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  • BHG (Bamboo Hang Gliders)    
  • Early flights of prototype: E-Dragon   
    [Ed: RC glide separated launch-assist unit back to club launch point for others to use?
    Split cost of launch unit among 20 club members?]   
    • Dr. Eck ( motor creator)       Dr. Ing. Werner Eck
      Toni Roth (motor and electronics)
      Joachim Geiger (electrical system)
      Rainer Lammertz (visionary)
      Bea Ashman (creative)
      Paul Dewhurst (research)
      Sergey Drobyshev (wing design)
      Paul Welsh (calcs and camera)
      Mark Ireland (photograph)
      Dan the Man (pushing)
      All at FlyLight
      All at Aeros
      All those with spirit
    • Discuss        How to RC glide the unit back to club-launch zone for multiple users?
    • PRESS RELEASE:   April 7, 2009:
      Electric driven PPG's are on market and can be ordered from now on.

      At the exhibition and airshow AERO Friedrichshafen (April 2-5, 2009) SWIFT/Fresh Breeze and PAP Team Germany showed their new electric driven paragliders both equipped with our drive chain based on HPD 10. These 2 different drive units have already got the approval by German DULV (FB) and DMSV (PAP) and can be ordered from now on. Together with an electrified version of the light trike Dragonfly from FLYLIGHT (GB) and Toni Roth's E-Lift - both also using our HPD10.

      Test pilots showed impressive flights at the air show on these motors. Strong climb-rates of more than 2m/s and very low noise-level of less than 50dB(A) set new standards for electric flying. Both drives are based on standard frames FB/Sportix and PAP 1400, using propellers of 1.3m diameter at 2000 rpm. Different types and size of batteries can be supplied to stay airborne from 20-60 min without thermalling.

      For detailed specifications and prices ask SWING
      www.swing.de or www.papteam.de

      For those who prefer to make their own project we can supply drive chains (battery, charger, motor, controller, propeller and management system) directly.
      Ask    www.geigerengineering.de     for details.

    • ElectricPPG discussion group. FREE join group



   April 2009
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or send notes: Editor@UpperWindpower.com

Stunt Wings

  Is your instructor a member of this forum? =>   Instructors' forum

How to Obtain a Good Weather Briefing by Joe Greblo

Air Sports
started up in Newcastle at the beginning of 2002. It is owned and directed by Tony Barton

Solar Impulse


      The size of an Airbus A340
      The weight of a midsize car
      The power of a motorcycle
After five years of passionate work, Bertrand Piccard (hang glider pilot),
André Borschberg and their team
would like to offer you the opportunity to attend this first appearance taking place
 Friday June, 26, 2009
Dübendorf, Switzerland

. What are the current record flights
 Foot Launch Flatland Long Gliding (FLFLG)

continues to share his flying:

         ==  Mt. Lukens to Sylmar the Hard Way - Part 1 of 2
 Mt. Lukens to Sylmar the Hard Way - Part 2 of 2
         == Silently Soaring by Senses           No variometer or instruments but scratched out a nice 55-minute flight from Marshall Peak
. Hawk watching. Feel the bumps.  References?  [Ed: body-pressure silent variometer? Left, down. Right, up. Vary the pressure? ]

Serious collection

Animal and human hoppers, skippers, leapers, jumpers, gliders, flyers ... your notes are invited.


Taiwan:   Jacob Herbst     living lifter ...

"Passion, though a bad regulator, is a powerful spring."
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Safety Considerations for Operation of UAVs in the NAS     (107 pages)

Just hang'n out in the breeze

Kite Radical   
Notice niche hang glider glances in his history.  And especially notice the depth of wind watching and how such might lend hang glider pilots encouragement about seeing the invisible at during all sectors of flying.

