Launch hang gliders by use of a kite system?
Kites launching kites is a meta parent to kites launching kite hang gliders.

There are many ways to use kite systems to effect the launch of a free-flight hang glider.  [Note: The trivial case is that some hang gliders are already a kite system.]

We are in draft mode on this folder of files for a hang gliding community launch project; we certainly invite notes from all; please send your notes by e-mail:    as you choose to advance this concern. There is large room and opportunity for very many people to advance launch-HG-by-kite systems.  It is anticipated that sharp practical solutions will be being placed on the option table throughout the entire 21st century. Any tiny contribution advancing these techniques could be fun and eventually helpful.  Artists and cartoonists are invited to the technical play. Go for sport or practical uses.

Urged from all who may be interested in one or more methods of launching hang gliders by use of kite systems:

The discussion topic that faces a kite hang glider in itself without further kite systems involved for the launch, is the purist situation well developed in conventional hang gliding literature.  This purist category may involve such as direct launching of one's hang glider by foot, incline rolling, incline skiing, ...   Such methods involve jumping up into lift from flatland (using fence lift perhaps) or using the potential energy obtained by moving the hang glider to a high point (platform, inclined ramp, slope, hill, mountain, building). Moving a hang glider to a point where potential energy of height may be used for self-launching of the kite hang glider is frequently done by walking, hiking, getting assist from carriers (friends, cars, trucks, buses, helicopters, airplanes, trains, blimps, horses, dogs, etc.); note, such carriers are carriers only, not launch tugs.  Other carriers may be space-reentry vehicles with the hang glider deployed from the spacecraft. Or a hang glider might launch from the interior or exterior surface of a powered aircraft. Or released from a balloon system. This category occupies the major part of hang gliding literature.    Rather, we spend attention now below on less-direct launch methods that use a kite system to launch hang gliders into free-flight gliding and soaring. 

Varieties of kite-system launching hang gliders into free-flight gliding and soaring: (collection is not yet complete; all are welcome to advance the topic)

Kite-system choices for the tasks of tug or electricity-production

Some starters:

Possible applications of launch-HG-by kiting:



Unbaked only-possibly related flashes:

Tow launch of onboard HG pilot
  • Scenarios
  • See launch folders [ ]
  • Bifurcations: second assist human operator, robot-assist,  fix-length line, variable-length line, payout, appraising wind and thermals, SODAR, LIDAR,
  • Self-soar self-kite methods in each type
  • Moving mooring methods
  • AT methods
  • Lake Bridle
  • Bridles and analysis of the safety of each offering
  • Skyting
  • Tad Eareckson folder, complete study.  We update through a group.
  • Soaring supply
  • History of glider towing
  • Critique of all points in Pagen's book

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