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All glider pilots are invited to participate in this survey.

Special notice, March 16, 2009  ==> Fly into this, will you?

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or send notes: Editor@UpperWindpower.com

By serendipity we have two fully separate stories. They both involve a flight system named "Gypsy."  One by Ray Hook in 1975c and a very different project by Alex Morillo involving the joined-wing concept.

Alex MorilloAlex Morillo    
and his joined-wing project
With permission for direct contact about his joined-wing project:    
            Alex Morillo   
           Contact Alex through Editor@UpperWindpower.com


Gypsy Joined-Wing HG Project
Sharing Innovations with the Hang Gliding Community
Alex Morillo  of  Quito, Ecuador
With permission for direct contact about his joined-wing project:
            Alex Morillo   
           Contact Alex through Editor@UpperWindpower.com

  • Concept* by a hang glider pilot.

  • Unique negative-stagger design;

  • High AR front wings with a bit higher wing loadings;

  • Upper rear wings are manta ray inspired with symmetrical tips;

  • Foot Launchable, foot landings;

  • Wheels possible, for tows or landings;

  • Possibly FAI Class 2 or Class 5 with flaps, washout/tip ailerons, and/or V tail with elevons.

  • Harness connects to controls.

  • Weight-shift controls pitch and partially roll.

  • Pilot flies drafting in the clear nose wing area.

  • Most frame would be aluminum; no exposed cables!

  • Aiming for a high performance, affordable, and safe HG.

  • This configuration could be tumble-proof.

  • Scale models have flown; and a RC prototype is in the works.

  • Seeking advice, opinions, and/or a partner for more R/D
    like CAD/CFD simulations.

  • A future goal is a proof-of-concept glider.

  • An ultralight sailplane variation* is in the scope;

  • Joined wings could have a market!


PS:  Julian Wolkovitch many times visited my 1971 office. He brought drawings and models and his hopes for funding. He lived in my home town of Culver City, California.

PPS: Morillo's drawing style reminds me of Bob Lovejoy's drawings. Bob developed the Quicksilver hang glider and explored High Tailer and before that a tail-less biplane.  The ultralight version of the Quicksilver reached super following.

Related items:

Ray Hook, 1976, HGw, from V3, No. 32  
http://www.flickr.com/photos/aerotowrelease/         Tad Eareckson  systems deserve study.
Horten X, H XI, H XII, H XIII, H XIV, Parabola & Jet Bomber
Jakob Degan         Research is invited on this matter.

No less than Sir George Cayley noted data bout Jakob Degan's raising himself in the air. [Though Cayley had less than full information about Degan's details and may have had some false assumptions about just what Degan may have achieved.]  The raising may have been with ornithopting. James Means put his own name behind publishing Cayley's note about Degan's flight. .Degan was a watchmaker in Vienna, Austria. The publication Nicholson's Journal in its October 1809 issue [computed by Means publishing of Cayley's "last month" in November 1809 issue of the same journal] noted Jakob Degan's story enough to pointedly catch the attention of the thoughtful and flight-concerned experienced George Cayley.   So, we seek more information about Jakob Degan's aerial success. And raising himself in the air before others have done so, and so such in a way that would catch Cayley's attention, must count as something big in the modern history of flight; it would be deeply unfair to compare Degan's success to what would occur 100 years later. But it appears that Degan flight helped to turn heads....and speed Cayley's bringing together Cayley memoranda into the light  sooner than later.  So, special double hats off to Degan for his own doings, his getting some published note, and then to turn the Cayley head and hand so that we got the Cayley notes. And nearly simultaneously we the the treatise by Walker. The three of them seem to have cinched the opening of modern winged aircraft. The confidence of Cayley and Walker finally was valid ...and confirmed by the flowering of modern aviation that developed from the seeds of Leonardo da Vinci and into the reality of the valid steps by Degan, Cayley, and Walker. The stream or trunk of valid directions and working principles were then visited by others throughout the 1800s and 1900s giving gliding, soaring, and powered flying its vast harvest.  The starts are so very important; they gave us platform for a thousand and more furtherings.  Even today, we continue to innovate upon their shoulders.

