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"What it does mean is that de Russy likes to fly kites, namely hang gliders."
Santa Barbara News Press 26 January 1975

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    •  lit by battery powered lights aboard wing or aboard tether or aboard anchor: Lit-by-electrical-battery-powered-lights kites     
    • Paragliders  (these are kites with open-air falling anchors) (See PDMC for safety)
    • ancient chinese kite
    • Texaco Paper Kite
    • Carol Master's Mini-Sled Kite
    • False Eddy kites  AA   BB
    • someAWE kites by Christof Beaupoil
    • Windswept & Interesting kites
    • kPower™ kites, k Power™ kites  kPower kites
    • hang glider kites     kite hang gliders   
    • Kite
    • Adult-only
    • Moyes GTR
    • Witney? or Whitney: Please confirm
    • Kite 2B  (please send more info; we pick the Slingsby T.26 Kite 2B  when under tow (thus kiting).  Do you intend differently? Please send direct email to the Editor. Thanks. 
    • Multi-stick kites
    • Multi-Dowel Diamond
    • "English arch-top kites"
    • Tree-like complex kites
    • Tree-Mill kites
    • '"Rotating wing kites"
    • "Ultralight sailplane kites"
    • "Rigid kites"

The List of Kite Types 
which includes kite hang glider and kite paragliders

Suggest a type of kite:

A kite is a system of tether-coupled wing sets.
Wing sets involved are resistive anchors to some of the other wing sets in the system. Anchors may be considered as wing sets. Flown media may be air, other gases, water, other liquids, soils, solids, plasmas, ..or a mix of media where parts of the kite are in one media and the other parts in some other media, perhaps.


What is a kite?  A kite is _____.
Discuss kite hang gliders at: HangGliderMuseum


On hat: http://www.thedistractionnetwork.com/images/funny-hat-pics-205.jpeg

The list is ever growing via inputs from readers. Thanks!    What is yet missing?   Kite
0-stick kites
1-line kites
1-stick kites
2-line kites
3-line kites
5-line kites
3-D kites
4-boom kites
4-tube kites
4-stick kites
6-sided kite
7-boom kites
AA kites (Airborne Architecture kites)
Abstract kites       | AK1  |
Acrobatic kites
Actively-controlled kites
Ader kites
Adult-only kites
Advanced kites
Advertising kites
Aerial-photography-platform kites  |     |
Aerobatic kites
Aerostructures aqua primary-glider kites 
Aero-towed canopy-paraglider kites  |     |
Aero-towed airframed kite hang-glider kites  |     |
Aero-towed primary-glider kites   |     |
Aero-towed sailplane kites   |     |
Age-ranged kites
Agricultural kites
Aerofoil box kite
Airborne architectural kites      AA
Airfoil kite
Air-inflated kites
Air kites
Air-o-bian kites   (FirstNews) (HistoryNote)  (Note2) (Hugh De Haven)
Airplane kites
Alexander Graham Bell kites
Alita kites
All-terrain kites
Alox kites
Alphabet kites
All-foam kites
All metal kites
Allsopp kites
Aluminum kites
Animal kites
Ancient Chinese kites
Antenna kites
Aqua-glider kites
Archaeology kites
Arch kites
Arch top kites
Archimedes Screw Kite
Arc kite
Armstrong-flown kites
Array kites
Arrow kites
  • Art kites
    • Video kites,
    • kites on photographs,
    • fine-art illustrations containing kite images,
    • paintings,
    • sculptures,
    • flight-simulator images of kites,
    • engineering drawings,
    • sewing plans,
    • drawings of kite plans,
    • story illustrations in children's books,
    • patent drawings
    • kites depicted on clothes, tee-shirts, costumes
    • kites depicted in cartoon drawings
    • Charlie Brown kites
    • Charles M. Schulz drawn kites
    • Kites depicted in fine art paintings
    • v
    • v
    • v

Asiatic kites
Asymmetrical kites
Autogiro kites
AWE kites
AWES kites (airborne wind-energy system kites)
Awesome kites

