolysis
  • HQM  holographic quantum matter          Video       |         Holographic principle   |   
  • HQM   holographic quantum mechanics   
  • hub
  • hub dynamo      wiki  
  • HUD
    • Heads-up display
    • v
  • Hugh Piggott
  • hum
  • human-powered aircraft, human powered flight. human powered flying
  • Human-Piloted Gigawatt Arrays (a vast metakite)      M2440
  • Humdinger Wind Energy, LLC    Trademarks:  WindBelt, Humdinger, Windcell Panel, MicroBelt, WindBelts,        See also: WindBelt
  • hummer
  • humming
  • humming lines
  • Hunter Defense Technologies   acquired Vertigo, Inc.  Capabilities could affect AWECS development
  • HWP     high windpower       Mod for HAWP for high-altitude wind power.
  • HWP platform                          Same as AWECS.   Or KES.
  • hybrid rotor-blade AWECS where rotors play several roles
  • hybrid propulsion system
  • hydraulic accumulator
  • hydraulic turbogenerator
  • hydristor        wiki 
  • hydroAWE, hydro AWE, hydroAWECS, hydro AWECS, waterAWE,
  • hydroChutes
  • hydrogen      wiki/Hydrogen
  • hydrodynamics
  • Hydroelectricity is electricity generated by hydropower, i.e., the production of power through use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. Kites dragging a electricity-generating turbine through the ocean's water provides renewable hydroelectricity
  • hydrofoil   
  • hydrofoils
  • hydrofoil kiting
  • hydrofoil surfing
  • hydrogen        ICcarCombust       Takes energy to compress.  Could be made via seaAWE and kite-tugged to ports or sea-based ships or islands or floating cities.  Just burning hydrogen with air mixtures brings nitrogen oxides in exhaust.     See also: HTE   or high temperature electrolysis
  • hydrogen-assisted economy
  • hydrogen as conveyor of energy
  • hydrogen balloon
  • hydrogen economy
  • hydrogen-generating kite system,
  • hydrogen generation
  • hydrogen-generation systems
  • hydrogen ship
  • hydrokinetic water-kite power
  • hydrokinetic power
  • hydrokinetic resource     "category that includes wave, tidal stream, ocean current, ocean thermal and river hydrokinetic resources"    Also, consider two bodies or tanks of water set at two distinct altitudes; use KES to pump water from lower to higher body; release the higher water to lower  body through hydro generator when electric current is needed; this is a storing-of-AWE ...a kind of hydro battery.        Ref1           Consider paravanes or water kites in rivers; see all the methods of AWE, but translate the kite into the water.
  • hydrokinetic turbines
  • hydro kites, HydroKite, Hydro-Kite,     M4027    Hybrid kite system that features water kite or paravane as a resistive water-flying component while having an air-kite wing along with mid-tether cabin. This is scalable.    The mechanics are as Benjamin Franklin: his body as paravane (water kite) and the air wing coupled (and then just see the tether has message or thing holder).
  • hydroKites,      hydro-kite-a-windpowered-vehicle


  • hydrolysis            M1380

  • Hydroptère
  • hydro storage                     pumped hydro storage. 
  • hydroTurbine, hydro turbine, HydroTurbine, hydro-turbine, hydroTurbines,  
  • hydro wingmill
  • hydroWings
  • hygroscopic
  • hyperchaos
  • hyperconductor 
  • hypersonic kiting
  • hypersonic kite concept         Refer to Wayne German.
  • hyperwinder        M371
  • Hz              hertz (Hz)    |   Heinrich Rudolf Hertz,

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