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Two New Soft Kite-Arch Concepts

"Beaded" Parafoils-

Many stock parafoils are inherently suited as sub-units to make arches. Remove the vertical bridle and riser lines and instead run three new loadpath lines horizontally, attaching to all A, B, and D, line connection points. A quick easy clean arch of many parafoils set side-by-side results, rather like strung beads. Successive rows of parafol arches can be crosslinked for megascaling.

Want something new to hang under an arch? Try Arched Shunting Deltas:

Rig 3 equal length arch lines (loadpaths) with symmetrical diamond sails along them such that the top and bottom lines attach the top and bottom points of the diamond, and the middle line crosses all the diamonds mid-way. By shifting the top and bottom lines together relative to the middle line, the diamond sails flex asymmetrically into a delta form, with a port or starboard tack. A small balanced control input shifting the lines will cause the arch sails to tack back and forth in powerful oscillation.

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