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Merged E-Car & E-Plane Killer App

Connect an electric car (like a Tesla) to an electric airplane (like a Joby or Makani prototype) by a long conductive tether. Then-
Park the car and charge by flying the airplane around in kiteplane flygen mode.
Drive the car pulled by the airplane-as-a-kiteplane and charge via the regenerative brakes.
Car-top the airplane. Launch and fly the tethered airplane with battery power from the car.
Motor direct into the wind with the airplane in kiteplane flygen mode.
Even go DDWFTTW (direct downwind faster than the wind) by regenerative braking to power the E-plane to tow the car downwind.

The modern electric car is a superb personal mobile power plant, especially with an AWECS to complete it. It is actually possible to navigate complex terrain and urban settings with a kite up provided the route avoids overhead wires.

  While awaiting flight automation, one can already do the above by skill in the arts. A quick cheap option is a flygen turbine hung under a lifter-kite connected to a golf cart.

FairIP/CoopIP                                   ~Dave Santos                          June 8, 2010        M1616

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