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Kite-Energy Glossary
... being built since January 7, 2009.
Anyone is invited to help build an effective kite energy glossary for all.  Send to News@energykitesystems.net

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  • FAA              Federal Aviation Administration
  • FAA IFR certification
  • FAA Regulations    FARs
  • fabrics
  • fabric structures             FabricStructuresGENERAL
  • fabric treatments
    • Photocatalyst coating
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • fail-safes
  • failure
  • failure modes
    • failure responses
    • Failure sometimes can be healthy for the soul, but it is always good for your tech.
    • AirborneWindEnergy/message/8562  
    • wiki/FMECA  Failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis  FMECA
    • Failure mode and effects analysis wiki/FMEA     FMEA

  • fairing     of parts on bodies in fluids
  • faired cables
  • FairIP

     Disambiguation Note- CoopIP is being renamed FairIP, where any AWE conceptual creator working outside the broken patent system can claim a moral right to compensation on an "honor system" basis. It is anticipated that socially responsible companies will honor & even create FairIP, if costs are kept low overall & lower than competitive patented IP.
    CoopIP is henceforth defined as pooled FairIP & patents, copyrights, etc. along cooperative principles.
    ~~~~ DS, April 16, 2010
  • faired line FEG
  • Fair weather condition    wiki
  • fall
  • fall arrestor
  • falling leaf flight       Different patterns.    Some are gliders, some are pargliders, some are flipping-wings (FWs)
  • fan  or propeller (opposite of turbine)
  • FanBelt  or LoopTether       or Loop Tether
    • LoopTether or single loop tether through one ground generator or "FanBelt"  where aloft actions cause the tethering belt to drive the generator
    • Single-loop through two ground pulleys. Gear at lofted spinning kite-lofted wing drives the loop; the driven loop rotates ground-station generator or pump.
    • The main tether could be a double-line (two parts of tensed loop).
    • A main tether plus a loop brings three lines occurring
    • "run a continuous loop of line from a capstan on the turbine to one on the ground gen"  DaveS concerning alternative to torsion tube driving ground-based generator as he was weighing how torsion tube method limits system to low altitude winds.
    • Contrast stay-aloft-spinning driver systems from the method where kites go up and go down in a loop; both have a driven loop, but the wings-stay-aloft method is quite distinct from the wings rotate up and down via changes of angle of attach of the wings.
    • v
  • fancy concepts for AWECS   "My point is:  forget fancy concepts. Go with something easy and relatively inexpensive to build, deploy and control."   
    ~~ Christopher Carlin, Jan. 10,. 2011       M2879

  • FAP R      or FAPR    Footprint-and-Airspace-to-Power Ratio.  AWECSs use land and airspace resources to generate power. The efficiency of system is studied in several ways. Costs for an AWECS involve other parameters beyond land and airspace.      FAP Ratio- as in "Monotether flygens have a low FAP number."     First use.
  • FAP number
  • FAP ratio 