Catch the hang glider with a cable. 
Method for retrieving a fixed-wing aircraft without a runway
Patent number: 6264140    Filed:
Oct 25, 1999      Issued: Jul 24, 2001
Brian T. McGeer, Andreas H. von Flotow, Cory Roeseler, Clifford Jackson
Cabled hang gliding?????  Tower leapers return to modern days...
http://www.wikidelta.com/deltaplane/videos/didier-favre-merci-didier-hq.html     Classic view of Delka.

Didier Favre - Merci Didier HQ

> Sunseeker I - A Record Breaking Manned Solar Powered Airplane
> Sunseeker II - The Only Manned Solar Airplane Flying in the World
> Edelweiss - The First Practical Sailplane to Qualify as an Ultralight
> Sunship - A Solar Powered Airship to Circumnavigate the Globe
> Alan Cocconi's SoLong - A Record Setting Ultra Long Endurance UAV
> Bill Watson's White Dwarf - A Record Setting Human Powered Airship
Now, There's a Good Use for a Lawnmower



Printing * Graphics

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Tow Me Up


Or, Things not to do in a Hang Glider

article and photos by “RC Dave” Freund  
 (article from 1998)

Stunt Wings

How to Obtain a Good Weather Briefing by Joe Greblo

May 19th - 24th!!

Ways to show HG and PG in urban settings?   Send your ideas:  Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Cloud 9   
Some history of the British getting some launch assist from attaching power units to their hang gliders.

One of the Living-Legend Lifters ... bi-wingual Collector Guy

Cloudbase Country Club newsletter archive

There are still a couple of slots available for the upcoming XC clinic at Quest - March 26 - 31st. With likely only three pilots per instructor, the one on one instruction is going to be intense. In-flight radio training should prove very valuable.

Just an example of some questions we'll discuss:

When flying an XC task in a crosswind on a blue day, which direction should you always veer first when you encounter lift? Why?

When flying XC task and the average thermal strength is 600fpm in the working height, what climb rate should you leave the thermal at? How fast should you fly to the next thermal? What rate of climb should you stop for? (based on altitude) What is the "working height" of thermals?

If you'd like detailed technical discussion about a wide array of flying topics, send us an e-mail and reserve a slot.

Jeff O'Brien 
Dustin Martin

Phone: 801-360-3027

Here's more detailed info:

2009 US National Team members Dustin Martin and Jeff O'Brien along with Kevin Carter will host a five day flying clinic at Quest Air March 26-30. This event immediately precedes Wills Wing Demo Days at Wallaby Ranch, and is a great opportunity to start the season with a quantum leap in proficiency.

The scope of the clinic will be broad and appropriate for pilots of all skill level. There will be a maximum of four pilots per instructor to ensure an intense amount of direct guidance. Morning discussions on various flying topics will be followed by an afternoon in the air under direct radio instruction. Evening debrief sessions will follow flying. Sun up to sun down instruction.

Topics will cover, and not be limited to:

                  Gear maintenance, safety, and tuning.
                  Thermalling techniques and strategy.
                  Landing considerations at the LZ and out landings.
                  Cross Country skills and tactics.
                  GPS and instrument use.
                  Weather assessment.

Required equipment (in addition to flying equipment): 2 meter radio, headset, GPS.

Cost is $100 per day + tows, $500 for the event. Proceeds will go directly to instructor travel expenses for the World Championships in Laragne, France.

Please contact with questions or to register. Call: 801.360.3027

Jeff O'Brien

Paragliding Earth

Respect for the wingman, the instructor, the retrieve team, the rescue squad, the driver, the club member helper, ...
Stand By Me       (flying for change?)

Now is Present.

Pioneer hang glider Dave Kilbourne sends a summer high sign: March 9, 2009: At this moment I am sitting looking out over the Pacific from my summer home in New Zealand ...
The bird feeder is covered with little sparrows sparring and dodging each other for a chance at the corn.
The sky is clear. 
Mayor Island is slightly hazy in the distance and life is GOOD!

Cheers Mate

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Airchairgroup/   Some hang-gliding-affecting quality posts!


