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Tri-Tether Aerostat Tricks
using commercial off the shelf parts (COTS)

Precision heavy lifting by kite and variable tri-tether has been explored in this forum. A related idea is to use a small (and made COTS) Tri-Tether Aerostat to-
  • do light pilot-lifting to trigger array launches anywhere under its "tripod".
  • support repair and hot-swapping of airborne array elements. Unlike a kite, an aerostat has its greatest lift at the surface; the better for landing and raising payloads.
  • enable precision landing (or launching) of airborne elements by hooking them & hauling down to a particular spot.

One small tri-tether aerostat suffices a large kite farm. It can be hauled down to a home anchor beside the kitefield, with all three lines laid down clear of the kites. It can be kept properly hangared most of the time, protected from sun and storm, greatly extending its life. Its useful lift is maximized by flying without added components such as onboard propulsion.

FairIP/CoopIP                              ~Dave Santos            June 5, 2010        M1611

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Terms and aspects:    tri-tether, pilot-lifting, support repair, hot-swapping

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