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Members of WWRA
Anyone at any age or make in any nation may consider themselves a wing runner
(virtual, actual, potential, master, dreamer, etc.). 
Joining is by way of self affirmation privately or publicly. 
Historical honorary members are named when there is good evidence of their having done substantial wing running; we append "Pending affirmation" for honorees that are living and have not yet affirmed acceptance or not to WWRA. Nominations are welcome.

  • (Honorary)
    • Sir George Cayley      http://www.energykitesystems.net/GeorgeCayley/index.html
    • Otto Lilienthal for  running their very early small non-flying wing on their way to solving gliding flight for humans.  1862 Lilienthal Brothers' run-n-jump wing as shown in book by Stephan Nitsch  
    • Gustav Lilienthal for running their very early small non-flying wing
    • Richard Miller for running many wings and training other wing runners, primarily as preamble for launching and landing hang gliders. He was also a sailplane wing runner and pilot. Former editor of Soaring magazine.
    • Percy Pilcher  of running the Hawk fame.
    • Art Bean who ran many sorts of wings, many historical hang gliders including his own built replicas of an Otto Lilienthal, a John J. Montgomery; he also ran his own Bean's Bird. Some of his wing running resulted in launching into personal free flight with some wing running in the landing sequences
  • Frank Colver for running many wings.  Consider the many wing runs of his SkySail. And he introduced wing running to many others. Over a span of 41 years he did wing running!
  • (Pending affirmation honoree): _________________ 
  • Tony Prentice  (aka ARP)   who well ran wings in the early 1960s to effect changes in his own and others' wing lives.  Watch some of his wing running: HERE.
  • (Nominated: pending affirmation)   Terry Sweeney  whose wing running spectacularly represented part of the emerging hang gliding scene. See some of his wing running: HERE.
  • Nominations are welcome.
  • (Honoree, pending affirmation)  Joe Greblo  is known in part for his wing-running landing-of-hang-gliders tactic.  WindSports  He has been a wing runner in several ways for at least 40 years.
  • Pere Casellas has done considerable wing running with a wide variety of wings, mostly in preamble to launching hang gliders.  HERE. I also really identified in this category.  Certainly, I spend lots of time running and playing with the wings on the ground!    See one example of his wing running at the preamble to a flight in his single-skin BarretinaHyperLite.
  • (Honoree, pending affirmation)  Jonathan M. Dietch  runs wings in his launch-to-flight and sometimes in his landing from flight of hang gliders. He was a pioneer in skateboard sailing. Innovative hang glider designer, builder, pilot. He has expressed some special challenges in wing running.  His video channel and web photos are extensive. To clear landing zones, he sometimes runs wings across fields.
  • (Honoree, pending affirmation)  Greg DeWolf   runs wings in two ways probably four days a week in order to train others on wing running and wing flying.  Want to wing run and fly in the same day?  WindSports  In some first flights of his students, he wing runs while the student wing flies the same wing.
  • Bob Kuczewski of Little Hawk wing-running fame   May 28, 2012  [[ See USHawks  discussion thread:     Wing Running (WR).]]  Self-affirmation: "Wing Runner of the Little Hawk class."  [[2011, this member introduced wing running to very many people throughout the United States, including classes of students.]]
    Here's a list of topics featuring Little Hawk (in chronological order):
  • Neil Larson  (wing runner of Little Hawk, a contemporary wing of note. Little Hawk in Classroom: Neil Larson and Bob Kuczewski     See also: ________  His seminal idea for a marker and his several year project to have a marker installed in Newport Beach City at a park in view of the great Otto Meet (where wing running was VERY prevalent came to fruition in 2012; at a reunion and celebration of the marker in May 2012, several people did Little Hawk wing running.  Neil's project gained the collaboration of a team; the marker celebrates the birth of the modern competitive sport of hang gliding. At the San Miguel Park there will not be permitted full-on hang gliding, but there will be wing running spawned by the marker. Thanks, Neil, for your initiative and hard and long work; you amassed a team and your concept came to be. May your wing runs in life put you into lighter ways by way of the lift gained from your wing runs making flow over your carried wings.
  • Joe Faust     May 26, 2012
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  • Honorary life member of WWRA: Joseph Birk, installed  into WWRA on Feb. 5, 2014.
    His lifetime of inspiring youth in the most  eco-friendly manner establishes Joseph Birk 
    as a 5 Star, Top Tier, bona fide, enthusiast of kiting anf human-powered vehicles.
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