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Kite-Energy Glossary
... being built since January 7, 2009.
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  • Yolen, Will       Will Yolen and his daughter.          GeneralLink
     |  Obituary |    Jane Yolen  |   Will Hyatt Yolen  | Jane H. Yolen Stemple  |
    • Jane,
            Your father has been installed as a founding member of K3 or the AWE Era:

      He was also part of my 1960s kite roots.
    • NYT:  He founded the 33,000-member International Kitefliers Association, which he described as an informal organization with ''no meetings, no dues, no publications, only kite flying.''
    • Will Yolen's Young Sportsman's Guide to Kite Flying (1963). 
    • Yolen, W., The Complete Book of Kites and Kite Flying, Simon and Schuster, 1976.
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  • yo-yo configuration or method.  Production phase followed by a reset phase (energy being expended in reset phase).                  (or reset phase
    Any AWE "Yo-Yo" scheme  must address this phase at all levels of design/production assessments.  ~DaveL
    • reel-in methods during cost (or reset phase ) phase; or "I use "recovery" phase, after piston cycle usage. ~ds  AWES5942 "     Brian: "I think it should be called "reel-in" phase."
      What are the various strategies?
      • Porosity change of wings in wing set
      • AoA change of wings in wing set
      • Fly side-slip
      • Over-the-top fly and work wings in down leg. Perhaps have lifter system at top.
      • DS mentioned "eight" ways being explored by KiteGen.  [ ]
      • Twin or double system: One is pulled in by the power-out system; the in system wing set is morphed for low tension.
      • Flywheel
      • Elastics
      • Ultracapacitors
      • Grid source
      • Shunting
      • ...
    • April 3, 2012, by DaveS: ""Reel-in phase" does not apply to all the short-stroke pumping designs that "recover" or "reset" by an elastic recovery of a spring and/or lever, and the like, without reeling. There is "reel" confusion as to what a "yo-yo method" is. In the past it has been applied very loosely, sometimes to opposed alternating kites, sometimes almost like a trademark. If what is meant is only "reel" systems, as Dave Lang defined them in 2004, then "reel-in phase" specifically applies, but there is still potential for confusion with all systems that just use reels for launching and landing, but not for a direct power cycle. Phases called, "retract", "reset", "recovery" and so on, are clearly more universal.

      I have reconsidered the "tow" usage issue, and now think "winch-tow" is a proper useful descriptor, as long as no confusion is created by just saying "tow launch", which tends to imply a moving tow vehicle. "Winch launch" is very clear, and "step-tow" is a special case of usually pure winch launch, although a tow vehicle could be used.

      We are slowly "writing the book" on proper precise AWE nomenclature. Sorry to all those who despair over such fussiness, but the end result will be great engineering expressiveness with a few choice words,

      ~ daveS"     
    • April 4, 2012 by Rod Read: "charge-discharge, unwind-rewind, load-unload, lift-drop, press-release; I guess until the set "yoyo devices" is defined we won't have a correct description for the machine-specific complementary action involved."    AWES5960


  • yo-yo knot      larks-head knot
  • Yuri Gagarin

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