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... being built since January 7, 2009.
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  • gangline, gang line, gang-line,    "The gangline is the series of ropes, clips, cables, and so on that attach your team of ________"

    Kite Energy is so novel that we must borrow or invent much of the language required to practice it. "Gangline" fills a major gap in our nomenclature & refers to any kiteline along which multiple kite elements are attached. The usage comes from dog sledding-

    gangline -- the line that runs between the dogs and connects to the object being towed. Source: Alaskan Terms Glossary.

    By means of a gangline, large numbers of scale-limited power or lifter kites can be aggregated for utility-scale production. The term applies to many kinds of kite trains, arches, and lattices. It is even natural to imagine hierarchical dendritic "ganglines of ganglines", just as a tree branches from trunk to leaves. Without ganglines, it is hard to imagine how we could ever get the full potential out of kites.                               M3233             
    Related: coterie, train, stack, series, net, lattice, dragon, chain, tree, branching, root system, matrix, dense operations,  

  • Gantt chart          wiki/Gantt_chart
  • Garber, Paul E.
  • gas
  • GASA Global Aeronautical and Space Administration        Founded by Wayne German
  • gas dynamics      Ref1          wiki  
  • gas kite     Carl F. Myers "sky-cycle" was also called a "gas-kite" of circa 1900, as told in Popular Science magzine, Vol. 58, page 617.    ""The sky-cycle, or gas-kite, is a hand and foot propelled air-ship, provided with revolving screw-sails, vibrating wings, movable aeroplanes and universal rudder—the object of the entire equipage being to test ..."
  • gas separation membranes
  • gas spring
  • gastight
  • Gauss rating
  • GBH  Global Business Holdings
  • GBG
    • AirborneWindEnergy/message/9336  "fixed GBG"
      • By "GBG" was meant "ground-based generator" after Fagiano and Milanese, but I may have botched their exact acronym...

        By "fixed GBG" was meant a ground generator that remains in place (rather than vehicle-based), a feature advantaged by the authors.
    • Contrast GBG with airborne-based generator.
    • Groundgen AWES may have GBG in fixed station or mobile or moving station.
    • v
    • v
  • GBW  ground-based wind  
  • GDP      gross domestic product:
  • gear            How gears work.           General  
  • gearbox
  • gearhead
  • gearless AWE system   see M231
  • gearless designs
  • gearless generation velocities
  • gedanken experiment, gedankenexperiment   wiki
  • gees  
  • GEHG   ground-effect hang gliding
  • Generalized Tethered Object Simulation System  ::  David Lang
    General study link  for GTOSS ::
    "conceived by the author in 1982 to provide NASA with a tool to simulate dynamics of combinations of space objects and tethers for flight safety certification of the Shuttle Tethered Satellite System missions."
  • Gel-Cell     Subset of VRLA
  • Gemini paraglider
  • generation
    • generation from crankshaft
    • generation by direct torque
    • generation in pumping mode
    • generation site
      • on-ground generation
      • on-wing generation
      • aloft generation, airborne generation
      • on-tether generation
      • both aloft and ground generation
      • sheaved remote generation
      • collective ground generation  
    • generation phase
    • generation rate
    • v
  • generators             See Generator Glossary
        Study: Article   | wiki  |     The ground-based generator may double-serve as motor for winching airborne wings.    |  large annular diameter generators    |
    See also: large annular diameter generators
  • generator fence, GeneratorFence   GenFence     These fences may generate pumping or electricity at its base and/or via PV.   See FenGen and FenceGenerator
  • GenFen
  • generator-aloft kite-energy system  GAKES  
  • generator cooling system
  • generators from motors      The ground-based generator may double-serve as motor for winching airborne wings.
  • genny
  • genset   
  • GEO          Geostationary Earth Orbit
  • geoengineering    wiki
  • geoflow       Art1
  • George Green
  • geostrophic wind             wiki         geostrophic flow