Austin Free Flight Association

Set of instructional videos

Goat soars Torrey Pines lift
We know Torrey Hawks fly Torrey Pines Gliderport realm, but a "Goat"?
1.  Mission Statement and By-Laws
2.  Historical Photos from 1977 and 1986
 3.  Flying Tour of the Torrey Pines Coastline from May 5, 2006

When will "Hang Burgers" be served at the cafe at Torrey Pines Gliderport? Will they be monoplane or double deckers or triple deckers or even quadra deckers?  Suggest your choice to the Cliff Hanger Cafe. Do you want a triangle sandwich? Chicken wings? Or go for light foods to lower your hang glider's sail loading?


Larry Hall

Moon           Comment?


Sellers' Four  
Busy years: first decade of 1900s. In that decade the cable-stayed triangle control frame or A-frame was gifted to hang gliders (or re-gifted from even earlier lifting gifters). In this link we see the push past gliders into powering a four-plane flying machine by Matthew B. Seller II.

Text not available
MATTHEW B. SELLERS       Filed 1907.             Discuss?

John Joseph Montgomery and his 1883 glider  via a new 10 page document.
Notice the fitness of the pilot Daniel John Maloney.

Trajan Vuia                       Discuss?

http://memory.loc.gov/ndlpcoop/ichicdn/n0514/n051426.jpg  Probably 1907. Portrait of L. J. Loesch standing with his glider in a field near a roller coaster track. This image was probably taken in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Daily News negatives collection, DN-0003451. Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society.


Citation: Lamson, Charles Henry. C. H. Lamson's experiments on kite flying, Crerar Ms 176, Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library


Citation: Huffaker, Edward C. The Kite : Its Mechanism and Equilibrium, Crerar Ms 172, Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

This seems to deserve a thread:
http://www.smaga.de/hmitsitz.jpg   Seems like the holding site has non-functioning e-mail; and it seems that a commercial cycle of ads appear if one clicks the "guestbook" ...crashed my browser.
So far, I have no more information, but have a gut feel that it is an interesting part of airchair history. Open for all to add comment or research notes. Who, what, where, when?  Is the image a modern piece of art, or does the image have an early 1900s date?

Very fun collection in a slideshow.

 Triplane hang glider  
What could be done with optimized forms and materials today? Tweaks?

Patent drawing of a triplane hang glider.


Frank Colver. PhotoFly. Skysail. Colver Variometer.  Early Otto member. Still writes and follows HG.

Owen Morse ...Very nice, Owen! 



 has video of opening of the giant parafoil.

Working hang gliders?  

Joel Froehlich has been nominated as president of a new club . The new chapter will cover the Leakey site, home of the Texas Open.   Memberships welcome!
Downhill landing on snow with skis:  Ski flying
Is there something in this for hang gliding?                          Notes are welcome HERE?

(RAD) Rapid airborne development:
By Dave Santos:   FlipWing


Little Cloud

  1. paramotormag
  2. The PAP 1400-E.        PAP team
  3. First certified electric paramotor?  With DMSV certification.
    The PAP 1400-E will be officially introduced at the
    Aero Friedrichshafen Air Show
    April 2 to 5, 2009
  4. e-flight-expo
  5. Use Google Translate?
  6. And revisit: FootFlyer
  7. Solar Flight
Thursday April 02, 2009:
Who will be the first human taking off in a powered-assisted hang glider off flat land using a motor powered by energy stored from the product of an energy kite system? Same question for taking off of a lake or ocean water surface? More? Who will do those things with the additional proviso that the flight system carries the whole kite-charging system for use in later repeat cycles? No new invention needs to be made. Gathering the parts and accomplishing the feats is all that remains. Electric-assisted hang gliders exist ...both in the limp paraglider sort and the boned or framed-sail type of hang glider. Have an energy kite system make electricity to charge the batteries; then pack the energy kite system into the hang glider with the pilot. Then start the motor and take off into the blue skies. Who will do these firsts? It is not far away; it could happen soon. Travel the world foot-launching via help from an energy kite system.


