"Simple AWE is the low-hanging fruit." dS  
"Membrane wingmills always self-start by instability, unlike many panel wingmill
s."  Dave Santos
Big milestone reached:  M2917
"New Persistent Flight Principle Demonstrated (Pumped Tri-Tether)" by inventor Dave Santos.



based in  Ilwaco, Washington, USA; Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California, ...and other places:  _____

Kiteologists--anywhere Earth--are invited to announce their locations, projects, proposals, ideas, photographs, solutions, etc. :  Send to  News@energykitesystems.net  for RAD (rapid airborne development)

Open-source scientists, engineers, technicians, artists, kiteologists, tinkerers, inventors, kite energy engineers, graduate students, kite makers, and others  are working around the world to capture kite energy to benefit every nation's' renewable-energy programs.  Air and water kite systems have the potential of bringing higher quality of life to human, animals, and plants.

  • This KiteLab of Ilwaco and Austin is a pending member of KiteLab Group as is KiteLab of Los Angeles.
  • "Please remember that the KiteLab approach has never fixated on any one pet AWE scheme,
    but will go with any emergent winning technology as it proves out.
    This is essential agile engineering. Anyone who likes this path is invited to join the cooperative effort."  ds



Join in the effort:   News@energykitesystems.net   
Kite your notes about how to effectively capture and use  kite energy.

Let us know what you are doing in   your  KiteLab.