Note: "CoolIP"     (cool IP)    is a catch-all for shared AWE knowledge (FairIP/coopIP) that combines high open-source freedom with "honor-system" consideration for the creators, as that knowledge proves commercially valuable to big business. It is a work-around to the "broken" global patent system, for small inventors. The AWE Consortium has been challenged in writing to accept cool/fair/coop AWE IP, but has not yet responded. It will be very hard for AWE companies to completely avoid the many good ideas gathered under the CoolIP banner. AWEIA is proposed to arbitrate eventual fairness disputes related to the new IP vehicle.         
Legal Note: CoolIP is hereby defined as a Creative-Commons Unported NonCommercial Share-Alike License, so now we are integrated with the latest standard cooperative IP model, but "CoolIP" remains a nice shorthand.         CC :: Creative commons.       See:    CC BY NC SA  and CC 4.0 BY NC SA   as phrase means the same.

Short or long articles meant for cooperative intellectual property for AWE matters can be sent to   for moderated publication in the AWE community sites.  
We will add hyperlinks and do some editing; you may participate in furthering the same inputs
on the dedicated pages in open-to-public pages.

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         See also FairIP

 Tethers:  "The magic of a tether is how great tensile force is transmissible between points with minimal mass and cost. " Notice: There are two versions of the article; each version has interesting gems; the two versions are presented side-by-side HERE.

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