 HG assisted by pilot muscle power:

Life and XCHG?      EnterNotes+

How old are we?     EnterNotes+

The Florida Ridge

  • "These safety problems have been associated with lithium-ion cobalt batteries, however, not the more chemically stable lithium-ion phosphate batteries now being adapted to automotive use"
  • Different note: "A new incarnation of lithium-ion batteries based on solid polymers is in the works. Berkeley, CA-based startup Seeo, Inc. says its lithium-ion cells will be safer, longer-lasting, lighter, and cheaper than current batteries. Seeo's batteries use thin films of polymer as the electrolyte and high-energy-density, light-weight electrodes. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is now making and testing cells designed by the University of California, Berkeley spinoff"
  • Ultra-High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries
    New materials from MIT could power laser weapons or give hybrid cars jackrabbit acceleration.
    By Kevin Bullis
  • Nanoflowers Improve Ultracapacitors
    A novel design could boost energy storage.



Target? 1. The very flight structure of HG/PG to be storage-of-charge.  2. Surfaces of HG/PG, harness, helmet, etc...all surfaces .. to be converters of solar radiation and reflected solar radiation  to electricity to charge the flight structure. EnterNotes+

Ricky Tarr

Hall Brock  (nominated to Members Set #001)

Son of Pete Brock (Peter Brock of UP Products).   1975 flying in Worlds meet: Yes, Pete Brock of UP.
He showed up at the showing of The Big Blue Sky last summer. He is well, fit, and smiling.
His son?
Hall Brock
Hall is seen flying in the video of the Escape Country 1975 meet:
Hang Gliding Worlds 1975 Escape Country California
Caption at the video:
::::""Hang Gliding Worlds 1975 Escape Country California filmed by Bob Grant while attending the first World Competition held near San Diego California. Sandy McDougal and myself drove the 2,300 miles to fly in the meet. I do have a higher quality movie if needed. The youngest ever hang glider pilot Hall Brock is shown flying from the mountain at Robinson Ranch where the meet was held and tragically Hall died a few weeks later in a hang gliding accident. There is also a segment filmed at the Saddleback Mountain take-off which is near Robinson Ranch in California.
Contact me for further info at-
caskydog@gmail.com   ""

Tad E. just updated
on April 5, 2009

Fall-arrest systems:  

.............................gravity matters and real-world testing of design ....

You find yourself falling; what are the ways that the fall might be arrested, so you end up living after the falling stops? Thre are physical falls, mental falls, spirit falls, mental falls, ....

(Invite all to send in brief description of  fall-arrest devices: SendNoteOnlineForm)

  1. Limp no-bone non-gliding parachute.
  2. Limp no-bone gliding parachute hang glider.
  3. Limp no-bone governable parachute hang glider ("paraglider" ...termed since about 1965c)
  4. Boned governable hang glider (The cable-stayed A-frame in front of tethered hung fall-arrested hang glider pilot was at least present over 100 years ago--instanced in a gliding club in the territory of Breslau; this fall-arrest system is highly still used in hang gliding and ultralights)
  5. Rigid-wing hang glider
  6. Foot-launch sailplane
  8. Textile tube    Art1   Art2 
  9. http://www.fall-arrest.com/
  10. Survive-a-Long-Fall
  11. Confession
  12. Cushions   Art1   Art2
  13. Nets
  14. High jump landing areas and devices
  15. Catching hands of helping humans
  16. One's legs
  17. Flat splat
  18. Arena spring floor
  19. Water
  20. Bushes
  21. Tree tops
  22. Down tubes of A-frame in hang glider
  23. One's skeleton and tendon-ligament complex
  24. Snow
  25. Haystacks
  26. Bungee
  27. Skiing on steep incline
  28. Changing directions
  29. Wing suits
  30. Maximize profile drag of body]
  31. Soft surfaces are better than concrete
  32. Sliding lifelines
  33. Reverse thrust devices
  34. Uncle Scrooge's money bins
  35. Large set of cardboard boxes
  36. Wheels striking incline
  37. http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/tzu/lowres/tzun480l.jpg
  38. Encased foam blocks  http://www.everythingtrackandfield.com/ImagesProducts/hj-pit.sm.gif
  39. Text not available
    Combination fire escape tube and rescue vehicle Ralph T. Baker
  40. Personal Fall Arrest, DoL
  41. Free-fall  and how it terminates...
  42. Vesna Vulovic and others ... Wow! ...
  43. Niagara lessons ...
  44. "Crosshatched zone"
  46. ?????????????????????????????????????
    (Invite all to send in brief description of  fall-arrest devices: SendNoteOnlineForm)

