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  • FairIP  (indexed on this page)
  • CoopIP (see)
  1. Helical Wave AWECS (Theory of Operation)
  2. AWE Spin-Off/// Surf-Zone Energy Demo
  3. Mechanical Filtering of Multiline Control & Power Signals
  4. Dynamic Soaring Methods for AWE
  5. UltraKite™ SkyEngine™ Unveiled
  6. Superior Low-tech Crosswind AWECS Solution
  7. High-Performance Glider Kiteplanes
  8. Wayne German, visionary, latest brainstorm
  9. "Ugly Hack"/// Generator Suspended by Twisted Rope
  10. Wind Power Land Use Intensity
  11. KitePlanes in Passive Dutch-Roll Oscillation
  12. Longline Control & XC Shuttling  of Sweeping Kites
  13. World's First Gondola Turbine Array Demo
  14. Vast Aerial Structures Method based on Ganged Cross-Guyed Mast Clusters
  15. Advantages of Nonaxial Wind Turbine
  16. Ground-Tether & Cart-Gen Method
  17. More RopeWay Wind Power
  18. Poor Man's AWECS Turrets
  19. Control Engineering for AWE
  20. High-wind AWECS
  21. Reducing Hard-Automation Risks
  22. Merged E-Car & E-Plane Killer App
  23. Airborne Levers as Maximal KISS    
  24. Tri-tether Aerostat Tricks
  25. Radial Kite-Arches Maximize Capital, Labor, Land, & Airspace
  26. Dense AWE Array Strata
  27. Directly Driven Crank Generator Demo
  28. Origins & Dynamics of KitePlanes & Tethered Flying-Wings
  29. Analog-To-Digital Kiting
  30. Lifter-Kite Overview
  31. Ancient Single-Line Kite as a Cybernetic Device
  32. Advanced Kite Killing
  33. Ground-based AWE Automation with Human Supervision
  34. Staged/Cascaded Launch Methods
  35. Variable Height Crosswind AWE Arrays
  36. Uses of Barrage, Fairing, Nets, Hooks, Grapnels, & Preventers
  37. Aggregate Flight Stability with High AirSpace Infill Demonstrated
  38. Japanese/Mexican Consortium Develops Mini-AWECS
  39. Flying Thicket: GW GroundGen for AWECS FairIP offer;
     Wingmill Thicket- Toward Wayne German's "Vertical Blinds"
  40. Lightning Strikes on FlyGen AWECS
  41. ToyAWE charger 

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Good topic, Grant. Thanks.  
I will enter this thread more than once as time unfolds.

speaks to some of Grant's points.

Great Grant topic!  

And thanks, Grant,  for introducing a new term that is bound to stick!  Like it:  CoolIP.
Now we have three going:

FairIP    Award the innovator. Use Google search to find the innovator. Award her or him, if you use the innovation. Dare to share!

CoopIP   Cooperative IP for cooperations, collaborations, collectives, patent pools,  ...

CoolIP   Really neat and "cool" IP getting someone's special attention! 

I will enter several times the thread you started here, Grant.   Good topic.

On topic: for Big Energy, will people in democracies act strongly on AWECS effectiveness merit beyond the inventors battle? 
Tethered aviation Manhattan Project?  The U.S. government had rights to 1970s and 1980s AWEC patented tech enough to install a
wind replacement for Big Oil; such tech is in public domain. Will the people of U.S. act now while awarding creative builders and operators to install Big Wind?




Thanks for the thoughtful post. We should debug fairIP/coopIP as needed to prevent your nightmare scenario. Note that the Flash of Genius movie is about a small-patent-holder/inventor robbed by Ford Motors. FairIP/coopIP, on the other hand, is an EXPERIMENTAL way for little-folk to avoid the "wrecking struggle" of patent war. Such disclosure gives up patent rights, replacing them with a voluntary "honor system". The sanction reserved is a right to ridicule & boycott any VC effort to commercialize key ideas without cooperative relationships with creators.

Yes, the Idol Bashing & Selsam-Santos debates are tedious, but they do weed out the less diligent & easily offended from the forum. I have very high hopes for Joby Energy's transparency & agility, especially when they openly stumble & laugh; but Google/Makani has hidden shortcomings still unclear to outside observers. Let the business press continue to fawn over marketing-driven AWE while smart investment carefully weighs our inside critiques,


Grant, you wrote-                                 
"what if some big ugly corporation was using your idea for free for military uses and a lawyer came up to and said he could get a multimillion dollar settlement which you could then donate to the charity of your choice. Some people would be tempted to break their voluntary promise of placing it in the public domain. This is how corporate lawyers see the problem. So, they would advise their boards steer clear of the whole mess by not using any IP that's ownership was at all ambiguous."

Any lawyer can figure out how to make friendly mutually binding FairIP/CoopIP agreements, its simple contract law. Without such a contract a creator still only gets a year to repent (only) in the US, so your steer-clear-or-get-sued fear is not open-ended. The key intent of our defining a critical mass of CoolIP is so that those of good heart can deliver AWE to the needful without fear of the coercive patent abuse as seen in global pharmaceuticals.

Will you be paying "Bimodal-Kite" royalties? ;^)


Here's a DRAFT patch against AWE FairIP/coopIP overclaiming abuse-

Disagreements over AWE FairIP/coopIP can be brought by any interested party for arbitration by an AWEIA Peer Jury.

The AWEIA Peer Jury shall be free of direct conflicts of interest.

A failed Claimant of FairIP/coopIP under the AWEIA process shall desist from ridicule or boycott of an alleged abuser.

Right of appeal to a new Peer Jury is accorded by AWEIA Board as an evolving understanding of any dispute warrants.


NOTE: FairIP/CoopIP is not created for military use. If "Cool IP" scares "ugly" corporate boards away from militarization of AWE, that's really cool. Cleantech greenwash renewable-based "endless war" is a legitmate fear. An AWE arms race is already initiated by US military-industrialist profiteers, which will surely trigger the Chinese Regime to simply out-manufacture Daddy Warbucks. As Wayne German first called for, there should be a global ban on military AWE, just like the ban on military bio-engineering. Companies who base a biz plan on militarization without considering the risk of a ban may lose.


Sept. 14, 2010 note:  "Its hard to remember, but i think we gradually converged on "Cool IP"
as the short term for all that is meant by our hybrid fair/coop/open-source IP concept 
It was somebody's typo or mistaken reading of coop that created it. It is flexible appealing & concise,
a nice comparative term with all the other IP models.
The suggestion is that CoopIP & FairIP concepts merge under the CoolIP tag."   ds