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Helical Wave AWECS
(Theory of Operation)

The HAWT is a helical-wave device. One clearly sees helicity in wake visualization, but the real work is done by hidden helicity of the standing stress-wave from a turbine blade into the generator shaft. Similarly, a looping kite transfers energy downward as a helical wave. The Tri-Tether is ideal to convert helical kite waves into shaft power. Biological Flagella are a nice model for helical-wave mechanics in AWE, as the far slower macro scale keeps the Re spread within a dynamic similarity range.

Based on studies across many fields we can expect to create power stacks of kites that self-organize powerful helical waves to drive tri-tethers. Presume a nonrotating pilot-kite or pilot-stack at top to orient the helical part upward. A tagline to the top of the power stack hauled down crosswind will progressively depower or kill the helical-wave mode. Fitting the pilot-kite or pilot-stack fitted with its own kill- or tag-line allows total landing control of the AWECS. To scale greatly, a mesh control plane held up by lifter kites can be set over a large dense array of helical-wave AWECS. The entire array can be controlled from one set of mechanical inputs.

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  • Klapotezt                   klapoc                    klopotati

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  • There is a deep body of potential furthering tech and theory that could be added for the benefit of all.
    Helical wake of a stack of oscillating kites?  Farming challenges for Tri-tether driving by oscillating kites?
    Helical wake of mono-blade?
    Helical wakes of double blades?
    Helical wakes of triple blades?
    Farms and the helical wakes? Resonance of helical wakes downwind with other wakes?
    Propagation of width of enclosing cylinder of helical wakes?
    Von Karman vorticities and the towers and turbines?
    The helical wave complex of the SuperTurbine®? Compared with one rotor?
    Mining energy from helical-wave-saturated air?
    Seeing helical wakes with instruments?
    And more...
  • Joe, You're doing a FANTASTIC job of agglomerating all thought on AWE.
    Unfortunately, most of what is put forth is misguided and actually an impediment to progress.
    I've tried to explain that after 10 years of this SAME EXACT dynamic on the "regular" wind turbine sites (be sure what I mean by "regular": They WORK), I'm simply not going to take the endless stream of nonsense lying down.
    Yes I will die on this hill.
    We have crackpots galore in regular wind energy too - some of them are VERY eloquent in their writing, like Dave S.These are actually the worst, since most people unfamiliar with the art will confuse eloquent writing styles with factual knowledge.

    The idea that wave-like motions or oscillations can provide wind energy has been beaten to death for 3000 years and NEVER been found advantageous. There is NOTHING like a rotor, with a hub, spinning: It can spin forever and never wear out, with no guidance needed - it just does the job, period, which was why it was developed.

    If other methods could work well, they would have already. The fact is there is a standard mechanism for energy exchange in an open flow, it is called a wind turbine rotor, it is the same as a gyrocopter rotor, and that is all one needs to know to do AWE. It is EASY EASY EASY to do AWE, NOT hard hard hard. There is NOTHING TO IT.
    It is a PIECE OF CAKE!!! Why try and make it hard? Why ignore the simple machines that have been proven to work?

    The oscillating cycles etc. are just ways to create large amounts of wear and early failure, in addition to being less efficient in the first place! Double-blades etc. - all crackpot insanity from regular wind energy.

    As I've pointed out, without expertise in wind energy, there's nobody on this list and pretty much nobody in this "industry" who even has A CLUE about wind energy in general, LET ALONE how to generate electricity less expensively by getting it airborne. Note: LESS expensively - hello Rube Goldberg & Dr. Suess.

    No matter how many resources are applied to AWE, if they are MISapplied, they do more harm than good. Example: NASA gets involved and mistakes Magenn for a legitimate AWE effort, mentioning an UNWORKABLE technology in their report, while NOT mentioning a guy here who was ahead of Delfts as a teenager, who can build a steady-state AWE turbine anytime with 1 moving part, in his sleep.
    Who gets the credibility?
    Why NASA of course.
    Because they put a man on the moon 40 years ago.
    Nevermind that they have already demonstrated that they are: 100% ignorant of wind energy, evidenced by their mention of Magenn and their prediction that Chinese drag-based machines will be the first to dominate.
    The comment "excruciating" must be taken in context of the previous post wherein I explained WHY it was so excruciating.

    Joe,  if there is a destination and a proven road to get there, why keep asking where the road is?
    Why keep talking about a million ill-advised paths to the destination when we have
    a proven path NOW that solves all the problems the others have?
    Because It's just little old me and not NASA, NREL, ARPA-E or some other wizard-of-oz-esque do-nothing smoke-and-mirrors tax-funded recreational picnic with the usual zero results?
    Facts are facts and results are results.
    I suggest people who want to move forward in this field get with the leader and that is Superturbine®.
    ~~Doug Selsam
  • Feb. 4, 2011     Additional Notes-

    The helical-wave view is a 3D projection of loop-waves we normally consider in 2D space.

    The Figure-of-Eight kite-sweep mode is an "octave"- the horizontal-yaw frequency is in phase and double the vertical pitch/surge frequency. The Loop kite-sweep mode is matched-frequency horizontal and vertical in-phase oscillation. A kite tends to start waggling in eight-mode and end up in loop-mode as wind speed increases, with an awkward "chaotic" transition zone in between. It is meaningful to think of these Lissajous Loop and Figure-of-Eight patterns as basic waveforms, even though most folks only think of sine-wave forms. The kite modes even produce infrasound tones as musical notes, the octave eight is especially harmonious.   ~~ DaveS
  • Note to Doug:    You wrote-
              The idea that wave-like motions or oscillations can provide wind energy
               has been beaten to death for 3000 years and NEVER been found advantageous."

    Please give due notice that for well over 3000 years sailboats have tacked back and forth, and that this wave-like wind-driven oscillation was a solid energy basis for the first worldwide transportation network. Even with all the modern HAWTS coming online its probable that the entire power of the Age of Sail still well eclipses rotary wind power. To this day almost all sailboats operate this way, even if folks like me enjoy experimenting with gyroboats. Similarly, the patterns traction kites sweep are powerful wave-like oscillations. There are also early VAWT clapper mills (Klapotezt ) that did in fact serve ancient Persian and Chinese needs.

    This forum is about principled examination of ideas not ad hominem argument. Your " eloquent crackpot" complaint fails to score in a proper technical discussion. Please answer DaveL's simple questions if you want to impress by integrity, rather than be moderated for name calling,

  • "The WPI Kite System was designed to convert the oscillating tether tension caused by the vertical motion of a kite into rotary shaft motion to drive at generator in order to produce electricity." Toydemir, C. Kuthan
  • "All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct." 
    -- Carl Sagan    http://spacetethers.com/       
    Mastering AWECS might buy us some time to become spacefaring.  ~~JoeF
  • We see that kites embody fundamental harmonic physics by how they dance. The Loop & Figure of Eight power dance are fundamental waveforms.

    Our AWECS will tune-up and play just like musical instruments, especially those that avoid flying massive compressive structure by balanced inertial, gyroscopic, and centrifugal forces.

    The Pythagorean School would have gone totally nuts over this elegant video-
    Intèrvals i corbes de Lissajous -Dima-VJ-    (see top of this page)