Carukism #1:   
"It is the assumptions we make
--without verifying--
that will get us killed."
Stuart Caruk, 2009

Keep heart, eye, and mind open for coming ultracaps as opposed to chemical-based batteries.
Look to flight structural parts being at once the ultracaps. Look toward practically unlimited charge cycles of the nano-based ultracaps. When it all comes together, one will not notice a mass-cost for the storing of the assistive energy; and one will not see a profile drag cost for the storing of the assistive energy. And look to having all surfaces of all parts of the hang glider system (sail both sides, harness surfaces, helmet surfaces) being solar-radiation collector-converters to charge the ultracaps.

Joe Faust

Related: Ultracapacitors, nanoflowers, graphene, nanofibers, electrode design,

 John Sharp  ..."coring now the celestial thermal" ...


  Vento tows ...    
Um dia em Castelo Branco com a Escola de Voo Livre em Asa Delta

A watered landing?

Carukism #2:
"Just because
things have been done a certain way for years
doesn’t mean they are right
+ Stuart Caruk

Tadism #1:
"This "common assumption" has totally mangled aerotowing."
Tad E.

VJ-11 group?  Is there one operating?
Yes,  it started about April 8, 2009.        

A discussion starter for E-FLPHG to 300 m AGL:
                 Supercapacitor                EnterYourNotes+


Shumeyko built this gyro glider in the early 90's.

Chuck Slusarczyk, designer of the CGS Hawk line of ultralight aircraft,
hassold CGS Aviation due to health reasons.

Item in today's EAA's e-Hotline:

Chuck Slusarczyk, designer of the CGS Hawk line of ultralight aircraft, has
sold CGS Aviation due to health reasons. Danny DeZauche, a Hawk owner and
businessman from Georgia, has purchased the company; transfer of ownership
took place on April 1. "I am so happy and relieved that CGS and the Hawk are
going to live on," Chuck Slusarczyk. "Danny will have Steve Bensinger on his
team. Steve is located in Florida and is a well known Hawk dealer and
champion quality builder."
Look for the new owners in their booth at
        Sun 'n Fun,                    
April 21-26, 2009 in Lakeland, Florida.

Those interested in exploring the eventual potentials of ultracapacitors in hang gliding are invited to send notes for publication in Lift.         EnterYour__UltraCap__Notes+     

At Foot Launch Powered Hang Gliders (FLPGH)  at the E-FLPHG folder on ultracapacitors of growing links (please add to the link set there).

One target expression in E-FLPHG:  Is there a sweet spot in on-board eventual ultracapacitors for reaching assistive launch to 300 m AGL? With the on-board ultracapacitors as actual double-purposed flight structural parts (not simple stuffed add-ons)?

Some of the starting study links:
MIT Builds Efficient Nanowire Storage to Replace Car Batteries
associated with EEStor
Researchers fired up over new battery - MIT News Office
Recipients of first round of seed grants for MIT energy research ...
Ultracapacitors Press Releases
National Renewable Energy Lab
Researchers fired up over new battery
TechTalk February 2006
Sandia National Lab
Anyone may edit this article with verifiable references.
January 29, 2009
United States Advanced Battery Consortium
EEStor Announces Third Party Verification of Key Production Milestone July 29th, 2008
cityZENN :: Zenn Says EEStor Ultracapacitor-Powered Car for Launch Fall 2009


Bird Feathers Produce Color Through Structure Similar to Beer Foam   ...Yale U. article.