  • FAR, FARs       In the USA:  Federal Aircraft Regulations
  • farad                 (unit of capacitance)
  • farm
    • kite-energy farm
    • AWES farm
    • farm self-mobility (ferrying)
    • kite farm
  • fascinating kite power
  • fast kiting
  • fast motion transfer by use of kite systems       
  • fatal attractor
  • FBO   fixed-based operator          M4194    |    wiki
  • FBR   floppy-bar rigid wing glider or hang glider
  • FEGs        Sky WindPower      Art1    
  • FE    finite element
  • FEA                    Finite Element Analysis
  • feather, feathers
    • wing feather
    • flight feathers
    • down
    • feathers of a particular species of bird
    • feather kites      
  • feather, v     to feather
  • feathered
  • featherable
  • feathering
  • fence generator  FenceGenerator  FenceGen   Specially made fences that waft in winds to generate electricity or pumping at the base. These may also be surfaced to use PV.
  • FenGen
  • FERC   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Ferry, ferries      Kite system line travelers       |  RefForWater1  |
  • Festivals, kite festivals      OurFolder
    • drachenfestival       drachen festival          esp., German kite festival
  • Festo
  • fetch        See: wind fetch   
  • FF                  Fred Ferguson of Magenn Power
  • FF-AWE    Free-flight AWECS   Double-kite dynamic soaring with optional mining for extra energy production.  http://www.mabonideas.com/aeroplane.html   has a two-kite free-flight aerokite dynamic soaring sketch     [[FF-AWE]]      See: Richard Miller, Dale C. Kramer, Wayne German, Dave Santos, Joe Faust,  Mårten Bondestam, etc.   FF-AWE involves a focus on the type of paraglider recorded in 1896 by Gilbert T. Woglom, further describe in Without Visible Means of Support by Richard Miller in 1967.
  • FFD
  • FFkite  firefighting kite   M141
  • FF industry   :: fossil-fuel industry
  • FFP    fossil-fuel provider
  • FFT  A fast Fourier transform (FFT) is an efficient algorithm to compute the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and its inverse. ...     www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fft
  • FGA (fuel-generating AWES)      Discuss:  AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/11433
  • Fiberology   - the forming of fibers and characterization of their behavior - and Fabric Geometry - the design of highly efficient flexible structures from yarn bundles and their characterization.
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • fiber-optic shape sensing
  • fid        Tool for splicing rope
  • field     
    • kite field,
    • magnetic field
    • mathematical field
  • field programmable gate array   FPGA           See WindLift, LLC. and Matt Bennett
  • fighter kite      
  • figure 8         lying eight figures 
  • figure eight
  • figure eighting  
  • film   [["The difference is that film is usually thin and very flexible, sheet is thicker and rigid.  The break point between the two is somewhat arbitrary. "]]
    • polyester film
    • polycarbonate film
    • kites using film
    • Mylar® film
    • Lexan® film
    • EVA ethyl vinyl acetate
    • PVC polyvinyl chloride
  • FinHAWE
  • fin, wind energy capture
  • firefighting kite
  • firefighting kiting
  • firm
  • first power point    [kite system working to make power when wind reaches certain speed]
  • First to Fly   (Different matters: first to invent, first to file for patent)
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • FISH             
           Forever-in-Sky Home    |  
           persistent flight scheme  |
           persistent flight method  |  

           cryogenic energy birds     |   
           ever-up kite system      |  
           persistent soaring system  |
           EUK ever-up kite  |
  • fishing
  • fishing, hapa (sea anchor)
  • fishing kites, kites for fishing.   See also: kite fishing,
  • fishing for kites  (game of catching kites by a fishing pole). 
  • fishing lures
  • fishing rigging
  • fitting up the kite apparatus
  • fixed base operator  FBO      AWEFBO    M105
  • Fixed charge rate = FCR
  • flaccid
  • flag waving
  • flair   (conspicuous talent)  [[distinguish from flare for fire]]
  • Flair kite     [Box Delta Red Flair]   
  • Flair Mk4 Kite     is not a mechanical kite, but an untethered powered aircraft.
  • flat kites          Flat kites by George Webster           gOO
  • flap    wiki
    [[Ailerons are similar to flaps (and work the same way) but are intended to provide lateral control, rather than to change the lifting characteristics of both wings together, and so operate differentially - when an aileron on one wing increases the lift, the opposite aileron does not, and will often work to decrease lift. Some aircraft use flaperons, which combine both the functionality of flaps and ailerons in a single control, working together to increase lift, but to slightly different degrees so the aircraft will roll toward the side generating the least lift. Flaperons were used by the Fairey Aviation Company as early as 1916 but didn't become common until after World War II.]]
  • flap turbine   VAWT that flags its upwind vanes while the downwind vanes capture the ambient wind.   Drag-based. High angle of attack change is thus effected for the upwind movement.  Check valving.    One test.
  • flaperons

  • flapping
  • flapping wing          Article1  
  • flapping wing generator
  • flaps   (see flap )
  • flaps
    • Plain flap
    • Split flap
    • Slotted flap
    • Fowler flap
    • Double-slotted Fowler flap
    • Junkers flap
    • Gouge flap
    • Fairey-Youngman flap
    • Zap flap
    • Krueger flap
    • Gurney flap
    • Leading edge droop
    • Handley-Page slot
    • flaps and slats    and effects on CL, etc.


