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Forever-in-Sky Homes

Open-public discussion:  AirborneWindEnergy/message/9858 and following.

persistent flight R&D         |   See also windless kiting for cousin topic list.    | 

  • FISH Forever-in-Sky Home    |  

  •        persistent flight scheme  |

  •        persistent flight method  |  

  •        cryogenic energy birds     |   

  •        ever-up kite system      |  

  •        persistent soaring system  |

  •        EUK ever-up kite  |

  • AirborneWindEnergy/message/9857
  • Ever-up kite systems
  • Challenges
  • Progress reports
  • Atmospheric moisture
  • Phased tugging
  • Hydrogen manufacturing aloft
  • Recycling system
  • Insulation
  • Gardens
  • Fishing
  • Fetching
  • Delivering
  • Safety
  • Self-inspection
  • Repairs
  • Dobos Docking
  • Kite flying from FISH decks.
  • Energy from multiple sources
  • Advanced manufacturing performed aloft
  • Kite-system FISH
  • Non-kite-system FISH
  • The tech developed during the projects will serve other goods.
  • Refreshing retreat place.
  • Meeting place. Conferences.
  • Vacation place
  • Science experiments
  • Niche manufacturing
  • Convalescence place
  • Hospice
  • Launch of other aircraft and spacecraft
  • Restaurant
  • Immunity from forest fires, earthquakes, ground-hugging pests,
  • Place for studying, art, writing, conversing,  ...
Fantasy background
  • Cities in the sky
  • Heaven
  • Home of the ancestors and angels
  • Clouds
Preliminary steps    ... Suggestions are invited
  • Keep a wing flying in the sky for a year.
  • Human lives in a FISH for a week.
  • Human lives in a FISH for a month.
  • Human lives in a FISH for a year.
  • Two humans live in a FISH for a year.
  • Human is conceived in a FISH.    It is very probably that a human has been conceived within some flying aircraft.
Persons showing noteworthy interest in FISH
Steps achieved       Noteworthy steps achieved toward FISH with references are invited
  • Potable water collected in a wing of a kite system. The water would come from the upper atmosphere. This has already been achieved in the Blue Hill kite systems.
  • LTA kite systems have flown for days. Record references are invited. [ ]
  • Man-lifting in kite systems has been achieved.   Duration records' references are invited.  [ ]   Human stays in sky by use of kite systems for ___________ hours, days, etc.    Human stays in sky by use of sailplane for ______ hours.  Duration of sailplane pilot: _______________.   Duration of solar-powered sailplane: _______________
  • Solar aircraft duration records:
  • Zephyr Solar Plane Lands After Over 2 Weeks (!!!) in the Air, Setting New World Record (uninhabited)
    The FAI set the official duration at 336 hours, 22 minutes and eight seconds.
    The three records are: 1) absolute duration of an unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) flight, 2) flight duration for a UAV of its class (unmanned craft weighing 50-500kg), and 3) altitude record for a UAV of its class (21,562m/70,741ft).
  • Uninhabited kite-flying duration records:
  • wiki/Solar_Impulse
  • http://www.solar-flight.com/         Duo coming ....        Team
  • Eric Raymond
  • Eating a meal while in soaring flight.
  • Hygiene PRS while in soaring flight
  • Reading has been done while in soaring flight
  • Exercising has been done while in soaring flight
  • Praying has been done while in soaring flight.
  • Talking has been done while in soaring flight.
  • Studying has been done while in soaring flight.
  • Six persons have been in gliding flight on one hang glider at one time for a short duration.
  • Long-duration balloon voyages:      LDB  
    •  Uninhabited: __________________
    • Inhabited: ____________________
  • NASA's Astrophysics balloon team on Super-TIGER   http://physics.wustl.edu/supertiger/
    "Ultra-Long Duration Balloons are currently in development, and will be super-pressurized in order to maintain a similar altitude regardless of sunrises and sunsets. This is important because it would allow for balloon flights at any latitude"       ULDB
  • Ballooning records: http://www.fai.org/record-ballooning
  • Airship flight-duration records
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_endurance_record
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