Babington's pear top kites
Bag kites
Balanced kites
Balloon kites
Balloon-Vender kite   (spelling as in Popular Science)
Bamboo kites
Barish kites
Barish Glide-Wing kites
Barish Glide Wing kites
Barish sailwing kites,
Barndoor kites
Barrage kites
Barrel kites
Barrel-roll rotating kites
Bates' kites     John Bate
Bat kites
Bautek hang glider kites

Baxter kites   ( Dahl Baxter    Ref1  |  )
Beautiful kites
Beginner kites
"Ben" Franklin kite
Bensen gyro hang glider kites   
Bell kites
Benhaïem Flygenkite kites
Bennett kites
Bermuda kites
Betty Street kites
Biographical kites
Biot's kites
Biplane kites   bi-plane kites

  • Bird kites
    • Eagle kites
    • Kite kites
    • Duck kites
    • Swan kites

Birdman Cherokee hang glider kite
Bird-scaring kites
Birthday kites
Bishop's Hat kites      BHKP49  
Black kites
Blue kites
Boat kites
Boat-tow inhabited kites
Bomb-dropping kites
Boundary-marking kites
Bow kites
Bowsprit kites
Bowsprit hang glider kites
Bow-tie kites or Cravate d'Arc (Bow Tie)
Box delta kites
Box kites
Breakaway kites
Breslau 1908 hang glider kites
Briskites kites
Brogden kites
Broken kites
Brown Bag kites
Bug kites
Bullet kites
Burns kites
Busable kites
Butterfly kites
Buzzing kites

Calm kites
Cambodian kites
Camera-carrying kites
Candle-carrying kites
Candy-dropping kites
Canopy kites
Carol Master's Mini-Sled Kite
Carp kites
Catch the Wind kites
Cellular kites
Centipede kites
Ceremonial kites
Challenging kites
Chapman turbine kites
Cheap kites
Cheney, Dick: 1958 "rogallo" hang glider kite
Children kites
China PAN kite Co., Ltd. kites
Chinese kites
Christmas kites
Circle kites
Circular-headed kites
Circular kites
Closed-cell foil kites
Cloudseeker kite
Cluster kites
Cody kites  |  Cody 160ger Zelle
Collapsible kites
Collected kites
Collectible kites
Colorful kites
Comet hang glider kites  (UP, Haggard, Cheney)      | Link2 |
Common kites
Commercial toy kites
Communications kites
Community kites      Ref1     wing produced by a community
Company kites
Competition kites
Complex kites
Conical Rogallo kites
Conical Rogallo hang glider kites
Connectible kites
Construction-site kites
Controllable kites
Controlled kites
Conventional kites  [changes per era and per locality]
Cook kites
Corner kites
Coterie kites
Crazy kites
Cross kites
Crucifix kites       CK1 CK2 |
Culp kites
Cup kites
Custom kites

Dacron kites
Dancing kites
Dan Flintjer kites
Dangerous kites
Dansey kites
Decorative kites
Decoy kites
Deep Green sea kites
Delta kites
Delta-wing kites
Deviant-art kites
Diamond kites
Dickenson water-ski glider kites
Difficult-to-fly kite
Dime-store kites
Disposable kites
Disturbing kites
Dome kites
Donated kites
Donation kites
Double-vision kites
Dragon kites
Drinking-straw kites (partial or complete)
Dropper kites
Duck decoy kites
Durable kites
Duryea kites
Dutch kites
Dutch Pear-top kites     |VidDPTK|

Easy-flyer kites
Easily-broken kites
Easy-to-build kites
Easy-to-fly kites
Eddy kites
Edible kites
Edo kites
Eipper kites
E-Kites kites
Electricity-generating kites
Electric kites
Emong kites
Emulation kites
Energy kites
Energy-producing kites
English arch-top kites
Envy kites
Epic Kites
Erratic kites
Espy kites
Ethnic kites
Event kites
Ever-up kites
Expensive kites
Experimental kites

