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  • Dr. Zhang Jianjun  ...advanced kite energy from California and has founded kite research and development in China.   See  M977  Guangdong High-Altitude Wind Power Technology Ltd       Request more information.

  • John Prewer         John R. Prewer      : GB20070011535 20070615       Document 39 page PDF  
    Power generator using oscillations of a kite    Two distinct patent apps.  See KiteTech      And Bill Hampton.

  • Kenneth William Upton   

  • Jong Chul Kim

  • Preliminary Study on Kite Autonomy
    - Design, Model and Control -  
       November 2007
    Supervised by:
       Prof. Roland Siegwart
       David C. Remy
       André Noth
       Felix Nyffenegger
        Gabriel Weilenmann and Frederick Tischhauser


  • Dr. Hong Zhang and Kyle Fitzpatrick at Rowan University in New Jersey, USA    E-HAWK

  • David Inisrael        2009 new name for a creative inventor who is contributing to AWECS


  • Ivan Argatov, and Risto Silvennoinen

  • Dec. 7, 2009, symposium at TU Delft, Netherlands
    13:30   Welcome Address   
    Prof. Dr. Wubbo Ockels
    13:45   ASSET Kite Power R&D Agenda
    Dr.-Ing. Roland Schmehl
    14:15   Flight Dynamics of the Kiteplane
    Edwin Terink, BSc
    14:45   Dynamic Modeling of an Arc-Shaped Surfkite
    Stefan De Groot, BSc
    15:15    break
    15:30   Multibody Kite Dynamic Model
    Jeroen Breukels, MSc
    16:00   Aerodynamic Analysis of a Ram-Air Wing
    Aart de Wachter, MSc
    16:30   Measuring Kite Dynamics
    Barend Lubbers, MSc

  • Conference: High Altitude Wind Power (HAWP)
    Anticipated attendees,  so far,  at a coming November 5 and 6, 2009, in Chico and Oroville California conference first annual High Altitude Wind Power Conference:   The HAWP attendees will be invited to hear presentations and take part in discussions; the activity will be in two venues, first as part of the This Way to Sustainability V Conference November 5-8, 2009; after HAWP presentations on November 5th from 10:00 AM-12:00 noon, attendees will move to an  event Center in Oroville, to be declared soon on a website where registration may occur online. [ED: It is not clear to me about whether or not the registration for the main university conference suffices or not for the HAWP situation; explore details to confirm for yourself what the deal is; we will publish details as they arrive.]]

    • PJ Shepard, Technical Marketing Engineer, Sky WindPower, Oroville CA
    • Joseph A. DiPalo             Consultant for EnergyKiteSystems.net
    • Peter Adams      M425  
    • Dr. Cristina Archer              In the clouds.   
    • So far,  presenters:
      • Cristina Archer
      • Ken Caldeira
      • Makani Power  via  Saul Griffith  and Pierre Rivard and Corwin Hardham
      • Magenn Power via Anthony J. Asterita and Fred Ferguson
      • Joby Energy via JoeBen Bevirt  and Archan Padmanabhan
      • SkyWindPower via Len Shepard
      • WindLift via  Robert Creighton    
      • Sequoia Automation's KiteGen project by Massimo Ippolito
      • Other presenters may still contact  PJ Shepard, Sky WindPower, Oroville CA 95965
      • Michael Hennessey,  President California Campus Northwest Lineman College
      • Adel Ghandakly,  Chairman & Professor Dept. of Engineering & Computers, CSU, Chico

  • Damon Vander Lind        Generalink        Recent: Makani Power.
  • Dale C. Kramer      for FF-AWE    See: Tethered aviation folder: HERE 
  • Benjamin Tigner has done recent development (2009?) of high altitude wind power with tethered UAV.   LinkedIn as Ben Tigner.       His research enterprise.

