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Moyes Side Wire Advisory
Thu, July 15, 2010: Thicker wires are better (Moyes factory in Botany, Australia): Vicki Cain writes: Our Litespeed range of hang gliders have been DHV certified using 2 mm (1 x 19) wire. We recommend that all gliders with 2 mm (1 x 19) wire should change their wires every 6 months or every 50 hours or with any sign of fatigue or kinking. We recommend that if any pilot plans to do aerobatics or any high ‘G’ maneuvers, they should change the side wires to 2.4 mm (1 x 19). All Litespeed’s will now be produced with 2.4 mm (1 x 19) side wires unless customer requests 2 mm (1x19) wires. Please ensure when placing an order for side wires that you provide the serial number and A-frame option.
2010 King Mountain
Hang Gliding Championships

Contest: July 19-24, 2010

Second Sundays at Torrey Pines:
Come fly with us on August 8th 2010

July 2010  LIFT

Items are welcome throughout the month:


NMERider  vids

Towards the tumble resistant microlight
Dr. Guy Gratton, MSETP
School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University, UK
(also Test Pilot, British Microlight Aircraft Association)
Dr. Simon Newman
School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton, UK

  "When are you yanks going to learn. Clip in the harness first;  then step into the harness; then do a hang check." Will Power

Space reserved here
for some fun explorations
accomplished by Alex Morillo.

Article will be in August issue next.

(soon) am


   Pod Harness Yaw Neutralizer (PHYN)
Jeff Roberson
harness tail fin experimentation"  "Phyn flying"


Jim's PHYN:


*  web cam atop a sun observatory

Not sure if Henry Serrano Villard  is connected to this or not. [ ]

Scientific American  March 8, 1902


Memphis Flyers


 Calendar at Lookout Mountain
Lookout Mountain Flight Park
7201 Scenic Hwy, Rising Fawn, GA 30738

  BusWing™ is a trademark for a family of hang gliders by Omega Hang Gliders.





Carbon Fiber Foam Core       Airex  


What is carbon fiber?

  Jose Weiss (British, 1859-1919)  Top Secret


  Cody kite-glider:

Here is a picture of Cody's glider being transported. Not sure if you could get it on a bus but the main spar construction was bamboo sections with oversleeves.  Photos held by Drachen Foundation:

200709P00222.JPG  packed kite-glider during carry

Yes, I believe, the lower diamond surfaces are for control as there appears to be control-wire linkages visible on an enlarged photo.


  Cody monoplane:  200709A00389-6.JPG

More: Cody


  Working, others are invited.
Also working at  Hang Glider (definitions)
We found 24 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word hang glider:
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NASA LARC NAG-1-03054 Task 01 Final Report February 2004
Feasibility Study of
the Low Aspect Ratio All--Lifting Configuration
as a Low--Cost Personal Aircraft
After being influenced by the Igor Bensen technology (John flew rotary-wing kite before he did his kiting with the Rogallo-leadership-influenced Paresev-echoing kite) (Igor had the TCF with tensionally-hung pilot behind TCF in kite-glider in 1953) flows and behind the Australian Mike Burns NASA flows in four-boom simple kite-glider (which included echo of the at-least-by-1908 hang glider control system) John began tinkering in 1963 with the already-in-Australia technology (besides already around-the-world-for-over-50-years well-known four-boom flexible-wing kite structure) and flew one of his kites using a single ski on his feet while being towed behind a boat. Building something that was wholly mechanically a done deal by others does not give valid invention credit. The delightful favorite-son nationalistic story of "inventor" being sculpted by GH has brought out a robust story seasoned with many untenable exclamations that entertain and spice our hang glider literature that may be overcome by someone applying critical thinking while facing the fullness of kiting history. Eventually the Mike Burns prefacer helped John make about sixty kites for others. Again, making kites does not win global invention of the mechanicals that had been extant for a 100 years priorly; systems of respect for mechanical inventors would deeply be wounded if every following maker was "the" global inventor. Let GH and JD believe any manner of exclamation in a joyful party. But be prepared to protect merit-based valid global mechanical invention in order to encourage future inventors in our sport. Help develop the timeline at Invention of hang gliders, a collaborative hang gliding community wiki.



ultralight weight-shift aircraft                                                                      Weightshift Ultralights
was founded in 1982 by Gilles Bru and Jean Yves le Bihan, and has grown steadily ever since, building around 5,000 wings and 2,800 trike-units for sale in more than 50 countries."