  • getting away and bringing back a kite    
  • ghost kite
    • One meaning:   frame without cover
    • Another meaning:  decorative or figure kite featuring  ghost art
    • Another: very invisible wing
  • GHT       Gorlov helical turbine
  • gift kite, gift kites, Gift Kites, GiftKites            These are part of kite culture, to give a kite as a gift.
    • v
    • v
  • gift wrap        
    • Canopy wing collapses and wraps around pilot or payload.  Term used in PG.
    • Video of a gift wrap:  Gift Wrap      Others have died being gift-wrapped; this guy lived.
    • v
  • Gimli Glider    wiki
  • Gipe, Paul.    ==> Paul Gipe 

  • girokite    gyrokite  giro-kite   gyro-kite   helicopter kite
  • Giromill  or H-bar    See vertical axis Darrieus      Gyromill.
  • Git      wiki/Git_(software)   At least one kite simulator is using git in its sofware development; see FreeKiteSim.  The development permits revision control.



  • glider


    • Aircraft using gravity to drive its body through a fluid with a non-zero L/D deflection. Heavier than air gliders have positive L/D. LTA gliders may have negative L/D relative to reference used in conventional gliding down as positive.
    • Those skilled in the attending arts see that a paraglider is a gliding kite.
    • Just the wing of a paraglider (sans essential tether and resistive set) is not a paraglider type of glider when set in fluid stream; the wing is then a non-paraglider glider.
    • Just the wing of a kite is no longer a kite but a wing that is a glider when set in fluid stream.
    • Hang gliders are gliders. But there are gliders that are not hang gliders.
    • There are gliders that are not hang gliders, not gliding kites.
    • A sailplane is a glider
    • A gliding parachute is a gliding kite and is thus a glider.
    • It is nearly impossible for any parachute not to be a glider in part of its flight, as perfect zero L/D is nearly impossible to obtain due to the slight asymmetries that occur in real material parachutes designed for zero L/D; gusts and vibrations will set up asymmetries that result in a non-zero L/D for much of the flight of parachute. By default, aircraft meant to approach zero L/D are called parachutes.
  • glider liner, gliderliner, 
  • glider powered windmill (oscillating kite-powered tensioned loop)
  • gliding
  • gliding kites, n.  "exciting new class of kites knows as "Gliding Kites."    Actually not new. Hang gliders that hang the pilot or payload from a tether are gliding kite systems. Canopy gliders are gliding kites.  When the anchor of a kite system is perhaps a human with hand control and the pilot controls the wing to go into slack-tether, the tether may become the payload during a gliding episode, but in that gliding episode, the drag or resisting of the hanging tether keeps the gliding wing as a kite system, but with a moving falling anchor (the slack tether).   Indoor zero-wind kiting is being visited by gliding kites.  Kite energy is considering advancing the potential energy of the wing of a kite system by way of tether timed tugs combined with wing controls; such efforts may include a stepped-tow and stepped gliding in order to obtain a net climbing of the wing or a keeping of the wing at a certain altitude.   Eddy kite glider.   Canopy paragliders are gliding kites.
  • gliding kites, verb:  Have the wing of a kite system go into gliding episode.  Or take the wing of a kite system and fully release the tether, so the wing becomes a glider.
  • Global Aeronautical and Space Administration (GASA)       Founded by Wayne German, Dec. 31, 2013.
  • Global Wind Energy Council  GWEC
  • global wind resources\
  • GNU paraglider
    • gnuLAB3:   October 1993 announcement:   HERE
  • Goeggel, Geoff          Geoff Goeggel   ...kite energy researcher   M369
  • Goela kite model
  • Goela spring mechanism
  • Gold Air Award for Flex-Wing Hang Glider    or
    Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award      
    FWHGGAA     grown by the World Hang Gliding Association (WHGA)
  • Golden Age of Kite Power     AWES5749
  • Golden Spiral Turbine   
  •   Gold Star Angel Wings  "Encouragement and praise for any attempt to fly and touch the sky. Pleasing to the Lord and the Universe" by ShaneSoaring    16Nov2010
  • Goldstein, Leo         Leo Goldstein        Our folder.
  • Goodyear
    • drop-thread system adopted by Goodyear for inflatable wing
  •  (investing in electricity derivable from kite systems)
  • Gordon, J. E.      wiki       Article (sample chapter).
  • Gorlov     Alexander M. Gorlov
  • Gorlov helical turbine   "solved the pulsatory torque issue by using the helical twist of the blades."         Images  
  • governable parachute
  • GPADS         Article01   
    HDT Global is exhibiting its guided precision aerial delivery Systems (GPADS) during Defexpo 2012 in New Delhi.
  • GPS     global positioning satellite device
  • GPS-controlled kite systems
  • Grade, Hans.     
  • gradient wind    
  • Graham's law     regarding effusion of gases
  • graphene       IntroVideo     |
  • grapnel
    • flat fluke grapnel
    • v
    • v
  • grappling hook         wiki/Grappling_hook       
  • grappling line, grasping line
  • grasping, grappling
    • Kite systems may be used to fetch, grasp, grapple ...     Pick-and-place
  • gravity
  • gravity catenary
  • gravity plane       This may be part of FF-AWE
  • gravity waves       GenStudyLink     |      wiki
  • Greek and Roman mythology and wings:
  • green
  • Green Wings     h
    ttp://          |       

