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Wake turbulence hazard  (WTH) formed by AWECS
  • What are the facts?  
  • How will thermals affect the WTH of AWECS?  Will thermals enlarge the airspace to be avoided downwind and up-thermal of an operating AWECS?
  • Experience? 
  • Mitigations? 
  • What methods will be used to know and "see" the wake profile of an AWECS installation?
  • WTH avoidance?
  • AWECS-farm-wake effects? 
  • Air traffic in AWECS wakes?
  • How will WTH from AWECS be measured?
  • Wake profile of a particular AWECS operation?
  • Comparison studies?
  • What wake studies have been made for large kites?
  • How persistent are the wake structures downwind of an AWECS installation? 
  • How large is the hazard space?
  • Air traffic control and AWECS CAT?
  • Aviation Safety Reporting System  ASRS     Integrating AWE with established airspace users.
    In-depth ASRS Program Briefing. Please select a viewing choice:  HTML  or    PPT
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