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Basic Elements of 3D Kite Lattices

The basic elements required to assemble an endless variety of kite-based flying energy latticeworks are as follows:

Lattice Lines:    Specified in standard lengths and test-strength, and applied according to geometry and load conditions. A standard line has a loop at each end for attaching to a shackle or larks-heading onto a junction stopper knot.

Junctions:    Multi-line interconnects. The simplest junction is a knotted "spider" with as many free end-knots (stopper knots) as required to attach lattice-lines. Carabiners, shackles, and rigging plates are standard methods.

Kites:    Free-kites on short leaders able to sweep and orient in any direction (+3DOF). Lattice-Kites- Semi-captive kites able to orient somewhat along a line (~2-3 DOF). Captive Kite surfaces constrained by the lattice (0-2 DOF). Pilot-Lifter Kites- Used to initiate early lattice launch, to maintain presence at altitude during lulls, etc..

Drogues:    Used as stabilizers, tensioners, or WECS (varidrogues).

WECS:    Energy converters (transducers) of varied kinds. Rotors, Wingmills, etc.

Workcells:    Ground-based power application points (cranking, reeling, or pumping work; i.e., Groundgens)

GroundGens and FEGS:    WECS interfaces for electrical power.

Reels/Capstans/Winches/Winders:    Storage and/or retraction; A WECS interface option.

Anchors:    Specified depending on geology and operational conditions (soil-kites, mass-bags, stakes, etc.) (mobile (vehicles), turrets, or static)

Blocks:    Pulleys for halyards and corner-blocks as force-directors, tensioners, equalizers, etc.

Swivels:    Simple swivels for avoiding twist of single lines (ie- leaders), and tri-swivels for looping kites along a main line.

Shackles:    Used for connecting and especially quick disconnecting under load.

Halyards:    Line loops thru Halyard-Blocks for raising or lowering WECS and other elements.

Control Lines:    Used to adjust to conditions (tuning); Reef Lines, Kill Lines, Steering Lines, etc.

KiteShed:    A storage and maintenance space.

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