As the bird turns: Scientists figuring out flight

Turning, for instance is a simple, one-step process for flying animals

Alberto Santos-Dumont visited bamboo for his pioneering aircraft. Bamboo was revisited by Richard Miller in the Bamboo Butterfly hang glider. Highly expert use of bamboo may yet find niche uses in contemporary hang gliding. The variety of bamboo is great; crafty care for vital part making and maintenance can be part of a fine hang-glider-making hobby. Flying within the safety zone of a finished hang glider remains important. One need not enter the quick, dirty, untested, poorly-engineered world; rather, methodical test-saturated constructing may bring  some people a genuine safe bamboo hang glider hobby [BambooHangGlider (BHG)].    Your bamboo ideas are welcome to Lift.      EnterYourBambooNotes+   
  • Comment from Brett Snellgrove on bamboo in gliders      April 23, 2009
  • American Bamboo Society
  • Bamboo bicycle
  • BambooCraft.net
  • Calfee Design Bamboo Bike
  • 1000 things made of bamboo
  • World Bamboo Organization
  • Forums
  • 1961       http://tinyurl.com/FoldableFlexWingLouEverett8888
  • http://www.bamboosurfboardshawaii.com/composites.html
  • Drawing1   
  • http://tinyurl.com/HowToBambooBike8888Lift
  • Join group free first, then see files:
  • Funnies ought not discourage: Funny Four-Hour Project
  • Not yet:
    Bamboo Hang Glider Society  ??? 
    Bamboo-only fly-ins ???    
    World Bamboo Hang Glider Society ???
    USBHGA ???    CBHGA ???   JBHGA ??? VBHGA ???  Each nation's .... ???

  • Inspection? Forming composites with bamboo?  Partial hang glider systems? Care? Storage? Sealing? Wraps? Compositing wraps? Laminations?
  • Bamboo Butterfly by and shown flying: Richard Miller, photographed by George Uveges of Santa Monica, CA (now in his second-half of his eighties and still active)  at Dockweiler in early 1960s. The image from a slide became part of the Bat Glider plans published by Jim Foreman with permission by Richard and George.  A similar craft Batso following this lead was built by Taras Kiceniuk, Jr. and team and flown in Los Angeles, California, and in Livermore, California at self-soar meets.  The bamboo choice and use was rough-and-fast.  What might be done with high-level bamboo engineering?
  • Photographer: George Uveges of Santa Monica, California. Historic photo of designer Richard Miller flying his design "Bamboo Butterfly." A precursor to Richard Miller's construction shown was an article regarding I Flew the Flex Wing published by Popular Mechanics magazine in the November 1961 issue; that article was not regarding Richard Miller, but someone else, probably (confirmable by a simple look at the article itself) Lou Everett of Ryan Aeronautical Company. Research detail note: The Popular Mechanics article was short-titled on the cover of the November 1961 issue; inside the magazine the article had a full title: I Flew the Pterodactyl! Flex-Wing shown on table of contents page on page 4 for article occurrence on page 85 and following. The article may be viewed in the new Google search at __HERE_. Author of the article was Lou Everett of Ryan Aeronautical Company. The photograph indicated full development of the four-boom foldable powered foldable hang glider frame later similarly reached by Mike Burns and Barry Hill Palmer; replace pilot control with the 1908 Breslau territory hang-glider cable-stayed triangle control bar or A-frame and know clearly that the flex-wing batten-enhanced hang glider was known in the first decade of 1900s, at least.

