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List of windpower patents by Selsam: HERE

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Recent:     August 21, 2011      M3988

Hello All:
A show produced for Discovery Channel Canada called "Innovation Nation: WindPower" documents land-based and airborne versions of Superturbine®.

Summary: http://www.landmarkmedia.com/videos_Detail.asp?videokey=1543  [ED: Costs $ for 24 min DVD]]
Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20o--DzwYXs

Shown are:
a running upwind-downwind SuperTwin™,
a spinning, spring-loaded, 2-rotor, downwind Firefly™,
a 5-rotor, upwind-downwind Dragonfly™,
a spinning, truncated 6-rotor, 7-foot diameter, 5000-Watt prototype built for the California Energy Commission,
a very long, 25-rotor, tower-mounted, suspended, spinning 4-foot diameter prototype, and of course
the incredible flying, spinning, Sky Serpent™  prototype, suspended at the upper end from balloons, running a generator mounted on a mobile ground-based support.
The Sky Serpent™ is still flying, though a bit beat up after a more than one crash landing.

I'll be interviewed by several media outlets in India, by phone on Tuesday, Aug 22, 2011.

If you are in India, check it out! Yes we bothered to take our patent portfolio into this large and quickly-developing country, paving the way for serious business development there. :)

Doug Selsam
Selsam Innovations
Oak Hills, California

August 21, 2011    M3989

Here at Selsam Innovations we were honored last week to have a visit from
Gaetano Dentamaro and WOW Engineer Paolo, touring the U.S. from Rome, Italy.

We had a fun time and took a day-trip to swim in Lake Arrowhead, in the nearby
mountains. We enjoyed a great view from the Rim of the World Highway, and were
dive-bombed by a hang-glider.

We were also hosting a few engineering students from New York, (working on a
flying prototype), so we had to take 2 cars. Fun was had by all and it was
great to meet Gaetano and Paolo.

Doug Selsam
Selsam Innovations
Oak Hills, California

List of Selsam patents
  • Here's a link to the California Energy Commission Report on my research.
         Title: Build and test a 3 kilowatt prototype of a coaxial multi-rotor wind turbine
                  Independent assessment report

    Data was independently taken by www.Windtesting.com  
  • www.USWindLab.com
  • WindFence™
  • TwistMethod
  • September 9, 2009 .   Doug Selsam reports that he has much more AWE in the works.
  • September 20, 2009, Doug Selsam has given EnergyKiteSystems permission to republish images of his 1970's documentation that seems to be a strong claim for original inventing for a type of AWECS that is now often called LadderMill because of the work done later by KiteLab at Delft University, Netherlands under guide by astronaut professor Wubbo J. Ockels.  Study and discussion on these matters has started in group AirborneWindEnergy at message: M309.     Click through to see his notarized documentation and drawings:


    [ED: From Doug's text on his site about his concepts and his drawings of his original disclosure, it seems that he then did not see a couple of directions: 1. Lower-altitude second loop of lines that do not have acting wings, but which lower loop still transfers the upper wheeled tensional drive to drive the groundstation generator.    2. The possibility of having down-going wings be fully negative lifters driving very strongly and even with an effective use of the lee flows of the up-going wings.  Separations and formats of lifter holds form a family of maturing laddermills. The lower wingless loops may allow a a simpler aloft laddermill with acting wings kept only in high altitude winds. ]

  • Douglas Spriggs Selsam
  • Open letter to NREL and ARPA-E by Doug Selsam
  • Patent: Serpentine wind turbine Patent number: 6616402
    Filed: Jun 14, 2001
    Issued: Sep 9, 2003
  • http://www.speakerfactory.net/TURBINES/INNOVATIONS/BLUE/PAGES/BLUE.html
  • Discovery Channel will be very soon shooting some of Doug's products for hi-def showing.   September 2009 note.
  • Selsam Innovations      http://selsam.com/

     Flying Serpent, flying serpent, flying turbines, lifted flying turbines, Wind Energy Wind Turbine Superturbine, 
    Doug Selsam
    (aka: Flying Serpant, perhaps a typo)


    Selsam Innovations

    Quote:   The Future of Wind Energy is a Multi-Rotor Future!


