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Story by Neil Larson, the first official "historian" of the 1900's renaissance in hang gliding which was spurred by the leadership of Francis M. Rogallo's insistences in the 1950s impacting the space age solutions and revisits and deepenings of stiffened flexible wings forming the media-set inked "Rogallo Revolution."   

Take off – from top of shore line dunes at Playa Del Rey before the L.A. County bulldozed these beautiful slopes by 50%. This was prior to being sanctioned by the County for use as a Hang Glider Training Site.

Launch and flight by Dave Cronk – in the second version of his original Cronk-Kite (2). 

  • Notice
    • the very wide nose angle of the wing,
    • the original “Hang Rig” Cockpit"
    • aluminum tubing was TIG welded throughout –
    • original design Tip Draggers-
    • Date of the flight? Perhaps circa September or October 1972; if a hang gliding “Meet” was announced for Playa Del Rey during this timeframe, that would indicate more
      precisely when photos were taken.
    • Dave did not fly this aircraft at Playa Del Rey very much and is perhaps one of the only photos of Cronk-Kite 2 at this site (now Dockweiler Hang Gliding Flight Training Park)
    • Dave continued to make rapid design alterations in his hang glider; there was one “kite” with many morphing versions. As he progressed, he also joined with Eipper-Formance. Later versions of this design then used Dacron sailcloth and a more normal triangle control frame.
    • Notice the duct tape straps along the rear keel to hold the clear polyethylene sail.

      ---- original Photo taken by Mike Smith
      -from collection of Eric Larson –
      - of Neil Larson Original USHGA Historian, for exclusive use by Joe Faust for LIFT and HGusa-- used with permission

65-year-old Gordon Boyce of Midvale:
Condolences to his family and friends.  
Discuss at OZR.   Discuss at HGO.

Second Sunday on 10/10/10 at Torrey !!!   ---See story in US Hawks

New Seedwings 710 took its maiden flight.
This is the 710 152 on its maiden test flight with flaps down and in VG loose. The glider was so close to perfect in every way, only the CG needed to be moved forward a 1/4".

Never before has there been a Sensor this well balance and this light weight. The combination of ultimate performance for a kingposted glider and intermediate level handling for a Sensor is unprecedented. The sizes now available are the 145 and 152.

In-depth airfoil design research has resulted in three rarely achieved goals all at the same time and that is higher lift, higher lift to drag ratio and increased longitudinal stability also with improved rough conditions performance like in rain or with wrinkles and bugs. The new 710 glide ratio is a solid 14 to 1 flying prone.

The construction is typical Sensor 610 F5 frame and full race sail as you would expect. Additional weight savings has been achieved with the addition of a 7075 T6 keel along with the standard and rugged leading edges of 62 mm inboards stepping down to 50 mm outboards. The crosstubes are normal 2.5" 6061 T6.

More photos and information will follow on the website soon at:


Thank you for what you have done to build this hang glider movement.

Bob Trampenau

Dahlsten Cup, Oct. 2, 2010, good times included Maralys Wills and Joe Greblo celebrating the book signing:


Photo by Bob Kuczewski of USHawks.            Joe Greblo of WindSports          Maralys Wills, author, of WillsWing family.

==Lift is still working on the joined wing article; there are some pieces still being sought; and some time : )  , but: 
KrooToMorilloJOINEDWINGS Letter from Dr. Ilan Kroo to Alex Morillo on July 15, 2008.   

HGAusa Chapter 72:  US Hawks

Ilan Kroo     ... leader in footlaunch aviation, energy kite systems, and more


The weather is really bad over here in Holland. For me this means I need to push the realization of the 2011 Calendar. There are 2 weeks (till Oct. 15th) before the Calendar is designed, so it will be for sale half November via www.svs-design.nl/webshop/

Till now I received some really nice pictures for the new 2011 Calendar, but by
far not enough for producing a new Calendar.

So please, send me ( <mailto:sander@svs-design.nl> sander@svs-design.nl )
your Hang glider pictures and if you do so, please include the pilots and
Hang gliders name as well as the location where it is.
You will find at least one of your pictures back on the 2011 Calendar.

Kind regards,
Sander van Schaik

Dahlsten Cup  ..Oct. 2, Saturday at Sylmar, CA