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Pick-and-Place Payloads with Multi-Line Kites

Its a fine kite problem, how to lift and set masses like a crane, but with an
ordinary multi-line power-kite.

Besides holding semi-static kite loading, multi-lines foremost send control
information, as differential loads on the lines, from the ground-based pilot up
the kite. A payload must not interfere. We have pondered a second set of lines,
from kite to payload, as a pulley Whipple-tree for Morthras to vary AoA
independent of payloads, but that is not real pick-and-place versatility.

Here is a new easy way to pick-and-place payloads with just two or three

Rig a short pulley-based Whipple-tree off of the multi-lines, some distance from
the kite, to carry the payload as an equalized-suspension. Multi-line control
signals now pass without interference past the payload.

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