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How might Parker's direction be employed for airborne systems?   
On September 5, 2009, Dan announced that he is furthering his use of his devices into AWE via lifter-kite and torsion shaft method.   M249

Dan Parker      Spiral Wind LLC

SpiralAirFoil, LLC is located in Hillsboro, New Hampshire

Dan Parker, and the product developer, Dennis Noonan, Blanchard Machine,

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First main interest seems to be HAWT (horizontal axis wind turbine).
      Dan invites discussion on a lofted AWE family of versions using his SpiralAirfoil:
  1. And he has started SpiralAirfoil Airborne Division in September 2009.
  2. Clarifying sketch by Dan Parker on September 7, 2009.
    Transmission line is not shown from the genny.  Click thumbnail.