Facial-tissue kites
Fairy kites
Faith kite        | FKc1 |
Falcon hang glider kites
Falconry kites
False Eddy kites  AA   BB
Family kites
Family-made kites
Fantasy kites
Faust kites
Feather kites         FKPat
Festival kites
Fetch-things kites
Fighter kites      | FK2
Figurative kites
Figure kites
Fine-art kites
Fire-fighting kites    | FK1 |
Fire kites
Fire-spewing kites
First kites
Fish kites
Fishing kites
Flag kites
Flare kites
Flat kites
Flexible kites
Flexifoil kites
FlexiKite kites
Flip Kite
Flip-wing kites   | Forum  |   Flipwing kites
Flock kites
Flown-by-______ kites
Flyable kites
FlygenKite kites
Flysurfer kites
Foil kites
Foldable kites
Food-carrying kites
Forever-up kites
Found kites
Four-stick kites
Foy box kites             | US2533570 |
Free kites, festival free kites
Free-flying kites, free-flight kites  
Freestyle kites
French military kites
Fugitive kites
Fully flexible kites

  • G-kites kites
    • Koi Rokkaku
    • Watonia Rokkaku
    • Suke Roku Rokkaku
    • Tukinami Rokkaku
    • Otaka Rokkaku
    • Benki Rokkaku
    • The Fled
    • Single French Military
    • Double French Military
    • Brooxes Box
    • Double Delta Conyne
    • Giant Ghost Delta - 11 Foot
    • SunCatcher Rokkaku - 7.5 Foot
    • Swallow Flock
    • v
    • v

Gambardella box kite       | US4201357  |
Gannett (by Bob England) bowsprit hang glider kite
Garber (Paul Garber) kites  |  Article1
Galero kites        wiki/Galero  |   image  |
Gallaudet Wing-Warping Kite aka Hydro-Bike
Gang kites
Gayla kites
Gemini Project kites
Geometric kites
Gift kites
Gifted kites
Giveaway kites
Glider kites              art5
Gliding kites
Glove-required kites
Glue-constructed kites
Gomberg kites
Goof-proof kites
Green Giant kites
Green kites
Group kites
Group kites
Gryphon bowsprit hang glider kite
Gyro hang glider kites
Gyro kites

Haggard kites
Hand-held kites
Handley, Miles hang glider kites
Handy kites
Hang glider kites
Hargrave kites
Hat kites
Hazardous kites
Heart kites
Heavier-than-air kites
Heavy-wind kites
Helicopter kites
Helikites       |AKH1|
Helium-filled kites
Hero kites
Hexagonal kites
HiFix kites
Hi-Flier Kite Company kites
Hi-Flier kites
High-altitude kites
High-altitude wind-energy kites
High-angle-flying kites
High-aspect ratio kites
High-flying kites
High-lift kites
High performance kites
High-wind kites
Hill and Miller hang glider kite
Historical kites
Hiway hang glider kites
Hobson 1962 "Rogallo Wing Hang Glider" for foot-launching
Holey kites
Holiday kited
Holy day kites
Holy kites
Holykites kites
Homemade kites
Horizontal-axis rotary kites
House kites
Huge kites
Humming kites
Hunting kites
Hurricane kites
Hydrogen-filled kites
Hydrophobic kites

If-I-Tell kites
Illuminated kites
Illuminated-anchor kites
Illuminated-tether kites
Indonesian kites
Indoor kites
Industrial kites
Inflatable kites
Inhabited kites
Insane kites
Insect kites
Instrument-carrying kites
Interesting kites
Intricate kites
Invisible kites

Jalbert kites
Japanese kites
Javan kite
Javans kites
Jesus kites        JK1  |  JK2  |  JK3 |

kaku kites
KAP kites       |  KAP1  |  Aerial Eye |
Keeled kites
Ken de Russy's collected hang glider kites
Kiddie kites
Kinetic kites

Kite          (simply)