From their pages: "AIR CREATION has come up with a major innovation in the design of the sail to allow it to change its shape in flight,"
Air Création

BioniX and its Corset for
"variable configuration wing"

Discuss Corset variable shaper:

  • Products
  • [ ] Have not found the referred-to patent link yet.  Anyone?
  • What in claims are beyond what Girard, Craigo, James, Hand, and Rogallo disclosed, if so?


 Daryl B. Elam

Patent applicaton filed Aug 19, 2004.
  • Perturbators
  • Aim contra-rotating vortices to same space to acceleration destruction of each vortex ...
  • Seeing one's own flight vortices? Making the vortices visible by various means ...
Notice the claims priority date in France at Nov. `4, 1962. Notice that the attention is on the craft as a glider. This is not just an ideal parachute, but a governable glider string-controlled; this follows a tradition supported in pre-1962 for governable string-controlled limp wings from Jalbert and Rogallo.
All are invited to contribute to building the Timeline wiki:

(even GH)  are invited to contribute politely
without vandalism to the open public wiki:
Kites of John Dickenson

Let's get robustly clear ...

Why not hang the payload beneath the wing?

With power off we get a big hang glider.






Change the payload....










I knew they should have listed to Otto ....


Provisional. What is going on here?
Analogically speaking to hang glider designer?



Filed: December 26, 1962
The continued overclaiming is a challenge now being faced publicly via wiki tool for all comers, even Mr. Henderson and Mr. Dickenson are invited, to sort out some drastic over-claims. Anyone is invited to participate:
Kites of John Dickenson
A full appreciation of John's involvement in the Igor Bensen tech flow is an important matter to get in the story. The 1887 William Beeson patent that included two-lobe flexible wing with pilot on trapeze and with weight-shift control from pendulumed pilot is important. The 1908 Breslau hang glider that had the pilot hang behind cable-stayed triangle control bar makes global invention of any of this matter impossible for Mr. Dickenson as exclaimed by Mr. Henderson. The FAI ought to examine the matter carefully to protect the community of actual hang glider inventors. To build and kite what mechanically was already invented gives no just right to put oneself forward through Mr. Henderson as "THE" inventor; very troublesome form.
Thank you.   Entered July 8, 2010 to blog owner at  Antipodes  
Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:42 pm
A Hair Raising Fire Road Landing


  • What a treasure video, Jonathan. This will stand tall to teach many, I hope. So glad you made the best of a solid challenge and came through it.
  • Terrain near for perches?
  • When was wind direction realized? "As I was mid-way through my second turn the wind switched to downhill"  
  • Last moments switcharoooooo!  Cannot be fun with that.
  • "Joshua trees and large rocks everywhere"
  • Terrain down slope at 20:1 with your 10:1 wing in some ground effect with a tailwind ...and hoping no Joshua is close to the side of that road...
  • Some JpF thoughts:
    • Where are the wheels when wanted?   (WWW).  
      Omega Hang Gliders.
    • Explosive roller on control bar?  
    • Explosive bubble harness and full detachment from wing?
    • You mentioned drogue would have been a bit helpful.
    • Future: triggered sail porosity just have hard flare combined with explosive bubble harness?  Or e-assist emergency motoring for a turnabout (not purist, but ...)
    • Oh where or where is my 5:1 parachutable kite ????
Flying wires discussion
  • Minimize our individual risk of becoming stranded when flying XC
  • Personal locator beacon
Deciding to fly is always a bad decision, we are monkeys that should not fly. Noman3```
a pilot who through application of his superior judgment avoids the need for his superior skill.

"For me,
the desire to fly
has to overcome

the fear of injury and or death.

Adam Trahan 

"Hangwind"                        "Flyfisher"              

World's First Gondola Turbine Array Demo

USWindlabs requested on this forum that KiteLab Ilwaco develop and demonstrate suspended turbine arrays.

The World's First Gondola Turbine Array has been flying for days without mishap at KiteLab's cableway AWE research center. The array dynamics are quite nice; one can even loop the entire array like a jump-rope without fouling. The suspended turbines are built along KiteLab's well established AWE UltraTurbine (TM) pattern, but with a swivel to take wind from any direction.