    On page 260 of the 1961 article about Lou Everett:  "This machine could be converted into a road vehicle in a few minutes by unfastening the safety locks and folding the wing's leading edge back alongside its keel. "   And: "If he wants to go to town," Craigo says, "he could change his cloth wing for a smaller one in about half an hour. The small wing hasn't the carrying capacity of the large one but it provides more speed. And the rancher could fold it back for street use in town."   And: "..., we recently scalloped the trailing edge of the wing to try to eliminate the slight flutter that occurs at the back of the cloth. It was a small change and yet it shifted the center of lift so far forward that the plane was too hazardous to fly until we repositioned the hinge point."  And: "These features make it ideal for "untenanted" applications and for use as a glider, either towed or free."    The reader is drawn to the 1960c use of the term "paraglider" which is distant from the use of the 2000 use of the term.  It is to be noted firmly that Francis Rogallo demonstrated hang gliders prior to this article and promoted the use of such for sport use. Ryan Aeronautical and also Langley center were with thousands of pages of research notes on use of the flexible wing.   The pterodactyl and first-decade Europe also knew flex-wing hang gliding.

    Richard Miller also himself referenced his communications with pioneer foot-launch Rogallo-wing hang glider builder, designer, and pilot Barry Hill Palmer on Palmer's 1960-to-1962 hang glider work. Joefaust (talk) 16:47, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

    The photograph is from a slide authored by George Uveges of Santa Monica, California, who is still active in his eighties (2009 note here). George Uveges gave a slide copy to Richard Miller, then editor of Soaring Magazine of the Soaring Society of America, then headquartered at the Santa Monica Airport just 1 mile distant from Geoge Uveges' home. Richard Miller and George Uveges gave permission to Jim Foreman to use the image on the paper-printed plans of the Bat Glider; thousands of copies of the plans were sold by mailorder. The session photographed was definitely not 1961, but a few years later at Dockweiler Beach dunes where now is a developed hang glider flight training park run by Windsports and managed by Joe Greblo. George Uveges may still be contacted for dating the photograph. Since the craft shown and the photograph were formed after 1961, then whatever Popular Mechanics magazine published in November 1961 could not be the plan by Richard Miller for the shown Bamboo Butterfly. Foreman named his planned craft Bat Glider. Taras Kiceniuk, Jr. followed up on the image and plans with his own built and flown craft which Taras named Batso. Joefaust (talk) 16:35, 11 April 2009 (UTC) ]

    What was the November 1961 Popular Mechanics article about?

    See Lou Everett's test pilot story. Notice the references to lateral and earlier projects. Sense the depth and breath of flex-wing concerns and explorations; note the awareness of applications..

  • Young Joseph Faust  by photographer Ralph Crane in 1971 on a Bob Lovejoy wing.
  • http://tinyurl.com/LovejoyWing1971a   This was not made of bamboo, but of some unfinished wood. Bob Lovejoy was the designer and builder. Temporary wing experiment.
Barry Hill Palmer was prior to Bill Moyes for successful foot-launching of a Rogallo-wing-using hang glider ..by some 8 or so years. However, in the first decade of 1900s, the very mechanics of the flexible-wing hang glider (which anachronously might be referred to by some people as a Rogallo-wing-using craft) were successfully foot launched into hang glider flight in Europe. So, Palmer and Moyes were actually revisiting what had been already accomplished.  Even in 1908 we see a photograph (gliding club member in territory of Breslau) of a cable-stayed triangle control bar or A-frame in front of a hung tethered hang glider pilot just as we see used in 2009.. Many have invalidly claimed global invention on hang glider matters without respecting prior foundations.       EnterYourHistoricalNotes+ 

man-powered glider

Compare with drogue? 

Tad Eareckson

... ongoing project

ISS comes together


Abu Dhabi microlight show 2006

PhotoFly: centerfold of Low & Slow #12

Eagle's view

Getting a lift

July 21, 1980

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A...

Matt Taber (originator of the SkyCycle)

The Minimum

 2007 Nanolights

Elephant Gone To Sheep

Fly on the steam of this boiling villager as you dream with Susan ...

Intelligent Pilot, Foolish Pilot

Could BAM enhance a wing's laminar flow?