Kite 2B  Slingsby T.26 Kite 2B

Kiteboarding kites
Kitebuggying kites
KitenerGy kites
Kite-energy kites

Kite hang gliders

Kite kites
KiteLab Group kites
Kitesurfing kites
Knock-down kites
Koman kites
Kool kites
Korean kites
kPower™ kites, k Power™ kites  kPower  k-Power
Kytoon kites

Laddermill kites
Ladder kites
Landboarding kites
Large kites
Largest kites
Laundry kites
Leader kites
Leading-edge inflated kites
Leaf kites
Le Bris kites
LeCornu kites
Legal kites
LEI kites
Lesson kites
Levitor kites      (B. F. S. Baden-Powell)
Lifter kites
Lifting kites
Lighted kites
Lighter-than-air kites
Lilienthal kites
Lil' Pocket Kite
Limp kites
Lindenberg Observatory kites
Line kites
Lit-by-electrical-battery-powered-lights kites   (on board or off-board lights)
Litewing hang glider kite by Michael Sandlin   | Note1
Loaded kites
Logging kites
Logo kites
Long-lasting kites
Lost kites.
Loud kites
Loved kites
Low kites
Low-L/D canopy kites
Low-L/D kites
Low-aspect ratio kites
Low-cost kites
Low-performance kites
Low-wind kites
LTA kites

Magic kites
Magic-themed kites     Post1 
Malaysian kites
Malay kites
Man-lifting kites
Manned kites
Manufactured kites
Marconi kite         See1
Mathematics-theorem displaying kites
Mattress kites
Meal placemat kites
Meditation kites
Megue kites, Megué kites
Memorable kites
Mesh kites
Message kites
Meteorological Kites      | MK1 |  |  |
Military kites
Minesto kites
Miniature kites
Minifoil kites
Model kites
Mothra kites    [Note1 ]  
Movie-displaying kites
Moyes kites
Moyes GTR
Multi-anchored kites
Multi-Dowel Diamond       MBK
Multi-stick kites
Multi-tethered kites
Multi-train kites
Multi-winged kites
Musical kites
Museum kites
Mylar kites

n-line-bridled kites
n-line controlled kites
n-person kites
n-plane kites
n-stick kites
n-winged kites
Napkin kites

  • National kites, regional kites
    • Kites of Japan
    • Kites of China
    • Kites of Indonesia
      • Bali kites
      • Balinese kites
      • Javanese kites
      • Sumatra kites
      • v
    • Philippine kites

Natural kites
Nature's kites
Negative kites       MainFolder
Neighborhood kites        Page1 
Nervous kites
New kites
Newspaper kites
New Tech Kites
No-assembly-required kites
No-stick kites
Noise-making kites
Notable kites
Not-for-flying kites
Not-for-sale kites
NPW kites
NRG kites
NRG Light Breeze kites
Nylon kites

Observation kites
Official kites
Ohashi kites
Old kites
Omega hang glider kites
Omega kites
One-session kites
One-flight kites
Open-keel delta kites
Open-mesh kites
Oscillating kites
Otto-wing kites
Out of control kites
Ozone kites

Packaged kites
Pain's Pelican bowsprit hang glider kite
Pair kites
Paper kites
Parachute kites
Parade kites        PK1  
Parafoil kites
Paragliders  (these are kites with open-air falling anchors) (See PDMC for safety)
Paraglider kites
Paravanes (underwater kites)
Party kites
Passively-controlled kites
Patent kites
Peace kites
Pear top kites
Peel® kites     2-line       4-line   
Pennon kites            Art2
Penta kites

  • Peter Lynn kites    | PLPapers |
    • Lynn Pilot kites
    • Lynn Lifter kites
    • 3-Bridle Stackable Pilot kites
    • The Skin kites
    • 8-Bridle Pilot Kite
    • Single-line kites
    • Ray kites
    • Large show kites