Phase One is complete and the deliverables are presented below as links.
Phase Two will fly the array on moving cableways from kites.

A video clip:

Detail of the turbines:

Detail of simple detachable gondola turbine hardware:


From: KiteLab Group
Suspended Multi-Turbine Array R & D (Phase One),
FairIP Gigawatt License for LA area.
Amount Due: $50,000 (includes 50% AWEIA discount)

Payment Plan Available.


Exploring low canard on flexwing hang gliders for it to double as as a skid, an anti-whack device, and other secondary uses.   Exploring various other downwind downslope landing- management tactics. Send in your ideas.   
Disclosed in OZ Report my VC  and VT and VCgang#n    The press may be applied on ribs/batten or only at sail between the rib/batten stations.      First explore between the rib/batten stations.   July 9, 2010, for disclosure.

Low-canard anti-beak devices  
Working file. All are welcome.

They "kettle" ...
"An estimated 95% of the North American population of Broad-winged Hawks (Buteo platypterus) fly over the Corpus Christi Hawk Watch site at Hazel Bazemore Park every fall in monster flights called kettles."
Bermuda Petrel (Pterodroma cahow)

"Wish turbine"   defined by Doug Selsam, July 14, 2010:: 
"for turbines that are based on a wish, rather than the actual wind."


Christians have Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 1, verse 9: {1:9}
"And when he had said these things, while they were watching,
he was lifted up,
and a cloud took him from their sight." 


JpF sent further: July 21, 2010:   Spring out sled from beneath control bar held by hinged legs that stow to front of TCF legs; at trigger, the sled pops out forward and attains a sledding angle of attack; the sled is as wide as the basebar of TCF and is stayed off by two or more set-offs from the bottom of the TCF legs and basebar. Ratchet lock prevents return when rocks or brush are hit. Much broader tread than wheels by far; and the basebar does not get caught by rocks or brush or sand or gravel or holes; rather, the wide sled skips or sleds over the top of the obstructions.   Primary sketches are in spiral notebook used while waiting at the hospital on July 20, 2010, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital near Beverly Center.     Roughing research by all interested..

about: AEROS
=> Distributors


North Sails

Lesson from Greblo: use both hands when breaking open harness Velcro--pry the Velcro apart.
  • Paul Voight <flyhigh>
  • Son: Ryan Voight      KK     Interpretation are invited.

Good morning, Dan,                                                                      July 28, 2010
Dimensions and aspects: Dream, flying, hardware, commercial dreams, lifestyle dreams, organization-bent players, early interests, egos, investment levels, etc. were aspects playing. Forces from age-old gliding seeped into conversations and meeting; the influence of Soaring Society of America was ever close in one way or another. The pride of commercial airline pilots wanting to touch self-soaring was at play. The use of mail and typewriter in the hands of a kite dreamer was weaving its influences (yours truly). Reflective revisionist histories differ in many details and focii to make for a multi-prong "history" where each ego-center provides a perspective that delights. Timeline has fuzzy overlaps; anyone wanting a tight linear story will miss the rich spectrum of influences. Influences of early gliding were present in the communications from Klaus Hill and Richard Miller. Influences from NASA arrived in early meetings through aerodynamicists Irv Culver, Bruce Carmichael, Peter Lissamen, and others. Plays were made in the background to assure the Soaring Society of America would not get hurt, but finally be blessed; guards were up to protect "soaring" while this "self-soaring" energy played its dance. My game played many roles and polarities were played deliberately, but I had a firm decision to encourage final peace and wholeness in the broad gliding community, and so I kept close to Soaring Society of America even while doing spontaneous combustion actions of org creation with the formation of Self-Soar Association early on without democracy, but with benevolent dictatorial stepping but with intent to spark the initiation of manufacturing and club formation ...which happened. Core combustions happened; San Diego interests were played until meetings occurred and then support was given to the fetal meetings via my press, assist in printing Grass Skimmer and also the first issues of Ground Skimmer. Then the Peninsula guys were given boost and they jumped strong to drive a manufacturing strand. I formed US HangGlider Association as a polarity ploy to urge things to get going. We gathered also to form Southern California group with first high-level meetings that occurred in Santa Monica with high-level old-time Soaring Society-Hang-Glider interest....which fast was seened as the entry point for Soaring Society of America's staff Lloyd Licher to lead toward formal conventional organizing, which I realized would be the end game with ratings and insurance, a space I personally had no time for, but realized the inevitable. My actions for 18 months or so seeded points of conversation that blossomed to meetings to clubs to serving manufacturers. The movement then exploded with our first meets. We had hardware influence from Horten, from NASA, from the fullness of Soaring Society of America, and deep aerodynamicists; our best participants had tabs on the full history of airframes and wings.