Artificial feathers?           Discuss

Party, May 2 ...at Andy Jackson Airpark : FREE FOOD.  Yes!
Celebrating Rob and Dianne McKenzie 

 Anachronistic use of term "stiffenened Rogallo wing glider" would be appropriate for the Lilienthal's kite release-to-glide device!  Yes.  They used leading edges and keel as we know today; they kited the device and then let the device go into free-flight glide. They then quickly explored flapping flight and then returned to highly ribbed glider. But the fact remains: they visited the design that anachronistically  in two forms: stiffened and also minimally boned "Rogallo Wing" glider.   Reference: Figures 73, 74, and 75 on page 93 of Birdflight As the Basis of Aviation.   Markowski is selling copies of the book.     So, though Francis Rogallo invented the 100% limp wing, a strong credit for utilizing the simply-boned flexible wing both unbattened and strongly battened flexible wing glider can go to the Lilienthal brothers.  Then the 1908 (or earlier) cable-stayed triangle control frame with hung pilot from single point  in Breslau ...and we have a finished technology only to be later revisited for more extensive use.  Global invention had occurred in Gustav and Otto Lilienthal kite-glider experiments for the "Rogallo" glider, permitting time-warp use of the term "Rogallo" where recognition is given for Francis Rogallo's recognition and instruction for the fully-limp single-surface wing.  With the publication of Birdflight As the Basis of Aviation, global invention was accomplished.  The 2000 flight in other hang gliders later by Otto L. may tend to blind some from the earlier technology that the brothers had visited.  May their full works be explored!             Discuss 


See:    Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst. 1891

Entered discussion note:

PS:   Having a closer look at Gustav and Otto Lilienthal's early kite-to-glider experiments, one may have cause for a serious reappraisal of stiffenend or boned "Rogallo' flexible-wing glider history. The brothers explored both unbattened and then heavily battened-to-ribbed kites that were simple keeled-leading-edged flexible wing "Rogallos" (anachronistic, albeit) AND they let overfly occur so that free-flight gliding occurred for their experimental unmanned glider flight experiments; they made direct comments to the technology in Birdflight. Though Francis Rogallo probably gets global invention for the finding and instruction and demonstration of the fully-limp near-ethereal "Rogallo Wing,"  we can at least see in the Lilienthal brothers a full visiting of the simple leading-edged and keeled stiffened flexible wing kite and its free-flight glider version. That they quickened to more-birdlike explorations does not negate that they had pointed visited and instructed the flexible-wing kite and its glider mode....to the point that such visiting gave them enthusiasm for the visioned success of all that was concerning them. The first decade of 1900s saw many different stiffened flexible wing hang gliders that anachronistically could be dubbed "Rogallo hang gliders" ....The users did not know about the behind-the-scenes full "Rogallo Wing," of course. The right-on 1908 Breslau territory gliding club's hung pilot behind the cable-stayed simple triangle control frame was near the end of the 30-some years of anachronistic "Rogallos."   The brothers Lilienthals pressed for the tighter control of the airfoil and left the simplistic flexible-wing at the lee of their rush. Francis Rogallo and company restarted the fine tuning of the flexible wing and stiffened flexible wing; but the stiffened flexible wing anachronistic "Rogallo" was invented by at least Otto and Gustav ....if not by earlier Walker and others. Fun that continued play among the 1800s still brings fresh delights ....    JoeF, April 21, 2009


1897 classic book on kite theory.  1.2 mb PDF
The Mechanics and Equilibrium of Kites by C. F. Marvin

[ED: Note that it was well understood the the kite's line is secondary, that the line could be short and in free-flight with apparent wind, as know in 1870s by the Lilienthal brothers and indeed by others in the first decade of 1800s.]

For LIFT, welcome references about Wellner and also F. von Lossl (aka? Loessl)]

The smell of ___________ pointed me to the thermal.   Fill in the blanks.      
Discuss   Tell your story.

