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Flying Lattice Arrays- Biomimetic Model

KiteLab proposes that AWECSs will evolve into vast highly cross-linked string-and-fabric array structures accepting wind from any quarter and able to maintain flight in calm by "oscillation towing" in close back-and-forth or circular motions. Airspace-and-land footprint efficiency (FAPR) will be maximized, and the applications will be endless. Many small experiments have proved the essentials. Stay tuned for a detailed report.

The image: collagen skin structure is a close biological analog of such structure, with high dynamic similarity. Note the division of "lifting planes" and tensile capture.

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Terms and aspects:   

  • FAPR  or FAP ratio or FAP number:    Footprint-and-Airspace-to-Power Ratio
  • Oscillation towing
  • tensile capture
  • Biomimetic         

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  • Doug S. wanted this bronzed for view 100 years from now.    Done.
  • Oct. 10, 2010: "filling the sky with dense arrays of self-oscillating power wings in phased synchrony is looking practical. Vast energy can be aggregated by string fan-in to drive any load, including retrofitting existing power plants as kite hybrids,"
  • aggregate stability      Consider the stability potential in kite trains, kite arches, kite coteries, kite trees, and kite meshes.                 Also, consider how trees (as natural kites) show a use of aggregates for stability and success.  M2873                Record Fighter Kites