Hello Members of the Torrey Hawks,       [Notice placed in OZ Report]

Sept. 11th: Saturday .... AJ Airpark

Sept. 12th: Sunday... Torrey Pines Gliderpark

I wanted to make a special announcement to the club that
Maralys Wills will be appearing in person for book signings
of "Higher than Eagles" which she co-authored with her son
Chris Wills (First US Hang Gliding Champion - 1973). The
book reflects some of the early history of hang gliding as
seen through the eyes of this special family. I've only read
the first chapter, but the writing is excellent. I felt as if I
were right there in the room with the Wills family as they
decided the fate of their business ... and maybe the fate of
hang gliding.

Publishers Weekly writes:

"Sometimes tragic, always exuberant, this family
saga revolving around hang gliding is movingly
recounted by a sorely tried but indomitable mother."

Maralys will be appearing at Crestline's Andy Jackson
Airpark on September 11th (Andy Jackson Memorial
Fly In), and at the Torrey Pines Gliderport on September
12th (Torrey Hawks Second Sunday / Annual Meeting).

The Crestline event will also feature a spot landing
contest and a bomb drop along with a steak and chicken
barbecue (including beans, potato salad and green salad).
The Torrey Hawks event will include free sandwiches,
sodas, snacks, along with the club's usual flying activities.

Please come out to either event (or both!) to meet two
of the treasures of our sport. As always, thanks for your
support of the Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club.

Bob Kuczewski
President and Founder - Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club

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Link to "Higher Than Eagles" web site:


Link to Higher Than Eagles Chapter 1:


Link to other books and articles by Maralys Wills:


Flyer for Higher Than Eagles book


"Second Sundays" at Torrey Pines  will be seeing a book signing on September 12, 2010, Maralys Wills:  
Higher Than Eagles: The Tragedy and Triumph of an American Family by Maralys Wills and Chris Wills.

[Manbirds: Hang Gliders and Hang Gliding by Maralys Wills]

Brasilia Prova 4: O ballet de asas no cerrado

The U.S. Hawks Hang Gliding Association announces the official opening of the
USHawks.org web site. The US Hawks is intended to be a national association
of hang glider pilots and clubs working together to support the sport of hang
gliding throughout the United States. In furtherance of that goal, the US Hawks
web site will initially focus on building open forums for discussion among those
who have an interest and a stake in hang gliding in the United States.

The US Hawks forums are open to members and non-members alike. Anyone
interested in the future of hang gliding is welcome to join in. The main forum
is currently broken into 4 major subsections:

US Hawks National (Hang Gliding General and Building the US Hawks)
US Hawks Chapters (contains a subforum for each US Hawks Chapter)
US Hawks History (a place to collect information about the US Hawks)
Off Topic Soap Box (for posting of non-Hawks articles and comments)

The US Hawks certainly welcomes new members and new chapters. There is
no cost to join at this time, and all points of view are welcome. There is a FAQ
section of the forum which contains answers to questions - which were never
really "frequently asked" - but might be helpful just the same. :)

Please stop by and say "Hi", or write back with any questions or comments.

Bob Kuczewski
Founder of the US Hawks Hang Gliding Association

Screen shot from "Hang Gliding General" forum at http://ushawks.org 

Two years ago:
Erika Klein soaring at Dockweiler August 13, 2008

August 2010     Lift             


Editor is still  working the wonderful new project;
but  early view is here:  re:  Joined-wing: Alex Morillo

re: Chris Bolfing

Danny Black     

Danny Black
Danny has been flying since the '70s and has lots of stories from "the old days" to tell!
He and Rob Burgis (BudRob) flew the same glider back then (WW SST)
and fly the same glider now (Litespeed).
 In fact, Dan assisted Rob's comeback in 1990 by loaning him a glider.
Rob's wife has still not forgiven him. Formally known as "Danny Whack",
Dan's landings since flying a Litespeed just don't provide the spectator thrill they used to...
Forum name: Skyout        Visit Danny.      


Annual Andy Jackson Memorial Fly-In - September 11, 2010

Our annual end-of-summer bash to celebrate the memory of Andy Jackson, who moved his family to an unimproved dirt lot in the 1970s to ensure that pilots had a legal place to land when flying from Crestline. The existence of Pinecrest Airpark led directly to our ability to negotiate with the State of California to secure the current AJ Airpark when their expansion of the Devil Canyon hydroelectric plant shut Pinecrest down. We lost Andy to cancer in 1985.

Expect the usual great flying, camaraderie, food, and fun contests. Juanita Jackson is having special shirts made for the event - see: http://www.crestlinesoaring.org/ajmemorial2010shirts




Alex Morillo  Aug 28, 2010      Heart Beats / Vario Beeps

On August 05 I had a small tumor surgery, down the hatch in my right vocal chord

Just before they put me under general anesthesia, I decide I was gonna mind-Fly

The operation lasted more that normal, so I was flat on the table for nearly 3 hours.
thats a long flight !

Later, when I was slowly coming out of ¨Ana,s Spell¨, the first thing I heard was
the distinctive beeps of a Vario ! ....I was Flying ! slowly gliding UP at about 70-75 fpm !

Gradually I realized that what I was hearing was my own heart beat on a HB
Monitor next to my bed , at 70-75 heart beats per minute.

For some of us hang glider pilots, we like to relate some things to our cool sport,
in this case heart beats, to Variometer beeps.

To celebrate the successful operation ,I decided to make some real flights , so,
the week-end of Aug 13-15, I flew my K-2 at Canoa, with some real vario
beeps and some real happy heart beats , accumulating more than 4 fun hours in the air !

Hang gliding is in our blood, in our hearts and in our lives.




http://www.airnav.com/airport/CA84    TPGliderport


  Inversion of hang gliding!  Glide upwards.