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Re: [AWECS] Re: Kite Carousel Mechanical Design
M2850    January 7, 2011


Thank you for your precious indications and the compliment.

About single/double line:
I could not imagine such an explain. By chance it could be positive for a furthering automatic version of the two lines Manual Flygen (YouTube) for loading (model airplane, laptop...) batteries and also, with a quick launch of market as model airplane, to create a synergy with high-scale AWECS allowing an acceleration of their development.

About storage, two different purposes:
1) The availability you indicate : " ...Christina Archer and Ken Caldeira (Global Assessment of High-Altitude Wind Power) opinion (build interconnecting devices that are geographically dispersed via ground-based transmission lines)...", also in response to a precedent remark by Dave North towards the necessity of great amounts of storage.

2) Temporary small storage (hydraulic installations, supercapacitors...)for smoothing the production for a good quality of produced electricity before connection to the grid. For reel-out systems it can be necessary because of the irregularity of produced power (the same for flygen, listen the variation of sound on Manual Flygen), and also to compensate the retrieval phase. A farm of reel-out allows avoiding a part of the temporary storage with global management of one farm. But Carousel configuration, with its continuous move of conversion system, takes a great advantage: a smoothing device is not needed.

Pierre Benhaïem