    [ED: Doug Selsam is exploring
    both non-AWE and AWE. ]

    • September 9, 2009 .   Doug Selsam reports that he has much more AWE in the works.
    • Discovery Channel will be very soon shooting some of Doug's products for hi-def showing.   September 2009 note.  He invites some field helpers (interested?) ... contact Doug Selsam directly. Site: Southern California.
  • Click following images to read full patent.
  • AWE-ifying the serpent:

  • [[ED:  Consider high lifter kite or kytoon; then consider off main tether some branches where each branch is a Selsam serpent with torsion of the branch going to a gear at the main system tether which gear drives a tensional loop line to the ground. In such manner, the torsion driveshafts are then purely aloft while the cumulative driving force transmit via the loop line.  This would be a tensional tower without mainline torsion, but torsion branches only. Such may allow Selsam serpent torsion branches to operate in very high altitude without the weight cost of any very-long torsion-tower-driveshaft.]]
  • Go green with colored blur:

  • http://www.speakerfactory.net/wind_old.htm        

    Selsam says that he invented the AWE method of Laddermill:
    "Just a brief note:
    I invented the "Laddermill" in 1979, had it notarized etc.
    Please see:
    go about 3/4 of the way down.
    It is all documented.

    At this tender young age, between telling everyone how big wind energy would soon be, to the doubt of "smart people" like, for example, my Yale-educated engineer father, I also saw that the laddermill was a drag machine, that drag-based turbine were the less efficient, therefore the "laddermill" (which I called "Auto-Oriented Wind Harnessing Ariel Tramway") needed to be changed to a lift-based machine - the sky serpent! - (then as now having difficulty deciding how to spell "Ariel" :)
    Anyway, I have to say, with all due respect to others in this field, especially a pioneer such as Shepard, I think I have been way ahead of the curve since I was a kid; and if I could get people to help, I think I actually HAVE viable technology now. It does not *necessarily* require buoyancy as the turbines can fly themselves as you know.

    Although I have also patented the concept of blades that are filled with helium or hydrogen, so the lifting body also provides the power. It makes me want to cry to see people putting resources behind lame-duck concepts such as Magenn - I could always make a more powerful turbine with the spare change in my pocket than they could ever produce even if they had millions to work with. It is all very sad to be basically (somewhat?) ignored while all the talking heads endlessly discuss how they will leave no stone unturned, put huge resources behind the effort etc., and you know going in they will waste ALL the money and do nothing that was not going to be done before, by the entrenched big players in wind energy.
    Oh well, as I like to say, the welcome mat is out.

    Here is my logic:
    1   You have to tether it somehow so use a driveshaft.
    2   Keep the heavy stuff on the ground and let the light stuff fly.
    Doug Selsam
    http://www.USWINDLABS.com  (brawk!)"

    [ ED:  Key phrases:

    "Wind Harnessing Buoyant Aerial Tramway"

    "Auto-Oriented Wind Harnessing Buoyant Aerial Tramway"    ]




Need ground crew and talent
in Southern California

Hi everyone:                             October1, 2009                       M335
I'm based in Southern California.
I'm looking for people with trucks, tools, willing hands, computer skills (recording data and CAD including machine layout and mold design) - any of the above to help out with setups and logistics, data acquisition, an upcoming film shoot with Discovery Channel and others. There is no upper limit to where this
could go (excuse the pun) although I am also pursuing ground-based, tower-supported solutions.

The locations include my current shop location in Fullerton, near Disneyland, coastal and especially desert sites such as Palmdale, Victorville, Hesperia, Tehachapi, Boron, and Palm Springs. It can be a lot of work but is always interesting and usually fun.

Doug Selsam
Selsam Innovations / Superturbine Inc. / U.S. Windlabs
2600 Porter Ave. Unit B
Fullerton, CA 92833

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. furling speed, gas springs,

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