Argentina and Italy are on the move to bring on a fresh change for hang gliders.    Various pressures are inviting creativity that will affect the entire world of hang gliding.                                             Discuss  

laboratoridenvol     Discuss

Two Rounds Landing   Discuss

1. Some Swift prototype history 1990

2. Later promotional 1993     Discuss

Morphing aircraft mimics a bird's wing    Discuss

Will valveless pulsejets be giving power assist
to flatland hang glider pilots?

                      So far entered points:

  • Noise? 
  • Handling the fuel?
  • Competing quiet payout winching, scooter towing, static-line towing, other towings, etc. [Road, driver, vehicle, winch parts and cares, line, etc. .)
  • Release of engine to glide back down to club center.
  • Initial weight?
  • Competing electric on-board electric options?
  • Other ject?  Jet powered Hang Glider
  • The challenge on waiting for other people to fulfill their part of an assistive-lift system?
  • HpH 304S Shark
  • Present available options?     
  • Fun futurism? What is in the R&D pipeline?
  • ?

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 Enrique G. Petrovich                                     Discuss   

Inventor: Ronald A. Heckman

 Filed: Dec 27, 1976     Issued: Sep 27, 1977    Patent number: 4050654   


Historical step of innovation: 1977

Danish Holstved supine harness
for hanggliders with modified A-frame


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We call for your notes about one or more of the following items:

  • > Self-kite launching HGs from lake or ocean water surfaces
  • > Effective use of pilot power in hang gliding
  • > Expert advanced bamboo hang glider building
  • > Airbeams in hang glider construction>
  • > Ultracapacitors in hang gliding's future
  • > Mass-production of HG wings
  • > HGs in parades
  • > Flatland long gliding safety
  • > Working hang gliding
  • > Very long-fence HG soaring
  • > Cody
  • > Bow-wing HGs
  • > Graphene's future in hang gliders
  • > Robot AT of HGs
  • > First-level altitude target choices for E-FLPHG
  • > Complex beams that are at once structural and electrostatic energy reservoirs
  • > Complex beams that are at once structural and compressed-air reservoirs
  • > Limited uses of compressed air in hang gliders?
  • > Morphable HG wings
  • > Towing Tactics
  • > Safety
  • > Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • > Niche participations
  • > Disposable HGs?  Feast on a HG (eat it?). HG from trash materials?   PG as clothes?  Feathering HG?
  • > Theoretical least-mass limit for HG?  For PG?
  • > Moon City hang gliding?
  • > State of the arts for electric-assist for HG?
  • > Hang gliding into the Dead Sea?
  • > Continuous realtime mechanical status of flying lines and terminals? Is such possible? How?     Item: RealtimeFlightCableStatus>
  • > Advanced military uses of hang gliders?
  • > Challenges of self-kiting morphable HGs?
  • > Recharge assisted-launch via solar power or wind power or combination of both
  • > Photo proof that the triangle control frame cable-stayed with hung pilot on a battened broad-cloth aeroelastic sailed hang glider was in place over 100 years ago in at least 1908? Yes, that what we find so in place today was already in hang gliding at least by the first decade of 1900?
  • > Instructors' forum  (is    your    instructor a member of the instructors' forum; click here?)
  • > Will mini limited-to-launch on-HG electric power units replace towings and truckings-up? What is theoretically possible here? Upon exhaustion of the for-launch-only energy, the system becomes a launched unpowered hang glider.  How much more green will be the on-board launch-assist devices than the towings and truckings? How much more flying will occur?
  • > Surprise:    Discuss this as you wish.
  • > Surprise:    And this too.
  • > Discuss Red's Fledgling II-B history that he flew recreationally for about 20 years.

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Event has occurred:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009, at Sylmar LZ Flight Park:
Celebrating Walter Louis Briant, Jr.
at noon at the l/z for Walter Briant. Food, music, flying."      
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Walter Briant Celebration
When: Wednesday April 15th, 2009.
Where: Meet in the LZ