Peter Powell Kites
Photograph-displaying kites
Photography kites
Pick-up-and-place kites
Picnic kites
Picnic-plate kites
Pile-driving kites
Pilot-carriable kites
Pilot kites
Plain kites
Plane kites
Plastic kites
Plastic plain kites
Plate kites
Pocket kites
Pocock kites
Political campaign kites
Polygonal kites
Popular kites
Position-reporting kite
Position-marking kites
Potter box kites         |  SAP1  |  US607129  |
Power kites
Practical kites
Practice kites
Prayer kites
Precision-built kites
Predator hang glider kites   | Note1 |
Pregnant kites
Premier kites       Premier Kites & Designs, a division of Primus Inc.
Premium kites
Prentice kites (ARP)
Pretty kites
Princeton sailwing kites
Princeton sailwing kite hang gliders
Primary-glider kites    |   Image1 |

  • Prism kites
    • Prism stunt kites
      • Quantum Pro
      • Micron
      • Zephyr
      • E3
      • Quantum
      • Hynpnotist
      • Nexus
      • 4D Jazz
      • Nexus 5 Stack
      • Micron 5 Stack
    • Prism power kites
      • Tensor 3.1 or 4.2 or 5.0
    • Prism speed foils
      • Snapshot 1.2 or 1.4 or 1.9 or 2.5
    • Single-line kites
      • Stowaway Parafoil
      • EO Atom
      • EO-6
      • Zero G
      • Stowaway Delta
      • Stowaway Diamond
      • Flip Kite
      • Triad
      • Switch
  • v

Prison-escape kites
Promotional kites
Puffer kites
Pumping kites
Purcell water-ski glider kites

Quad-line kites
Quad-line freestyle kites
Quiet kites
Quiver kites
Quivered kites

Radar-invisible kites
Radar-reflective kites
Radio-controlled kites
Radio program blasting kites
Radio-receiving kites
Radio-relay kites
Radio-transmitting kites
Ram-air inflated kites
Rare vintage kites
Rata Wing Kites
RB Toys kites
Ready kites
Recreation kites
Reentry kite
Reflective kites Regional kites
Religious celebration kites
Repairable kites
Rescue kites
Resort kites
Revolution kites
Revolving kites
Rice-paper kites
Rigid kites
Rigid-wing kites
Ripstop kites
Rogallo kites
Rokkaku kites
Rokkaku art kites
Rokkaku battle kites
Rokkaku train kites
Rok kites
Roman kites
Rosary kites
Rotary kites
Rotating wing kites
Rotor kites

Sacred kites
Safe kites
Sailplane kites     |  Image1 |  (model or full-sized manned or unmanned)
Saints kites
Salutation kites
Sand-anchored kite
Santos kites
Satisfactory kites
Saturn hang glider kite   | Note2 |
Saturn 167 hang glider kite by Altair     | Note1  |
Sauls Barrage Kite  | SoleOrg |   |
Sausage kites
School kites
Schooner kites
Scientific kites
Seagull Aircraft hang glider kites
Sea kites
Seed-dropping kites
Seeding kites
Seedling-dropping kites
Seedwings kites
Self-assembly kites
Self-unpacking kites
Self-relaunching kites
Semi-flexible kites
Shade-giving kites
Short kites
Show kites
Show-and-tell kites
Siamese kites
Sideways-flying kites
Siege kites (both in fiction, fantasy, and in practical applicaitons)
Signature kites
Signed kites
Sign kites
Signaling kites
Silk kites
Silly kites
Simple kites
Single-line kites
Single-line kids kites
Single-point bridled kites
Single-skin kites    | HotTrend Article5 |
Skating kites
Skybow kites, Skybow rotating-ribbon kites
Skyhook kites
Sky-Alert kites
Sky kites
Skypull kites     | http://skypull.com energy-kite system   Skypull |
Slack-covered kites
Sled kites
Skystreme kites
Slotted kites
Slow kites
Small kites
Snowflake kites
Snowkiting kites
Soaring kites
Soil kites
Solid-wing kites
someAWE kites by Christof Beaupoil
Special-color kites
Specialty kites
Special-use kites
Speedwing kites by Eric Heid, Thomas Erfurth and Harald Schlitzer
Spider kites
Spiral kites
Sport kites
Springbow kites
Spy kites
Square kites
Stable kites
Star kites
Star kiteboarding kites
Starkites kites
Starter kites
String kites
Steiff Flier
Submarine kites
Superman kites
Surveillance kites
Surveying kites
Sutton flowform kites
Stations-of-the-Cross kites
Star kites
Starkites kites
Star Kites kiteboarding kites
Store-bought kites
Storybook kites
Strutless kites
Stunt kites
Styrofoam kites      | Main |  |  |  |
Straw kites
Swimming kites