Challenge to Terry Aspinall of July 2008:   Users of prior invention should not get global credit for the priorly established globally-set mechanical invention ...which credit belongs to others. As we grow in understanding, let's alter our text as best we might. I trust that you will continue your study.   I am in the same flow.   JpF
  • The triangle control frame, the A-frame, cable-stayed with pendulumed pilot was on a true battened-sailed hang glider already in Breslau territory in 1908; the technology of tension-held pilot was world-broadcasted in the 1910 Popular Mechanics plans for a very light powered craft; the cable-stayed triangle control frame with pendulumed pilot beneath hang glider wing was further instructed by Spratt; the very wing for hang glider flexible wing in 1961 was Rogallo Wing stiffenened in four-boom foldable fashion made by crew under Charles Richards; the same technology was echoed in Mike Burns aqua-glider; James Hobson in 1961-2 had the hang glider at Dockweiler (Jim was director of Lawrence Welk TV shows: he predated Miller). Also, see how Rogallo saw in 1972 how clearly he understood the difference between ornamental design product tweaking and fundamental mechanical invention.  The John Dickenson (JD) episode was a tinkerer ornamentally finding what had certainly already been achieved by priors. You have been given a off-story by GH and you simply parrot the story. The invention of the flexible-wing hang glider actually occurred in the 1800s and very sturdily tweaked in 1906, 1908, and beyond...all before Sept. 1963.   It is a deep injustice for you to forward the GH-JD  claim at global mechanical invention when such is simply not fact. JD had his own-relative-to-self tweaking of prior mechanical invention to have a tow kite that was absolutely already priorly understood mechanically in every aspect in whole and in part ...and had been built and flown in model and manned-use size.  The "Rogallo Wing" as yet in your 2008 notes is misunderstood; the Rogallo Wing in 1960 and before was understood as the fully-flexible wing; when an item holding the Rogallo Wing in stiffening format, the word in 1960, 1961...was "paraglider" ... a term morphing later to a Jalbert parafoiled  limp hang glider. Yet in the maturity of use of the stiffened paraglider (1960-64 term)...the 1960-64 wing used in hang gliders by NASA in later 60s used a carry-over terming of Rogallo wing (hang glider) in honor of the stark leadership from 1948 to 1968 that Francis Rogallo gave to all levels of stiffening of the limp Rogallo Wing...including the mechanical principle instruction of uses of the Rogallo Wing and its many stiffenings from limp to full solid.   Mike Burns had and also advertised his stiffened Rogallo Wing ...Paresev-influenced as "glider" all before the JD happening; and Mike Burns utilized the mechanical factual structural system of hung pilot mass behind what was starkly instructed in 1908 (and before and after in 1929 and 1929 and during 1950s).  JD ...in stark contrast to your parroting the GH-love-feast-over-JD, did not have any global mechanical invention for hang gliding; his sporting social presence with his towed kiting was important, not for any global mechanical invention.  Francis Rogallo was not an expert in 1964 on distinguishing between ornamental product innovation and mechanical principle invention; you have taken advantage of his generosity while not coming up to speed on the distinctions of types of invention; personal local private-to-self-inventing cannot stand as global-credit-mechanical invention when being fair to the innovators in aviation that actually gave the foundations to our current uses of their steps.   What we know today in simple hang gliders came from mechanical inventions in whole and in part before 1963. Though the drive to power occurred, notice the historical glider space prefacing and underlying the powered efforts, also.      And least we forget, Barry Palmer actually reached an echo of the 1908 mechanics ...and Palmer was before JD, yet even Palmer did not make overclaims as the GH-JD camp has done with your support which is invited to change.    JpF
  •    Terry , the Conduit Condor at the Otto Meet was a echo-beginning of advanced flying wing hang gliders. The 1906 Weiss flying wing... and then the Horten wings and the Jensen hang gliders are just some of the advanced items that our recent-decades rehashing and tweaking use to happy experience. The Miller Conduit Condor and the Culver twist, the Frank Colver Sailwing (aka Colver Skysail) , and then the
  • Seedwings innovations by Bob Trampenau,  and the Roy Haggard items brought in further innovation to foundations that pre-dated 1960.  Popular use ...counting heads... does not make mechanical invention.   Counting heads in the 1970s?==look to the influence of the Kilbourne as person and plan (which plan credited appropriately NASA); Kilbourne did arrive from Bennett, but mechanically he saw fit to see NASA, but was not aware enough to know then that 1908 from Breslau's gliding club had the teachings of the mechanical cable-stayed triangle control frame in front of the the hang glider pilot who was pendulum hung for foot-launching.      JpF
  • Both the British and the USA owe mechanical-invention respect to pre-1960 stark hang gliders and mechanical aviation inventions.  Using already-invented mechanics in whole and in part is a different matter; popularizing something already invented is a different matter.  Mistakes of credit are found throughout; there is still time to make the whole story more accurate by continued care and work.   It will probably be decades before the GH-JD-love-feast-caused over-claims on mechanical invention get clear even in the eyes and minds of those who care because of the deep GH push.    JpF
  • See Rogallo's 1972 note   at    Http://HangGliderHistory.com/     and see there also a photo of a 1908 hang glider showing the triangle control frame in front of a pendulumed hang glider pilot beneath a flexible sail that was heavily battened. Anachronistic "Rogallo hang glider???"       JpF
  • Terry, ...to be fair to hang gliding, much more is yet to be done.    Letting it seem that someone globally invented mechanically something that was already globally mechanically invented would be a profound disservice to hang gliding.     Polite discussing the facts are invited.  Finding something interesting does not make that matter fact. Just because GH can do something does not mean that he what he wrote is fact.   Are you willing to work further on the matters?   The challenge herein is friendly in my vision. Warm fuzzy feelings for JD should not keep us from finding and crediting mechanical gifters as distinct from ornamental appearance tweakings in particular versions and products.

