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Chase Honaker
"Chase Honaker is an independent writer, director, producer and editor based out of Austin, Texas. After graduating with a BA in Media Theatre Arts from Montana State University, Chase worked as a technical director for NBC Montana News Channel until he moved to Texas in 2010. In 2009 his short documentary Above Ground was awarded best documentary short at the Montana Tracy Awards. He helped form the music production company Guerilla Waltz in 2011, which has gone on to produce concert videos for performers such as Willie Nelson, Joe Satrian, Lyle Lovett and Asleep at the Wheel. In 2011 Chase directed the short documentary How Did We Get Here?, about the Bastrop wildfires, which helped raise funds and support for members of the art and music community who lost their homes and studios as a result of the fires."  
~~ Source, May 2013:  https://www.austinfilm.org/sponsored-projects/film-awe

Published on Oct 3, 2012

First look at the documentary AWE currently in production. The film chronicles the making and flying of MOTHRA1, a 3000 sq. ft. prototype kite farm, against the backdrop of Wind Energy Politics and the challenges presented by tapping this vast and powerful resource of upper wind. 

If you'd like to be a part of the film or have your AWE stories featured, email me at utilmovement@gmail.com

Featuring the films first three interviews with American Wind Power Center Executive Director Coy Harris, Xtreme Power co-founder Michael Breen and Util's R&D Director Ed Sapir. Also featuring Dave Santos, additional video by Rod Read and the voice of Jane Parker-Ambrose.

Archiving from May of 2013 from https://www.austinfilm.org/sponsored-projects/film-awe

AWE is a feature length HD documentary about Airborne Wind Energy, which is a steadily growing movement in the wind power industry that considers the potential role of kites and other forms of tethered aviation in the production of wind energy. Although Airborne Wind Energy is not a new concept, it is still not well known among average people. Through interviews, stock footage and vignettes, the filmmaker chronicles the history of this technology and introduces the audience to the leading thinkers in this movement.

Mothra1, a giant kite, was created by its designers to harness wind power. It is just one project being developed by designers committed to Airborne Wind Energy. The pioneers in the new industry assert that there is more wind to be harnessed in the as-of-yet untapped regions of the higher altitudes. Here, far above the reach of the giant turbines that now dot wind swept plains all across the world, the wind is stronger but cannot be reached by conventional turbines. Something as simple as a kite has the ability to harness energy. It is a liberating idea for people living off the grid, but has potential for the grid as well. More sophisticated forms of tethered aviation are being developed as we speak by renegade engineers at small firms and academic departments across the world, in a race to see who can bring thistechnology to a larger market. AWE tells this story.

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