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Hexmesh Mothra

Now, I've just made a hexmesh mothra model which I hope will thrust across wind ...
See  as a guide
A Mothra arch will be passively stable in a large range of conditions. (correct)
yet it could benefit from human control. absolutely.

The model would be 4 loadpaths threaded through a hexmesh, kixels in the mesh cells, all flown as an arch.

The control I'm trying to address in this model is a collective crosswind thrust.
via a collective addressing system for kixel steering.

If each kixel wingtip tether goes through a ring, mounted onto a square or hex mesh net so as the ring can move on that cell edge. After passing through the ring if the tether attaches to a loadpath line .
Then pulling the mesh LHS - RHS as on the loadpaths at the feet pulls the kites over to pull right.
Also with the front pair of loadpaths moving front relative to back LHS - RHS turns the kite anticlockwise from above.

So hopefully one day soon we can have fun experimenting with the crash / perform envelope of this class of device.

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