Tailed kites
Tail kites
Tailless kites
Tall kites
Tape-constructed kites
Target kites
Task kites
Technical kites
Temporary kites    ( temp AWE)
Tensile kites    See HERE
Tetrahedral kites
Texaco Paper Kite        |  TPK1  |
Three-line controlled kites
Ticker-tape kites
Tiny kites
Tissue-paper kites
Tosa dako kites
Toy kites
Traction kites
Training kites
Train kites
Transportation kites
Trapezoidal kites
Trashed kites
Trash kites
Trash-technology kites
Tree-eaten kites
Tree kites
Tree-like complex kites
Tree-Mill kites
Triangle-box kite
Triangle-box-keeled kite
Triangle kite
Tri-Box kites
Triplane kites
Troposphere kites
Truncated Malay kites
Turbine kites
Twin Boomer kite by Klaus Hill and Larry Hall
Twin-skin kites
Two-line controlled kites
Two-person kites
Tyrus Wong kites      | TWCentVid1 |
Tyvek kites

Ugly kites
UltraKite™ kites
Ultra Kite XL Sport
Ultralight sailplane kites
Unbalanced kites
Uncontrolled kites
Under-water kites
Unloved kites
Unpopular kites
Unstable kites
UP hang-glider kites
Used kites
Useful kites

Valentine kites
Variformed kites
Varilooped kites     VL001
Vertical-axis rotary kites
Video-displaying kites
Visible kites

War kites

  • Waspair LTD kites

Water kites
Water-relaunchable kites
Water-ski kites
Water-spraying kites
Weather Bureau kites
Well-known kites
White kites
Whistling kites
Whitney Port-a-Wing kite (hang glider).
Wills Wing hang glider kites
Wind-bagged kites Wishing kites
Windswept & Interesting kites
Wish-list kites
Woglom kites      | WK1DB |  
Woglom parakites     |  |    Gilbert Totten Woglom
Woman-lifting kites
Wood-only kites
Working kites
Work kites
World-record kites
Worn kites
Wright Brothers kites

AngryBirds Mini Diamond
SkyDelta 43 R
SkyDelta 52
Flying Aces
FlexWing Glider
Mini Nylon
Birds of Prey
DC Sport
SkyDiamond Poly Diamond Kites
     Green Lantern
     Winnie the Pooh
    Sponge Bob
    Clone Wars
    Disney Princess
    Blue Angels
    Spider-Man 4

Yellow kites

Zebra kites
Zeeko kites
Z kites   by Slingshot

The Study of Man
By Alfred Cort Haddo  ... Published in 1898.

and following pages; which see. Click image of text above

Round-top on cover of 1937, March, Good Housekeeping magazine



  • Automobile towed  _____
  • Car towed   _____
  • Animal towed   _____
  • Friend-towed   _____
  • Boat-towed   _____
  • Raft-in-river-towed kites
  • jee yu     for kite for Canton-Chinese. Ref: Parakites by Woglom.

2 liner trainer kites
CX kites
Affordable kites
Expensive kites
Royal kites
Kite-mountain-boarding kites
Ice-skating kites

Kites By Manufacturer
HQ Kites
Flying Wings
Ozone Kites
Peter Lynn Kites
Pro Airforms
Premier Kites
Prism Kites
Revolution Kites
Sky Burner Kites
Sky Dog Kites
Gomberg Kites
Flying Line / Line Sets
Spin Socks - Wind Socks
Wakeless Kites
John Barresi Kymera kites
Jest Of Eve
Gift Ideas
Into The Wind Kites
Cross Kites


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