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Megascale "Spin-Basket" Persistent Flight Method (Polygonal Cableway Driven)

A Spin-basket is a common sort of hemispherical wind-sock/spin-sock, with triangular sails, used as a kite drogue or patio decoration. If a Spin-Basket is set horizontally "face"-down, and spun "backwards" it will self-inflate and maintain itself as a rotating dome.

Using a Polygonal Cableway, the driven Spin Basket can be mega-scaled and maintain a considerable centered payload aloft (station-keeping). The sails can be reduced in proportion, compared to the toy, and/or increased in number according to design needs. Many applications are possible, with no need for in-flight refueling for persistent flight.

Such a Spin-Basket could in principle transition to kite mode, or even kite farm operation, when the wind blows, by stopping rotation, tacking its wind-backed side, and then oscillating crosswind.

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