      Even Santos Dumont tensionally hung his body beneath the wing Demoiselle at the appropriate point (though he chose to short-hang from the frame); the mechanics were far under his belt, he felt confident to put a motor on the glider and publish full plans freely in Popular Mechanics for all the world.   Try 1910, actually try 1907 for his use of tension-seated pilot in his parasol craft.  Power-off: gliding.      Demoiselle:

    Look to early 1800s for pendulumed main-mass beneath flexible wing hang glider mechanics being demonstrated solidly; thus the global invention of such were set and communicated to others.  Look to early 1800s in Cayley and Walker for starters on pendulumed-controlled flexible-wing hang gliders. Go to Maxim and Pilcher for further play. And others. After Chanute's seat hung, go on through the first decade of the 1900s, go then into Espenlaub and peers, then Spratt fully instructing the mechanics involved; then users of the mechanics in the rotary wing; then all of Rogallo 1948-1962 related flying items and communications; spot Palmer's echo which was solid; add Mike Burns' full expression and NASA-Rogallo relating. Nothing mechanically new left that could be found mechanically globally new in the JD tow-kite-glider; locally new to JD: yes, but surely not globally mechanically new.   So a GH fell in love with JD and finally could see nothing but an argument toward clear overclaiming that used one kind of credit to try to win unfairly credit for other matters. Yes, JD made a kite apparently new to JD; the joy of making and using and extending is all positive; what becomes harshly unsupportable is using a positive in one space to grab what is unearned in another space.  Are you willing to work to help clear the texts?             JpF

    Bio of Tony Aspinall:  http://nhgc.wikidot.com/terry-aspinall

    Terry, you are invited to alter your various web pages as you incorporate more accurate mechanical invention history.  The work continues.


  • Editor@UpperWindpower.com   Historical results are welcome.
Fly, like in your dreams   featuring Greg Berger's comments and a newbie's view of a first experience. 
14 footer made from unit styrene cups. Time to fly a kite?
Call for drawings   ... Self-retrieving Boned Hang Glider
Let's publish your drawings that suggest ways to morph a landed boned hang glider to a bicycled or tricycled roadable self-retrieving system.  Explore options.

Platz used an extra item bicycle that did not fly off tow or the mountain with his wing. We are after a system that uses the very parts of the hang glider in a morphing that allows legal roadable cycling back to home or launch or club LZ, etc.   Cycle to launch; morph to flight shape; fly; land; morph system; get to a road; cycle legally back to launch or home place.

