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Kite-Energy Glossary
... being built since January 7, 2009.
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  • Objects Interfering With Air Navigation Facilities 
  • Observability of the kite model 
  • occupiable    "may be occupied by a human during operation"   Habitable.
  • ocean-based scheme
  • ocean-based wind power
  • ocean-based kite-power generation
  • ocean currents
  • OceanKite
  • Oceankite
  • OCS       outer continental shelf          AWE farms on the OCS.
  • OD 
    • Outside diameter
    • Optical density  or absorbance     wiki
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • ODT        See Carmein       omni-directional treadmill 
  • OEM  original equipment manfacturer
  • offense kites
  • offensive kites
  • off-shoreAWE, off-shore AWE, off-shore AWECS,
  • OGY
  • okta   wiki        this is a cloud-cover unit of measure
  • OL kite              OutLeader     
        Dave Culp.    Kite Ship OL, Kite Ship OutLeader kite 
        Patented          Image

  • OKE      Orbital Kite Engine by C. Cleventine  AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/12662
  • OKS    one-kite solutions 
  • Oméga Sails
  • on-board sensors, onboard sensors, onboard power electronics,
  • on-landAWE, on-land AWE, on-land AWECS
  • omnidirectional
  • onboard generation    |    flygen   |       Contrast with off-board generation, say groundgen (pumping cycles; reel method; boom method; ).  Note that hybrids can have off-board generation and onboard generation in one system
  • onboard instruments
  • onboard sensors
  • One Kite Solutions  
  • One Sky One World  (OSOW)
  • one-way clutch     onewayclutchGENERAL      
    See also Means Mechanical Diode     
  • one-way freewheel clutch                    See also sprag  and roller clutches
  • one-wire no-earth-return transmission
  • on-shoreAWE,   on-shore AWE
  • off-shoreAWE,    seaAWE
  • OP or OSP   overspeed protection
  • opacity
    • opaque   Blocking the passage of radiant energy and especially light. Not able to be seen through; not transparent. Synonyms: nontransparent, cloudy, filmy, blurred, smeared, smeary, misty, hazy; dirty, muddy, muddied, grimy.   2. Difficult to understand.  
    • Wing covers vary in opacity
    • Lines vary in opacity.
  • open cooperative AWE biz model
  • opening-shock inhibitor        Steve Snyder
  • open-loop stable figure-eight patterns    (Houska)       |            passive figure-eight (Santos)
  • open loop unstable 

    Open Platform KitePort        M105

  • open platform specification
  • open-source AWE     See also: open platform specification
  • operational constraints 
  • operating altitude
  • operational lessons
  • operational location
  • operating altitude for the wing set of an AWES may vary by time, site, rules, niche needs. status of operation, design, etc.
  • operation altitude
  • operations
  • optical density, absorbance, OD
  • optical signaling by kites
  • optical tachometer
  • optimal tip speed ratio         See TSR
  • oral microAWE, oralMicroAWE,      Vision: In the mouth of humans or animals, have an anchored kite system (very small) that flies during inhaling and exhaling while sending some of the lines' mechanical energy to do effective works. Development of this is invited.
  • orbit, orbits
  • Orbital Kite Engine (OKE) by C. Cleventine.  AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/12662
  • orbital track turbine     OTT  [Exquadrum, Inc. Report on September 30, 2009:   not currently pursuing airborne approach.  However, their ground-based OTT is interesting and may provide some ideas for airborne researchers: See OTT  orbital track turbine ]
  • ordinary kite       
    What is "ordinary" various with time, place, and person. 

  • OrthoBunchKite    M311
  • OS AWE :: open source AWE
  • OSA- Open Source AWE     M3533
  • oscillating a foil in a fluid       PatApp:US20120251339  Bas Goris
  • oscillating foil
  • oscillating kite arch, or oscillating arch kite  (potential gigawatt AWES)
    • [[Mothra1 (aka, Mothra 1) has already shown us both modes- It flaps when stretched a bit and stops when slacked (slack is "easy", let tension actuate). When the wind comes off a quarter, the oscillations change to side-to-side. ~ds, 2012]]    The whole arch of elements go left for a while and then right for a while and then repeat such cycles. The anchor pair are routed to drive pumps or generators; a closed loop to underground generator may be arranged; leave nearly 100% of the land for other uses. The arch wing elements are passively to trigger reverse directions. The wing elements may be barely LTA to sustain the kite arch in true rare calm; the wing elements may be smart to flag in case of storm. Alternative to calm flight: power-drive the load-path arch line to kite the wing elements left and then reverse to right. Alternative failure mode of one anchor: reel-in the elements to the other anchor point while wing elements kite some during the process. Alternative in case of the much more rare double-anchor release: ?   Dislocation of mid-arch load line: pull in each segment to their respective anchors.
    • v
    • v
    • v
    • v
  • oscillating kite-powered tensioned loop
  • oscillating power element
    Self-erecting windmill Peter R. Payne et al
  • oscillating ribbon generator      ribbon microphone, WindBeltTM 
  • oscillating ribbon electric generator
  • oscillating ribbon signal generator
  • oscillating water column
  • oscillation
  • oscillation towing
  • oscillator    oscillators
  • OSOW        One Sky One World
  • OSP   overspeed protection, over-speed protection
  • OT       Owl Turbine  (OT)     Introduced at M3900    Alexander Muzhichkov
  • OTB    over the back       (into the lee of a hill or mountain)  
  • OTO   over take off.       Also: ATO   above take off
  • Otto ratings at WHGA.   Otto-0, etc.  Regular, special ratings, special skills,
  • Otto Lilienthal     Father of hang gliding sport and hang glider business.  Brother of Gustav Lilienthal.  
  • Otto wing, Otto wings, Otto-wings,    General term for "hang glider" in honor of the father of modern modern hang gliding.  Less used: ottowings.
  • OTT  orbital track turbine  [Exquadrum, Inc. Report on September 30, 2009:   not currently pursuing airborne approach.  However, their ground-based OTT is interesting and may provide some ideas for airborne researchers: See OTT  orbital track turbine ]
  • otter board, (sometimes found in compound as otterboard). Otterboard is a type of paravane or water kite used in pairs to spread the mouth of fishing nets or torpedo guards or the like.

  • out         The wing and wire were out a certain distance. "3450 ft of wire were out"        Wire was let out ..
  • outer
  • outer continental shelf (OCS)
  • outer kites
  • outer leading edge
  • outlanding

  • OutLeader (tm) kite   OutLeader (tm)   See in-depth article in Catalyst by Dave Culp.
    OutLeader™          Patent PCT at WIPO
                                           [PatentOrigDoc55pages 2MB inPDF]           

    "The OL is distinguished from other low L/D soft wings by its simplicity; only three lines compared the the complex bridling of a NASA PowerWing, or the many risers of a parafoil chute/glider. Its likely that this ultimate simplicity (including its minimal surface geometry) allows the OL to be the most scalable wing of all, with less line handling issues. "    ~DaveS    Sept. 12, 2011               

  • outrigger
  • outrunner
  • over-correction
  • overlift capacity
  • over-running clutch    overrunning clutch,
  • over-speed protection,  (OP or OSP) overspeed protection, over speed,       M881     |  AirborneWindEnergy/message/8202   |
  • overstress
  • OWEC  offshore wind energy conversion
    • OAWES     offshore airborne wind energy systems
  • Owl Turbine  (OT)        Introduced at M3900    Alexander Muzhichkov

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