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Enhanced Membrane Wing-Mill

The attached JPG shows two recent KiteLab membrane wing-mills with pennant-like tails that enhance oscillation stability & widen the "tuning" range. One clearly sees how the flag-oscillation effect has been applied. Note the central band of tape to carry the oscillation wave smoothly downwind.

No one has ever seen a flag fail to flap in a breeze, have they? The older wing-mills had the defect of glitching occasionally, sticking on a tack or "running rough," when tension or windspeed was suboptimal. The new design eliminates these problems.

The new wingmills are a bit heavier, but pulse just as strongly, and remain arguably the highest weight-to-power of any AWE harvester element, with vast scaling potential. These who are unfamiliar with these devices can review extensive postings early on this forum.

KiteLab proposes kitefarms as dense arrays of these devices, leaning slightly into the wind for self-lift, in pilot-lifted latticework.    
Sept. 27, 2010


This clip shows the tail dynamics which regulate the firing of the new wing-mills, The meter-long 7gr wing is shown flying in about 2m-per-second breeze. Camera was rotated sideways-

Next will be video of-
-larger wing-mill in high-wind aggressively driving a spragged generator.
-phased synchrony of wing-mills in close formation.        DS                 22Oct2010


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