Neil Larson has hold of the Gas Company meetings with notes and photographs.  whom I copy this.
I easily formally relinquished "United States Hang Glider Association" with non-competition contract to the Gas Company meeting just as decision was made to have "United States Hang Gliding Association" as the name for the grown group. I was then able to stay busy with my spawning actions within 23 nations via mail, Low & Slow, and Hang Glider Weekly.

I ever stepped aside of org contention and just put my energies into ever-freshening birthings in activity and hardware.
As yet, I believe that third-party insurance is not needed; we can fly and practice to avoid injuring others.
As yet, I believe that local clubs' mentoring could be so rich in text and action that broad national "ratings" are not needed, until such as special interests of commerce, competition, organized sport, and FAI-type interests come to play their aspects....then insurance works its way into the scene: assemblies, formal sponsored meets, etc. ...bring on insurance industry. And there is ever the pride of progress and badge of inclusion that encourages badges, signs, symbols.....ratings. But the insurance and overtone of org people seem to me to bring on "vanilla" results where variety and niche applications get second fiddle to what can be tolerated by manufacturers and the insurance industry.

Even the present Scott thing just flys by me as I look for any next positive step for HGAA. Anyone right now could write a paragraph in the started HGTM in the wiki space at to further a project that has the potential to deeply affect growth:  Vision all who have a gem ...posting in an appropriate section to benefit all. No longer just a Pagen text, but a text that could gather the best that we all might muster. Illustrations and links. Photos and video support. All relatively free for all new and old comers. Each page and section could have question and answer connects. Honor system. All changes maintain a history.

Internet and Wiki space aside of forums bring a new world and new set of opportunities.
Niche Hang Gliding Activity:

Offered to HGAA is 

String-controlled paragliding will continue to grow exponentially in a manner that seems to warrant full focus by a United States Paragliding Association (could morph from present USHPA). Frame-controlled hang gliding could be in USA with HGAA either as through present HGAA TT or in handshake with a morphed USHPA into two distinct branches: USPA and HGAA. It is timely. PowerKiting, parachuting, skydiving, base-jumping, paragliding .... string-controlled governable free-flight kiting modes are receiving market presence that is distinct from frame-controlled hang gliders. Ultimately busable frame-controlled quick-ups-quick-packs will arrive and invite a new renaissance of self-soaring frame-controlled hang gliding, but that is not here yet (but definitely coming).

There is in HGAA some TT spirit that is simply pro-refresh and pro-new (with no cause for stereotyping into any anti-extant-Org); how we find our way is still fuzzy. Stumbles can be positively taken as opportunity for learning.

cc: the several shown.
I added the reference to the bow wing that you found.
Flexible airframe flying wing (1980) Janos J. Linczmajer.
And see study being unfolded at:
best regards,

[ED: Consider: William Beeson in 1897:




Janos J. Linczmajer

Non-motorized aircraft flight control system

 Geoffrey Di Bella

Patent number: 5904324
Filing date: Mar 24, 1995

Click through image to study 49 claims:


Patent number: 1123729
Filing date: Sep 23, 1909

Filed: June 12, 1908

Want to hang glide your skydive chute?

Faust-TCF Skid  and "skid landing"
hang gliding

Help for a national "frame-controlled" hang gliding organization:
All are welcome.

  ...closing the July issue.... 


Reviewing my old papers I found some artistic and technical HG/PG drawings and
designs. I have scanned and uploaded to the web. They are basically little pictures and notes,
rescued from annotations of my student days...

Hang glider and paraglider artistic and technical drawings (1988-1997):

Hang glider designs (1993):

Xtralight (Ultralite crosstube-less standard hang glider)

LABClassic (Simple surface classic HG)

ctlss (Crosstube-less single surface hang glider with tip winglets)

best regards,
Pere Casellas