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Directly Driven Crank Generator Demo

A crank directly driven by a looping kite must be well aimed and held firmly to maximize efficiency. The  images below show a groundgen turret with a mass damper beam (2x4 inch lumber) with "Ear Vanes" that orient the crank downwind by "snowplow stability" effect. The experiment worked quite well, the cranking hardly perturbed the wind-tracking turret.

Here is a clip of the looping kite by itself; the lens cap was stuck half open. I'll update with a better video next time the system flies, showing the crank in action with a wider loop pattern-


CoopIP/FairIP       ~Dave Santos        May 28, 2010        M1581

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Crank, cranks, lifter kite, looping kite, directly-driven crank, turret, groundgen turret, mass damper, damper beam, snowplow stability, orienting ears, wind-tracking turret,

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