    Lifted Idea: generate electricity with kites

    08/11/2010 - The team of "Green Wing" designed a wind turbine that generates electricity using a kite. The steering dragon that moves in up to 1000m altitude generated by a cycle of extract and feed stream that can then be fed into the grid. The advantage of Green Wing than normal wind turbines is the immense height of the kite - in such heights dominate much more constant and stronger especially winds. "Green Wing" is a foundation project UnternehmerTUM GmbH, Centre for Innovation and Business Creation at the TU Munich. In the autumn, the company will be formally established. (Static)



  • grid       See also crash grid, crashing grid, crashed grid, grid-synchronous alternative energy,
  • grid-intertie

  • grid-scale kite energy
  • grid-synchronous alternative energy
  • grid-synchronous inverter
  • grid-tie inverter  (GTI)     wiki    "grid-interactive inverter"  Say that your KES is making direct current electricity and you want to make alternating current conditioned to send into an existing electrical grid that is based on alternating current; then a GTI will be involved.
  • Gries        A. Van Gries            German citizen with AWES patent in 1937 application and approved in 1938    Improvements in or relating to Wind-driven Power Apparatus

    A. Van Gries
    Dr. Ing. A. Van Gries, of 72, Nussbaumerstrasse, Koln, Germany, a German citizen
    Application date: July 27, 1937.
    Accepted July 20, 1938.

  • Grimshaw Architect's Aerogenerator
  • Grip, grips, gripping
  • Green                    George Green
  • ground
  • ground-based electrical generation gear
  • ground-based generation
  • ground-based sensing         AWES6173
  • groundcrew                 See also aircrew and crew.
  • ground gen, ground-gen
  • groundGen AWE, ground-gen AWES
  • groundplanes
  • ground sensors
  • GroundSpan is proposed as the missing extent term     AirborneWindEnergy/message/8017
  • ground station, kite system ground station, integrated ground station (IGS), kite ground station,
  • ground tracks
  • ground unit (GU)
  • groups discussing kite energy
  • Growian    This was an early large towered two-blade turbine project.     German wiki  One commentator, "Despite its innovations Growian is considered one of the greatest failures in the history of wind energy."
  • Grund Kite Flight in Callaway, Nebraska


  • GRP rod   Confusion is possible.  glass reinforced plastic.   Glass is not carbon.

      Distinguish:  graphite reinforced polymer rods  where the "G" is supressed to "C" for the "carbon" as graphite is a form of carbon. 
    "graphite fiber" is also sometimes used to refer to carbon fiber or carbon fiber-reinforced polymer.  
    Perhaps more common for the carbon is to use the "C" as the CRP rod for carbon reinforced plastic rod.  Or CFRP for carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (or plastic).

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