  • flare      (a misspelling frequented is "flair")      
    • A Dynamic Analysis of A Landing Flare by Richard Cobb   Discuss
    • The landing flare of birds and hang gliders.
    • birds flare their feathers
    • flaring  
    • Discussion of flaring in hang gliding:  HERE.  
    • flare maneuver
    • flare   (flâr)
      v. flared, flar·ing, flares
      1. To flame up with a bright, wavering light.
      2. To burst into intense, sudden flame.
      a. To erupt or intensify suddenly: Tempers flared at the meeting. His allergies flared up.
      b. To become suddenly angry. Used with up: He flared up when she alluded to his financial difficulties.
      c. To make a sudden angry verbal attack. Used with out: flared out at his accusers.
      4. To expand or open outward in shape: a skirt that flares from the waist; nostrils that flared with anger.
      1. To cause to flame up.
      2. To signal with a blaze of light.
      1. A brief wavering blaze of light.
      2. A device that produces a bright light for signaling, illumination, or identification.
      3. An outbreak, as of emotion or activity.
      4. An expanding or opening outward.
      5. An unwanted reflection within an optical system or the resultant fogging of the image.
      6. A solar flare.
      a. Football A short pass to a back running toward the sideline.
      b. Baseball A fly ball hit a short distance into the outfield.
      8. Medicine An area of redness on the skin surrounding the primary site of infection or irritation.


  • flat kite
    • navigable flat kite
    • v
  • Flatland long gliding  FLG
  • Flatland wing-assisted high jumping   FLWAHJ
  • flatplan 
    • flatplan sweep  

  • flattening, unflattening
  • flattening wing arc
  • flaws of the wind         Early expression regarding gusts.
  • flechette     fléchettes      wiki        Peaceful uses? Consider clearing mines, tree planting, grabbing goods,    ???  
  • fleet, AWES fleet, fleet of AWES,
  • Flettner
  • Flettner rotor
  • Flettner sail
  • Flettner wing
  • flexfoil Text not available                           FlexFoil
  • flex hose
  • flexible
    • flexible kite, limp-canopy kite, canopy-only kite, Rogallo Wing kites, Domina Jalbert parafoil kites, David Barish glide-wing kites
    • semi-flexible kite, stiffened Rogallo wing kites, stiffened Jalbert wing evolutes, stiffened Barish glide-wing evolutes, sled kites,
    • non-flexible kite
    • solid kite
    • flexible heterogeneous arc shaped airfoils      Al Furey
    • flexible photovoltaic material for kites and kytoons
    • Flexible Pocket Kite  by Lewis   Ref1  
    • flexible shaft
    • flexible-wing wind generators
    • flexible spars
    • fully flexible wing  (Superman's cape from fantasy world), Rogallo Wing unstiffened, Jalbert parafoil wings and evolutes of same, Barish glide wing and its evolutes,
  • Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award by the World Hang Gliding Association (WHGA)
  • flies        noun, for a gathering of people to fly kites. 
  • flight
  • flight attitude
  • flight controller, controller, autopilot
  • flight control surfaces
  • flight control system
  • flight envelope, safe flight envelope         wiki/Flight_envelope
  • flight feathers   remiges (singular: remex)         wiki    wing flight feathers.  The tail flight feathers: rectrices (singular rectrix)    Bird wing structure.
  • flight path
  • flight-path optimization
  • flight space

  • flight strategy
    • v
    • v

  • flight suit
    • for field sport kiting
    • for hang glider pilots
    • for wing runners
  • flight window
  • flike       fly+hike=flike    Term first used in early hang glider magazine Low & Slow for the activity of flying, hiking, flying, etc. for long travel experiences. Beyond XC.
  • flip
  • flip-flop
  • flip-flop hub    See also double-sided hub.   wiki      Study.
    Note1: "A standard two-way freewheel solution to drive a generator is a BMX flip-flop hub. The bike wheel could be packed with concrete to make it a flywheel & the rim could fit a belt that drives a small pulley on the gen. A flip-flopped chainwheel would be another step-up stage & complete the drive train. A lever or spool on the bottom bracket would be driven by the two-way kite." May 27, 2009, Dave Santos

    Note2: This is great news! A bicycle wheel can be filled with concrete between the spokes. A circular, donut plywood "floor", for the bottom side of the wheel, is made. Then filled with concrete.

