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Seven League Boots/ Flying Carpet Hybrid Device

Kites have long been used to span gaps, like famously initiating bridge construction over gorges. A variation developed by KiteLab Ilwaco to routinely cross obstacles, like overhead wires, uses two lines. One line flies the kite as the other drifts beyond the obstacle, where it is retrieved. The first line releases & the kite moves onto the second line. The cycle repeats by alternating lines. By careful scouting & flight planning a kite makes cross country progress flexibly & reliably, even upwind.

The coolest version would be a kite centered human platform that flies out pseudopod lines to selected anchor points & thus walks across the land. This is a Seven League Boots & Flying Carpet hybrid device. One can print a Persian carpet pattern on the kite & ride on top.

CoolIP                       ~Dave Santos             Feb. 16, 2010          M3103

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