Dahlsten Cup  ..Oct. 2, Saturday at Sylmar, CA

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Brett Snellgrove is in Next Thermal
And also:  Dave Curtis and Barry Gordon and Jeff Nicolay and Caroline Allen.

Can't Wait For Heaven Pt1  video by Ken de Russy, furry-helmeted aeronaut extreme
Can't Wait For Heaven Pt2

September 2010
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August 2010

vid title: "First Ever" Human-Powered Ornithopter Flight  
Students at University of Toronto make claim. "
The Snowbird Human-Powered Ornithopter was designed and constructed by a team of students from the University of Toronto. On August 2nd 2010 it sustained level flight for 19.3 seconds, becoming the world's first successful human-powered ornithopter. Music by Nicholas Martel and Daniel Gauthier. Visit hpo.ornithopter.net ."

Story HERE
Pilot:   Todd Reichert

The towing makes analysis of the flapping benefits difficult. How will the FAI handle the questions involved?

Leonopteryx 11-1 of Avatar: First Flight & Gliding with New GLDAB



Big Sur 2010

Hi Everybody!

The Big Sur trip this year was an unbelievable experience; Joe said that in 30 trips he has seen these conditions only once before. Many pilots got way over launch (up to a mile) and had hour long + flights. The weather was clear and warm and incredibly beautiful.

I would like to thank everyone for making this trip a huge success. A special thank you to BJ for bringing up tons of food (in spite of breaking down twice and hitting a deer on the way up) and providing breakfast and lunch for everyone, and dinner for those who were hungry. I also truly appreciate Kat Shaw for helping me reserve campsites and to Katherine Yardley and Chris Armenta for getting up there early and snagging two additional spots. And of course, none of this would have happened without Joe Greblo and Windsports sponsoring the trip - Joe you are the best! Next year, we plan to reserve spots again and hope to get some for Thursday night as well so that those that can go up early have a place already reserved.

Additionally, thanks to all the pilots who paid me promptly without me having to harangue anyone and pitched in to prepare breakfast! Because a few extra pilots came up that I had not originally accounted for, we ended up with about $50 extra – Kat and I decided a good use of the funds would be to buy a pump-pot thermos to allow those of us who don’t function well in the morning without coffee to not have to wait for my 6-cup percolator to make the next batch. We’ll store it at Windsports.

Steve Murillo set up a Shutterfly site for this trip. Please see the following information to access it. You will need to sign up with Shutterfly if you want to post or comment on pictures. He is the owner of the site and will confirm new members. It would be great to have all of the pictures in one place instead of scattered all over Facebook!

If you were not able to come this year, do check out the pictures and plan on joining us September 23-25, 2011!

Other news!!!!!
– The Dahlsten Cup is this weekend (October 2). If you can help, please contact Lynn Mclaughlin at lynn.meetings@att.net. She will be at the LZ about 9am and could use help marking landing spots, setting up shade, etc. And don’t forget to make a pot of chili for the Chili Contest. Details can be found on the website – www.shga.com .

See you all Saturday!


October 2, 2010
Dahlsten Cup
The annual Dahlsten Cup is a day of fun and flying contests in honor of Mary and Karl Dahlsten, neighbors and active supporters of the Club.

Welcome to the "Big Sur Hang Gliding 2010" site

I've created a web site called “Big Sur Hang Gliding 2010” to share pictures with friends and family. I'd like you to be a member of the site. Come check it out at http://bigsurhanggliding2010.shutterfly.com/.

Sincerely,     http://bigsurhanggliding2010.shutterfly.com/