    So the Flip-Flop hub, chain-coupled with a Flip-Flop crank gear as well, to take the back-and-forth motion, and turn it into constant 'round-and-'round motion. A constant-velocity transmission to keep the crank rotating at the same velocity, even in low-speed winds. ~Darin Selby
  • fliping flying systems                AWES5621

  • flipwing
    •  An integral airfoil that has rapid change of angle of attack so as to cause a rotation about a axis is flipping and thus a flip wing; the rotation may be full and continuing or may be partial and reversing. Do not confuse Savonius or Darrieus arrangements as flipwing as they are composites of two or more airfoils with special interactions because of the multiplicity. 
  • FlipWing, FlipWing video,     FlipWing   
  • flip-wing  now:  flipwing   "public domain technical class name" +Dave Santos     FlipWing    TM Some flipwings shunt, some do not shunt. "Fundamentally the FlipWing is two-line "reversible" C-kite stretched out to the superior higher-lift flat geometry of a multi-bridled bow-kite, but, being single skin, is lower mass & way cheaper." Dave Santos
  • Modes of "flipwing"   AirborneWindEnergy/message/8335
    • partial flip
    • full flip
    • tacking
    • shunting
    • somersaulting
    • flagging
  • Discussion  mainly focused on somersaulting rotary flip wing kite systems:  FlipWings    Send messages to editor@energykitesystems.net   Attn: FlipWings
  • Flipwing Ghost, product, available January 2013: The Flipwing Ghost itself or with a ready-to-fly kit.    "Customer can pick colors and work application."
  • v
  • v


  • flipper (sailing term)
  • flipper (kite energy term)
  • flipper wing  See: flipwing
  • flipper-wings  flipwing and  M42
  • flipper-wing quiver
  • floating balloon wind generator
  • floating crossbar   (kite hang glider crossbar not attached to keel, but freely "floating" around the keel)
  • Floating Neutrinos     http://www.floatingneutrinos.com/
  • floating sail   (sometimes used to mean "kite").  Also, the phrase is sometimes used to refer to an LTA kite.
  • floppy rotors       See associated  ribbon rotors
  • Flogos         Art1
    • Could this have application in marking wind at hang glider launches?
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • flap
  • flapping
  • floppy-bar rigid wing glider or hang glider     FBR
  • flotsam      
    Kite systems involving towed hulls or paravane will need to handle flotsam.
  • flow
  • flow field
  • FLOWE 
  • flow meter    1Ref    And think: flow converted to signal ... Many types give clues to kite-energy concerns.
  • flow regimes
  • flow types
    • laminar flow, smooth flow
    • flow separation
    • transitional flow
    • turbulent flow, rough flow
    • compressible flow versus incompressible flow
    • viscous flow versus inviscid flow
    • steady flow versus unsteady flow
    • laminar flow versus turbulent flow
    • subsonic flow versus transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows
    • critical Reynolds numbers
  • v



  • FLPHG  foot launch powered hang gliding      Group  
    • e-FLPHG  (electric versions)
    • jet-FLPHG (jet engine versions)
    • ice-FLPHG (internal combustion engine versions)
    • ssk-FLPHG (safe self-kiting versions)
    • x-FLPHG (the x is a variable suggesting option prime mover)
    • The motor or engine is an assist to obtain soaring or gliding altitude.
    • One vision has an x-FLPHG launch from flatland; then upon reaching altitude, the system drops a tether to be connected with a second glider to form a two-kite system that mines wind strata differentials for FF-AWE for travel and some additional energy mining from upper winds' kinetic energy either horizontal, gust, or thermic.
    • See cousin WPPHG  (wheeled-prone powered hang gliding)
    • FLPHG-E: charged with kitricity
      FLPHG-ES: charged with suntricity and kitricity
      FLPHG-ESM: charged with suntricity, kitricity, and muscletricity
    • Flyped
    • flphg brass monkey's flying  (18 min video)
    • MessageAtFLPHG   
      Coming achievements with renewable energy in FLPHG-E:
      • Across-state using kitricity in a FLPHG-E
      • Across-nation using kitricity in a FLPHG-E
      • Around-the-world using combination of suntricity, kitricity, and muscletricity in a FLPHG-E

        Note: Regenerative soaring tactics are included through the "kitricity" door.

