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  • Next Generation NASA GA Advanced Concept
    Andrew S. Hahn
    NASA Langley Research Center
  • July 28, 2005  NASA Announces Aeronautical Centennial Challenge
  • Personal Air Vehicle Exploration Mark D. Moore 2002 A super slide show of NASA Langley's PAV vision and the many technologies that it envisions, with particular emphasis on flying cars, new engines and other key enabling innovations.
  • Regional and Intra-Urban On-demand Transportation System Mark D. Moore 2003 The definitive document on the PAV vision by one of NASA's PAV Founding Fathers. This 20 page jewel presents compelling evidence for the role of PAVs in our nation's transportation system. Enumerates many of the enabling technologies and how automotive volume production will lower vehicle cost.
    NASA Personal Air Transportation Technologies Mark D. Moore 2006 Mark Moore's well-illustrated 14 page paper on the technologies that will make PAVs attractive and useful. Ties closely with the NASA PAV Challenge prize categories and their enabling technologies.
  • Puffin   (future e-pav) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/01/21/puffin_vtol_pod/print.html
  • Design and Development of Multi-rotorcraft-based
    Unmanned Prototypes of Personal Aerial Vehicle

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  • How might tethered aviation move people through the air? 
    • One big way is to have AWECS supply the electricity for e-PAVs.
    • Another is the free-flight methods
      • Gust mining
      • Dynamic soaring
      • Bi-kite free-tether dynamic soaring
    • Cable nets. Sail on the cables.
    • Kite-up launching followed by long glides partially sustained by PV and energy from AWECS at ground stations.