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UltraKite™ SkyEngineUnveiled

Here is a peek at KiteLab's new kite machine, SkyEngine1, ready for WSIKF2010. It shows how true crosswind kite power is practical, and even ridiculously simple to tap, using stock kites.

This pre-production prototype was made from scrap for under $20. The core is a Norwegian rowing machine and the lever is a small load-binder. Rate it at about 500 watts. The exercise function already measures watts by peak and average, so it is a good instrument for measuring kite power. The key design advance is correct lever and loadpath geometry. Competing lever geometries suffer by being cumbersome and giving excess ground downwind, with no step-up. A soil-anchor attaches under the unit.  A 2.3 m Peter Lynn Pepper or 4.5 m Ozone Fury multiline kite drives it. Any multiline kite pilot can fly the KiteEngine™. Self-oscillating wings will drive it without a pilot.

The UltraKite™ SkyEngine™ line is offered as a scalable ground-side solution for any AWE concept with pumping action. Order yours today.

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