  • Text not availableOrthoKiteBunch   
    M311, M376,

    Pierre Benhaïem

  • Lloyd I. Biscomb  US Pat. 4309006 - Filed Jun 4, 1979  Approved on Jan. 5, 1982.  "Tethered airfoil wind energy conversion system" TAWECS

  • William J. Mouton, Jr. US Patent 4166596
    Airship Power Turbine
    David F. Thompson
    Filed Apr. 28, 1978 Issued Sep. 4, 1979

  • [Exquadrum, Inc. Report on September 30, 2009:   not currently pursuing airborne approach.  However, their ground-based OTT is interesting and may provide some ideas for airborne researchers: See OTT  orbital track turbine ]

  • WPI Kite Power Team

  • Gretar Tryggvason

  • Douglas J. Amick 
    Provisional Patent Application of
    Douglas J. Amick


  •   Dan Parker of  SpiralAirfoil Airborne Division;
    Dennis Noonan, manager.

  • Dimitri Cherny, founder and CEO of HighestWind, LLC.        Bio1    "electrical engineer"


  • Baseload Energy, Inc, Oregon.    Ref1  "Trailblazer O-71 4MW High Capacity Wind Generator"
    Albert J. Grenier, Technology Director
    David Resnick, CEO.


  • Selsam                                  M287


  • Selsam Innovations

    Doug Selsam
    .      SkySerpent    SkySerpant SuperTurbine       See vids and NOTICE.    Torsion using set of bladed turbines driving ground generator; AWE system lifter by balloons and parachute; same could be lifted by kite or kytoon or combinations of lifters.
  • High-Altitude Wind Power:
    Harnessing the Jet stream
          (PowerPoint file)

Trevor Clark
Jonny Hayworth
Charles Clear
Chris Gentile
Samantha Brovko

  • Google.org  invested $15 million to support R&D on high-altitude wind energy extraction technologies aimed at producing utility-scale power cheaper than coal.  
    == Dr. Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google Inc.  Smart grid needed now. And energy efficiency as resource now.  Performance-based standards for energy efficiency. Plug-in hybrids. Smart meters for homes. Open systems. Open standards. Fund university R& D.  Patent reform. Energy...need to get it right.  Engagement. Encourage debate. Embrace all.  Use the crowds.
     Vid1  Vid2(48 MIN)
  • JoeBen Bevirt
    Joby Energy in Santa Cruz
    Archan Padmanabhan         Ref1      Scheduled to speak at HAWP 2009 for Joby Energy.
  • Gal Pri-Paz, Netanya, Israel
    Uzi Ezra Havosha, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Thomas Grimley              Ref1  
  • John V. Mizzi    Ref1   Patent
    John Mizzi, the inventor of the reciprocating kite engine we are using for WindLift"
  •  Empa.   Dr. Rolf Luchsinger, head of Empa’s "Center for Synergetic Structures," and his team.     Photos.
    Empa Center for Synergetic Structures
    Tel. +41 44 823 40 90
  • Dutch scientists at Delft University have been investing strongly for research on kite system generated electricity. Here is a video:  [Guardian] Dutch scientists generate electricity with kites
  • Kingsley, Gordon Bruce   Patent application 
    • Application Number:10/656004      
    • Publication Date:03/03/2005
    • Filing Date:09/03/2003
    • Wind energy production using kites and ground mounted power generators
    • [ ] Did this application get approved?   Does this compete with David Lang's reel method?
    • Study USPO details, as the application may have been trumped by another patent.
  • Estimation of the mechanical energy output of the kite wind generator
    I. Argatov, , P. Rautakorpib and R. Silvennoinenb,    Abstract only is viewed, unless purchase.
  • Structural optimization of the pumping kite wind generator  by Ivan Argatov.   Abstract
  • Bryan Roberts .Bryan William Roberts.  Australia. FEGs   FEG  Flying electric generator,        Gyromill    2001    ...since 1979 
    University of Western Sydney     See also Sky WindPower   or SkyWindPower.  
  • Mark Landry                               CMNA Power            
    Craig Varrichio, Mark Landry, Anthony Varrichio, Chad Harper
  • Ugo Bardi 
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur    Dr. Jitendra Goela  (several kite research papers)
  • David Hammond Shepard    High Altitude Wind Power.  Mission: "To convert the power in high altitude winds into clean energy for a better world.TM   "    "Sky WindPower"  "Sky WindPower Corporation"   A continuation of Bryan Roberts' concepts on flying wind generator using lofted generators producing electricity from rotary-wing kites is a focus of Sky Windpower.
  • Cristina Archer of Cal State University-Chico           Ref1  |   In the Clouds.    Wind and jet stream studies with awareness of energy kite systems.            |   GeneralLink
  • Drachen Foundation     Scott Skinner, David Lang,
  • Miles L. Loyd   ---  Crosswind Kite Power by Miles L. Loyd
    Crosswind kite power (for large-scale wind power production)
    LOYD, M.L., California, Univ., Livermore
    Journal of Energy 1980
    0146-0412 vol.4 no.3 (106-111)
  • Optimal Control of Towing Kites
    Houska, B.; Diehl, M.
    Decision and Control, 2006 45th IEEE Conference on
    Volume , Issue , 13-15 Dec. 2006 Page(s):2693 - 2697
    Digital Object Identifier   10.1109/CDC.2006.377210
    Summary: In this paper we present a challenging application of periodic optimal control. A kite that is towing a ship into a given target direction should fly optimal loops. We show how to find the maximum average tractive force by controlling the roll angle of the towing kite taking into account that the wind is increasing with the altitude over the sea. The optimal control problem for this highly nonlinear and unstable system has periodicity constraints, free initial values, and a free cycle duration. For its solution, we use MUSCOD-II, an optimal control package based on the direct multiple shooting method. Finally, we discuss the influence of an important design parameter, the effective glide ratio of the kite. » View citation and abstract

