KitVes    (just the one "e") (sometimes writers place the second e in for KiteVes )
KitVes Project: Electrical on-board generation possibly combined with direct traction

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"The wind energy harvested by the KITVES solution is not used for direct traction. Such solution allows to design a brand new concept of on board electric generator whose generation capabilities are essentially independent from the navigation conditions, allowing the vessel to navigate in any direction without compromising the system operativity.

The KSU (Kite Steering Unit) represents the basic element of the implementation of the KITVES Proposal. "   ...from their page here.  Highlight emphasis is by editor of this page.

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  • During time in port park, consider continuing generation of kitricity for storage for use in powering vessel later. Such is not done by traction-kited shippers. ~JoeF
  • Consider combining traction AND kitricity generation underway.   ~JoeF
  • See M3944 of August 12, 2011, for AWE Community discussion of KitVes