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January 2010
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Early Hang Gliding (The Flying Prentices) Part 4

Automatic Autonomous Kiting: Festo's Cyberkite

Modifications Done To
An Explorer Motorized Hang Glider Harness (FLPHG)


Alex Morillo keeps advancing his joined wing project.
Encouraging others through models and now advanced paper gliders
with some leading edge and paper-choice enhancements.

here is more R&D  on   joined wings, with Paper !
This in part, because there will be Paper Plane Contest in Quito, and its possible I compete with some JWs
weight ( C.G.)  trimming is important as well as enough stiffness on the L.E.
Here is one standar, two J-2s,  two J-5s,  and  five J-3s     some fly excellent !  ..... Alex

Hang glider as kite?

Many hang gliders are generically simply kite systems,
i.e., a kite. A kite has parts: lifting item, bridle, tether, and mooring. Without the tether :: no kiting :: pilot is disconnected from the lifting item.  Moorings always have some motion, even if it is soil movement for a mooring set in the sand.   The kiteline (hang lines) that couples the mooring (free-falling pilot) to the kite sail (framed or unframed lifting wing) is a tether that allows the wing to experience winds and apparent winds, including gusts for an interaction that results in lift and drag.  This exactly applies to the paraglider which is a hang glider of a kite type. 

Hang glider as a wind-energy conversion device?
The wind is altered by the hang glider operations. The hang glider is altered by its interaction with the wind.

Working hang gliders?

Put hang gliders to work. Advance applications for hang gliders.  Use hang gliders for a purpose.  Piloting and flying are terrific uses! Open that up. Fly to provide a neat focus around which a social life grows. Great!   Fly hang gliders to sharpen and lift one's mind, body, spirit. Use hang gliders as the subject of a business or service. Use hang gliders in the energy production sector. Survey one's large range. Use the hang glider as a platform for developing instruments, improvements, inventions, prototypes.

Activity specializations in the world of hang gliding?

Creative participants seem to keep enjoying and developing new niche ways of participating

There seems to thousands of helpful generous people in hang gliding.   Their stories are welcome in Lift

Advertisement:                                                         Fly higher with a coach.

In key places: Have artificial slope held up by a series of kites. Then slope soar your hang glider along that slope.  Slope could double as windbreak for agriculture or highway guard.  There will be  longest of such.  

Consider such a slope set up in mid-ocean, perhaps between islands; slope soar hang gliders from island to island.    It might be enough to have tension-leg buoys with upper post that holds fabric fence. Then the windward side of the fence forms slope updraft for hang glider soaring.   Perhaps in a few places a curtain could go up and down to let boats pass through the fence.

and see full story and some background

Trikes and the Law in UK


Wasp Systems


A site that blogs some kite patents


Owner site spells both Doodle Bug     and  DoodleBug                    Conceived in 1999.   Nickname: the Bug. 
Note: Radne Raket (Raket is Swedish for Rocket) 120cc two stroke engine produces 14 HP @ 9000 rpm

When the kite-type hang glider or paraglider is used with a prime mover attached to the kite-system's mooring moving pilot point, then the system while under powered propulsion is a kite being tugged by a powered mooring.


200, 100, 50, 30, 24, 18, ..., 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0    ??? 
How many lines in your tether set? 

Report, photo, comment ...are welcome.
How many lines do you use to tether your wing to your falling body?

March 7:
Annual NWPC/CBCC Parachute Deployment and Repack Party

When: Sunday March 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If it looks like a flyable day, plan to come early to deploy, then go fly with a freshly-packed reserve.

Where: Magnolia Community Center, 2550 34th Ave. W., Seattle 98199 (same place as last year)

Why: Because it's been a while since you've hucked and checked your reserve, and chances are that your reflexes are rusty and your rubber bands are rotten
Who: Anyone who flies higher than they'd like to fall club membership not required for participation

How much: $40 if you're a NWPC/CBCC member, $45 for non-members. Part goes to pay the packing assistants, part to pay for the facility ($460), part to cover miscellaneous event-related expenses, and the rest will go to cover the costs of leasing and insuring our sites. (If you're a biwingual or a tandem pilot with more than one parachute, you get to huck and pack the second one for $20.)

One more thing: Memberships for NWPC and CBCC expire 3/31 and 4/1, respectively; pilots can join or renew memberships at the clinic (and save the $5 non-member surcharge).

The fine print: None of us who repack our own reserves and help others repack theirs are experts in the field, and cannot be held responsible for being such. The packing assistants are comfortable in repacking their own chutes, and they will help you do yours. Our parachute deployment clinics are designed to provide you the opportunity to work out the best way to get your reserve out and inflated before you actually find yourself in need of it. Packing assistants do not provide "legitimate" instruction in repacking your reserve; if you want instruction and/or a repack by qualified experts, this is not the place to be. If you feel reasonably comfortable repacking your own chute, but you need a hand interpreting your owner's manual or would appreciate a reminder or some encouragement, this event can offer all of that. If you want to toss your reserve and then take it to a "legitimate" packer to be repacked, you're welcome to show up at the party and do a practice deployment in the simulator (and toss $20 into the pot for use of the facility and to support our sites...).

Everyone is welcome, club member or not, high-altitude soaring pilot or brand new student. Even if you have no reserve to deploy, you can learn a lot by watching and assisting with simulators and packing. See you there!

Please pass this email on to anyone who might be interested but is not on the CBCC or NWPC email list.

C. J.

If you have questions, call me at home, ..... WRITE TO      for telephone numbers for C. J.




Alas delta 04-0ctubre-09 Ecuador     3min vid.   ICE for gliding assist