        FLFLLG, FL-FLG, Foot-Launch Flat Land Long Gliding, Foot Launch Flatland Long Gliding        Easier: RW or FLG.     RW ::  run winging  or running winging

  • fluctuation
  • fluctuating tension
  • fluent media     (fluids)
  • Flugmaschine  "flying machine"     See: flying machines
  • fluid, fluids, fluid dynamics,     See also hydrodynamics and aerodynamics and gasdynamics      wiki/Computational_fluid_dynamics
  • fluid structure interaction (FSI)     wiki/Fluid_structure_interaction
  • fluid density
  • fluid dynamics   fluid dynamics
  • fluid dynamics
  • flute
  • Fluted Sled by Helen Bushell    Ref1 
  • flutter
    • Mostly in aviation "flutter" is a bad thing; the same is true in much of AWECS, but not all; there are some strong special interests in mining flutter for energy from winds. Flutter mining.
    • flutter analysis
    • flutter amplitude
    • flutter-based wings
    • flutter-based AWES
    • flutter engine
    • flutter frequency
    • flutter instability
    • flutter mining    
    • flutter onset velocity
    • fluttertape
    • flutter tape
    • http://physics.nyu.edu/~jz11/publications/review2011.pdf
      Flapping and Bending Bodies Interacting with Fluid Flows
      Michael J. Shelley and Jun Zhang
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • flutter    
    • And not to forget deliberate aeroelastic flutter for electricity and music production in niche AWES: 


  • FLWAHJ  flatland wing-assisted high jumping     Note.
  • fly
    • Solar-powered flight   "first"  ??? First at what? With or without storage of the sun's energy onboard? Etc.  Inhabited or not?   Pre-charged battery or not?  Battery or not?   Human-powered-assist or not?  


      • AstroFlight Sunrise   Maiden: 4 November 1974    See.  Uninhabited.
      • Solaris  by Fred Militky, Uninhabited.   16th of August 1976.

      Manned solar flight

    • Icarus
    • Gliding, soaring
    • Human-powered aircraft
    • FFAWE
    • Free-flight dual-wing kiting transport
  • fly about
  • fly-and-forget        M190 
  • Fly-by-wire     
    • Fly-by-wire AWES
    • wiki
  •  "Fly-In" is common US aviation event usage;
      "Fly-Off" is the competitive variant.

  • flyers      Also found:  fliers     Sometimes used to designate pilots who fly aircraft.
  • Fly Gen
  • FlygenKite™    (formerly Manual Flygen)
  • flygen                  fly-gen             See also: reference flygen
    • AWES7557
    • aviation RAT, aviation RATs    is a category of flygens
    • AWES that generate electricity by having a driven generator lofted is a flygen.
    • flying electric generators (FEGs) are flygens.
    • v
    • v
  • FlyGen with lifter
    /DaveSantos/WSIKF2009August FlyGen
  • Flying carpet     See: Magic carpet
  • Flying Electric Generator      Flying Electric Generator

  • Flying Electric Generators
  • flying generator
  • flying harvesting device
  • flying hoops  (ring wings)  | Classification comment |
  • flying lines
  • Minesto has flygen in the media water, not air. The paravane (water kite) sends generated electricity down its tether.


  • Flying Plaza, circa 2012-2013
  • flying power station
  • "flying rope"   
    • See KiteTrains   where well-spaced wings on a tether result in a global "rope" that is well lifting along the length; stand back visually and let the image of wings blur into a macro image of "rope."  A separate lifter kite is not needed beyond what appears from a distance as fat rope flying. Just how tiny might the segment wings be in a kite train to effect a "flying rope" status for the macro structure?
    • Self-Lifting Tethers for High-Altitude Apps
    • Dave Culp proposed a continuous linear soft kite for "flying rope". Details for the structure envisioned are not forward yet.  Santos extended the term to "self-lifted line"      Ref1     Ref2 
    • Freedom of Tether Angle & Kite
    • Rotating-tape or rotating ribbon kites are flying rope of particular shape and held by two anchor stations.  Such are one sort of kite arch.     KiteArch
    • Some kite arches are complex-shaped "ropes" that fly.  Consider Mothra.   KiteArch
    • A continuous line or rope hung from of a kited wing will have positive lift and positive drag as the wind impacts the windward surface of the rope. Many streaming tails of kite systems are essentially lifting flying ropes of particular shape.
    • ropes used in flying
    • the ropes that are flying in a flight system
    • Sometimes activities such as zip-line riding is called "flying rope"