Patent: Text not available
Wind driven apparatus for power generation Miles L. Loyd





 Dave Santos      (artistic aerospace robotics explorer with daring ecological-innovation habits.). 
.      FlipWing       Soft WingMill         Soft Wing Mill     flipper-wings   
TTKS Tripod Tethered Kite System  
  • Todd Lind   [master mechanic from heavy machinery to bikes, with experience in wildland firefighting that he is applying to kite fire-fighting (& irrigation). He is daily advancing kite tech volunteering at KiteLab, Ilwaco, Washington]
  • Gianni Vergnano     USPTO Application #: 20080185480   
    Xerces Blue


  • Ken Caldeira  
    • “My calculations show that if we could just tap into 1 percent of the energy in high-altitude winds, it would be enough to power all civilization. The whole planet!”  Source for more.
    • Biography
    • Keri Schneirla, a Marketing Specialist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory arranged for an interview with Dr. Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist from the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University after his presentation at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on March 17, 2009. 
      See interview
    • Wiki
    • Carnegie Department of Global Ecology  and its Caldeira Lab
    • Roberts, B.W., S.H. Shepard, K. Caldeira, M.E. Cannon, D.G. Eccles, A.J. Grenier and J.F. Freidlin, High Altitude Wind Power. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (in press).

  •  Kite For Sail             Dan Tracy       Ian Fisher        Wes Wendler    Reza Ghorbani   Article1




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KiteNetworks.com/      Same:  http://www.kitenrg.com/   [Ed:  It is not clear yet if they are involving in kite systems in their solution set. ]

High Altitude Wind Power - Bryan W. Roberts, David H. Shepard, Life Senior Member, IEEE, Ken Caldeira,
M. Elizabeth Cannon, David G. Eccles, Member, IEEE, Albert J. Grenier, and Jonathan F. Freidin    http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=4106015

High Altitude Wind Power

Joe Faust

Mathematical Modeling of the Pumping Kite Wind Generator: Optimization of the Power Output      Oct. 31, 2008 
Joachim Krenciszek
     ____ Team Leader.    TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
Saheed Ojo Akindeinde   
  ____ TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
Hans Braun  
  ____   TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
Clement Marcel  
  ____   University of Joseph Fourier, France
Eric Okyere 
  ____    Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Dr. Ivan Argatov  
  ____ Instructor.   Tampere University of Technology, Finland
American Wind Energy Association     AWEA.org

Airborne Wind Energy Industry Association     AWEIA.org

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