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Overspeed Protection (OP or OSP)     Discuss: AWES7290

[ ]  What is each AWES team doing about OSP matters?  
[ ] Your notes, papers, links, and reports are invited.

WECs and AWES face gusts and storms.
What to do in design and operation to keep the system from losses?
I'll mostly be steering, and spilling wind with elastic collapse...
However, ...  other options and systems are applicable to my current test.
~ Rod Read,
30Sep2012  Research

To solve a similar problem, where I wanted to limit the force provided by a cantilevered fin, I modified a section of the main spar near the root to be similar to two pieces of a common steel tape measure. They can be arranged back-to back, or as a single S section, as long as they are stiff up to a given load, but then change into a flat shape that can handle large, wind-spilling deflections and still recover elastically. The recovery force can be fine-tuned to give more working time than a standard tape measure section would.

This principle can be extended to inflated spars and many other parts. I'm indebted to J.E. Gordon for pointing out the ways that grasses can survive being trodden upon. He also notes that leaves, when overloaded in high wind, turn into rather slippery, but stable cone shapes instead of flapping.
~ Bob Stuart  

  • General study: OSPwindturbine
  • General review of group mentions of OSP: OSPmentionsInAWEgroup   
  • Rules, regulations, guidelines, standards, certification of OSP systems ...
  • How not to collect energy after limits of the system have been reached?
  • Seeing the approaching wind events and altering the system to protect itself.
  • Weather predictions.
  • Experiences.
  • Vne     velocity never to exceed
  • Cooling  
  • Angle of attack
  • Wing-set area reduction
  • Furling
  • Letting tether lengthen
  • Flying above weather
  • Flying below weather
  • Stopping AWES
  • Advanced Kite Killing
  • Releasing AWES and morph to gliding and soaring free-flight
  • Kill system in a manner where recovery of assets occurs. (Destruction of a system eats assets and is not a system-protection method, though destruction may reduce liabilities in some situations and protect gross business assets.)
  • Kite killers.  
    • Tactics to kill a flying kite system (various degrees of change are under this umbrella).
    • Methods to kill a kite system
    • Costs and merits of a kite-killing system.
    • Emergency-morphing
    • Auxiliary pull-down lines
  • What is the range of wind speed for "best operation" of a given AWES? 
  • Smart operating.
  • AWES7286
  • Failure-avoidance emergency modes?
  • Shortening blade lengths
  • Pitch control
  • Porosity control
  • Sail-area control
  • Airfoil-shape control
  • Yaw controls
  • Weather avoidance
  • Taxi
  • Release and fetch
  • Aviation lessons
  • Lessons from sailing.
  • Lessons from kiting.
  • Generator or pump protection schemes
  • Hide the system from certain weather.
  • Quick lifts by upper ferry to take assets above weather.
  • Release part of the tether set to obtain flagging.
  • Exterior resolutions
  • Integrated solutions.
  • Built-in solutions
  • Operational strategies for OSP
  • Design strategies for OSP
  • Incident analysis. History of incidents.
  • Why do HAWT burn out?
  • Towered-wind-turbine accident histories.
  • Generator failure analysis.
  • Tether-set failure analysis.
  • Wing-structure failure analysis.
  • Loss analysis.
  • Risk management. Risk analysis.
  • Testing OSP schemes.
  • OSP knowledge sharing.
  • Simulation
  • Programs involved in OSP design
  • Programs involved in OSP operating
  • Robotics and OSP
  • Products regarding OSP
  • Academic papers regarding OSP
  • Patents regarding OSP
  • What happens if an AWES disregards OSP matters?
  • Consider jet stream velocities.
  • Consider hurricane-dedicated AWES.
  • Effects of OSP on ROI, COP, siting, capacity factor, ...
  • Cut-out speed

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