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Kite-Energy Glossary
... being built since January 7, 2009.
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  • XA Bridle  by John Travell          or X-A Bridle

  • XC    cross country

  • Xerces Blue, the organization     Patent application.


  • Xfoil software   Group

  • X kites

  • x-module tensegrity structures

  • XXLite    A P2SPG prototype in 2011 by OZONE. It is a partial-second-surface single-skin that uses public-domain aero tech seen in the early Barish Sailwing. Some text of "single surface" is importantly inaccurate and such misses the opportunity to uphold true single-surface gliders and kite systems.   See video and technical comments:    More fully, the wing is SSP2S PG or "single-skin-partial-double-surface" wing.

  • In 2011:
    BarretinaHyperLite neat steps, Pere!
    Single-skin-partial-second-surface canopy wing, an echo of Barish Sailwing P2S technology!
     ...destined for manned and unmanned explorations in kiting and free-flight!
    SSP2S PG: Single-Skin--Partial-2nd-Surface PG Laboratori d'envol
    The OZONE XXLite is also a SSP2S PG.



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