 Glossary of Aviation & Technical Terms
 contains brief definitions of terms and acronyms used in Gremline articles.
Call for drawings:  Anti-whacking systems.    Have fun.
 A returned HG pilot on March 11, 2009 (has been counting his flights since his return to hang gliding)  passed his 9,065th hang glider flight (90% of his flights have been at Dockweiler Hang Glider Flight Park (on February 8, 2009, he completed his 9,000th flight).. He had flown HG in early 1970s, is a member of the Sylmar Hang Gliding Association in Southern California.  Self-Soar Association is looking forward to awarding him the "Five Otto" recognitions when he reaches 10,000 flights. His son has hang rated (applied to college with a hang glider essay). Otto Lilienthal had 2000 flights.   March 11th ...his flight was in a Wills Wings Eagle.  The enjoyment of the takeoffs. short flights, and landings gift health, joy, fitness, and memories; he meets many people, has a great view of the ocean, is accompanied often by pelicans and seagulls. The sky is large, the horizon is wide and clear; the texture of the ocean ever changes. His longest flight at Dockweiler was 1 hr 45 min.  Profession: writer.  Who is this flying insect man?  Bob Bendetson, American television writer and producer.    More soon ...and counting ...    He probably holds the Dockweiler site  flight-count record. Bob enjoys the sea breeze, seagulls, fresh air, near bicycling-path people, nearness to his home, high physical-involvement-flying, and frequency of the taking-off and landing experience.  At Dockweiler, personal supplies are close to launching and landing. No retrievals. View is Pacific and its sky.

=> Bio ...includes clip: "For more than 20 years, Bob Bendetson has written and produced some of America's most popular television programs, for which he has earned seven Emmy nominations, four Golden Globe nominations, a Writer's Guild nomination, and two People's Choice Awards."   One day he may add: "Five Otto" award.   Bob stores a glider at the Sylmar Flight Park and one at Dockweiler Flight Training Park. . Bob's longest Dockweiler endurance for: 1 hr 45 min

  • One Otto: 2,000 flights:    Otto Lilienthal,
  • Two Otto: 4,000 flights: 
  • Three Otto: 6,000 flights:
  • Four Otto: 8,000 flights    Bob Bendetson, Greg DeWolf,
  • Five Otto: 10,000 flights:
  • Send in your flight count to      
  • Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Kris Greblo ...by courtesy of instructor Greg DeWolf : Greg introduced Joe Faust to Kris on March 11, 2009; the three of them traded alternate flights during a hour of fun flying in 10 to 15 mph tame wind at Dockweiler Hang Glider Flight Park. Kris met Joe Greblo of Windsports in 1976 at Dockweiler flight site; they have teamed to establish both the Dockweiler site and the Sylmar Flight Park; both fly many types of aircraft.
FlyAmerica   has two versions of a promo he is working on:    Recent edit 4 min    and   Short 45 sec.
Call for positives about the Dockweiler Hang Glider Flight Park in Los Angeles.
Send your positives to

Here is what we have received so far:

  1. + Nearby is RC model flying opportunity.
  2. + Nearby is beach parking.
  3. + Retrieval is a health-producing walk back up a short dune.
  4. + Old timers show up frequently with their stories.
  5. + An unending stream of people on bicycles wonder, watch, and ask questions. Engage the public with  your hobby and sport as much as you wish.
  6. + The site may be reached by street bus by nearly 10,000,000 Angelinos.
  7. + Site is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (only rarely closed for being blown out or rained out).
  8. + Seagulls galore party over and in target space. Pelicans frequently soar the waves in target scenery.
  9. + There are opportunities to challenge the interest of pilots of any level of skill from beginner to master.
  10. + A swim dip in the Pacific Ocean is a moment close.
  11. + The restroom is just a short walk close.
  12. + Launching practice with wide variations can be planned and made true.
  13. + Finesse mastering can be planned and logged.
  14. + High levels of physical exercise may be enjoyed.
  15. + Nearby one may fly unmanned kites.
  16. + Running along the long surf line is available.
  17. + The LAX aircraft become part of the north backdrop as they leave the ground to the Pacific sky.
  18. + The very wide horizon formed by the Pacific and its sky give many a vacation at each visit.
  19. + Family and friends may arrange lessons by certified instructors beginning at the Beginner slope.
  20. + The site fee for pilot use of the flight park is most reasonable.
  21. + You will be flying where 1961-2 Jim Hobson flew, where Richard Miller flew the Bamboo Butterfly in 1965, where Bob Lovejoy tested the High Tailer, where Volmer Jensen soared very high after launching with one step, where a soaring flight of over 3 hours was achieved, where hundreds of modern-renaissance pilots shared flights in grand reunion parties, where scores of distinct forms of hang gliders have had their maiden flights.
  22. + You will be able to have more takeoffs, flights, and landings than at just about any other site in the world.
  23. + There will be fresh air off the Pacific Ocean to fill you lungs; there are no streets holding industry or cars between that fresh air and your inhaling.
  24. + Windsports is one of the longest serving hang glider companies in our hobby and sport. Among the possible concessionaires, they have consistently won the concession for the public flight park; their service: instruction and site overseeing.
  25. + The available instruction for Beginner and Novice at the site arrives from decades of careful considerations.
  26. + Affordable discovery flights may be arranged easily for those just wanting to have flown a hang glider in solo flight.
  27. + Interested people may see up close flying being committed for the first time in people's lives. See dreams coming true!
  28. +

