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At Bogey Venlo we are designing wind turbines for greater altitudes.
A paradigm shift in the approach to wind turbine design is needed.

Joseph Beaujean, aka: Sjef Beaujean 
(RIP, 2014)
Joseph Marie Elise Beaujean

(an internal note: August 2011)

  • Dec. 2013: He has a rough draft of "Four steps program"  which you may ask him about.
  • January 2014   The AWE community lost a star: Dr. Beaujean.      See: Notice.
June 14, 2012, paper received from
Drs. J. M. E. Beaujean
P.O. Box 3006 
NL  5902 RA Venlo      

Paper:    SkySailsforWindTurbines2012   (PDF document)

Drs. J. M. E. Beaujean, Joseph Marie Elise Beaujean; company: Bogey Venlo B.V. in Venlo, Netherlands.  Civil engineering.  AWES concept of 2011 announcement.   AWES6109 and following. Discuss there.  
Same: Drs. J.M.E (Sjef) Beaujean, Sjef Beaujean, J.M.E.Beaujean, Dr. J.M.E. Beaujean,     Contact.  Eurospiraal B.V. 

Editor's note: For some mindset behind his move toward huge AWES, meditate over his spiral for transport of large prefabricated pipes and complex cables, etc.  Floating Spiral Method.  http://www.eurospiraal.com/articles/OPT+pic1.pdf

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UpperWindpower editorial: Consider a complex spiraled hull holding water turbines; tug it out to sea and fly traction kites to pull the full device broadside while making electricity and manufacturing chemicals including hydrogen. Products could be stored in another spiraled complex and towed to ports for release of the products.
Terms: hovering turbine, civil engineering company: Bogey Venlo BV, director Sjef Beaujean, high altitude generator, giant airborne power station, flexible polyamide sail-wings, sail-wings, contra-rotation, flygen, offshore, NorNed cable, seabed, suction anchors, magnet-tipped sail-wings, suction anchor, suction pad, generator rings, power station, spool, two counter-rotating sets of sail wings, narrow sailwings, wide support rings, floating winches, floating cable winches, electric coils and sheet magnets, static bearing rings, high voltage, floating central hub, rectified induced current, high-voltage DC (HV-DC), power produced at high voltage, generating system may self-launch as "electrically driven helicopter,"  control cables, floating mud pump (for use in installation of the suction anchors), ribbon cables, computer controlled winches, sails, suspended turbine, on-shore control room supervision, wings and the rotors, bobbins, 3D curved sails, Zodiacs, GPS, stator ribbon cables, outer and inner rings, two double rings (stators), two circles of anchor pads, seabed, upper set of wings, spreaders, second set of wings, public consultation exercise
Notes by anyone during the public consultation exercise.
  • "anything up to 1,350 m" for diameter of the turbine. Hence, scaling from toy to power station seems to be accepted in his vision.   ~JoeF
  • He recognizes that the fundamental concept of flygens that fly themselves for launch and landing and counter-rotating turbine blades for generating electricity aloft is not novel; however, his entire scheme seems to be worked out with proprietary aspects.  ~JoeF
6,540,440 2003 Method and means for storing and/or transporting an elongated tube or cable  
6,461,079 2002 System for controlled lowering of a tube or cable