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Aloys Van Gries,
aka, A Van Gries

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Looks like the priority date would then be April 26, 1935.

DE656194 clip. See full patent. DE656194

Note: Thanks DaveS for synergy push to get both these up more clearly. March 2, 2014

Rough draft historical research on Aloys Van Gries. Summary note: The technical statics book on aircraft at the 1920 state of understanding in German at 398 pages gives some clue to the technical power of Aloys van Gries. There are robust analyses of biplane aircraft structures; if one wanted to steep in biplane aircraft, then this book might be important for that.    Near 18 MB file.  In AWE, I am seeking a "feel" for what brought him to the 1935 patent on airborne wind energy, about 15 years following his publishing the major textbook on aircraft statics.

Book in German is available online free: https://archive.org/details/flugzeugstatik00griegoog
The book might give some clue to Aloys van Gries' mind that brought about his later filing the patent on the AWES scheme.

  Following note is not very important, if it is simply that one wants view of the book which is linked above. :
    [Source of the clip of the book's notice.]
Flugzeugstatik.   Von Dipl.-Ing. Aloys van Gries. Mit 207 Textfiguren. 1921. Preis M. 80. --; gebunden M. 86. --Machine translation of the notice:  Aircraft structural analysis. By Dipl.-Ing. Aloys van Gries. With 207 text figures. In 1921. Price M. 80 -; Bound M. 86 -
Author: Aloys van Gries.   Springer, 1921 - 379 pagesFour libraries hold the book: http://www.worldcat.org/title/flugzeugstatik/oclc/251051983 Note: TU Delft has a copy. Closed stacks. Available to patrons. Someone has scanned a book and republished. Perhaps a copy could be had of such for about $20 paperback. http://www.amazon.com/Flugzeugstatik-German-Aloys-Van-Gries/dp/1148750762/ref=sr_1_1_title_0_main/175-6863246-4985833?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1393862121&sr=1-1&keywords=9781148750767

Apparently he had some interest in the study of warts.
Aloys Van Gries-Str., Bensheim, Germany    Is there a street named after him?  Yes. So, the territory thought well enough of him to name a street after him. I do not have any information about the street's naming.
1. Head east on Joseph-Treffert-Straße toward Aloys-van-Gries-Straße
2. Take the 1st right onto Aloys-van-Gries-Straße
Aloys-van-Gries-Straße         64625 Bensheim, Germany
Google Maps satellite show a short segment street with about seven houses on it.
[ ] If this is our man, then he was mayor of Bensheim, Germany:      1871–1902: Aloys van Gries  
Bürgermeister: 1871–1902: 
Aloys van Gries.
That is a long term of being mayor!    I am wondering if this is our guy or not???  I wonder if Museum der Stadt Bensheim (municipal museum) has anything about these matters.
"When the Municipal Order of the Grand Duchy of Hesse came into force on 30 June 1821, Bensheim citizens were allowed to choose their mayor."

[ ] "Founding goal is to secure the cultural offer of the city of Bensheim at a high level and to create more efficient structures." http://www.stadtkultur-bensheim.de/stadtkultur-bensheim/wir-ueber-uns/    If this is our guy's city of mayorship, then the city might be interested in how he stands in the AWE history.  bibliothek(at)bensheim(dot)de

FR000000752267A [FR] Procédé et appareil pour la fabrication de plaques Isolantes légères et pour le bâtiment    
Manufacture of Light, Insulating Construction Plates]]
Special note:  Though his patent mostly concentrated on trains lifting flygen with electrical conduction via conductor tether, it is exciting to see his awareness in an alternative method of sending energy to the ground:

"The energy generated by the windwheel may also be led or transmitted positively mechanically directly to the ground by means of the guy-rope."   ~ Aloys Van Gries, 1935


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