+++ Send your positives to Editor@UpperWindpower.com 

Christopher Starbuck just sent in some lift to us.    (Since 1973 ... lifter) http://www.hgausa.com/members001/livinglegendlifters.html
NASA conference publication of 1979       307 pages in PDF format
Science and Technology of Low Speed and Motorless Flight    

Tad E.

Superchute stops 50,000 lb. dummy
March 13, 2009: NASA and U.S. Air Force test pilots have just dropped a 50,000-pound "dummy" rocket booster on the Arizona desert--and stopped it before it crashed.

Will these change any game in hang gliding? 


John Heiney

Bob Wills


By at least 1908:
Some hang gliders knew--in fact__
the cable-stayed triangle control frame (TCF)
in front of pendulumed hang glider pilot on a battened-ribbed sailed foot-launched hang glider--->>
100 years ago minimum.
Thanks to the members of the Schlesischer Flugsport Club
in the territory of Breslau

Map and article about Breslau              Photo of one of the hang gliders

Call for articles discussing the hop, skip, and way theory by Michael Habib for the pterosaurs' launch method of using legs and wing "knuckles" to "leapfrog into flight."     Popular Science, April 2009, page 36.     Editor@UpperWindpower.com

Related:   Article1    Article2     Article3    Article4 

Call for articles regarding Cayley's 1804 gliders.    Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Call for articles regarding Howard's "flying seagull" c.1907: Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Call for articles regarding Pilcher's Bat glider:               Editor@UpperWindpower.com

And Pilcher's Hawk of 1897 and the 750 ft glide   

Call for articles regarding Clem Sohn and his gliding in 1936.  "Birdman"    Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Call for a study of all that Jose Weiss gave to aviation affecting gliding worlds.      Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Call for comprehensive studies on Ellehammer's wings:       Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Call for articles on what Sir Hiriam Maxim contributed toward what could be used in hang gliding:  Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Pterodactyl-Shaped Spy Plane May Soon Take to the Skies
Note open for expansion and discussion:      [From all, your study notes are welcome:  Editor@UpperWindpower.com]

The initial Reissner Design of 1912: What does the design have to do with gliders? What was evidently showing up in the first ten years of the 1900s? What was mechanically fully known about gliding and then powering? Pendulumed mass for control of gliding was instructed in the first 10 years of 1800s; explore Cayley and Walker comprehensively. Mid-1800s, explore known mechanicals of Wenham.  Upon powering and wanting higher speed, the at-least-by-1908 hang glider triangle control frame or A-frame with pendulumed pilot on a stiffened cloth sailed wing--mechanically as we know it today--was used later broadly in all decades of 1900s as a landing gear holder while keeping its founding twin queen-post bracing in flying wires and struts. The later occurrences in 1920s of the triangle control frame in hang gliders strutted and in 1929 forward in kites and hang gliders cable-stayed and strutted were founded on actual uses prior to 1910. The flexible-wing glider and hang glider was also pre-1910. The 1950s' uses of fully-limp "Rogallo Wing" devices ended in a strong revisiting of stiffened earlier-known mechanical principles; that strong re-visiting continued in the 1960s forward with profound careful studies of the limp and stiffened flexible wing; because of Francis Rogallo's leadership and understanding of the underlying fully flexible Rogallo Wing, many kept his name attached to the renaissance that held many revisits to already known arts.

Some related images:


Tower Safety

Garlock promo

Scott Perkins points to virtual primary glider by Mitja==>      ultrainer1

Tad E. on tow

Actor Nicolas Cage is considering hang gliding.