  • flying sail         flying sails
  • flying tree, flying kite tree, tree, coterie (distinguish from classic kite train, kite stacks, multi-kite arches)
  • Flying Wedge    ... "notorious non-flier". But later some success by someone.  [[Explore for arch kite segment]]  A version: Charlie Sotich and his Collapsible Flying Wedge, 1989 Smithsonian Kite Festival, Washington, D.C.
  • flying wind energy system (FWES)    M2423
  • flying wind farm
  • flying windmills
  • fly of a kite
  • flyoff, AWES Flyoff      ::  Competition between makers of AWES to determine AWES method superiority.
    • Wanted: Attractive prize, perhaps modeled after the Kremer prize for HPA.
    • Wayne German has proposed simulation flyoff for kite energy systems.
    • AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/11593
    • In the coming years of 2014 forward, some forms of AWES flyoffs are being anticipated.

  • flysurf         term for kiteboarding in some regions
  • Flysurfer    FLYSURFER Designer Interview with Armin Harich
  • flywheel                       Also consider eccentric flywheel mass (M2862).  Consider tunable eccentric flywheel.
  • FMT
    • Fast Motion Transfer
  • foam
    • open-cell
    • closed-cell
    • rigid foams

foam cutting

  • foam for kite wings and AWECS and kite motors.      EPP  and EPS: distinguish. 
  • FOA   Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

  • Focke-Achgelis Fa-330
  • FOF! Flights of Fancy!    ~Wayne German, 2003, trial name for tethered free-flight systems, et al.
  • FOIA    Freedom of Information Act  5 U.S.C. § 552
  • foil


  • Foildesign    is a group. Request free membership.
  • foil kite
  • foils
  • foil stabilization
  • fold
  • foldable kite
  • fold angle
  • fold line
  • folding lines  (collapse lines)
  • follower
  • foot
  • footprint of a kite system, AWES footprint,
    • AirborneWindEnergy/message/8834
    • crash zone
    • anchor operations
    • downing zone
    • airspace use
    • land use
    • operations and maintenance access
    • current best practices
    • future visions
    • free-flight AWES, FF-AWE
    • Special siting cases: terrain-enhanced, offshore, hay farms,
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • forecasting, AWE forecasting, airborne wind energy forecasting.  
  • force sensor
  • force transmission point   (tow point)         Use1 
  • Forever-in-Sky Home    FISH 
  • forewing
  • formal hyperchaos
  • Fort Worden
  • FOSS    Free and open source software, also F/OSS, FOSS, or FLOSS (free/libre/open source software) is software that is liberally licensed to grant the right of users to use, study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code. ...       wiki
  • foul
  • four-bar linkage
  • four-link mechanism
  • FOV    field of view
  • FPGA   field-programmable gate array                  wiki      The integrated circuit is being programmed by some AWECS teams.
  • framework, frame-work, kite skeleton, kite framework
  • free end of a line
    • Note: A kite (wing, tether, resistive set) has a tether set that does not really have any "free end" as the resistive set occupies the lower end of the tethers; that occupation makes the "end" not free.

  • free fall and efforts to distinguish the use of the term in distinct circumstances: wiki   That is, "free fall " does not mean the same thing in some distinct scenes. Confusions may result when parties are analyzing matters without the same definitions for terms used in conversation. 
  • Free-flight AWE, Free-flight AWECS, FF-AWE, FFAWE,    Methods and applications vary for FF-AWE.    RATs as auxiliaries on powered and unpowered untethered or tethered aircraft are a subset of FF-AWE with tethered and untethered versions.  Also, there is the category of FF-AWE that is fully unpowered with a tether system terminated with lifting bodies set and controlled in different wind environments.  FF-AWE may be purposed for soaring transportation or for energy production or combinations thereof.   

    Here is an expression by DaveS for one of the categories of FF-AWE:
          Free-Flight is the term used for sustained flight by multiple tethered-foils opposed across a wind gradient. The Planetary Boundary Layer is the most common gradient. Small scale kites have already sustained flight downwind, but tethered-foils can in principle fly in any direction faster than the wind.

          Soaring champion Dale C. Kramer proposes to pilot the first manned free-flight test, which would consist of his high-performance sailplane tethered over several thousand feet to a large soft-kite. While Dale can get clearance for a demonstration, popularization of this flight mode in the NAS will require NextGen flight trajectory and moving-constrained-airspace control.     ~~DaveS, December 2010.
    "FreeFlight" is a term used to describe "Tethered Airfoils" (two (or more) wings tethered together) sustaining flight by working across wind-shear. A hapa is closely similar in operation, but with one "wing" in a water medium.

