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 Firing, Regulating, and Dousing Looping Foils

Looping tethered foils in synchrony can aggregate great power to a single generator. Linked oscillators tend to naturally synch, but fine tuning of frequency is desirable. A novel approach to setting frequency is to modulate static tug by a pilot-lifter kite. More pull speeds up the orbit; less pull slows.

Like many high performance WECS, looping foil overspeed control and parking are desirable. A parafoil can be started, slowed, or doused by a simple draw-line across its span (a parafoil can also be run along a spar for stability). The conventional tip spoiler can do the same job for a rigid AWE wing. A doused foil is raised and lowered under a pilot-lifter kite.

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Terms and aspects:   

  • Modulation of static tug
  • draw line
  • doused foil
  • run along a spar
  • tip spoiling     

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