There is hike-to-fly  AND hike-and-fly hang gliding sessions; there is a difference between the two.  Discuss:  Editor@UpperWindpower.com
Fliking is trekking with flight segments. Another twist is the fly-and-hike-out session.  Your notes about these or other hike twists are invited.

If we all follow our passions,
one of us (or all of us)
will surely make a difference.

Bob Kuczewski

Pilot, four ways....

Learn to fly hang gliders ~ Join the Torrey Hawks

Larry Newman    Hang glider pilot, adventurer. Balloonist, he was a crewman on the Double Eagle II, which was the first balloon to cross the Atlantic ocean, later he made the first balloon crossing of the Pacific ocean as crew member on the Double Eagle V.
  Torrey Pines Gliderport Weather

Join the Torrey Hawks

  • Cost - FREE    
  • Simple as calling Bob at  (858) 204-7499  and ...a bit more..  

Torrey Pines Gliderport (TPG) is for the public to use their sailplanes, primary gliders, RC scale gliders (unmanned), non-scale RC gliders (unmanned), governable parachutes of low and large size (paragliders), and hang gliders.  Clubs are free to form themselves and join in the cooperative use of the public park.   One of the hang glider clubs is Torrey Hawks which is an official chapter of the USHPA.    Please send to Editor@UpperWindpower.com notes about any motor-less aircraft club you form that has an interest in using the public Torrey Pines Gliderport.

Someone is thinking of forming a Torrey Vintage Hang Glider Club for pre-1950 hang gliders. Bring on a tweaked 1908 hang glider (it had the very cable-stayed triangle control frame or A-frame on a battened sail hang glider  that is so very common on many types of hang gliders and ultralights today).    Bring out the three-axis 1940s' Jensen biplane hang glider.  In composites, bring out a tweaked  (for adequate control) Otto Lilienthal foldable monolayer and also a double decker hang glider. Join in to make and fly a modernized control-tweaked Pilcher look-alike hang glider. And more.

Another budding group is dreaming of forming a club dedicated to rigid-wing hang gliders for people who no longer have the use of their feet or legs. 

Another coming club that aims to use Torrey Pines Gliderport will emphasize pilot-in-wing (PIW) foot-launchable and foot-landable sailplane flying;  They will be using advanced nanotech enhanced composite construction. These will not be hang gliders but will be carriable in a personal car. They are looking for a name. One name brought up is Torrey Swallows  on a play of the  small bird and also a play on the wing swallowing the pilot. Until the Torrey Swallows get fully formed, they may use Lift space for communicating progress and notes.    Send appropriate notes to Editor@UpperWindpower.com  or easily enter data online at:        Use click=> Enter Data  +

Another potential club would hold novice hang glider pilots who will pick the very conservative weather conditions for specific hours of flight; perhaps their name will be Novice Hang Gliders Association of San Diego (NHGASD); they will want representation on the Soaring Council.  There are times and conditions at Torrey Pines Gliderport when novice hang glider pilots may have safe flights. 

A concessionaire is approved by the City of San Diego; competing concessionaire arrive occasionally. The park must remain open to the public regardless of membership in any private citizen club or association. A Soaring Council is a private advisory group that aims to keep the City from having a headache about the flight operations occurring at the public park.

[Editorial: Have times at TGP  when Novice hang gliders can fly under instructor watch.  Correct online presence that clearly favors governable parachutes by severe neglect over more accurate views on hang gliding.  The FAQ set of questions and answers exhibit a severe imbalance to the detriment of hang gliding and in favor of the governable parachutes (GPs or PGs).  The deep history of Torrey Pines deserves strong support of gliders, primary gliders, sailplanes, hang gliders, foot-launch pilot-in-wing sailplanes. TPG is a national and state and city treasure.  JpF]

Current TPG Weather

Some TPG History.

Current full flight rules may need some drastic changes.

Event: May 19th-24th:

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May 19th - 24th!!


Flight Fest Ad


Torrey Pines Gliderport is hosting it's 12th Flight Fest this May 19th - 24th of the year 2009!!


Paragliding Training Manual

March 22nd  Sunday

a Pilot's Training Manual
---Signing Party---

Mark Stucky,
hang gliding pioneer from the 1970s,
will be at the Torrey Pines Gliderport for book signing
and to answer any questions/comments regarding the book/DVD combo!
Come down to Torrey Pines Gliderport and learn something new. All pilots/students welcome!