    FreeFlight-Hapa hybrid classes are suggested:
         -An aero-wing mounted with a J-foil, or equivalent, can operate either as a hapa
          or a free-flight component and transition smoothly between modes.

         -Two wings with a hydrofoil on the tether between them can operate as a double kite hapa,
           or operate in freeflight with the paravane carried along.

    Some interesting hybrid modes:
         -A "payload wing" operating by surface effect, and the other kite wing far up in good wind.

         -Pairs of Sailrocket-like platforms flying in alternation, or taking off together for extended flights.

         -The paravane as a "flying submarine" basis. Wings and all could submerge,
           to operate powered by currents.     Call it a Protean Rig (Yacht). Its fussy handling
           suggests it be called a "Prig".

           ~Dave Santos, March 5, 2013


  • free fly                       Various meanings.
    • One is flying without having to respect defined flight tasks.
    • v
  • free flying
  • free flying sails
  • freehub
  • free hub      (bicycle part)    wiki  
  • Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC). 
                                      And itself http://foldoc.org/
  • Free Rotor by just as 'Colin Bruce Jack'     1992 patent under PCT at WIPO. Aerial mill and tidemill.
  • freestyle flying
  • freewheel      See also: double freewheel       EKS1    wikiIMG
  • free-wheel drag
  • freewheel clutch       Art1 
  • freewheel clutch kite generator
  • freewheel ratchets
  • free wing
  • Frederick To.  Frederick E. To, Fred To, F.E. To
    • http://aerosociety.com/Assets/Docs/About_us/HPAG/Papers/HP_phoenix.pdf
    • Clip from that PDF: "Frederick To, AMRAeS was born in Hong Kong in 1938, came to the UK in 1952 to study, and qualified as an architect. He joined the RAeS in the early 70s, his main interest then was man-powered flight. In 1974 he made a documentary film on the subject called "The Last Challenge". He started building Solar One with the help and advice of David Williams in 1977. The next year Solar One made its first short hop at Lasham and it is believed it then became the world's first solar powered aircraft. By the middle of 1978 Fred To was making structural tests on the use of polyester film structures for an inflatable wing. He designed and built 'Phoenix,' the success of which is illustrated in this paper. He also tried unsuccessfully to produce an inflatable microlight, a project which was hampered in mid-life by the introduction of CAA regulations. In 1980 he formed his own company, The Air-Plane Co to undertake inflatable aircraft powered by a 22 hp engine. He still practises as an architect."
  • friction
  • friction clutch
  • Frigate™  ::  bird-like plane, glider, powered aircraft, ... by Frigate (AC) Ltd.
  • frigatebird       wiki
  • F. R. Met. Soc. [ Fellow, Royal Meteorological Society ].
  • frontal, frontal collapse
  • frontstall, front stall,
  • Froude number    wiki  
  • French reefing                          spilling wind                  scandalizing" the sail
  • frequency
  • frequency of vibrating reed  .... or of other objects
  • FSDO  A Flight Standards District Office, or FSDO, is a regional office of the United States Federal Aviation Administration. There are about 82 such regional offices nationwide.
  • fluid structure interaction (FSI)     wiki/Fluid_structure_interaction
  • FSM                   Finite State Machines (FSM)
  • FWSTPG   Framed wing single-tether paraglider       (framed wing kite hang glider)
  • FTHI   failure to hook in        HG example.      In kiting, failure to give resistive component to a tethered vehicle or wing.
  • fuel
  • fuel cell      wiki1
  • Fuel-generating AWES       FGA     
             Discuss:  AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/11433
  • fulcrum
  • fulcrum cord of a kite
    Walker, 1903.
  • fundamental harmonic 
  • Funding AWES development?
    • SBIR
    • NASA
    • Technology transfer opportunity
    • Investors
    • Bootstrap
  • furl          roll sail,  turn turbine disk out of the wind,
  • furlable, furlable beam, furlable wing, furlable rotor
  • furling         AWES5140
    • furling speed
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • Furey.    Allister Furey     http://tinyurl.com/AllisterFurey8888Lift
  • fuselage
  • fusetube microlight          fuselage tube (one tube from nose to tail)
  • FW, FWs   flip wing, flip-wing, flip winging      Group discussion.

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