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Flip Wing or Flipwing
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  •  An integral airfoil that has rapid change of angle of attack so as to cause a rotation about a axis is flipping and thus a flip wing; the rotation may be full and continuing or may be partial and reversing. Do not confuse Savonius or Darrieus arrangements as flipwing as they are composites of two or more airfoils with special interactions because of the multiplicity. 

See: AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/messages/12107

See also FlipWings folder

Distinguish "flip winging" from Magnus-effect cylinder dynamics and from Darrieus arrangements. Distinguish "flip winging"  from tossed or flipped wings that are intended for gliding or kiting without autorotation about lateral axis of the wing.  For "flip-wing": the axis of rotation is within the wing.  Also, distinguish from Savonius rotor which canonically is not a flipwing.

Note: Many texts confuse Magnus-effect devices for flip wings; however, note that during flip winging there occurs a circulation air cylinder that has a slight Magnus-effect  dynamics respecting that air cylinder; however, in flip winging, the dominant lifting occurs via non-Magnus-effect dynamics.

Research tips: In the literature explore Savonius, rotary-wings (some are flip wings), miss-applied Magnus-effect studies, kite patents on rotary wings, ribbon kite, ...

Sectors of flip winging:

  • Gliding flip wings
    • Non-kiting free-flight gliding flip winging
    • Gliding-kite flip winging.
  • Non-gliding kiting flip wings.
    • Wide-based ribbon-arch flip winging
    • Single-line and one mooring
    • Two-line with narrow-based mooring
      • Stacked two-line with narrow-based mooring
      • v
  • AWES involving flip wings.
  • Savonius energy-producing flip winging
  • Nature exhibits flip winging (flipping falling leaves, seed parts post-bird destruction of seed, spider-silk-held leaf parts that are specially locked to enable flip winging kiting,  .. )
Miscellaneous notes:
  • Small, large
  • Low-mass, high-mass
  • Segments with their own rotation rates
  • Colors
  • Applications: entertainment, recreation, energy-production, free-flight, powered flight, non-powered flight, visibility markers, conspicuity solution,
  • Budgets
  • Video
  • Patents
  • Products
  • Fan-wing
  • Parachute experiments
  • Space re-entry studies
  • Text in hang gliding
  • Toy kiting flip winging
  • Costs
  • Safety
  • How to measure the rotational rate of a flipping wing?
  • Bearings
  • Tensions
  • Transonic flip winging
  • The very small flip wings
  • Paper-play flip wings
  • Confetti shapes (free-flight flip wings)
  • Free-flight flip winging (AWES, glider, parachute, confetti, _____?)
  • Artistic versions
  • The physics of flip winging
  • Mathematics useful for analysis of flip winging
  • When main kiting tether is itself a flip-wing is to be studied for its drag, induced drag, veering asset, etc.
  • Left-veering flip-wing tethers and right-veering flip-wing tethers.   Uses of the veering asset? Kite system coterie construction.  Barrage kite systems using the veering asset.
  • The liability of flip-winging of long streamlined tethers.
  • AWES with flip-wing tethers where the rotation is mined by the driving of electric generator or fluid pump or twisting works.
  • The visual potentials of flip wings: reflection, rotation rate, colors, health concerns on brain, visibility, night effects, day effects, sun effects, material choices
  • Flat versus various non-flat airfoils for flip wings
  • The sounds of flip winging?  Measuring the sounds. Rating a device for its sounds. Assets and liabilities of the sounds of flip winging.
  • Take flip-wing and bridle at the ends of its rotation axis; hang a resistive mass via a tether set (one or more lines). Set this in fall and have a horizontal-axis winged paraglider. (source)
  • Auxiliary lifter for flipwing arch for launching and for maintaining
  • Challenges of directions
  • Classification by aspect ratio?
  • Wind speed
  • Strength of materials
  • Just how much of a flip wing rotation may be mined for other works?
  • Intermittent mining of flip wing rotation.
  • Stabilizing (disks, flywheel, gyroscopic dynamics)
  • Controls
  • Lower ducting apron?
  • Mass distribution in the flip wings
  • Inflatable flip wings or parts thereof


Patents regarding flip-wing (not at all yet complete; help is invited for patents from all nations)
Extant products
tags: flipwing, flip-wing, flip wing, flip winging, rotary wing, axis of rotation, reflex, wing rotor,
Shapes of the airfoils involved in flip wings
  • Flat
  • S-curve
  • Z
  • Reflex
  • Edge treatments
Research open:
  • Andrew Cations of Melbourne, Australia, and photos of Mr. Big
  • Roy Mueller and his products on ribbon-arch flipwing of two widely spread anchors of skybow type
  • German larger size mentioned by DaveS?
  • Jim Mallos
Bearings and swivels
  • Magnetic
  • Ceramic
  • Ball-bearing
  • Jeweled
  • Fluid-involved
Generators and pumps