60 MINUTES, the segment “Ever Since Icarus” was aired on August 31, 1975.
Warming up body before launching?    

January 15, 2006 | CLOUDY 28°         Wing time
Solace, not adrenaline, define paragliding and hang gliding

Joy of Spring Flying    (2004 by James Trujillo)
The FLOCKER Rocky Mountain Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

"birds of a feather FLOCK togethER" = "FLOCKER"   ... helps to form a flock.

Gratitude for flying friends and crew ...

Tiger Mountain Flight Park

Ultrainer Assembly

UHG  Unmanned hang glider ... stories of UHGs?


One flight on 11 March 2000:

Can modern materials and some tweaking of controls bring on safe Otto-Lilienthal-look-a-likes of quick-up and quick-pack hang gliders? Will there be enough of this activity to form national clubs with just such in focus?

Shelling the hang glider harness?                         Enter your notes here.

Gs and Ps :: governable parachutes,  gliding parachutes, governable gliding parachutes, parachute gliders, paragliders (post 1965 term use?), speed-gliding governable parachutes/paragliders, acrobatics, high wing-loaded governable gliding parachutes, low wing-loaded governable gliding parachutes, ...

Want to govern limp parachutes for glides with control? 
Some organizations:
USPA, National  Skydiving, ...

Launch modes: base jumping, aero jumping, tow (many sorts), ICE assist, E-assist, balloon drop, mountain launch, hill launch, ...

In numbers, in pilot-head count,
do limp governable gliding parachutes out-number other forms of gliding, and why?  Will pilot communities want to split the
USHPA to two orgs?  Will the Soaring Society of America (SSA) finally incorporate and warmly embrace the foot-launch sailplane--some of which are stiffened-sailed hang gliders?  SSA in 1971 made brotherly moves to be sure a bifurcation occurred of hang gliders away from SSA; that decision might be revisited with a different outcome.   When does a community want THEIR OWN org? What causes cousins to form distinct orgs?

Your answering note input here.

Definitions for the phrase "ultralight glider" or "ultra light glider" or "ultralight sailplane" on the Internet:
  • "The ultralight glider is an amazing ultralight aircraft." 
  • Source.
  • Hypothetical that converts a term ""vehicle" in an effort:: "If we take the US FAR 103 definition of an "ultralight vehicle" we come up with 253 lb (115 kg) for a powered ultralight and 170 lb (70 kg) for an unpowered ultralight."  This implies an understanding of at least two subsets of "ultralight glider" in "powered ultralight (glider)" and "unpowered ultralight (glider).   Leave it open to what the powering is doing? 
  • Source.
  • "1. Lack of generally accepted definitions." 
  • Source.
  • "However, the FAI definition of an ULTRALIGHT is different from the FAR 103"  Source.
  • Some groups having fun with the "ultralight glider" space
  • The Wikipedia wrestle.
  • USUA  
  • Some
  • key text here.
  • Questions:
    • Are hang gliders a subset of "ultralight gliders" ? Is there at least one hang glider that is not an "ultralight glider"?
    • Are limp governable gliding parachutes a subset of "ultralight gliders"?


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MoP   Means of propulsion for assisted hang gliders:
  • Gravity's gifted potential energy
  • Tow (any number ot tow means from friends, animals, boat, raft, water drogue, water kites, other kites, parachutes, bungee, drop mass, aero tug, RC tug, , ...)
  • ICE
  • Pilot muscle power
  • Gust nudge
  • Electricity (held in chemical systems, held in ultracapacitors, held in ...)
  • Rubber stretched
  • Rubber compressed
  • Compressed air
  • Hydrogen
  • Fuel cell
  • Fusion
  • Rocket
  • Jet
  • Sling
  • ...

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Microlift  and microlift sailplanes  ... essays are invited for Lift monthly. 
Send to: Lift@EnergyKiteSystems.net

What famous glider port is morphing to be a parachute port?     Why?
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   Click to join SOGA (Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Gliding Association, formerly formerly the Kitchener-Waterloo Hang Gliding Club {est. 1979).  Their Message History:
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2000           39 60 72 80 41 35 29

Niche HG activity--people specializing


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